Learning how to install a wordpress blog is so easy that even my mom could do it.

Well maybe not my mom (she just knows how to use e-mail so far) but yeah, almost anybody!

But before we go any further…

You need to understand a few concepts like cPanel, one-click installation scripts and of course, Fantastico deluxe.

What The Heck Is cPanel And Why You Should Care About It

cPanel is your best server friend.

Think of “cPanel” as a control panel that lets you manage and maintain your web hosting account without being a geek.

Nothing more, nothing less.

From inside your control panel (cPanel from now on) you can do a lot of nifty little things such as:

  • Creating e-mail accounts
  • Forwarding domain names
  • Subdomain creation
  • File management tools
  • Database administration
  • Raw visitor statistics
  • 1-click script installation
  • And many more…

Important: Not all hosting companies offer cPanel in their plans.

Although cPanel has become an industry standard it is NOT present on every hosting account so always make sure that your hosting plan includes it before buying your account.

As a quick reminder for you, Hostgator does include cPanel with their accounts.

Understanding One-Click Installation Scripts

As we’re interested in installing wordpress right now, let’s keep using that as an example.

WordPress is nothing more than a bunch of PHP files and one MySQL database.

If you were to install wordpress manually, you would have to do a lot of stuff yourself such as create the database, create an user for the database, assign rights to the user on that database, upload the wordpress php files, then go through the actual wordpress installation and then you have to make sure you have your file permissions set right and that’s just to have wordpress installed.

There’s a lot more if you’re going to use a premium wordpress theme that requires even more configuration steps.

So in order to avoid all of that, you use a one-click installation script.

You select the most important data such as username, password, root installation and voilá, you’re basically done.

The script executes everything I just mentioned for you and you end up with a working blog in just a few seconds.

Now how cool is that?

Identifying your One-Click Installation Scripts

Let’s talk about the scripts now.

The most popular one is Fantastico (or Fantastico Deluxe).

There are a few others that are not as popular but do exactly the same:

  • Fantastico Deluxe (most popular)
  • Softaculous
  • QuickInstall

So to find out which one you have available in your server account, just:

  1. Login into your cPanel account (www.yourdomain.com/cpanel)
  2. Look for the Software/Services menu
  3. Identify the one-click install script (Use Fantastico if you can)
  4. That’s it!

fantastico deluxe cpanel

So are you ready to install your first blog using Fantastico?

Let’s do that then!

How To Install A WordPress Blog Using Fantastico In cPanel Video

Finally, your video to learn how to install a wordpress blog from within cpanel using Fantastico!


As with everything, this is done in just one minute when you already know what you’re doing.

I went a bit fast here and there but I think everything was explained clearly.

Quick Lecture For All Those “Advanced” Marketers

I have friends that do not use the one-click installation scripts and rather install everything manually.

If you want to know how to install wordpress manually without using any scripts, check it out here: Famous 5 Minute WordPress Installation

However I want to make one clarification and you may hate me for saying this but I really don’t care, I need to draw a line here because otherwise I won’t be able to help you.

If you don’t have a clue of how PHP and MySQL works (this is how WordPress is built) and I mean this in a VERY technical way…

DO NOT try to do your installation manually.

I have seen people that do this because “installing wordpress using a script is for amateurs” and then they keep yelling for help every single day on Facebook.

When it’s not wordpress, there’s a custom file that broke the theme or they suddenly lost a few posts, then they recovered them only-God-knows-how and so on and so on.

The worst thing of all, is that they spend their whole time trying to understand wordpress instead of focusing on THEIR BUSINESS.

If you have the curiosity to learn by destroying, I’m OK with that, I say GO FOR IT.

But don’t forget that you’re supposed to be building a business and not becoming a wordpress expert…

Unless, that’s your final goal of course.


Installing a wordpress blog is pretty easy.

Nobody should say they are not techie enough to do it because that’s not a good excuse.

But for some people, even having step by step instructions and how to videos, installing wordpress CAN be overwhelming.

If anybody reading this is on the fence to start because they aren’t sure about wordpress, let me know and I’ll help you get your installation right.

I’m currently publishing all these how to’s and videos because I’m planning to release a training course that will cover every single thing I know about blogs and I’m trying to get familiar enough with video editing.

Still a long way but we’ll get there.

Your Turn

Some cool questions for you:

  • Do you use Fantastico or install wordpress manually?
  • Have you ever used another platform besides wordpress? (Drupal, Joomla!, Mambo, etc)
  • Are you familiar with multi-network wordpress installations?
  • Have you created your own wordpress themes from scratch?
  • What wordpress theme (free or paid) would you consider the best for you?

I think those are enough for now, take care and speak soon my fellow bloggers!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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