On this update I’m going to teach you how to install the Thesis WordPress Theme for the first time using cPanel.

Normally people would use an FTP client to upload their themes to their servers but since I haven’t taught you how to use an FTP client yet, I decided to use cPanel instead.

That means you don’t need any other third party applications to install Thesis on your server.

But first of all, let me quickly explain what Thesis is all about.

What Is The Thesis WordPress Theme?

Thesis is a premium wordpress theme.

In other words, it means there is a company behind it (DIYThemes) and there’s also real human support for the theme (forums).

Thesis is also a wordpress developing platform.

This means that for the people that aren’t scared to play with CSS and PHP, you can end up with really unique sites without compromising the SEO structure built behind the looks.

You can check out some unique designs on the Thesis gallery here

How Much Does The Thesis Framework Cost?

One thing you should know is that Thesis is not free.

The prices for Thesis are (one-payment only):

  • $87 Personal: for one live website and one localized development server
  • $164 Developer: unlimited use of Thesis on sites that you own

Thesis Is Not For Everyone

The thesis framework is one of those things that people either love it or hate it but it has nothing in between.

I think the theme is great looking out of the box, for some others it looks “boxy” and empty while others see a superb minimalistic theme.

Your call.

So without any further ado, let’s learn how to install Thesis ok?

How To Install Thesis Using cPanel

The core instructions are these:

  1. Upload the Thesis .zip file to your /wp-content/themes folder.
  2. Rename the custom-sample folder to custom.
  3. Find the layout.css file and change the file permissions to 0666.
  4. Change the file permissions to your cache folder to 0775.
  5. Activate Thesis.
  6. Voilá!

If you don’t feel comfortable with these raw instructions, you can watch the video down below.

How To Install Thesis Using cPanel Video

The video is short, sweet and straight to the point.

I didn’t do any tweaks or performed any post-installation configuration of any kind.

If you follow the video, what you’ll learn is how to install Thesis the right way in just a few minutes.


Simple right?

Get The Thesis Framework Here

In case you want to check out more about the Thesis Framework, you can go and check it out by clicking on the image down below.

Get The Thesis Framework


I know I’m still missing an article I promised about how to select the right wordpress theme according to your budget.

I’ll do that in the next days but in the meanwhile, enjoy this article and have a great start of week.

Talk soon!


Sergio Felix
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