Knowing how to install a WordPress theme is a MUST these days.

Bloggers are wising up, everyone is learning more about techie stuff and things are getting easier to do as we speak.

Literally, if you were able to install WordPress using Fantastico on your own, then installing a WordPress theme should be a LOT easier.

The problem that will arise here is how to choose your best WordPress theme?

Almost every single person I know in the Internet Marketing industry, has bought at LEAST one premium WordPress theme they didn’t like.

Particularly, their very first theme.

So if you want to avoid all the common newbie mistakes, read the article I have linked above on how to choose your best WordPress theme.

I explain everything about WordPress themes, frameworks, parent & child themes, etc; and you’ll need to understand that information first in order to be able to follow up on these videos.

If you are already familiar with these terms just keep on reading!

Free WordPress Theme vs. Paid WordPress Theme

1. Free WordPress Themes

Normally you would install a free WordPress theme from within your WordPress dashboard.

However, this is NOT a rule of thumb since not every free WordPress theme is on the WordPress theme database.

Sometimes you’re going to need to download the theme to your computer first and then upload it (or FTP it) to your site in order to install it later.

2. Paid WordPress Themes

For paid WordPress themes, you always download them first, upload later and normally there’s a few extra configuration steps to do in the end.

Some themes don’t need any special configuration steps, some others do.

How To Identify A WordPress Theme

First of all, are you familiar with this proverb?

“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck”

Well exactly the same applies to WordPress blogs.

Whenever you stumble into some site that looks like a blog, has articles, comments and is about Internet Marketing chances are, you are looking at some kind of blog.

The way you can find out about what theme they are using is right clicking in an empty space in the background and selecting “view source code” or something about “source code” (all browsers are different).

And after that, do a search for “themes” and as soon as you see something like “wp-content/somenamehere” you’re looking at the WordPress theme name.

Some bloggers do change their theme name, some others don’t, I won’t dive that much into this right now as all I really want to show you is how to install a free theme from your WordPress dashboard and that’s exactly what I’m going to do next.

How To Install A Free WordPress Theme From Your Dashboard Video

Here we go!


You can learn how to clean up after your raw installation on this article:

Not difficult at all right?

WordPress Themes mentioned:


There are too many free WordPress themes out there and my recommendation is that if you’re going to go the free route with this, at least get a decent WordPress theme.

And by “decent theme” I actually mean this:

  • It looks good
  • You got it from a reputable site (not some blackhat forum)
  • It is SEO optimized
  • Widget ready
  • Flexibility for modifications

There are plenty of resources out there and always, ALWAYS have in mind that if you’re clever enough with computers as to hack premium themes (in other words not paying for them) you can get into real trouble.

And I don’t mean it legally speaking, I actually mean it from the point of view that you could actually be compromising your site’s security without even knowing it.

So get your act together, play the game by the rules and if you have any questions just let me know.

Last Words

I’m going to be way more specific on my articles and videos since nobody likes to watch long videos anymore. (Seems like everyone is in a rush lately lol)

I’ll talk a bit more about getting the right WordPress theme based on your budget.

Take care and speak soon!


PS. There’s a HUGE blooper at the 6:47 minute mark (in the video) which I didn’t want to edit for your amusement…

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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