This article is all about getting *it* done.

But what is “it”?

Well, whatever needs to get done in order to make actual progress.

Here is the deal… we all have to-do lists.

And we all have fears to overcome.

If you are reading this and you have a specific task (or set of tasks) that need to get done and you keep dragging them day after day, then you clearly have a procrastination problem.

By the way, I’m not pointing the finger at you, it happens to me all the time too so it’s a “we” kind of problem.

But before I actually tell you how to get it done let’s go back a week ago…

Asking For My Girlfriend’s Hand

Two Saturdays ago (March 9th) I was supposed to ask formally for my girlfriend’s hand to her parents.

This is just a tradition since our wedding is already set for November 2013 and everyone agreed to it already several months ago so to make a long story a short one, it all went smooth or… kinda.

I was already pumped for the party on the big day but I also was super stressed about it since I happen to suffer from stage fright so the mere idea of me talking and having all these eyes on me was playing a very nasty game inside my head.

Since everything had to be “perfect” I was worried about looking like a raccoon (didn’t have any sleep the days before) so I had the amazing idea of applying an almost three year old anti-puffiness cream on my eyes only to make it all worse since my skin had a reaction to it (I think I actually caught an infection from it)

So I looked even worse than I already was, went through the whole party, we all had an amazing time, they also said YES! and then Sunday finally came over.

wedding proposal
Dad, Me, My Girl, My Future Inlaw

Sunday Morning

I woke up on a couch (that the dog normally uses to lay around) still dressed in a suit with my shoes on in the middle of the living room.

Drove to my apartment, got a nice shower and then I invited my girlfriend to have some seafood in the afternoon.

Note that at this point I was super pumped to overcoming all my procrastinating tasks and to-do lists starting on Monday but then something happened…

Pumped Up On Monday… NOT!

The seafood was a bomb to my stomach on Monday.

I lost count on how many times I went to the bathroom but 50 is a low number just so you have an estimate.

Obviously I got dehydrated, my throat closed, my eyes were in pain from the Saturday cream and every single bone and muscle on me, hurted a lot.

Getting All Right On Tuesday… NAH!

I’m not used to take pain killers of any kind (I hate medicine) so I decided to man up and to just go through it, drank several bottles of gatorade, drank lots of water but I still was super sick on Tuesday.

Finally decided to do something about it since I couldn’t even look at the screen so I took something for the stomach and I finally woke up feeling a little bit better on Wednesday but I was still ill.

Any Luck On Thursday?

By Thursday I actually felt a lot better and finally could do some computer work but then I had a secondary thing to worry about… my father’s surgery.

He has prostate cancer and was supposed to have surgery on Friday (they changed this to Saturday on a last minute notice) so no matter how much I wanted to focus on my things, in my head it was all about my dad.

Surgery Day (Saturday)

I decided to stop trying to be productive to focus on helping my dad in any way I could so Saturday finally came over, I slept three hours in total from Friday to Saturday (from 3:30am to 6:30am) and off I go to my parent’s house.

Surgery went perfectly fine then I spent the rest of the Saturday at the clinic and so I did the same on Sunday.

It’s Finally Monday

So the new week arrives, I was planning to do all the cool things I skipped a week ago on this Monday but my dad was still at the clinic.

I had to go there again and help with all the legal paperwork so he could leave the hospital and we finally made it home.

Sometimes There Are Things Beyond Our Control

Now that I’m on Monday, at my apartment and finally feeling GOOD, I say “okay, it’s time to freaking ramp this up and stop making excuses!”.

I just told you all my week so you can see how easily is to lose control of the situation sometimes.

Even though I couldn’t get any work done on the past week, I managed to read social triggers from the first post to the last post, including all the videos and audio podcasts.

I also managed to watch a lot of videos from Alex Jeffreys that needed to be watched.

And I even made some time to review an incredible video marketing product by Joey Xoto called Video Marketer Guide.

xoto academy

Getting Rid Of All The Noise

The first thing I did was to get rid of all the things I had in my computer’s desktop.

Mind you, those are things that I use every single day but didn’t care, got rid of them so I had a cleaner working space.

Second thing I did, no more “open for later” kind of tabs.

I happen to work with a LOT of open tabs and it’s a major distraction when I’m trying to focus on getting specific things done.

Removed every single item from my physical desktop that is not meant to be here.

I erased all the crap I had written on my secondary whiteboard which was never meant for reminders in the first place but for actual video teaching so it’s ready to serve its purpose now.

Stopped doing all the activities that are not going to bring me any closer to my objectives (checking e-mail repeatedly, monitoring stats, being highly active on twitter, facebook and youtube, etc)

Keeping Yourself Organized

I use a free online service called teuxdeux and that’s where I keep my to-do lists now.

Before you start thinking how great evernote is or if you are old school and write everything on post-it notes, it doesn’t matter!

What matters here is that you have some kind of control of what you have already completed and what needs your attention next, that’s it.

How To Avoid A Very Common Problem With To-Do Lists

This is way more common than it should be, remember what I said in the beginning of this article?

We all have to-do lists of some kind and we all have fears.

The trick here is to not let fear take over any activity on our to-do list because if you let that happen, then everything else is just going to be pointless.

I can feel I have been working my ass off when I’m crossing tasks left and right but if I never cross the important things, then it’s the same as not making any progress at all.

Getting Uncomfortable Is Just Part Of The Awesome Equation

Getting uncomfortable is not good enough anymore.

I already been in many uncomfortable positions several times before and while this has helped me greatly in overcoming my fears, it is just not enough to become what I want to be now.

You need to be even more proactive than just getting uncomfortable, you need to grab the bull by its horns and be able to dance away with it!

This Is My Challenge For This Week

I present to you my challenge for this week:

I have been dragging these tasks for a few months already and I could come up with so many excuses you would literally want to punch me right in the kisser before I even ended up talking so instead of making more excuses, let’s make this public and get it done once and for all.

I need to shoot these three videos which are part of the first module:

  • Intro to WordPress
  • Benefits Of Blogging
  • Authority Blogging

Then I need to record these videos that aren’t modular content but equally important:

  • Sales video
  • Introduction video
  • Congratulations video

Shoot an extra pending video on:

  • WordPress categories

And also:

  • Finish writing the sales copy

It may not sound like much to you but in my head these are huge road blocks so it’s definitely going to be quite a challenge.

Your Turn

I already talked about fears on my latest post here: What would you do today if you weren’t afraid? and there was quite some feedback so if you needed an accountability partner, this is your chance right here, right now.

What is your challenge for this week?

Make it public, let me know about it in the comment thread, stick to it and CRUSH IT.

For Over Thinkers Only…

By the way, you should also know you have a second option…

You can let this opportunity pass and keep writing about how you will overcome X, Y and Z with time and all that very interesting blah blah blah stuff about your internet marketing “journey”.

I have another post on my head (as in right now) that is about having results -making money- and doing it FAST but it’s pointless for me to write about it if you’re not ready to digest this information.

It’s only for action takers and honestly, I’m freaking sick of living in the shadows so are you going to join me on becoming a huge action taker or not?

Ball’s on your court player, make it happen.


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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