How To Get It Done

This article is all about getting *it* done.

But what is “it”?

Well, whatever needs to get done in order to make actual progress.

Here is the deal… we all have to-do lists.

And we all have fears to overcome.

If you are reading this and you have a specific task (or set of tasks) that need to get done and you keep dragging them day after day, then you clearly have a procrastination problem.

By the way, I’m not pointing the finger at you, it happens to me all the time too so it’s a “we” kind of problem.

But before I actually tell you how to get it done let’s go back a week ago…

Asking For My Girlfriend’s Hand

Two Saturdays ago (March 9th) I was supposed to ask formally for my girlfriend’s hand to her parents.

This is just a tradition since our wedding is already set for November 2013 and everyone agreed to it already several months ago so to make a long story a short one, it all went smooth or… kinda.

I was already pumped for the party on the big day but I also was super stressed about it since I happen to suffer from stage fright so the mere idea of me talking and having all these eyes on me was playing a very nasty game inside my head.

Since everything had to be “perfect” I was worried about looking like a raccoon (didn’t have any sleep the days before) so I had the amazing idea of applying an almost three year old anti-puffiness cream on my eyes only to make it all worse since my skin had a reaction to it (I think I actually caught an infection from it)

So I looked even worse than I already was, went through the whole party, we all had an amazing time, they also said YES! and then Sunday finally came over.

wedding proposal
Dad, Me, My Girl, My Future Inlaw

Sunday Morning

I woke up on a couch (that the dog normally uses to lay around) still dressed in a suit with my shoes on in the middle of the living room.

Drove to my apartment, got a nice shower and then I invited my girlfriend to have some seafood in the afternoon.

Note that at this point I was super pumped to overcoming all my procrastinating tasks and to-do lists starting on Monday but then something happened…

Pumped Up On Monday… NOT!

The seafood was a bomb to my stomach on Monday.

I lost count on how many times I went to the bathroom but 50 is a low number just so you have an estimate.

Obviously I got dehydrated, my throat closed, my eyes were in pain from the Saturday cream and every single bone and muscle on me, hurted a lot.

Getting All Right On Tuesday… NAH!

I’m not used to take pain killers of any kind (I hate medicine) so I decided to man up and to just go through it, drank several bottles of gatorade, drank lots of water but I still was super sick on Tuesday.

Finally decided to do something about it since I couldn’t even look at the screen so I took something for the stomach and I finally woke up feeling a little bit better on Wednesday but I was still ill.

Any Luck On Thursday?

By Thursday I actually felt a lot better and finally could do some computer work but then I had a secondary thing to worry about… my father’s surgery.

He has prostate cancer and was supposed to have surgery on Friday (they changed this to Saturday on a last minute notice) so no matter how much I wanted to focus on my things, in my head it was all about my dad.

Surgery Day (Saturday)

I decided to stop trying to be productive to focus on helping my dad in any way I could so Saturday finally came over, I slept three hours in total from Friday to Saturday (from 3:30am to 6:30am) and off I go to my parent’s house.

Surgery went perfectly fine then I spent the rest of the Saturday at the clinic and so I did the same on Sunday.

It’s Finally Monday

So the new week arrives, I was planning to do all the cool things I skipped a week ago on this Monday but my dad was still at the clinic.

I had to go there again and help with all the legal paperwork so he could leave the hospital and we finally made it home.

Sometimes There Are Things Beyond Our Control

Now that I’m on Monday, at my apartment and finally feeling GOOD, I say “okay, it’s time to freaking ramp this up and stop making excuses!”.

I just told you all my week so you can see how easily is to lose control of the situation sometimes.

Even though I couldn’t get any work done on the past week, I managed to read social triggers from the first post to the last post, including all the videos and audio podcasts.

I also managed to watch a lot of videos from Alex Jeffreys that needed to be watched.

And I even made some time to review an incredible video marketing product by Joey Xoto called Video Marketer Guide.

xoto academy

Getting Rid Of All The Noise

The first thing I did was to get rid of all the things I had in my computer’s desktop.

Mind you, those are things that I use every single day but didn’t care, got rid of them so I had a cleaner working space.

Second thing I did, no more “open for later” kind of tabs.

I happen to work with a LOT of open tabs and it’s a major distraction when I’m trying to focus on getting specific things done.

Removed every single item from my physical desktop that is not meant to be here.

I erased all the crap I had written on my secondary whiteboard which was never meant for reminders in the first place but for actual video teaching so it’s ready to serve its purpose now.

Stopped doing all the activities that are not going to bring me any closer to my objectives (checking e-mail repeatedly, monitoring stats, being highly active on twitter, facebook and youtube, etc)

Keeping Yourself Organized

I use a free online service called teuxdeux and that’s where I keep my to-do lists now.

Before you start thinking how great evernote is or if you are old school and write everything on post-it notes, it doesn’t matter!

What matters here is that you have some kind of control of what you have already completed and what needs your attention next, that’s it.

How To Avoid A Very Common Problem With To-Do Lists

This is way more common than it should be, remember what I said in the beginning of this article?

We all have to-do lists of some kind and we all have fears.

The trick here is to not let fear take over any activity on our to-do list because if you let that happen, then everything else is just going to be pointless.

I can feel I have been working my ass off when I’m crossing tasks left and right but if I never cross the important things, then it’s the same as not making any progress at all.

Getting Uncomfortable Is Just Part Of The Awesome Equation

Getting uncomfortable is not good enough anymore.

I already been in many uncomfortable positions several times before and while this has helped me greatly in overcoming my fears, it is just not enough to become what I want to be now.

You need to be even more proactive than just getting uncomfortable, you need to grab the bull by its horns and be able to dance away with it!

This Is My Challenge For This Week

I present to you my challenge for this week:

I have been dragging these tasks for a few months already and I could come up with so many excuses you would literally want to punch me right in the kisser before I even ended up talking so instead of making more excuses, let’s make this public and get it done once and for all.

I need to shoot these three videos which are part of the first module:

  • Intro to WordPress
  • Benefits Of Blogging
  • Authority Blogging

Then I need to record these videos that aren’t modular content but equally important:

  • Sales video
  • Introduction video
  • Congratulations video

Shoot an extra pending video on:

  • WordPress categories

And also:

  • Finish writing the sales copy

It may not sound like much to you but in my head these are huge road blocks so it’s definitely going to be quite a challenge.

Your Turn

I already talked about fears on my latest post here: What would you do today if you weren’t afraid? and there was quite some feedback so if you needed an accountability partner, this is your chance right here, right now.

What is your challenge for this week?

Make it public, let me know about it in the comment thread, stick to it and CRUSH IT.

For Over Thinkers Only…

By the way, you should also know you have a second option…

You can let this opportunity pass and keep writing about how you will overcome X, Y and Z with time and all that very interesting blah blah blah stuff about your internet marketing “journey”.

I have another post on my head (as in right now) that is about having results -making money- and doing it FAST but it’s pointless for me to write about it if you’re not ready to digest this information.

It’s only for action takers and honestly, I’m freaking sick of living in the shadows so are you going to join me on becoming a huge action taker or not?

Ball’s on your court player, make it happen.


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    • Patrick Griffin
    • March 12, 2013

    Hi Sergio,
    I think we all have it within ourselves to procrastinate.
    This year is going to be a year of change for me.
    I will be moving home (although I don’t have a clue where I will end up moving to – almost certainly somewhere in England though)
    In preparation for that I have doing much decluttering…for example I found that I had boxes and boxes of papers and magazines and booklets, and photocopied papers and press cuttings and photographs that I had not looked at in five or six years.

    So I gathered them all together and was ruthless with getting rid of what I did not need and about 80 per cent of that pile went into the recycling bin.

    I am currently continuing this process with books I will never read again and CDs I will never play – the charity shop near where I live will get a lot of items for their cause.

    My ambition will be to live the rest of my life with considerably less clutter. I wish I could do the whole digital nomad thing of being totally clutter free but I can’t go that far yet.

    The strange thing is the more physical junk I get rid of the more mentally strong I feel. I am not sure why what is but it is a fact none the less.

    Deep down we are all afraid of change and try to avoid it by clinging onto things which comfort us. However I am coming to the conclusion that it is crazy to define oneself by the things one has amassed in life.

    Hmmm where did all that come from?


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat,

      I know you are falling in love with the lifestyle of a digital nomad as you once told me you could actually live with just a computer, an internet connection and I think a backpack was the third thing?

      Anyway I really want to congratulate you on decluttering your life man, now that I have my own place I still have junk around but it’s definitely a lot less and still working on improving this.

      It’s funny that you mention CDs, I lost my entire CD music collection in Mexico City (long story) and right now I only have a box set of classical music that an uncle gifted to me but apart from that, I don’t have any other music CDs anywhere (I’m going to get rid of this too).

      It’s not strange at all to have a more focused and stronger mind because now you just focus on the things that actually matter, I have been through these changes myself.

      And last but not least, I couldn’t agree any more with you that we are NOT defined by the things we own.

      Right now everything I own, I look at it as an asset.

      There are things that I could get rid of (all my music equipment) and get some good money in return but I’m still saving them thinking I may actually make more money using them instead of selling them.

      Only time will tell but I won’t wait for an eternity, that’s for sure (I’m giving this 2013 and not one day more).

      Thank you for the awesome comment Pat and I’m pretty sure that once you move, you’ll get a nice brain reboot that will help you more (in every aspect) than what you may think.

      Good luck and speak soon! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hey Sergio,

    Congrats on the official approval for your wedding. Great news!

    Ok, what makes me procrastinate. Alcohol! It’s official, I can’t function for two days after partying!! I spent this weekend at the UK Marketing Summit in Manchester and yep I over done it. I’m now paying the price of non functionality. It’s time to stop!!

    I’m actually working on a product relaunch which is due out on the 18th of this month, so that should be fun. It’s pretty much ready to go I just have a few tweaks to do to get it finished.

    You seem to be nearly at the finish line Sergio. Don’t let anything stop you. Go dark and don’t come out until its all ready to go :-).

    If I need some accountability I know where to come Sergio. Thanks.


    1. Reply

      Thank you Dan!

      Haha I already knew about the alcohol issue, it happens to me too if I don’t measure myself with the number of drinks.

      Relaunch for the 18th of this month? Well you have five days left although those include the upcoming weekend too so you better hurry man!

      I loved that bit man “go dark and don’t come out until it’s all ready to go” will definitely do something very close to that.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck on the relaunch man, give me a shout if I can help in any way ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hello Sergio, hope all is well.

    As I mentioned before fear is something that can be overcome, by having the right mindset.

    Good luck in your challenge for the week, hope you get it all done, and you are getting closer to the goal so keep it up.

    Sergio, it is better to take longer and do things better, than rush it and get it wrong.

    This should boost your conversions rate,
    -Remember it is a numbers game (even if it is 50 times to the bathroom!)

    It is nice that you have had your days mapped out.
    Keep us updated on your plans, and congratulations on your news.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt, everything’s perfect my man!

      This is the actual day that I start doing these mind boggling tasks so I’m just warming my hands and my mind so I can get this party started already.

      Thanks for stopping by and your support Matt, it has certainly helped me a lot! ;-)

  3. Reply

    Hi Sergio: I am reminded of a little joke I saw recently “I was thinking about procrastinating today but then I decided to do that tomorrow.”

    Here’s what’s on my list this week and the first one I need to do now.

    1. create a new short guided meditation for my blog.
    2.actually get a couple of new branding ideas I have into play. (fear: how will they be perceived)
    3. to record 5 short “tip” videos for people new to CTP
    4. Bite the bullet and really actually look for someone to help me redesign a blog that is no longer really fulfilling what I want to accomplish with it.
    5. plus maintain…all the other “branding actions” I do on a daily basis.

    Now it’s out there.

    Thanks for the great post.

    1. Reply

      Haha that’s a great thought Nick!

      And I like your list since you are thinking in several areas for improvement and establishing your brand even further.

      Let me know what you have in mind about that blog redesign you need in case I may be able to give you a hand with that.

      If this is something that may interest you, you can use my contact form for further details and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

      Last but not least important, thanks a lot for visiting my blog and including a great first comment, I really appreciate it Nick. ;-)

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • March 13, 2013

    Thumbs up my man,
    So you’ll soon say I DO. I’m indeed very happy for you man. I wish I’m around, i would definitely be there that November. BTW: Your spouse is very beautiful. Don’t know you have such a good eye…lol.

    This is a very interesting topic Sergio because its the major reason why many people fails…. THOSE WHO SUCCEED NEVER FORMED THE HABIT OF GIVING EXCUSES.

    Its unfortunately that we can’t always avoid it but we just have to one way or the other. I don’t know you read Steve Scotts book (THE INTERNET LIFESTYLE PRODUCTIVITY) That book is very great, Steve also talked about some of the things you shared here.

    He advised that we free our computer screens to avoid distractions which I’ve done early this year. I’m also fund of opening many tabs for later use which also slows down my pc often time. But I’ve also vowed with you to stop it.

    I have a lot to say on this topic, but i guess i have to stop here.

    My challenge for the week is to register a domain I’ve been longing to register for my niche site and then install wordpress on it.

    Thanks for sharing bro, You’ve just awoken the tiger in me again.


    BTW: I have the pdf version of Steve’s books, can send them to you if you’ll like to check them out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

    1. Reply

      Hey what’s up Theodore?

      Well she’s not technically my spouse yet man but I certainly appreciate the “good eye” comment! haha

      I know Steve before he started publishing Kindle books, I even bought his “Affiliate marketing without the bullsh*t” training on Clickbank (great product btw) so I also own all his kindle books and I have to agree with you man, Steve Scott is DA MAN when it comes to productivity!

      Registering a new domain name and installing wordpress on it takes me less than five minutes to do (including DNS updates) so you have no excuses to procrastinate on this my man.

      Just go for it now that the tiger has awoken!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your tasks Theodore, I’ll be checking on your progress now man. ;-)

  4. Reply

    Here’s what I need to do.

    Record and outline what I do with safelists so that I can hire someone to spend an hour day keeping a constant flow of leads coming into my marketing funnel.

    Then update the content inside the members area and launch it as a free membership site using the butterfly script that’s already on the site.

    Glad that things are still on track.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      Since you already know the safelists drill it shouldn’t really take you that long to put the instructions down on a notepad file so someone can give you a hand with the broadcasts.

      I would normally say outsource that to the Philippines but since I’m aware of your problem with the time zones (like with the bids inside TimTech) I would say search for someone in the USA on fiverr and try to explain this would be an extended gig.

      If you already know how much a lead is worth to you, you should be able to determine if you’re paying above or below to make a profit or not.

      I really like your plan about using the free membership site model and the butterfly script, you are a rare mix of a list builder – traffic exchange user with a pinch of guru-ish mindset which I’ve never seen before!

      Thanks for stopping by and remember to come back and update me on your progress, I would love to know what you did afterwards. ;-)

      PS. Loving the new avatar!

    • Steven Stuart
    • March 13, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    Damn man, you’ve had a rough week. Looks like everthing suckerpunched you at the same time. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    I’m really glad your dad is doing well after the surgery. Nothing is more important than your family.

    Your fiancee’ is beautiful, you make a good looking couple.

    You’ve really got me inspired now, I’ve got to get all the icons off my desktop, and the junk off of my computer desk, so I can get down to business.

    Here’s my list for the week:

    1. Open a twitter account and write a post about it.
    2. Add some pictures to my Facebook page.
    3. Write a free gimme report and rework my opt-in box.
    4 Rewrite my “about me” page.
    5. I’ve also got some Alex Jeffries videos to watch (good stuff!).

    Now that I look at it, my list looks kind of lame after seeing what you’ve got on your plate.

    Thanks for the pep talk man, I realize I have no excuses to not get on with it.

    Thanks, Sergio. – Steve

    1. Reply

      Hey what’s up Steven?

      First of all, not a single to-do list is lame my friend!

      We are all different and we all have different struggles and priorities so you just have to crush whatever is on your plate and nothing else.

      Just so you know how much time consuming can everything be, I’ll go quickly through your to-do list and show it to you:

      1. Twitter account

      I still have a very lame background on mine and have never written a post about twitter.

      2. Facebook fan page

      I still haven’t uploaded a cover image and I have literally months that I created that page!

      3. Free report for list building

      Haven’t written my own book for this yet and I’ve been doing the Internet Marketing dance for two years now.

      4 “about me” page rewriting

      I’ve been trying to do this for months as well, still have failed miserably at it.

      5. Alex Jeffries (or any other IM Guru) videos to watch

      I was watching AJ’s videos and The Seventh Figure Code by Mike Filsaime, I’m finally done watching videos and got rid of about 10 GB’s of UFO research and footage (I’m a big fan of that)

      So as you can see, we all have different things to go through, it is through priorities that we will decide what to save for later and what to focus on right now.

      If I really wanted to mention every single thing that needs my attention I wouldn’t end man, header image for this blog, 15 unused domain names, not good branding on Youtube, lame welcome/featured video, zero usage of LinkedIn and the list just goes on and on.

      My advice is that regarding of the importance of an activity, just get it done, cross it over and move on to the next one and DO NOT start adding things as soon as you cross something!

      You’ll just get frustrated (I’ve been there many times) give yourself some time, a few pats in the back, whatever you need and when you finally crossed over a few tasks, then add a few more tasks to that list and do the same drill on the next week.

      There’s no other way to make progress! Hope this helps and good luck with your upcoming twitter page, I want to know about that post and how you’re doing with your facebook page.

      PS. NEVER underestimate the power of social media, particularly facebook. I have met the most incredible marketing people over there and have no doubt that if I ever bump into them live on an event, they’ll treat me as a real friend.

      That would cost a lot of money if you just came out of nowhere and tried to network with them just because you like their products!

      Thanks for stopping by Steven. :)

    • Sandy Halliday
    • March 14, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    Sounds like a really bad time you’ve been through. I wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone. I guess you could say that things can only get better and sincerely hope they do.

    I have just agreed to take part in a new “challenge” which is based on a set plan of action for 60 days spending at least 60 minutes every day on it.

    Just doing this will be quite a challenge as I am currently out in Spain with my husband on a 4 week break . Although I am happy to spend hours a day on HIS laptop he wants to get out and about. I can see we will have to reach some compromise.

    As you say nothing happens without action. It’s surprising what happens when you take it.


    1. Reply

      Hey Sandy, I’m already doing fantastic and my dad is doing extremely well for a diabetic like himself.

      60 days spending one focused hour on it? That sounds like a GREAT idea!

      You’re in Spain right now? Wow I’m envying you so bad haha I literally fell in love with that place, hope I can go back soon and take my girlfriend with me too.

      Thanks for stopping by Sandy, good luck on your challenge and enjoy Spain, salud! ;-)

  5. Reply

    I’m late reading this post since it’s Thursday evening but I was able to get a lot accomplished this week. One of the big goals I had was to meet with a couple people from a business for a potential speaking opportunity, which I had and got the gig. It has great potential to turn into even more speaking and training!

    I know your really going to enjoy being married. My wife and I just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary and are loving live and each other.

    I’m looking forward to some of the video your shooting! Good stuff bro!

    1. Reply

      Congratulations Dan and thanks man!

      I really look forward to see what the married life is like, I know it will have its ups and downs but I’m willing to enjoy the ride even if it’s a little bumpy! ;-)

      1. Reply

        It’s worth it:)

    • Jens P. Berget
    • March 16, 2013

    Great examples Sergio. I am so happy for you and your girlfriend. I have been “studying” getting things done for many years now, and I am still kind of struggling. The thing is that I have to-do lists (I use Things for my Mac, iPad and iPhone) and it works great. But, there are always so many things on my mind, and there are always interruptions. So, dealing with interruptions and having a system that clears my mind and lets me focus on the one thing I am working on, that’s the real important part for me.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, as long as you have identified what brings your productivity down, then you’re golden man.

      The bad thing is many marketers and bloggers already know what they should NOT do and yet they still fail to do something about it.

      Final step is to stop studying theory and start implementing Jens! ;-)

    • Khaja Moin
    • March 19, 2013

    Hey Sergio.
    Am back to your blog after long time.
    I see many new things here.
    New design.
    Are you going to change it again?

    Well congrats on that, I came here to see you mate. Glad to see you family pic, congrats on that.

    Am trying to write an ebook for my blog from last 3 weeks but as you said sometimes we can`t control things.


    1. Reply

      Hey Khaja, welcome back my friend!

      Yes, I changed the wordpress theme for two reasons:

      1. I have an upcoming project that will require WooThemes.

      2. I want to become familiarized with the Canvas theme since it’s the equivalent to Prose by Genesis and I’m highly interested in teaching these themes to non-techie people.

      Glad you liked the picture and congratulations on your upcoming book!

      Is it going to be a free book or are you planning to sell it?

      PS. Your site looks really great man, good job!

  6. Reply

    Ho Sergio,

    I missed your post been working in C-panel clearing out junk…
    and repairing bad links on sites spend a lot of time until I figured out to use Chrome and open C-panel security IP Deny Manager
    and Use FF with C-panel open and check Awstats for nice links like call in porn…..

    Hmm…Back to Work with a goal in mind!

    Just keep plugging away and it will all get done…”That’s what I keep telling myself!”

    It is now 3 pm and NO Facebook or Twitter so I’m doing well in keeping focused.

    Quitting time shortly….out of Cat food and Bread….so taking a break and get some human things done!

    Two things,
    Glad to hear your Dad came through his surgery O.K.
    I didn’t know you had a Dog…..Name and Picture?

    Guess I’ll need to take a picture of Hambone, my Beagle with Freckles on his

    Sometime today I’m going to try to finish setting up Cararta dot com, can’t decide on a theme…..good reason to procrastinate? Want to use it to cloak affiliated links, a membership site for downloads….so probably will go with a theme I have…Profits theme has most of it built in…if I can figure out how to use it correctly.

    Oh well, Congrats on surviving the Engagement Party, sharing with your Dad and
    finally..getting back to work!


    1. Reply

      Hola Cararta,

      I meant I woke up at my girlfriend’s place and they have a couple of dogs but not me, I don’t have any pets in my apartment.

      It also seems like you have been pretty busy with cPanel and your sites, hope you can get that sorted out soon.

      Good job on no twitter and no facebook, I have kept myself away from those social media platforms as much as possible as well and it has been wonderful so far.

      Choosing a wordpress theme for your site has to be the least of your worries, I would say pick anything you have (if you already own Profits Theme then go with that as it will force you to learn the theme’s features faster)

      You can cloak anything with Pretty Link Lite (wordpress plugin) or if you want to go Pro, you can use but you’ll have to install the membership site as a subdomain since the branded domain name feature requires the root for it.

      Another resource you might want to check out is

      They do offer domain name cloaking as well but the best part comes from the tracking side of things (you can track anything, anywhere you want).

      Aweber, GetResponse, LinkTrckr and anything else out there forbids the use of their trackers on traffic exchanges and safelists. allows you to do this and more.

      Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by Cararta!

      PS. Dad is doing good, still has to pay a few visits to the doctor’s though but everything is starting to look better.

    • Dita Irvine
    • March 27, 2013

    Hi Sergio,

    First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. The way the time flies before you’ll know it you’ll be hitched.

    You have made some very valid points. The clutter is one thing, be it on your desktop or your emails. They are distracting and I too will have to do something about it.

    With respect to lists, I like having them, except I often make a mistake to make a very long list that in the end is impossible to keep up with. So I have been curbing the lists down, because not finishing the tasks on the list (even if it is a long one) can be quite demoralizing.

    You have a long week ahead of you. Making so many videos is quite challenging (I guess it depends on one’s expertise). I am wishing you that you accomplish this week’s list with ease.

    Take care,


    1. Reply

      Hey Dita, yeah definitely, I have to pay for the dress already so it’s going pretty fast indeed! lol

      I used to create huge to-do lists as well ( but I finally changed that bad habit.

      I couldn’t agree any more with you in that scheduling something and failing to complete it, can actually backfire on our enthusiasm of making progress.

      Thanks a lot for visiting and yeah, I’m actually done with most of my tasks, going to update the blog soon!

      Talk soon Dita ;-)

  7. Reply

    Hey Sergio,

    Congratulations on your wedding approval, very cool! And very glad to hear your Dad’s surgery went well, sending many well wishes to him!

    My challenge – to get more organized too! I have thousands of emails in my primary account, along with several email accounts and a screen full of desktop shortcuts – all big distractions which, for me, adds to a cluttering environment, which clutters my thinking – ugh! Thanks for waking me up to get a handle on all these distractions!

    I’m a student of Alex Jeffreys too and I like to keep his words “If you’re not marketing, you’re not making any money” close by. It helps me focus the items on my ‘to do list’. Even though I still find myself losing focus and getting off track, it’s easier to get back in sync when you know what the most important items are to be working on.

    Another great post Sergio, it’s always a pleasure to visit and chat with you!

    Looking forward to your videos, stay focused and you will prevail! :)


    1. Reply

      Hey Donna,

      I liked that AJ’s saying you mentioned on your comment and have learnt a lot from him myself, the dude’s practically an action taking machine, no doubt!

      As for getting back to what matters (top things in our to-do lists) you got it right, if you are aware of the important things on your to-do list, it is definitely easier to get back to them, been there done that.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and wow how fast things happen, a few weeks ago I just asked for my girlfriend’s hand to her parents and now we have a brand new car (well actually SHE has it but hey… we’re a more formal couple now! lol)

      Take care and have a wonderful start of week Donna! ;-)

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