Call me old school.

But I absolutely love using post it notes as to-do reminders and a regular pen and tablet to write ideas down.

Even though I have programs that do all of these faster…

I still like to have things written down and not depend entirely on technology to keep myself organized.

The Problem

Doing it like this comes with some trouble though and it normally happens when you start letting go and not doing the work.

It’s very easy to start hoarding post-it notes everywhere, get anxious about them and still not do the job.

By the way, this is strongly related to a blog post ) I wrote yesterday on my minimalist blog at

Anyway, here’s how I kind of solved this…

The Video

The video is only five minutes long and literally shows you what I did to get rid of this problem.


I know other people like to use Evernote, sync with their phones and keep it all on the cloud.

Again, I’m a very old school person and for some reason I find it odd to keep myself accountable using technology (which is a bit weird coming from a Systems Engineer).

The odd thing is that I ended up using technology to solve my problem haha oh well.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed watching the video and I’m thinking of getting back to recording more videos in the next days because I don’t want to lose the skill I used to have when being in front of a camera.

Thanks for reading and stay put, I’ll be publishing a lot more often here.

PS. Big shout out to Tom Wacker. Your email made my day man, thank you!

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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