How To Achieve The “Know, Like & Trust” Factor Almost Instantly With Video

So… making money online what’s the secret?

A better question would be…

What does an Internet Marketing expert does different than an average marketing Joe who no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t figure out how to make a single dollar online?

I believe it has to do a lot with several factors.

And just to name a few:

  • Knowledge
  • Mindset
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Planning
  • Perseverance
  • Trust
  • Hard work
  • The Right Audience
  • Etc…

This list can practically go on forever but let’s not over complicate stuff.

Let’s keep it simple…

You Have To Be Known, Likeable and Trustworthy

Have you heard about that saying that your prospects need to know, like and trust you BEFORE becoming a client of yours?

Now let’s get a little bit further than that because it actually takes a little bit more for this equation to work as we want it.

I know bloggers who are very well known, highly likeable and trustworthy as well, yet they are struggling like there’s no tomorrow to generate income because they lack an irresistible offer for their audience.

On the other hand, I know people with great products but a very shitty attitude and while they do make money, they could probably make a lot more if they were a little bit more likeable but hey, that’s their way of doing business, I’m not judging anyone.

Let’s Do A Little Bit Of Reverse Engineering

I’m going to set our most desired final goal first and then we’re going to reverse engineer that until we reach the point in which we are currently at right now.

But before I do that, I want you to know what’s my take on this so we can define who is the person making the most money online.

Note: This is what I have personally seen in my two and a half years observing how (theoretically speaking) an average Joe makes money online:

So I got started with free courses and basically refused to learn from anyone in particular (I didn’t know anyone that I could ask for advice or help anyway) so after several months of sleepless nights and reading every single thing I could on the subjects that interested me, one day I finally decided to hit that “buy now” button and entered my PayPal password for the first time.

After that, I found out about $1 trials, then very cheap warrior special offers (from the WarriorForum) and little by little I started losing the fear of investing in my knowledge until I finally reached the point of buying $497 courses and paying top dollars to be personally trained.

So here comes the important question now…

What’s the Easiest and Fastest Way to Make some Serious Money Online?

In my personal point of view, this would be coaching.

You can make some serious coin if you can come up with must-have services such as autoresponders, video players, hosting equipment, graphic design software, etc., but this is in no way easy, not cheap and definitely not fast.

I still believe the fastest way to massive profits is through coaching and I don’t mean Internet Marketing Coaching, it can be coaching in any niche as long as you have great knowledge about it or a huge interest on a very specific niche.

I see this all the time in Facebook: “Hey I have one open slot for coaching because blah blah blah” and people react to these updates (they buy their way in!) and I’m not talking about some easy investments, I’m talking about high ticket entries such as:

  • $497
  • $1,000
  • $2,000
  • $5,000
  • $10,000 and yes… even
  • $20,000!

Af first I was like well, what the heck is going on here? But then I understood, as long as there is someone willing to pay you, then why not?

Note 1: Obviously, there is some ninja marketing tactics going on in order to successfully be able to sell these kind of seats but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Note 2: I strongly believe my final goal is within personal coaching but you can have a completely different goal from mine, that’s completely fine.

I’m still going to keep up with the Personal Coaching example just to keep things simple.

Personal Coaching: How Do You Get There?

Well first of all, you have to have some stuff in place such as previous experience, results, testimonials, income proof, etc.

And the only way to get all of that, is to start making waves with a product of your own or a service, depending on what area you are most interested in.

So let’s pretend you do very well at driving traffic, you write awesome articles, you are likeable and you are a very hard working person but still, you’re not making any money (yet).

Having said that, what do we need to focus on now… Make those first sales right?

And how do you do that… Remember what I told you above…  Be known, likeable and trustworthy?

Well, to keep up doing even more reverse engineering on this, you need to put yourself out there first.

And I don’t mean write a gazillion of blog posts and get all crazy on twitter and facebook, what I mean is you have to figure out how to be KNOWN.

The fastest way to meet a person is not through written words or through pictures, is through LIVE interaction.

And by live interaction I mean putting yourself on VIDEO.


Just in case you are not agreeing with me right now, I want you to answer this very simple question:

Pick any five (alive) marketers that you like a LOT, ready?

Question: Can you tell me what their voices sound like?

You may have chosen some book authors and may have never heard them speak before but in all honesty, I know exactly what my top five marketers sound like, dress like, their gestures, everything.

Because of video.

Since we want to engineer and mold our brand ourselves, chances are, we may never write something like Think And Grow Rich or maybe we will but I like to keep things simple and I don’t even consider myself a writer so everything else, is still pushing me towards video.

Taking Video Marketing To The Extreme

Something that I want to take out of the way is that I like to teach by example.

And chances are you already have a blog by now (if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine since Youtube is FREE anyway) and I wanted to share all this information with you before I did it on my blog.

The idea is to do this together, it will be way more fun and we can share our results later!

Also the premise of this, is that if you’re a perfect nobody right now or feel like you’re not engaging your audience that much, you could add video everywhere on your site and acquire that almost instant feeling of people knowing you.

It will be your job to become likeable (you dont’ have to try though, just be yourself!) and if you are really passionate about what you’re doing, the trust factor will come almost right away with just a few videos.

Take a good look at my site and you’ll see it’s pretty much empty.

The About Me page is a bit boring and doesn’t says that much about me.

There are pictures from me everywhere on the blog roll but again, a picture doesn’t really tell your audience who you really are.

And there are some videos scattered throughout my blog posts but maybe not that many either.

In my book, this doesn’t cut it yet.

We have to have a LOT more exposure on video so whenever someone visits us for the first time, they will be tempted to watch AT LEAST one of your videos, probably one sitting on the sidebar and/or on your About Me page so make sure you have something good in place!

Note: By “good” I don’t mean something fancy, just be as natural as you can get.

Attempting to be someone you are not on video is only going to backfire on what we want to accomplish here.

Increase Your Visitor Curiosity With Video “Hooks”

You can see the sidebar does have an embedded latest video that I included yesterday. I did this as a way to build some buzz to today’s update.

Sidebar Embedded Video

The “Building Buzz” Video

And since I am going to change that video to something else, you can watch the video down below just so you have a reference of what I mean by building buzz.

[youtuber youtube=’’]

How To Achieve The Know, Like & Trust Factor The Fastest Way

Okay, so we have already identified a really good way to make a LOT of money online and what we can do NOW in order to reach that desired position of selling coaching or higher priced information products.

Note: Even if you don’t want to become a coach, you can still achieve trust factors that will go through the roof using video this way.

Now all we have to do, is take action upon a plan right?

So here’s the plan guys…

You are going to need a few must-have videos on your site:

About Me Page Video

I would say one video on your About Me page would be killer.

Make it as long as needed to present who you are, why you have built your site for and what are your plans for the future.

But, also remember that this will be your presentation card so don’t push it either, try to keep it as short and engaging as possible.

Sidebar Video

This can be the shortest video you have ever made and probably the easiest one to make too.

It will be just you introducing yourself, greeting your visitor and maybe thanking them for checking out your content.

This would be the perfect opportunity to include a call to action at the end like “Oh and if you don’t want to miss any of my updates, don’t forget to subscribe down below”.

Once again, do not push it though.

People subscribe because their interest on your content (or freebie) is peaked, not because you tell them to.

Resources Page Video

If you have a Resources page, I would probably throw another video there too.

Have you ever seen the disclaimers on those pages?

“I only promote services that I use myself” or “my recommendations are always backed up by my own experiences”, “I will make a tiny commission if you decide to buy through my links”, etc.

These disclaimers are meant to raise trust and what better way of building trust than speaking live on video about WHY are you recommending those resources in the first place?

If you are lying about it, this is going to be seen from a mile away but if you are completely genuine about what you say on that video, it is going to build almost instant trust on you and your recommendations.

Reviews Videos

These are great when you want to promote something new you just bought.

Even if you are not an expert using the software or service, you just have to talk about what you understand so far, what you like about it and what you want to get out of it.

Come as natural as you can.

It is the same for internet marketing training, coaching courses, everything.

A big no-no would be to just record a video with music and nobody speaking, that’s like the lamest kind of videos out there and it will probably hurt your credibility.

Never… EVER, do that.

Special Offers & Bonuses Videos

These convert like gangbusters because people can see right through your eyes if you’re being sneaky or if you are being genuine about your offers and bonuses.

Recording these kind of videos is what is actually going to set the pace for you to start learning how to be a video based marketer.

And whenever you need to create sales pages or specials for your own products, everything will come to you as second nature so this one is really a win-win situation.

List Building Videos

These are the videos you would normally put inside a landing/squeeze page.

Whether the video plays or not (some marketers like to use the “fake video” image to build even more curiosity) these are generally really short informal videos.

You just tell people what they can expect once they enter their details and always say something like “Just enter your name and e-mail so I know where to send your [freebie here]”.

That right there is a ninja marketing tactic in order to drop down the barrier of “if this is free, why can’t he just give me the information here instead?”

Well, because we need to know where to send the information first Sherlock! (you’re on a squeeze page after all, remember… see what I just did there?)

Thank You Page Videos

You normally see this type of videos just after you bought something (and some marketers don’t even bother to do them, shame on them!)

I love this type of videos because they give a sensation of fluidness in the sales and/or list building funnel.

Just imagine this scenario:

You land on a squeeze page and there is some dude telling you what he is going to teach you “on the other side”.

You sign up, confirm and voilá, there’s this dude again telling you “hey thanks a lot for confirming, here are your free downloads and I’ll talk to you soon so you have time to digest the information”.

You obviously get excited, want to consume the information and now you’re even expecting to hear from this guy again very soon!

If the information is top notch and you keep receiving even more cool stuff from this person, what do you think you’re going to do, when he hits you with a “no brainer” offer?

Chances are, you are going to become a customer and all of this was originated from a landing page and a short video.

Can you see the power of this already?

Building Your Authority Videos

These videos are actual training.

Whether is just a “talking head” video, a slide presentation or using a screencast to show how to do something on your computer, this is as near as it gets to actually creating your first information product.

But what these type of videos do more than anything else, is build your authority.

Remember, you want to be seen as the expert at something and if you already managed to get someone all the way to reach this point, chances are you are very close to start making some real serious money online.

Blog Post Videos

These are regular videos embedded in your blog posts and are meant to build your credibility.

You may talk about something in particular, maybe you like to rant or want to express a feeling.

These are the actual type of videos that can be informal, don’t need much preparation or editing work and what actually makes your visitor feel that they know you.

Never underestimate the power of these type of videos and the more you can use them, the better.

Again, just keep them short since people don’t have the attention spans they used to have before and try to come up with something unique that brands you.

It can be an opening, a closing, a funny phrase, just think of something but don’t worry if you don’t have anything right now, that can be further developed down the road.

Optional: Youtube Welcome Video

Creating this video is more for video marketers who actually use Youtube as one of their main sources of income or who make strong use of Youtube in their business.

You create a video introducing yourself, you explain what your channel is about and what people can expect from you there.

It’ll be in their choice if they want to subscribe to your channel or not but the main focus here should be in that as soon as somebody lands on your channel for the first time, they instantly know what you’re about.

You’ll get extra branding and positioning points if you took the time to configure your channel with your blog’s colors, pictures and stuff.

What Do You Need To Get Started

The basics would be a video camera (flipcam, phone, webcam, etc) and a microphone.

While I do recommend to have a decent microphone, it’s okay to use the mic on your video camera if that’s all you have or you can also get a cheap headset from Logitech or Microsoft.

Crappy video won’t be perceived too bad as long as the audio is great but great video with bad audio quality will be perceived as useless and a complete waste of time (and it can probably hurt your brand even before you have a brand so avoid doing this at all costs).

You are going to need to have a great mindset, attitude and genuinely look forward to do this.

Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated and are going to end up thinking maybe internet marketing is not for you.

Even worse, you can probably just read this big article I’ve been writing for hours, only to not take action at all and continue to chase money in every way you can.

But I don’t want to put any negative thoughts in your head, you are currently on the Marketing With Sergio site and on this place, we are all about getting the job done no matter how hard it is!

Last but not least, you are going to need to have a plan in place.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed, Just Get Going

I already mentioned most uses and where you can get the most out of your videos, the key here is to just lay out a plan that you think you can follow up and stick to it.

Probably the easiest video you can get started with, is the greeting video for the sidebar.

If you manage to do that one, then you can definitely go for the video in your about me page or your resources page.

Then you can go for a quick, straight to the point video in a landing page!

It doesn’t matter if you’re only making the video for the landing page and the freebie is just a report or a book.

The important bit here is you getting started doing videos and implementing them in your daily activities (if possible).

The harder one would be to create a series of videos that teach something and load them up in your autoresponder.

Your final goal is to create all the videos I mentioned, have at least one squeeze page in place, a thank you video for it and a video that demonstrates or teaches something you are good at (the content).


These are some links that can be very useful and are highly related to this video experiment, you should be aware that some of them are affiliate links.

List Building

  • E-mail marketing: Aweber ($1 month trial)

Squeeze Page Building

  • Sales & Squeeze Pages: OptimizePress (wordpress theme)
  • Live Feedback For Your Squeeze Page: Sweeva (free to join, upgrades available)

Getting Traffic

  • Traffic Exchanges & Safelist Training: Click Track Profit (free to join, upgrades available)
  • Recommended Safelist 1: Listnerds (free to join, upgrades available)
  • Recommended Safelist 2: ListViral (free to join, upgrades available)
  • The Obvious Free Solution: YouTube (needs a gmail account)

Conversion Statistics

  • Link Cloaking & Tracking Software: (free 30 day trial)

Video Editors

USB Microphones

Video Cameras



If you are unsure about this, I will be doing all this video marketing stuff myself in the following days, from the most basic video to the full blown up video series so you can get a good idea of what I’m trying to achieve.

I wouldn’t wait until I showcase my work so you can get started though, the sooner you start experimenting with this, the better because failing forward gives you more experience than being a passive type of marketer and just assume stuff instead of going through the real experience.

Hope you found this useful, it took me a long time to write this up and if you managed to get all the way down here without skimming, then you’re a real trooper, thank you!

I will be talking to you again very soon and good luck with your video creation endeavours!

Remember, if you have any questions just let me know in the comment thread.

The only “stupid” question is the one that is not asked, cheers!


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  1. Reply

    I know I’m suppose to be taking some time away but couldn’t resist reading your article :-). I’ve actually been working on a lot of video lately and buying pretty much every video product out there.

    If people are not learning video they need to be. It’s now the number one way to market yourself and your business.

    Great stuff Sergio ;-)

    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, I know you are beyond busy right now so I really appreciate it that you still stopped by and took the time to read the whole thing!

      Video is KEY right now because it is fast, allows you to transmit a message faster, people decide if they like you or not in just seconds and best of all, Google LOVES Youtube.

      Whoever is refusing to start making videos is going to struggle BIG TIME trying to make money online.

      Talk soon Dan and thanks for chiming in my man! ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    A friend of mine was just talking about this the other day. He sells real estate and said that the videos are getting to be a big thing in the real estate industry. He doesn’t feel that he comes across very well in his videos though. What do you suggest that you do if you come across as awkward and nervous when you’re being videotaped?

    1. Reply

      Hey George, as far as I know the only thing that will take care of that problem is through repetition.

      Doing more videos sounds like a lot of hard work but it really doesn’t take that long.

      For me it only took about a week to start feeling comfortable while I spoke directly to a camera.

      You mentioned your friend has come across as awkward and nervous when he is being video taped so I’m assuming he has done videos before.

      My recommendation would be the following:

      First of all, you have to understand you are talking to an inanimate object because a camera is just that, pieces of plastic and metal put together.

      Once he manages to understand that, it will help a lot to tell him to pretend he is talking to a friend that is not too close but that he still considers him a friend.

      This will help maintain a proper language while speaking and showcasing the real estate without making it extra informal.

      Take in consideration to not be “too formal” or he may come out as someone acting a role and that’s the last thing he wants to portray on that video.

      He has to keep doing videos until he feels natural, relaxed, fluent just as he normally is in his every day life.

      Another great advice would be to do some practice runs talking about his hobbies first or something that he is passionate about.

      He will see how fluent he actually is and after a few runs, he is definitely going to improve a LOT when he goes back to his real estate recordings.

      Hope this helps George!

      PS. There’s a LOT of information on overcoming fear and video recommendations on this blog, just search for “video” and you’ll find a lot of actual video footage you can watch when I was getting started and how I improved with repetition.

    • Patrick Griffin
    • May 14, 2013

    Hi Sergio,

    I am sure some people will read this blog post and immediately want to switch off the computer and go hide under their desk.

    Some will be nervous about making a video, let alone the whole series of videos you mention here – but that is not a big deal as people can get used to appearing on camera.

    You were nervous as hell when you made your first video and I was the same when I first did so too.

    Unless you are a teenager with a natural affinity for all things digital, then virtually everyone is nervous when doing video for the first time.

    The solution to this is to take some deep breaths, tell yourself you can make video and just get on with it.

    There will be others who came online for an easy life and they will think the strategy you set out is too much like hard work – sadly for this group of people there is probably nothing you (or anybody else for that matter) can say to change their mindset.

    I think there may even be some who are inspired to take action after reading this post…and for those that take the action you suggest, let’s just say they have just given themselves a huge advantage over those who fail to do so.


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat, I have learnt that anything that sounds challenging or involves actual work is almost instantly discarded by the majority of people trying to make money online, it’s sad but true like you just said.

      It’s crazy that some people can’t believe it took me a full year to man up and record my first video and I did a very lousy job at the time but all the videos are still there on my channel for proof!

      It feels dumb that I felt like dying in my first videos but that’s why I know first hand how challenging can video be when you’re just getting started.

      I have participated in several blogging challenges and marketing challenges as well (hundreds of newbies) and I can tell you right away that the majority of people start giving up as soon as they realize they have to record videos sooner or later.

      People that decide to take action on what I just shared here are certainly going to make a difference and have an unfair advantage over the 97% of people trying to make money online.

      Thanks for stopping by Patrick and you’re living proof that I was scared shitless in the beginning lol it’s so funny now though.

      Anyway, take care man and talk soon! ;-)

    • Dita
    • May 14, 2013

    Hi Sergio,

    was just checking my email when I noticed the QSC link to your post. I could not resist. Wow, I am not surprised it took you a long time to write. It’s so much info here you could actually publish it as a report.

    I very much like your idea of a video on the About page. It is a clever way to introduce yourself and your business.

    For me making videos was the hardest part of the Challenge. But, eventually I did it. Most of my videos are educational, so it is only my voice that is heard but I found that even that improved my relationship with my readers.

    I have not invested in Camtasia but I purchased Snagit through the same company. It works well for me for now and it is much cheaper.



    1. Reply

      Hey Dita, yeah I believe these kind of articles are called “content pillars” in the professional blogging industry and it certainly did take a while to put this one together!

      So you are doing only voice for now but that already puts you in advantage compared to people who decide to never put themselves out there.

      No video and no audio at all.

      I know plenty of marketers who are famous podcasters and webinar presenters and very rarely make a video.

      Robert Plank is a great example for this, I have never seen the guy talking in my life before but I can recognize his voice even if I just listen for one second.

      I never used Snagit before but I have heard it is really practical.

      Thanks for stopping by Dita and it’s good to see you’re doing screencasts for your readers.

      Take care and talk soon! ;-)

    • Ray Boreham
    • May 15, 2013

    Top notch stuff, Sergio!

    It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by, but I plan on being here more often after reading this. I must admit, I’ve not done what I set out to do this year so far, which includes posting to my blog, and making more videos in particular.

    I put a few together last year and was starting to get more comfortable with the whole process, but I haven’t done any so far this year. I even bought Easy Video Suite, but haven’t done a thing with it yet. Do you have that? If so, do you use it?

    Keep on keeping on, mate!

    1. Reply

      Hey Ray, welcome back man!

      I do have EVS but haven’t done much with it either. I tried the manual installation and then some problems came with that and decided to just keep using what I was using already (Vimeo Plus & Youtube).

      I’ll have to re-visit EVS these days because it wasn’t cheap and I still need it for Amazon hosting and playing more than 120 videos in my training course.

      We are barely on month five in this 2013 so you still have seven more months to start recording your videos and take advantage of them.

      If you happen to record something let me know so I can check it out!

      Thanks for stopping by Ray and talk soon man ;-)

  3. Reply

    Bro this is EPIC Post!

    LOL! I’m actually getting back on doing videos now. Plan to do it daily but sometimes missed out a few days .. hehehe.

    I agree with you. Video definitely the fastest way for people to know you .. depending on your attitude or personality, people can judge whether to trust you or not.

    I think we just need to remember that NOT EVERYONE will like us, no matter how nice, cute, good looking or awesome we are hehehhe :P

    There will always be HATERS.

    You need to prepare for this especially if you’re on YouTube. Suddenly someone would give you negative comment that totally not related to your video or what you talk about.

    Don’t take it personal.

    More videos to come!!!!

    Live Daily, GrateFully & FaithFully.

    1. Reply

      Hey Chetz, you’re completely right man, haters gonna hate!

      I think the trick is in focusing on the people we do make a connection with and never mind about the rest.

      Great advice and thanks for the epic love as well!

      Hope you’re doing fantastic, take care and talk soon Chetz ;-)

  4. Hi Sergio, I have always been a fan of videos and love making them. I do believe they can be used for just about everything. Steve and I have even just created a video for our optin in the new site! It should be up in a few days. It certainly does show people who you are, there’s no mask to hide behind, and how you come across on the video gives an immediate impression to the viewer.

    Hope all’s going well for you!

    Enjoy the journey.


    1. Reply

      Hey Mandy, that’s really awesome!

      And yeah, I think it’s pretty much impossible to have second intentions while doing video and people not being able to notice it (hence why some marketers say “I’m not a paid actor” in their videos lol).

      Thanks for stopping by Mandy, take care and good luck with the conversions on that new site’s opt-in video! ;-)

    • Mark Salmon
    • May 15, 2013

    Couldn’t respond to this post without making a video reply: Put this into your browser

    1. Reply

      Hey Mark, talk about taking massive action man!

      I was delighted to watch your video response and I couldn’t stop smiling all the way through!

      My foot injury is coming along but I still can’t do exercise and I can barely walk right now, I think I’ll be fine anyway, thanks for asking.

      I know you’re going to crush the idea of including video throughout your site, it seriously has to brand you a lot better than anything else we’re doing and I’ll make sure to check your videos out once they are in place.

      I included your site on my 2012 contributors post since you did support me on my site with your comments and that’s something I’m always grateful for.

      People say great minds think alike, maybe that’s why we’re in the same marketing circles (Dean Holland, Marc Milburn, Alex Jeffreys, John Thornhill, just to name a few)

      Last but not least, I’m always eager to see other people achieve success so I understand perfectly fine that you’re happy to see my progress man.

      I really appreciate your words, the time you took to make this video response and I can only tell you I hope to be part of your success too and I’m glad to have you as a colleague in this marketing journey!

      Take care and talk very soon Mark. ;-)

      PS. I made your link clickable so it’s easier for others to check it the video response out!

    2. Reply

      Hey Mark, I forgot to say I would LOVE to work in something together in the near future man.

      I’m really honored by you letting me know about it and yeah, by all means let’s do that!

      I have to get my WordPress training out there first though but let’s keep this project in mind anyway, cheers! ;-)

  5. Reply

    Hey Sergio

    I’ve been putting off doing a video for ages and ages. I promised myself I’d do it by the end of February. Err, now we’re in May!

    I was only thinking the other day I wanted to do a “welcome to my blog” video and add a link to it on my nav bar. I even had a go at doing it. I’ve only got a HD webcam so I’ve not got any of the stuff you have to record videos!

    It wasn’t very successful. I think I need to write myself a script or at least an outline of what I want to say before I record anything again.

    After I’ve done that, I want to do an introduction video for people who sign up to my list before I’d then tackle a video blog post.

    You might just have motivated me enough to give it another try Sergio. Thank you!!

    1. Reply

      Hey Tim, I’ve been there too many times (breaking my own promises) it’s not even funny anymore.

      I think those two ideas of including a “video greeting” and an “introduction video” for the people that subscribe to your blog and offers is going to be a game changer.

      What I like about your comment is that even if you didn’t like the final outcome you at least tried.

      Now you can try again and I’m pretty sure the result will be a lot better!

      Scripting is a great idea and don’t worry about memorizing the whole thing, you can just do “jump cuts” (if you don’t know what that is, just search for it in Youtube) and you’ll do a great job!

      The equipment I currently have is way more than what I really needed, I know people who have practically changed their lives forever just using a regular flipcam.

      Make a plan for it and stick to it and remember don’t try to make it perfect, just good is good enough Tim!

      Take care, talk soon and thanks for chiming in man. ;-)

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • May 15, 2013

    Hi Sergio,
    This is really one of the most interesting post I’ve read this week, so so inspiring man. This is just the type of post needed to get things done, thumbs up to you man :).

    I also like the video thing but, i don’t have the resources yet. So far, I’ve done some screen captures before using camstudio which i also uploaded to youtube but never promoted it.

    I have an android smart phone so maybe, i will have to start with that. But my question is, how do you normally compress the video after recording it? This is because i know that it usually come with a higher quality and size.

    I will have to buy the things you mentioned here once I’m able to gather the dough.

    Finally, what are those traffic sites you added here made of? I mean like clicktrackprofit, you would have written more about them so we can understand the scope :).

    Thanks for sharing my man, i will come back if i have more questions :). Keep cool

    1. Reply

      Hey Theodore, thanks for the kind words man.

      One thing I didn’t mention is that sometimes we have to get creative man. If you go this blog post and watch the third video “FlipCam Video Tripod And Mic Stand” you’ll see exactly what I mean.

      If you already have an Android smartphone, find out how you can record yourself (remember, be creative since chances are, you won’t have a stand or tripod for it) where are you going to record yourself and check if your audio levels are decent and go for it with that!

      Camstudio will do perfectly fine for your first videos man and for compressing your videos you can use is pretty intuitive actually but if in doubt, just do some searches in Youtube and you’ll be golden.

      For instant traffic I would recommend using the safelists mentioned because click track profit is more of a long term system that teaches you everything from the ground up including traffic exchanges, safelists, a bit of blogging, business mindset, etc.

      If you already know what a solo ad is, it is very similar with the difference that it’s not a marketer who broadcasts your e-mail to his list but a company.

      I’ll do a video soon on this since I know many can benefit from new exposure (thanks for the idea!)

      If you have any more questions, just let me know man.

      Thanks for stopping by and talk soon Theodore! ;-)

    • Carlie Hamilton
    • May 15, 2013

    What a fantastic epic post!!

    Yes, I love video. I haven’t made any yet for SproutSpire (still finding my feet a little bit there) but I have done it for many of my other online projects and it works great.

    I want to do a “Welcome to my website” type video, but I love the idea to have a video on my about page (which at the moment is badly in need of an update!).

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Carlie, I think that welcoming video is going to be great for anyone that is interested in hiring your services.

      Same goes for the about me page, it’s fresh, it’s new and I can’t see a visitor wouldn’t love your transparency there!

      Looking forward to see you in action, thanks for stopping by Carlie ;-)

    • Jens P. Berget
    • May 15, 2013

    I absolutely agree with you Sergio. I’ve been doing online marketing for a while now, and I have been earning a few dollars every week, but nothing much. But, what I am doing in Norway is coaching, and that’s where the money is and that’s when it beomes really fun. The hard part for me is to define exactly what I’ll be coaching, because I’m coaching in marketing, and marketing is a too broad “niche”. I am looking into what specific parts of marketing I should focus on.

    I haven’t created any personal videos like you, but that’s also something I’m thinking about doing. You’re a great inspiration Sergio, and looking at your videos makes it easier to want to do some myself :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, coaching is money straight in your hand man and it can be lots of it depending on your unique selling proposition (USP).

      I can’t see why you are struggling to niche down to a more specific topic, you’re great in social media and have great SEO skills as well.

      You were, actually creating personal videos man.

      I still remember when you recorded a video and you were walking us through some woods to show a red spot on a tree (which later turned out to be part of your stories).

      I think that was amazing footage and I’m pretty sure that if you take a camera with you in any of your jogging routines, you can find a place to record quick videos and give a tip or two on the things you are an expert in.

      Thanks for the kind words and stopping by Jens, I definitely look forward to see your videos! ;-)

    • Anthony
    • May 16, 2013

    Hey Sergio
    Thank you for those specific ideas about where to use video. And for a great example of a detailed article.

    1. Reply

      Glad this helped Anthony! ;-)

  6. Reply

    Hey Sergio, excellent article.

    I love the new blog facelift, the titles stand out more, and they compliment your green thumbnail.

    That list of elements an internet marketer can do to stand out from the crowd is great, and ‘originality’ is a great one to include.

    Patience is also needed lol.

    Video can get more interactive exposure to your sites, especially when uploaded on youtube.Your Youtube RSS feed should be submitted to a list of over 200 RSS directories.

    Do you know your RSS youtube feed yea ?

    This submitted with your blog RSS feed can get long term exposure.

    which when submitted to the directories, can produce more long term traffic to your blog. I can give you this list of directories if you want.

    Hope you are fine, and your foot is healing.

    How is your progress going on your product?

    Great post again.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt, thanks for noticing the blog facelift and glad you like it. I’m still going to do a few more changes hopefully for the best!

      Now that you mention RSS feeds, I have never submitted my Youtube video rss anywhere.

      I did notice a few people embedding my videos in other sites and then found some of my videos playing in other video networks as well but since I stopped doing wordpress how to videos it hasn’t been happening anymore.

      That list would certainly come in handy man, thanks for offering.

      My foot is still messed up, can’t run at all but at least I can walk now without pain, hopefully I’ll do some recovery jogs next week.

      My product was stuck because of the sales page now it’s finally moving forward since a good friend of mine is helping me out with it.

      Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by man, hope you’re having a great weekend! ;-)

    • Rob Hegner
    • May 18, 2013

    Very good post Sergio!

    Funny thing is that I created a video on how to set-up your Android phone as a video recorder. Yep, complete with tripod! I did this for the QSC.

    I use CamStudio as well as Windows Moviemaker along with Open Office (For powerpoint type presentation) to achieve a modest way to produce a video with your smartphone.

    Regards and keep up the good work!!

    Rob Hegner

    P.S. Can’t put a URL in this comment for the video.

    1. Reply

      Hey Rob, that’s very cool of you man!

      And yeah, free solutions will always come in handy especially when we’re on a budget and since you already mentioned three very good ones, a fourth one would be

      It’s for reducing video file size and optimization and is also free and available for PC, Mac and Linux.

      Thanks for stopping by and you have a really clean and professional looking site man, congrats! ;-)

      PS. I really enjoyed reading your About Me page and you started with way better computer equipment than I did!

      My first computer only had a 30mb hard drive, a 286 processor with MS-DOS (I hated Windows when I first saw it and went back to DOS) and I can’t really remember how much RAM I had, I believe it was 512K as well.

      I remember playing a lot with the config.sys & autoexec.bat files (and even creating my own .bat files) so I could be able to tweak how much RAM the PC would “think” it had in order to run more demanding software.

      LOL good times!

        • Rob Hegner
        • May 19, 2013

        Hey Sergio! Thanks for the comment on my site and it’s good to know someone had the same experience with hardware :)

        Handbrake looks really good and I think I came across it a while back. Just can’t really remember but it looks familiar. Good call on that one! Everyone remember, the big G likes fast loading sites!

        Thank you on the site comment in this comment (appearance of my site)!

        30 mb hard drive, THAT is really funny! I have single videos bigger than that!!! Oh yea, less than 10 minutes long. Whew, how things have progressed :)

        And 512k of ram, that is a really funny one. I have 3gigs now and I still tax my system as I an an avid multi tasker. Many open programs and windows for different purposes. I’m looking into solid state hard drives to help with speed.

        Okay, time to sign off, gotta go take the wife for some dinner for our anniversary (wedding). At least I get to make the choice (Sushi) that she really doesn’t have a problem with! Mmmmm. Sushi, Wasabi, Saki, Sopporo and then a really great sleep to start Monday with!!!

        Thanks Again and….

        Rob Hegner

        1. Reply

          Aah sushi, I just had that with my girlfriend too, definitely a great Sunday!

          PS. Weird fact: I LOVE spicy stuff but I can’t stand wasabi, there’s something about the taste that I really don’t like it.

            • Ray Boreham
            • May 21, 2013

            I’m exactly the same! LOVE everything spicy EXCEPT things like wasabi. It’s the mustard flavour that does it for me, I think, coz I just don’t care for spicy mustard in general.

            Very strange!

            1. Hey Ray, I have no idea what it is and I always taste a little bit of it to force myself to like it but it’s just not happening LOL

  7. Reply

    You touched on a lot of what I’ve been thinking about for the past few months. I know a lot of people who enjoy my content and who like me. I’m now working on some different things that will allow me to make some money. One thing I’m really focusing on is finishing my eBook. I’ve also been thinking about offering a coaching service. I’m just figuring out pricing and my coaching areas. I plan on doing video post in future. Great thoughts!

    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, good luck with your book and your coaching services!

      I’m pretty sure using video will definitely contribute in your conversions for those. ;-)

      1. Reply

        Thanks man:) I agree, I think they would. When I start to do video I want to be consistent with producing and publishing video posts so that’s why I have not done it yet.

  8. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    I see you’ve recovered from the heat wave.

    This post after the weekend is Awesome.

    I have two more videos sitting in the upload box…working on a surprise. Will send you
    a link when it is ready!

    Going to leave this open and upload my little offering to YouTube and give you a link here.

    If this is a portender of what is to come, we are all in line for a Banquet.

    Sorry about your foot…that kind of injury can take a long time to heal, hope you got a professional to look at it.

    Sorry, will come back later and give you the link to the video…

    neighbor…problem ..

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta,

      I am feeling better but I think my foot may not be ready for running just yet, I’m still going to try to do an easy run today and see what happens.

      This past weekend I focused entirely on my sales page so I don’t have anything ready yet, I’ll start shooting today though and I’m pretty excited about it!

      Thanks for stopping by and yeah, drop me that link so I know what kind of surprise you have for me. ;-)

  9. Reply

    It won’t let me leave a link for my video… but I’ll improvise maybe you can fix it!

    Sergio’s Edit: Here’s the video Blogging With Marketing With Sergio

    1. Reply

      Cararta, just watched your video about the content I shared on this post, I am very humbled from what you did there.

      THANK YOU and I’m really glad that you decided to take action!

      You and Mark (Salmon) are definitely winners in my book ;-)

      Thanks again for all the effort put into your video, hope to see something from you soon as well!

  10. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    Thanks for the great post on doing videos you’ve came a long ways
    since you first video. Look like you cover about all someone needs
    to know to get started.

    Which sound equipment did you say will give the best sound?
    I hate to watch a video that the sound is so low even with my
    speakers full blast and you can hardly hear the sound.

    That’s a real bummer if I have to watch all the way to the end
    because the video is a have to watch part of something you’re doing.

    Thanks for taking the time out to construct this well written and lengthy post.

    Have a good day.


    Zora Blume

    1. Reply

      Hey Zora, I own both models from Blue microphones, the snowball and the yeti.

      The Snowball ($61.95) is more affordable, has great quality and despite it is a bit bulky it’s actually quite easy to travel with it.

      The Yeti Silver ($79.99) on the other hand, has superior quality, is a bit more pricey but weights a ton in comparison with the Snowball.

      So as you can see, it really depends what you are planning to do with it.

      If you’re not going to travel with it, I would highly recommend going for the Yeti but if you want to take the microphone with you and do screencasts while traveling, then the Snowball would be a better choice.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comment man, it has taken me a while to progress but I’m finally reaching a comfort zone.

      After lots of repetition it just gets easier, see this quote:

      “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” ~ Bruce Lee

    • Rob Hegner
    • May 21, 2013

    Did I cause trouble here?? All of a sudden there is a lot of food talk going on here which quite frankly I don’t mind. Especially about Sushi!!

    Wasabi is a root similar to horsradish, which I also like! You can learn a bit here if you are interested.

    Sergio’s Edit:

    Sergio, I had to do the link that way to show up in this comment ;)

    Hey, everybody has their own tastes, that’s what makes us individuals!

    I may come back here with another food related comment later on!

    Anyway, got to get back to a video I’m producing about a simple way to do Niche and Keyword research when you have run out of ideas or just want a quick way to come up with ideas.

    And Sergio, stop torturing yourself with Wasabi. Stick with the spices you like :)


    1. Reply

      Trouble? LOL not at all Rob!

      Maybe I should write something about food from time to time here.

      I love talking about stuff like this since I happen to love food man.

      Anyway, thanks for the information and your new video sounds like fun, hope it went well Rob ;-)

      PS. Link fixed now, great resource!

    • Adam Dukes
    • July 5, 2013

    A great post on the power and importance of using video. Some great ideas on where to put video as well, some I did not think of. I need to do more video for the reasons you listed above.

    You made an excellent point about your favorite 5 marketers and knowing what they look like because of video. So very true. All the marketers I respect/model my business after have one thing in common, they use video!

    1. Reply

      Hey Adam, glad you found this information useful and hope you create those branding videos soon man, good luck! ;-)

    • Alayna
    • May 11, 2014

    Hi Sergio,

    Wow, that was some content filled post – and yes I did read right to the end! (and the comments) You’ve given me a lot to think about here. When we did the video for QSC my main apprehension was about getting the video from the camera onto the blog and onto YouTube.
    I’m pretty sure I could make videos for parts of my blog, like the About Page as you suggest etc. although for any content type ones I really don’t have much to say yet because I don’t know much. I’m not too worried about the ‘Haters’ and ‘Trolls’on YouTube because my theory is if they pick on me at least they’re leaving someone alone who can’t handle it. Same with the fact I’m not young and beautiful – everyone gets to be old sometime if they are fortunate enough to live that long.

    1. Reply

      Hey Alayna, you did a perfect job then because planning and following up is the key to getting something done for the first time, no matter how scary can that be.

      It’s not uncommon that we can go “blank” sometimes and don’t have much to say however, if you can imagine that you are just going to talk to a good friend of yours who doesn’t know anything of what you’re currently doing online, that can help you on coming up with new content and how to deliver the message.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and checking out this article. ;-)

      PS. That’s an interesting approach about YouTube trolls but you know the saying… “don’t feed the trolls” and you’ll be alright. ;-)

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