How Long To Start Making Money Online?

It’s been a while that I haven’t written anything here so here’s to breaking that gap!

I have been doing some online and offline consulting lately and I have been getting new clients as well.

Some of them are completely new to the marketing scene while some others are more like long term newbies and I’m starting to get this question a LOT:

How long will it take to start making money online?

And the answer is, there is no easy answer to this.

There are so many variables involved that it is very difficult to give a straight answer.

It depends on your level of expertise, a bit on your technical skills, how much do you know about your niche and the list can just go on and on.

Check Out the Video

I just created this video where I give some examples of different scenarios and why you should be aware that it really depends on you and what plan are you currently following to make it happen.


I’ve been thinking of opening some consulting spots in the upcoming days because I am seeing tons of people confused with information overload, analysis paralysis, etc.

I recently had people asking me if they could get rich releasing an ebook on Clickbank… so go figure.

The answer to this is yes, you can make money online (and lots of it and quick) but you also need to follow a plan of action that works.

You will also need the right tools working for you and not against you.

I’m seeing a recurring theme of people buying everything from:

  • more trainings
  • more coaching programs
  • more services
  • more software

And what is really happening here is that they are spending money left and right only to feel like they are making progress when in reality they are just spinning their wheels.

I’m really looking forward to change that and please, stop spending without due diligence.

Chances are you knew how to make money online with your very first program, you probably just didn’t follow through…


PS. I strongly recommend to check out my latest post on my minimalist blog on: focusing on giving value and not on getting more money.

Important: If you haven’t signed up to my list yet, now it would be the perfect time to do it since my coaching slots are only going to be open to subscriber’s only.

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  2. Reply

    Some good points FELIX, WE LIKE YOUR YOUTUBE VIDS!

    1. Reply

      Hey Robert, would have loved to have a little more insight than this but hey, maybe that’s your style.

      Thanks for the support on Google+.

    • Stephen Hawkins
    • June 16, 2014

    Another good read Sergio.

    I think you are so right when you say Value over money. You cannot have money without first creating a value. That’s the basic capitalistic philosophy. Create Value and Exchange the Value for money. This is cause and effect at work. One cannot exist without the other. You cannot have an harvest if you don’t plant any seeds.

    You also touched on something that I feel strongly about (mostly) and I know I am going against the grain here, I have even been the victim of my own advice here but I still hold it to be true. And that is this: Most ebooks and other types of media that get a bad press usually get the bad press because the person reads the book, puts it down then says ah, that does’nt work.

    They’re, and I don’t want to appear judgemental as I have done it myself lots of times but when we do this we are just affirming to ourselves that we where right all along. This will never work for me and all that.

    This is in tune with quantum physics when the law of attraction states if you think it to be true then it will be: INSTANTLY, believe your great and you are great and so on.

    Anyways, thanks again for another great read (actually technically isn’t really a read but you get my drift) and catch you again. All the best everyone.

    1. Reply

      Hey Stephen,

      Thank you for all the feedback man, it hasn’t gone unnoticed I can tell you that and yeah, I certainly agree with most of what you say because I have experienced this myself.

      Our brain and mindset play a huge role in the outcome of every thing we try, have a poor mindset and results are definitely going to be poor or under perform all the time.

      Awesome chiming in brother, thanks for stopping by! ;-)

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