High On Coffee And Heatmaps, What’s The Connection?

Hey my friend,

This is a very video-ish update because it has not one but two videos!

On the first video I’m trying to show you a really cool video service that is FREE to use and that if used wisely, can give you a lot of clout with your audience.

On the second video, I am showing you a FREE time-limited offer for creating your first heatmap.

But before we dive any further, let me tell you how I nearly killed myself yesterday.

I Got High On Coffee

Have in mind that I don’t want to make a big deal out of this.

I also don’t want this to be the focus of this article either but I still want you to know about it so are you ready?

Let’s party on then!

I’m not your average IT guy and by this I mean I don’t like:

  • comics
  • manga
  • anime
  • gaming
  • gadgets
  • cubicles
  • rat racing
  • low salary wages
  • high stressful jobs
  • coffee
  • and many other things

But, did you notice I also said coffee?

Well, I have been working like a maniac for the past days, being this last Monday and Tuesday just beyond crazy.

I figured out that if I drank a lot of coffee I would be able to keep my productivity levels through the roof.

And I did.

But I also paid a high price dealing with the consequences.

I’ll let you know what happened in a second…

Being Super Productive

Even though I have used Optimize Press before I don’t consider myself an expert using it.

This past Monday I finished setting up my full membership site, took care of all the minor mistakes and dealt with a few minor CSS tweaks.

Yesterday, I started toying around with WishList Member found out I had a few security breaches compromised which I also fixed and last but not least, I created a full JV Blog on Optimize Press from scratch that has the same feeling as the main membership site.

Talk about brand continuity.

How Many Cups Of Coffee By Now?

So by now, I still have a TON of things to do and all of a sudden I start feeling dizzy.

I noticed one of my legs was jumping a lot (like when you are anxious) and I just couldn’t stop it even though I was well aware of it.

My heart rate started climbing and I immediately said to myself “shit… I think I drank too much coffee…”

I got up and walked to the kitchen, I had some water, ate a boiled egg, then some chips.

Then I was basically eating whatever I could get my hands on because I started getting really desperate with the situation.

When I saw the trash can I saw about 5 or 6 sugar bags plus  I used regular sugar in the morning so I was thinking I probably had about 10 cups of coffee on the whole day.

Okay, Where’s That Panic Button?

Needless to say, I’m not an expert when it comes to panic attacks but I knew there was a big chance I was going to experiment some turbulence ahead.

And I did.

I got back to my computer and started a Spreecast show.

For those of you that may not have a clue of what this is, it’s a free live video streaming service in which you can just talk to an audience, share links, take questions, you basically can interact with whoever decides to show up at your show.

The idea was to not feel alone and to talk to somebody (I live alone and it was very late to call my girlfriend) but I didn’t make the show live.

For some reason the idea of me having a heart attack live on camera wasn’t very appealing and I din’t want to traumatize anyone so I started broadcasting for myself.

The Spreecast Show

You can watch what I recorded here.

I don’t look that concerned but believe me, I was.

I tried to talk about my settings but the only thing I was really thinking in my head was some sort of an instant song I made up, it went something like this:

“Please don’t die, let’s stay alive, because staying alive is good and fun, I’m getting married this year and I’m about to be an uncle for the first time too so I don’t want to traumatize anyone, let’s be alive, because people are meant to die but I still haven’t done anything with my life, so please don’t die because dying is not so cool, etc, etc…”

It was catchy but it was definitely a WTF moment as well.

Action Taker: Create an Spreecast Account and follow me here.

What Are Heatmaps?

A heatmap is basically a map that tracks visitors behaviours (clicks, scrolls, mouse hovers, etc) and you can use this on anything web based.

(technically speaking, a heatmap can include anything that’s being displayed on a monitor so it’s not just for web based systems, it’s a general usability tool)

I created a video to show you how this works on a live environment, how you can get a FREE lifetime account that includes:

  • tracking to one page (you can switch the page anytime, even to another domain)
  • click-action heatmaps for the first 5000 visitors to your site per month

Heatmap Live Video Action

I took action as soon as I saw this offer so I registered my free account yesterday.

And after seeing that it actually works, I decided to share this great offer with you so check the video out and see what is all this about.

Is this neat or what?

Heatmap Usages

Have you seen how people use the mouse pointer to read?

I don’t use it myself and I’m not saying you use it either but there’s a big chunk of people that actually do this.

With that said, if people are not hovering over your ads (much less clicking on them) then it’s time to tweak your site my friend.

The same applies for a squeeze page, just think about all the different sections:

  • benefits
  • features
  • fake video image (do people click there or not?)

What about long landing pages?

  • Do people scroll slowly or do they just jump all the way down?
  • How about those guarantee offers, do they even read them?

Do you have a membership site full of offers?

You may be tracking links but you don’t know exactly what people are looking at.

With a heatmap, you can see if people were about to click on something but they didn’t.

Maybe you need to do better graphics, change colors or layout schemes and obtain that desired click?

As you can see you can track and tweak anything you want, is all up to you.

Of course this is not an exact science, we can assume a few things based on heatmap historical data and the more you use this feature, the better you’ll be able to understand and interpret it.


I will NEVER drink coffee again or if I do, I’ll stick to one coffee a day assuming I do not drink this on a daily basis.

There’s a two-step action taking  for you today.

1. Action Takers Only: Create a Spreecast Account and follow me.

It’s cool, it’s hip, it’s trendy and it works (besides you need an active account there so you can watch my shows anyway).

2. Hardcore Action Takers Only: Grab your FREE lifetime account (offer already expired, you can still grab a free trial though) so you can get started using heatmaps today.


If you have any problems installing the heatmap in your site, just let me know and I’ll help you out.

In the meantime, take care and don’t drink too much coffee, I know I won’t!


PS. I’m creating the affiliate resources and materials today for my wordpress training and hopefully sales page will be ready today as well.

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    • Sandy Halliday
    • April 10, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    As you have discovered caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and is a drug in that sense. It increases adrenaline production so speeds up your heart rate and breathing and raises your blood pressure.

    Caffeine is detoxed by the liver and if you are not used to drinking a lot of it then it takes time for the detox enzymes to get working. Drinking it more regularly helps to induce the enzymes so it may be detoxed more quickly.

    Some people are super sensitive to it and they can never drink it in any quantity and may be better not drinking it at all. ( This is all said with my nutritionist hat on!)

    With my IM hat on, when I first saw you mention heat map I thought that it was about the Heat Map Theme which I use for my detox site. It allows you to place ‘Laser Targetted’ Ads.

    I’ve come across Crazy Egg before but I had completely forgotton about it so I’m glad you reminded me. I may even have created an account. I’ll take another look at it.

    Take care.


    1. Reply

      Hey Sandy, thanks for the awesome explanation!

      I know caffeine messes up with my heart rate but I had a few drinks and everything was okay, after a while I lost complete track of how much I had and well, you already know the rest.

      I know I’m not going to be drinking coffee any time soon for sure!

      As for the Crazy Egg heatmap service, it is really great.

      I still can’t believe they are giving free accounts even if it’s for just one page at any given time.

      Thanks for stopping by Sandy and sharing your knowledge on this bad coffee trip I had, talk soon! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hello Sergio, how are you doing my friend?

    Heatmaps are a good hidden marketing tool which can you used to your advantages if you know how, and you have listed some good ways with squeeze pages and membership sites.

    They are a good way to see computer activity from a different and angle, that many wouldn’t have done so before, and can certainly get marketers a new way to see their webpages and improve their marketing.

    My 7 Heatmap Marketing Tips:

    TIP 1) Use these for A/B tests. Eg Test 2 versions of one squeeze page using heatmaps. They can be used to see which one performs better, and use the better one for your marketing.

    TIP 2) Track click activity, so you see what people are actually clicking on, and what they are Not!

    TIP 3) Track mouseovers, to see what people are hovering over, to show where common interest lays, and check any neglecting areas.

    TIP 4) Don’t be scared, or don’t find it hassle to adapt your web pages due to the results from your headmap anaylsis.
    Sometimes a little bit of extra effort can cause some big improvement in your success!

    TIP 5) Use heatmaps to detect flaws in your pages, and sites. When you do this you can use these results to improve them.

    TIP 6) Do headmap analysis to ALL of your pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, blog pages, and don’t neglect any! (even if you have 40 pages, spend time to do it on all)
    You will get an eye opener when you see these results.

    TIP 7) When you find the areas of your pages where visitors click/hover over the most, then place some adsense there (if it is a content blog for example)
    then you can make some clicking $ money from them, as you know they common mouse hovering there.

    That is all for now.

    ….It is good that you know the affects of coffee, but if it gets you going then im sure the extra boost will have a good effect on your productivity.

    How is the product development going otherwise?

    Otherwise I Hope all is well with you.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt, doing good my friend!

      I’m already tracking visitor’s behaviours and it has been quite a real eye opener so far.

      I can’t say much on these tracking events yet since I don’t want to mess up my stats but I really believe this is going to help me substantially in the long run.

      As for my product goes, I’m still a bit stuck with the sales page but I’m currently working on it.

      I’m looking forward to get it finally finished tomorrow and getting it reviewed, depending on that I’ll start doing the video sales already because this is starting to delay too much now.

      Thanks for stopping by and nice tips as always Matt! ;-)

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • April 13, 2013

    Hey man,
    Kudos and thumbs up for you. I’m very happy you were able to finally finish the membership site, that’s a very big bonus man, hope i will be among the testers.

    I’ve never heard of Heatmap before and from what you wrote here man, i must create my own account now together with Spreedcast.

    My man, i had a very ugly week, first, my adsense account was disabled and on Thursday, my site was hacked.

    Isn’t all these enough to make someone mad? But thank God i was able to overcome the madness, my site is now up again. Though still working on somethings.

    And, remember not to drink too much coffee again man.

    I don’t take coffee either. Thanks for sharing my man.

    BTW: What did you say is wrong with Digg Digg, I haven’t updated mine yet because I’m afraid, what should i do?

    1. Reply

      Hey what’s up Theodore?

      I have had days like that too man and they have been documented here on my blog as well so don’t fret, what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger!

      The great thing is that you gained control over your blog now and maybe it’s time to start implementing some security on it?

      Spreecast is a GREAT tool man, I highly recommend you create an account there if you ever like going LIVE on camera and interact with your audience.

      Digg Digg wasn’t updating properly, they released a version with an issue so I had to delete the folder directly from my server, upload manually and activate manually as well.

      They immediately released a second update now (I think the same day) and that does update fine so you are safe to update yours now.

      Thanks for stopping by Theodore and of course, you’ll be one of my beta testers, hope you find my program of good use.

      PS. I haven’t had one sip of coffee again since that day and believe me, it’s going to take a while until I decide to take another cup of coffee.

    • Heru Prasetyono
    • April 15, 2013

    I don’t know but in fact I don’t like drinking coffee. I alwasy feel inconvenience with my colon stomach right after drinking coffee even though I drink only a little.

    1. Reply

      Hey Heru, yes man, coffee can do nasty things to our organism as well.

      I actually found out it made me go to the bathroom a lot quicker than I normally do and like I told everyone else, it’s going to be a while to have another cup of coffee.

      Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog, have a great start of week! ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • April 16, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    Well congrats on the membership site. Sounds like things are coming along although you needed all that coffee to keep you going. I’m not a coffee drinker either, I can’t stand the taste so I would never drink it to keep me up. Yuck! Glad you’re okay though and you didn’t look all hyped up in the video.

    I’ve heard of the heatmaps, some time back actually. That’s a cool program though and I’m creating a product this year too so I’m sure it will come in very handy for my landing page as well so thanks for this tip. Guess I missed the offer but I can still check it out for a trial run. Might wait until I have my page created at least. Will definitely be bookmarking this post.

    Thanks Sergio and sure glad you’re okay. Bet you won’t be touching coffee again for awhile if ever!


    1. Reply

      Haha I definitely won’t be getting any near to coffee any time soon Adrienne.

      That’s smart thinking, you can apply for the Crazy Egg trial when you launch your product and see what people are doing on the page.

      Thanks for stopping by Adrienne and awesome guest post by Daniel Sumner too! ;-)

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