Hey Dude (or Dudette) Do Not Be Boring!

Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant: do not be boring.

I have seen it a hundred times before and yes, I even did it myself (sorry) but the idea is that if you’re boring, then you’re going to have boring followers.

It’s not like we’re fishing for enthusiastic people either but just think about this…

Would you rather have a person on your list that is an action taker, e-mails you all the time, is willing to take every possible risk or a person that is slow, doubts everything, asks questions about irrelevant things, wonders if he or she can get their money back soon just in case, etc?

You need action takers!

You seek WARRIORS.

You are actually recruiting MARKETING SOLDIERS.

You need people that are willing to die for their success!

Okay that’s a bit too far away… maybe not actually DIE but you do need people willing to give it their VERY BEST and NO LESS!

You do NOT need people looking for big red “Push Here” buttons, screw them up and YES I really mean it!

Get RID OF THEM like the plague!

Let’s be honest, boring sucks.

Offer a handwritten secret manuscript (a lá Holy Grail from Indiana Jones), maybe a ride on a horse in the steep trails of Peru, it can probably be a head to head pong battle over whiskey or maybe robbing a mexican in Mazatlan (that would be very freaking dangerous actually) anyway, YOU call the shots!


Don’t Be Boring Video

Now this video may not get viral or be THAT different but at least it will get you that idea of doing something that will make you stand out from the rest and be a little bit easier to remember.

THAT, in my book, is a WIN situation.


What’s your take on this?

I know that Michael Cheney and all the Tim Tech guys (Jon Olson, Justin Ledvina, Tim Linden, Larry Dame) are already different (and great marketing role models!) but what makes YOU different?

Let me know in the comments area, take care and speak soon!


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    That’s true Sergio – I resonated with this post. Being boring is #1 enemy in pretty much anything also because when you’re boring, you are not going to stand out from all the noise.

    1. Reply

      You’ve got it perfectly Jarkko.

      I know you stand out with the things that you do so keep it up man! ;-)

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    You can record some music and play in the background…..Like the idea of the Music!

    It is obvious, You can’t talk without your Hands.

    Fun, Sergio!


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      LOL I think you’re right… can’t talk without ’em! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • October 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    Well you are certainly not boring, that is for sure.
    It is good advice though.
    If you are making a product for someone then at least try and make it fun or look as though you are having fun while doing it.
    If you have a blog then make that interesting too.
    I am sure there are many marketing blogs which contain great content which fails to get read because it is presented in such a dull manner.
    Generally on a piece of writing I want to be captivated in the very first sentence.
    It is a very simple test. All I am looking for is to read a sentence (or a headline even) and say: “That looks interesting,” and then I will read on.

    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      I have seen plenty of blogs that have awesome content but is presented in a very freaking boring way too. When I’m after content, I don’t care if it’s boring to be honest but if it’s fun, I do not forget it and that right there, is leaving a stamp on your visitor.

      However if I’m watching a video and the person always have the same speaking tone, never changes location and doesn’t looks excited on the topic, chances are I’m never watching him/her again.

      A sentence or a headline… that’s actually interesting since that was going to be the actual topic for this blog post…

      I thought I was important since I was “Sergio Felix” and I thought regular rules didn’t apply to me (just like Steve Jobs used to think) but they DO and I wasn’t getting decent opening rates on my e-mails.

      But that’s a topic for another occasion, thanks for the feedback man and stopping by! ;-)

    • Sandy Halliday
    • October 21, 2012

    Certainly food for thought. If it’s blog posts you are talking about then it pays to try to stand out from the crowd as there are so many blogs online now.

    If you speak honestly and openly about a subject you’re passionate about you are probably half way there. Your passion will shine through and will be recognized by people who are interested in your subject. Enriching posts with personal stories, lessons and anecdotes makes them more interesting.

    Sandy ( Dudette!)

    1. Reply

      Hey Sandy, that’s a very interesting comment and to answer the first part of your comment…

      I remember a guy’s blog who is clearly a marketing newbie but his blog is custom made and as soon as you land on his blog the first thing that comes to mind is that this person is already an authority and really knows what he’s doing.

      I consider very interesting whoever writes about their topic with passion and is something that interests me as well.

      For instance, PHP can be boring for non developers and could even trigger a few headaches for non techies and for me, PHP can be as entertaining as watching a movie so by being interesting (or not boring) is exactly what you’ve just said, writing with passion.

      Completely agree with the enriching tips Sandy and I know you do it as well on your blog, that’s what I love about writers that engage with their audience.

      Great comment Sandy, thank you for chiming in and stopping by! ;-)


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    Hi Sergio,

    I’ve always been accused of “boring” as my voice can be a bit monotone, but you know what I don’t care, being different is all about being yourself and not conforming to what the herd is doing.

    I’ve shot some videos out on location whilst geocaching as this takes me to great locations which are very quiet, the only trouble is getting the camera angles and natural light in the right place.

    Like others have said, you need to couple good content with personality, and then let the “boring” part be decided by the reader / listener.

    Personally I find that going to academic talks on Chemistry that the smartest professor’s tend to give the worst talks as they just cram in facts and reactions that show how clever they are rather than telling the story about how and why they discovered the reaction. My favourite Professor once stood in front of us and gave a lecture wearing elbow length lady’s gloves.

    Ultimately you should find some people who like you and focus on them rather than those who throw insults and tell you that you’re a failure when they couldn’t do any better themselves and are too scared to stand in front of a video camera.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew, well first of all let’s get this out of the way, I’ve NEVER been bored with your voice tone my friend!

      Being yourself… man you’ve just read my mind and you know what’s even more incredible, that’s exactly the two words I conclude the first presentation section inside my training course!

      You understand this topic to perfection Andrew and I loved the story on your academic talks, I also had lousy teachers that tried to use more formal languages and guess what, everyone failed those exams and whenever we had more fun to explain teachers everyone scored straight A’s.

      I still find it funny that teachers blamed the students for failing and never looked at their own ways of teaching their classes.

      Great advice Andrew, you reminded me of a couple of sayings… “Don’t listen to the nay sayers” and “Work with the workers”, definitely a motto everyone should follow.

      Take care man and thanks for such a great comment!

      PS. Your current CTP login video is by far the most entertaining one I have ever seen so how’s that for “boring”? You’ve completely nailed it, congrats! ;-)

    • Chris Shaw
    • October 22, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Really enjoyed your video and you covered a subject that not too many marketers or internet coaches talk about. In fact, I never came across anyone else yet so well done there because sometimes it has to be said straight up, right?

    I was kinda hoping you’d give us a blinding riff from Guns’n’Roses Sweet Child O Mine or Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird but maybe next time…..

    All the best,

    1. Reply

      Hey Chris, what a wonderful comment my man, thank you!

      And I’ll see what I can do about your song requests haha thanks for stopping by Chris, it is greatly appreciated my friend! ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • October 23, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    You my friend are never boring! So although you said in the video you’re just now starting to do this yourself, I’ve never round any of your content or videos boring so you’ve been doing this already.

    I’m not one of those people who easily thinks outside the box you know! I don’t come up with cool ideas but what I did learn was by me just being me, people resonated with me. In person, I’m not boring that’s for sure. There is never a dull moment when you’re in my company. Not that I’m a jokester or anything but I’ll keep you busy and entertained. That’s just my personality so I think I’m able to bring some of that online although my videos only provide great information (or so I hope).

    Either way, just be yourself and when you’re comfortable doing what you enjoy you will not be boring. How can you?

    Thanks Sergio! Always great to hear from you.


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne, really good to see you here and I believe that as long as you’re doing at least ONE thing right, you’re good to go!

      You say you don’t think outside the box but I think you have done it before (with your free very extensive training) however I do believe that you have a very magnetic personality and proof of this is that your audience simply LOVES you!

      I have listened to you (on screencasts) and watched you on videos a number of times and I have never felt bored at all so you really have your way engaging your audience, I wish I had a little bit of that myself haha!

      Thanks a lot for chiming in and I believe that being yourself is the real message of my article, glad you and Andrew got it perfectly, take care Adrienne and thanks for stopping by! ;-)

    • Jeevan Jacob John
    • October 24, 2012

    Love how you integrated your introduction video on all your videos, Sergio :) That is a great technique!

    You are right, boring doesn’t work (Well, it could work, but chances are very very small, like your content being entirely dry, it may be boring, but it could be really informative).

    What makes me/my blog different?

    Well, that’s a question I am still trying to answer (For my new blog, I mean). For my old blog, the unique trait was that we were about breaking the existing beliefs and systems in the blogosphere (testing them out!).

    For my new blog, I am planning to make it entirely different – by integrating all sorts of things (from blogs like yours :D) and making it unique :) Hope I can do it ;)

    Thank you for the tip, Sergio!

    1. Reply

      Hey Jeevan, the introduction video is a new feature inside YouTube called “InVideo Programming” it’s really easy to feature any video you like and you can also brand your videos with a water mark logo as well.

      I believe you are (just like Adrianne said) a unique blogger with his own unique way of doing things, people resonate with you and you can see that on your good bye post from your “old blog”.

      If you can integrate audio and video to your written articles, you would make a stronger connection with your audience but if you don’t feel prepared (yet) you can always do it at a later time.

      I’m pretty sure your blog is going to stand out just like all the work that you have done in the past, all the best Jeevan and if I can help you out in anything just ask!

      Thanks for stopping by my friend, I really appreciate it! ;-)

        • Jeevan Jacob John
        • November 3, 2012

        Hmm, haven’t heard of that (although I have been seeing that a lot lately). Thanks, Sergio :D

        Thanks, Sergio ;)

        I have tried podcasting and video (not face video, just tutorial). They took a lot of time to make , but in the end, it was worth it). I will certainly integrate video and audio into the new blog, but I am still looking for ways to make it different (so that I can make it fast and still provide value!)

        Thanks, Sergio ;)

        1. Reply

          Just come up with a formula where you feel comfortable, do it fast and just go with that.

          I wouldn’t waste my time trying to make it perfect though, I’m finally past that kind of mindset that never accomplishes anything so beware of trying to make it perfect Jeevan! ;-)

          PS. Chris Ducker has an amazing free training on his new site and he does covers podcasting extensively there, I think you should take a look at it.

    • Barry Wells
    • October 26, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Nobody can ever accuse you of being boring mate :)

    Loved the solo Guitar playing, you should pick it up more often.

    I know exactly what you mean about boring. I often visit blogs that look the same as everyone else’s and when it comes to reading the content some nearly put me to sleep.

    Personally i like to add some humour when and where I can, even if it’s just pictures of my expressions when going through some difficult stuff…. They go down well :) I also try to add some of that to my videos and spice them up a bit, which also goes down well.

    Thanks Sergio. How’s the training coming along?

    Take care mate,

    1. Reply

      Hey Barry, thanks a lot for the feedback my man, I still have my fingers numb from that day haha

      I think those are excellent points on engaging your audience, just be yourself and let the rest do its magic!

      As for the pictures goes, that’s also an excellent tip and something I should definitely use here since I rarely ever use funny pictures even though I do love watching sites with funny pics on them.

      The wordpress training is almost done now, I’m still recording the advanced videos and the bonuses (but shhh I don’t want to give too much away lol) right now I’m busy creating the affiliate materials and the membership site itself.

      All of this is so new to me so it has been quite a learning curve these latest weeks.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback Barry I really appreciate your time here and have a great week man! ;-)

    • Matt Morgan
    • October 27, 2012

    Hello Sergio, how are you doing ? Hope you are fine.

    Standing out from the crowd is very important in this day and age especially when there are loads of people marketing. You need to stick out and have an edge, even if you have a unique style.

    Boring marketers will tend to get short term profits, but who will refer a boring marketer? compared to a funny one?

    Marketers can become less boring by:
    -adding humour in your posts
    -adding creativity in your posts
    -adding some graphics to your blogs/websites
    -wearing some different clothes, in your pictures (not naked though lol)
    -Providing a fun and personalised email series to your prospects, so they love reading your emails!

    Make them fun, stand out.

    there are some quick ways in which you can stand out.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt, I loved what you said on your first paragraph… “You need to stick out and have an edge, even if you have a unique style.”

      BOOM, 100% agreed!

      I think anyone can tell when somebody is not being driven by the right reasons in every aspect of their marketing such as their writing, their graphics, their blogs and yes, even their talking and clothing!

      I have no problem digesting some marketer’s content if they are boring as hell as long as their content is good enough but I can’t say the same for every single marketer I have bumped with.

      There have been times that I’ve bought training from some specific individuals and then I find out I can’t stand either their voice, laughs or humor and I just bail the heck out of the course.

      In the past I normally sat through the whole training even if I hated the person doing the training because if you spent money well, at least take the class right?

      But I don’t do it anymore, my sanity is way more valuable than money and if I can’t stand someone (for any reason) I surely don’t want to learn from them either.

      Very cool tips and you particularly knocked it out of the park with the last one… “Providing a fun and personalised email series to your prospects, so they love reading your emails!”

      That is something I need to get back to ASAP!

      Thanks for stopping by Matt and it’s cool to see you have plenty of wordpress resources for sale on the WF, seems like you definitely know what you’re doing, take care and enjoy your weekend my man! ;-)

    • zora
    • October 27, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    Thanks for inviting us over to your blog and your great video on not being boring in your marketing videos. You were teasing us with the guitar I though you were going to bust out and pull an Elvis on us any minute.

    Practice a little and use the guitar to make yourself a theme song for your videos you need some music.
    Your blog is looking good. I like your video I’m going to tweet this post.


    1. Reply

      Hey Zora, it’s ages since I last played a guitar that’s why I didn’t want to play any song on that first video.

      The previous videos all had an introduction and an outro, the music you can hear is from a song I composed with the band I used to play, you can hear a sample here: Offline Marketing Project: Las Vegas

      Thanks for stopping by and all your feedback Zora, I really appreciate it my man, have a great weekend! ;-)

      PS. I’ll see what I can do to put some music again to my videos, thanks for the reminder.

    • David Jubb
    • October 30, 2012

    Hi Sergio
    Well what can I say, I love your Blog, it’s interesting and people like it.
    I agree with Matt, you have got a style and an image.
    Keep it up. All the best David (re David Walker)
    Facebook also http://www.facebook.com/david.jubb.90

    1. Reply

      Hey David, thanks a lot for your feedback man and it’s great to see you’re a David Walker’s student.

      I hope you’re taking massive action and continue pursuing your goals with your blog, take care and have a great day my friend! ;-)

      PS. You should go to gravatar.com in order to add an image to your comments, it’s free too!

    • Bruno Babic
    • October 30, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    Here’s my first comment on your great looking blog since I have lately decided to follow in your footsteps and also the footsteps of our common friend and fellow internet marketer Dean Holland on whose first blogpost I’ve now found your comment and decided to say “Hi” to you.

    I very much like the title of this post “Hey Dude (or Dudette) Do Not Be Boring!” because I feel it can be extremely helpful for me right now after I recently started my blog. Why do I feel that way?

    Well, as you can imagine I am now in the process of attracting the first visitors to my blog by leaving my comments on other people’s blogs.

    Having said that the title of your post has actually made me think whether I have been posting very boring comments on other people’s blogs because since I started posting my first blog comments on these other blogs a couple of days ago, I still haven’t received any comments on my blog.

    Therefore I now really hope that you and your friends here are going to send me your notes of encouragement and support in order for me to persist and being fully focused on my journey to achieving my ever desired online success.

    In advance thank you very much.

    1. Reply

      Hey Bruno, for a first comment on the blog, your feedback is simply AWESOME my friend!

      I don’t think your comments can be boring at all, particularly NOT after reading the amazing comment you’ve just written here but here are a few ideas to spice up your commenting efforts in order to drive more traffic…

      1. Be yourself at all times. If you can add something to the post, share it and if you can’t, at least give the author your thanks on the article and what do you plan to do with the information.

      2. Your blog posts URLs have to be descriptive but not too long, i.e. the URL you left here is WAY too long.

      3. Always write on relevant niche blogs but sometimes try to go a little bit outside of the rule as you CAN bring people from other niches if the information is useful for them.

      I really like that you came here through Dave Holland’s blog. I really love that guy and he’s also a great Internet Marketer.

      Just be yourself and try to write content for your blog and keep commenting on other blogs, it will help you rank higher on the search engines and also use social media shares, that should get you out there quicker than you thought!

      If you need anything else, just give me a shout ok? Have a fantastic day Bruno! ;-)

        • Bruno Babic
        • November 1, 2012

        Wow! Sergio, I’ve almost got the goosebumps with a huge excitement and happiness about your awesome and high value reply to my comment here on your blog. THANK YOU so much for all the encouragement and invaluable tips that you’ve shared with me.

        Also, once again THANKS A LOT for making my day by commenting on my blog yesterday when by the way, your comment was one of the FIRST TWO comments on my blog. Man, I can tell you that yesterday while I was walking down the street to catch some air and refresh my brain, I was thinking very hard whether to edit or even delete my first blog post because I thought nobody likes it since I posted it a few days ago .

        And, then soon after I came back home from my walk, switched on my computer and opened up my email inbox I found your and the other person’s comment as the first ones ever on my blog. WHAT A DAY yesterday!! I was feeling like I WAS BORN AGAIN!! :) Like I STARTED A BRAND NEW LIFE! :)

        Then, being super excited and exhilarated last night I went out dressed in a sports jacket with a hood on my head because it was raining, and I was running down the street like Rocky Balboa doing his early morning VICTORY inspired jogging and fitness exercises ahead of his important matches.

        I was running and playfully raising both of my hands up in the air as a WINNER and then got to the Halloween party where I super enjoyably and super confidently chatted with many girls and guys in there like never ever before. It was a day and night to remember.

        Once again, THANK YOU IMMENSELY for all your encouragement and support because it really and TRULY means a lot to me especially due to the fact that we are originally connected through our common friend and mentor Alex Jeffreys who’s amazingly inspired us and who we’re both so much grateful to.

        Yeah, I’ll definitely keep in touch with you, brother. And, if I get stuck anywhere, I’ll surely give you a shout. :)

        THANK YOU!


        1. Reply

          Hey Bruno, your content is good, your writing is good, your mindset is awesome, you just need direction because I can tell you’re an action taker right away.

          This blog right here as a LOT of tips on many technical things about wordpress and list building but more important about mindset.

          If you have the will, you will find the path and I bet you can see it already.

          I could tell you all the things you need to do on your blog and business wise but it would take me a shitload of time to tell you all about it.

          I STRONGLY suggest you to sign up to the blog or at least to be aware that I’m building a training on wordpress and how to make money with a blog of course so don’t miss out on that one.

          Take care and it’s really nice to see you so excited about this IM crazy world.

          PS. I also run like a mofo… you can check out my videos on my YouTube channel and instead of partying right now I should actually be training but meh, I’m busy right now so it’s work and beers, it’ll be marathon and jogging later.

    • Joanne Dolles
    • October 30, 2012

    You nailed it with this post Sergio! Writing style makes all the difference in the caliber of readers you attract to your content. Heck, my own recent personal rambles have been proof enough for me on this point! Find your “voice”, your style and let it flow out. Then just watch the flow that comes back to you :)

    You have a new follower!

    1. Reply

      Joanne, what a pleasure to have you here! ;-)

      Finding your voice, style and let it flow I LOVED THAT!

      Thank you for stopping by and keep up the great work, your two blogs (the ones I visited yesterday) are very engaging and really cool looking too, add to the mix great writing and you have a winning formula!

      Have a great day Joanne and speak soon! ;-)

      PS. Hah! You’ve a new follower since yesterday.

    • James Hughes
    • November 27, 2012

    lol Don’t BE BORING!

    That’s so true Sergio.

    People will bounce straight from your site if you are boring ZZzzzz

    James Hughes

    1. Reply

      Hey James, well this is true isn’t it? :P

      Or at least I like to be entertained, even if I’m learning new stuff and I almost always click away from dull presented content even if I need it so being fun (or not boring at least) is a way to keep me on the loop.

      Thanks for stopping by man! ;-)

    • Kabenlah Cudjoe
    • January 11, 2013

    Have I finished reading? Oh no, this can’t be true! I just couldn’t help than to continue to read until the post came into an abrupt end.

    1. Reply

      Hey Kabenlah, did you watch the video?

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