Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant: do not be boring.

I have seen it a hundred times before and yes, I even did it myself (sorry) but the idea is that if you’re boring, then you’re going to have boring followers.

It’s not like we’re fishing for enthusiastic people either but just think about this…

Would you rather have a person on your list that is an action taker, e-mails you all the time, is willing to take every possible risk or a person that is slow, doubts everything, asks questions about irrelevant things, wonders if he or she can get their money back soon just in case, etc?

You need action takers!

You seek WARRIORS.

You are actually recruiting MARKETING SOLDIERS.

You need people that are willing to die for their success!

Okay that’s a bit too far away… maybe not actually DIE but you do need people willing to give it their VERY BEST and NO LESS!

You do NOT need people looking for big red “Push Here” buttons, screw them up and YES I really mean it!

Get RID OF THEM like the plague!

Let’s be honest, boring sucks.

Offer a handwritten secret manuscript (a lá Holy Grail from Indiana Jones), maybe a ride on a horse in the steep trails of Peru, it can probably be a head to head pong battle over whiskey or maybe robbing a mexican in Mazatlan (that would be very freaking dangerous actually) anyway, YOU call the shots!


Don’t Be Boring Video

Now this video may not get viral or be THAT different but at least it will get you that idea of doing something that will make you stand out from the rest and be a little bit easier to remember.

[youtuber youtube=’’]
THAT, in my book, is a WIN situation.


What’s your take on this?

I know that Michael Cheney and all the Tim Tech guys (Jon Olson, Justin Ledvina, Tim Linden, Larry Dame) are already different (and great marketing role models!) but what makes YOU different?

Let me know in the comments area, take care and speak soon!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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