Hey what’s up my friend, how have you been lately?

First of all I want to thank you for visiting my site today since I’m writing this for you in the very best mood possible and secondly, I want to give something back to YOU…

Without you, chances are I wouldn’t be here right now and there’s a huge possibility I would be working in a small cubicle area solving technical problems nobody cares about, for a company that doesn’t cares about me and trying to fulfill other people’s dreams while I build their company and their profits.

Luckily for me that’s not the case, I’m writing this on my PJ’s, having a beer in my own apartment, listening to the music I love, looking at a very busy (but fun) whiteboard full of activities and I honestly have never feel so happy before in my life.

I didn’t wake up to this feeling in case you were wondering, I started thinking all that I’ve done to get to where I’m currently am at and I think I really deserved to feel like this and to finally be able to accomplish what I have been pursuing right from the beginnning: success.

But I don’t want to talk about me today, I want this to be a YOU day so let’s roll up our sleeves and get this party started!

Note: It’s going to be very hard to categorize people since many can be found in different groups so I’ll just do my best to list everyone in the correct group and order people by their last name.

Thank You For The Access People

This group is a very special bunch of people because not only several of them became my real friends but they even decided to NOT earn a profit from me (at some point) in order to help me out succeed.

  • Michael Cheney (super funny guy, has a daily TV show which I strongly recommend, Max his dog is great too although he doesn’t talk much)
  • Anna Eichenauer (blogger, writer, composer, musician, awesome girl!)
  • Lisa Irby (If you’re into affiliate marketing and micro niches, Lisa is your go to girl! she also knows a lot about building sites that convert)
  • Benjamin Jacques (young, crazy and awesome graphic designer, still can’t take cold showers like a man!)
  • Seth Larrabee (facebook rockstar and interviewing master, I wonder if Seth knows Srinivas Rao)
  • Kris Mainieri (young and driven, computer nerd who made a killing on Clickbank at a very early age, currently working on something big but I still don’t know what it is)
  • Cody McKibben (wordpress theme developer and digital nomad at its finest, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand capital of digital nomads of the world)
  • Marc Milburn (red head, business coach, internet marketer and offline hypnotist, always willing to help! his webinars run for two hours long -at minimum- never have been bored once!)
  • Dan Sumner (awesome product creator and fantastic blogger, Dan is always available to those that are willing to learn and he has been KEY in my success, thanks man!)

I owe these guys a MASSIVE success story too which I can tell you, it’s being developed as I write this.

People That Have Offered Me Direct Help

This group is for those that have offered me help just because they want to see me succeed madly (just as the group above) and I’m really blessed that they decided to give me a helping hand even when I didn’t even ask for it!

  • Jason Cardamone (prospecting, old school marketer, still around and shooting a lot of videos, awesome footballer too!)
  • Sean Davis (ex-army soldier, now bad ass at modding with the Thesis theme and has incredibly great graphical taste, developed Chris Ducker site, need I say more?)
  • Patrick Griffin (great journalist from the UK, love his sense of humour, one of my best friends online and always willing to give me his unbiased opinions)
  • Alex Jeffreys (best known for making 1 million dollars in 21 days, that achievement still impresses the heck out of me, currently working in some great movie-like videos)
  • Justin Ledvina (great business developer, has a lot of great motivational stuff on his blog and has written two books on the same topic, already working on the third one, he’s passionate like that!)
  • Jon Olson (if you ever heard about traffic exchanges before, this guy is the KING of that advertising channel, he also runs a FREE live show on Spreecast which just ROCKS big time)
  • Lonnie Robinson (has been marketing for a LONG time, anyone should be honored to have Lonnie as their friend and business partner, I’m really grateful to have him around)

Again, these guys are going to receive a massive shout out when I accomplish my first big success story.

People Who Helped Me Indirectly With Their Products

These guys are freaking amazing marketers, I speak to some of them and my only desire is that I would love to be able to connect with them a little bit stronger, maybe in 2013!

  • Glen Allsopp (a very young inspiration for bloggers of all ages, started as a DJ, then he just got huge, reminds me of LOST because I’m not sure what’s in the middle)
  • Anthony Aires Gomes (met him on the warrior forum, still owes me a six-pack of beers! haha)
  • Andy Bailey (amazing wordpress plugin developer and really great guy, cares a lot for his affiliates)
  • Corbett Barr (professional blogger, loves to surf and has “mooned” people a few times despite his serious looks, he also created “How To Start A Blog That Matters” which is an awesome blogging training now only available at Fizzle.co)
  • Ed Dale (big marketer, professional business developer, very talented guitarist too)
  • Jeff Dedrick (sold all his offline companies to become an internet marketer, never looked back)
  • Kelly Felix (not my cousin, used to be a TV actor, became ridiculous profitable with “The Rick Jerk”)
  • James Francis (started with chicken coops niche sites, created a few great products and ultimately built a solid IM membership site)
  • Brad Gosse (incredibly smart dude, software developer, used to be in the porn industry, now he creates a lot of super awesome stuff)
  • Henri Junttila (most laid back guy I know online, writes a lot on self help and extra points for the Star Wars references on his writings)
  • Dean Holland (fast talker and massive action taker, this guy should have a category of his own, awesome business coach too)
  • Michael Long (used to work together with Kelly Felix, living the good life through “Bring The Fresh”)
  • Omar Martin (went from door to door salesman, to paramedic to awesome product creator and business coach, his webinars are the most fun I have ever witnessed online!)
  • Lee McIntyre (from offline teacher to earning some massive passive income, Lee’s the definition of sharing and giving a LOT of value first, monetize on the back-end later)
  • Dave Nicholson (used to work with John Thornhill on a car assembly line, now they work together as online marketers and are found drinking awesome beer every weekend in the UK bars, Dave also happens to know a lot about computers and creates his own graphics)
  • Robert Plank (insane php programmer and plugin developer, this guy is the reason I’m writing this right now, I found his blog when I had an accident and since I couldn’t walk for two months I read EVERYTHING on his site)
  • Kerry Russell (I don’t know much about Kerry but I know enough to tell you her stuff freaking ROCKS)
  • Norma Rickman (really cool girl from Canada, can stand low temperatures in which I would just cry to which she refers to “wearing shorts temperatures”, she happens to know a LOT about AdSense too)
  • Steve Scott (compulsive amazon publisher, creates a lot of awesome stuff and this guy actually lives -almost- from his affiliate marketing promos only, check out his blog, any post is going to blow you away)
  • John Thornhill (ex-eBay power seller, responsible for creating more success stories that I can count, says “Okay” in a weird accent, I just love to hear it)
  • Liz Tomey (Liz produces a lot of great PLR content and I honestly don’t know how she manages to find enough time for it, she’s just awesome like that)
  • Sterling Valentine (this guy right here helped me get my first subscriber and offered a lot of help when I was just getting started)
  • David Walker (awesome business coach, the man’s tough but he WILL make you successful if you’re ready for it, loves to watch English football just like I do)
  • Matt Wolfe (has one of the most profitable membership sites on WordPress around and now he’s into kindle books, Matt’s definitely an inspiration)

Just for the record everyone on this list is an A-marketer in my book.

You can find business coaches, self-help coaches, professional bloggers, plugin developers, product creators, writers, you name it.

And The Awesome Marketing With Sergio Supporters!

This is a collection I compiled of every single person that has written a comment on the Marketing With Sergio Blog.

Important: You are not in the list if any of the following happened:

  • You didn’t use a website when you wrote your comment
  • You only use one name (that only works for Prince and Madonna, know your limits)
  • You linked to a boring niche blog that nobody visits
  • You haven’t publish anything in a few months
  • Your name is a company (stop doing this shit already, we all have personal names USE THEM!)
  • Your site is dead, deleted, history
  • Your site links to an affiliate page instead of something you own

So here you go, an awesome list of bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, successful business owners, writers, everything you can think of!

Feel free to connect with anyone in this list.

Note: To some of these people I’m very close, some of them are very good friends of mine, some others I don’t know that much but I can assure you that if you take the time, you can find some real gems here. ;-)

I also took the time to hunt down for your real names, for a few of you I just couldn’t find them at all so if you want to remain anonymously, you’re not going to make this list AND if you want to be removed from this list, just say so and I’ll gladly remove you as well.

So here you go!

Dang that was a LONG list!


Anyway, say good bye to 2012 with style.

Do not get pumped and work your ass off for the first days in January and then fall back to your normal self.

I am ready with a big calendar on the wall, a small portable calendar for crucial events, a small sized whiteboard and I’m doing a vision board and buying a huge whiteboard in the next days so why should you care about this?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Let’s stop wishing and start making a real change, what do you say?

I’ll be publishing real numbers, figures, deadlines, plans, goals and all that stuff in the next days because I want you to be part of my success and I need you to keep me accountable as well.

Take care, thank you for making an impact in my life in one way or another, let’s do something amazing for our businesses, our families and ourselves on this 2013, all the best!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.