Quick geographic and/or tourist mexican lesson for you guys!

I live in Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico.

Culiacan is the capital city of Sinaloa and Mazatlan is a touristic city on Sinaloa as well.

And well I’m going to a quick mini trip vacation in Mazatlan for the weekend and I won’t be around until next Monday.

This is happening in two hours and I still haven’t even packed my things.

I’m NOT taking my laptop with me since I don’t intend to record any training videos while having a few coronas!

But I am taking a digital camera, a flipcam and a few other things in case I need to record something for you over there.

…see? I think about you! ;-)

Mazatlan is a quick two hour drive by car and a three long boring hour drive by bus from the city I currently live in, which as I told you before, is Culiacan.

We used to go there a lot before but somehow we just stopped going.

I believe sometimes the violence is pretty high but whenever we go, we normally try not stay too late on the streets, basically we go out for a bite at some restaurant, party for a while, then get some extra beers and head up for our hotel room and that’s it, at least for the night.

So we pretty much take care of ourselves as we can!

Taking Breaks Once In A While

Anyway, I am (or was) in the middle of creating my first training course and I will have to leave it as it is right now, as this is a special date since a very close friend of mine is getting married and I just can’t miss it!

Taking these quick getaways from my workplace have proven to be nothing but inspiring whenever I need to brainstorm for new and fresh ideas.

Perhaps if you watched the video inside the post about Getting Mentored, Gurus and Flying Solo then you know I have been making a LOT of changes in my life recently.

This of course, includes getting rid of a few obstacles, getting rid of the things that make me unproductive and trying to exploit those that bring results.

I am willing to take a good rest on this quick leisure/wedding trip and I just hope we don’t lose my main man before he makes it to his own wedding (watching the “hangover” movie gave us so many ideas haha).

My Lovely Girlfriend and Sergio Felix (me)

Sergio Felix Mazatlan

My girlfriend which never wants to be showcased (hope she doesn’t kills me haha)
and myself in a Mazatlan’s bar

I wish you all nothing but the best and stay put for next week!

I intend to start releasing a LOT of training stuff on several formats, start guest posting on blogs, documenting my first product creation process and so much more so I hope you’ll stick around, it’s going to be definitely lots of fun!

Last but not least important, take care and don’t do anything I would never do for the weekend ok?

Salud! ;-)


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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