Getting a Mentor, Gurus and Flying Solo

Before I can tell you anything about mentors, gurus and flying solo analogies on your Internet Marketing experiences, I want to let you know a little bit of my background with Online Marketing, not much, just a tad.

First of all, I am still learning everything I can (do we ever stop?) and each day that goes by, does NOT goes by without me learning something new.

Whether is a new cool blog I find, a new strategy to apply, a new guru e-mail list to join… err, no, scratch that last one.

Whatever it is, I focus on not letting one single day go without learning something new.

Simple, right?

Getting Started Online

So fast forward, I started my Internet Marketing adventure a little bit more than one year ago.

I was normally flying solo or in other words, doing my own thing without any direct advice:

  • researching like crazy
  • hopping from program to program
  • joining a new thing every week
  • trying to understand “bizops” (business opportunities)
  • buying businesses in-a-box
  • thinking I was ‘networking’ by adding unknown people to Facebook
  • And a million more etc’s.

All sort of crazy stuff you can imagine.

And God, I was so naive.

Natural Born Researcher

The good thing is (or bad, depending how you want to see it) I was doing all this because I wanted to live the experience myself.

If somebody told me: “hey Sergio, don’t join any PTCs (paid to click programs) they are a waste of time”.

I’d say: “Great! Then I must know why now!”.

And I would immediately direct myself to join as much PTCs as I could find out for myself.

So basically, I was a self concious idiot I guess.

I wasted time, money, way too many nights without sleeping but the best of all, I gained experience.

In the end, that was all that mattered to me, living the experience.

Learning From Those You Respect And Admire

Have you seen the latest trends where a very young kid (mostly a teen) earns thousands of dollars because he figured out how to sell an eBook on ClickBank that got viral and then on his next product, his sales copy starts something like this:

…get out of your dreaded 9 to 5 sorry ass J.O.B., life is not meant to be lived like that, tell your boss to go to hell, etc, etc

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I really like to get a reality check once in a while to get things going and I CAN take the advice of any kid if he brings something new to the table.

But (and it’s a big “but”) I can’t take that kind of advice from a kid who doesn’t even knows how to properly wipe his ass yet (pardon my french).

I understand that maybe is just a sales copy but reading something like that when I know in advance that this kid doesn’t even knows what school or college or university or getting a PhD is like,  is a no-play for me.

The corporate world has all of these pointers and then some more:

You have to be…

  • dealing with a a very unprepared boss
  • dealing with useless working partners
  • dealing with angry clients
  • dealing with users who shouldn’t be users in the first place
  • dealing with clueless managers
  • having general frustrations for plenty of reasons
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on for eternity.

Before you start building a negative thought about my past experiences from this list, I need to tell you that I have LOVED each and every one of my prior jobs as I happen to love everything I do with computers.

What I dislike is the system, the under payments, never having vacations, etc.

So to close this one up, if a kid wants to teach me how to play World of Warcraft please by any means, do so! (although I’m far from a gamer)

Even if he wants to teach me how he managed to get that eBook viral, YES, bring it on, I’m all ears! :)

But if he wants to teach me about corporate world experiences then we already started on the wrong foot.

Do A Reality Check

If you have been following what I’m doing on this site, you’d remember that I’m finally overcoming my fears to being on camera.

I don’t think of this by looking at the sky and screaming with open arms: “I’m cuuuuuuuuuuuureeeed!“.

I still think there’s a long way to go but I’m certainly not on square one anymore.

Another quick bump in my imaginary Fast Forward button and we end up sitting somewhere and thinking:

what have I done so far with Internet Marketing?”

I found out that yeah, I may know a few things now but I never did anything with that knowledge or at least not in the past.

In other words, I wasn’t taking any actions.

So one day (not long ago) I got mad at myself.

I mean like CRAZY mad.

And I thought, okay… I’m afraid of recording myself on camera but if I don’t do it some day, then all this time, all the relationships, all the promises, all is going to go directly to the sewer.

Simple as that.

There are people that believe in me and I know they can’t wait for my success forever.

Note: Please tell me that you ARE aware that the people that are currently supporting you, are NOT going to wait for you forever either.

I know I wouldn’t because I have to work with the workers.

Basically, all you need to do, is go from the “I will do… blah blah” to the “I’m doing this NOW“.

I was in the first group.

Always saying I will do this, then do that, I will succeed one way or another, forever planning, I just knew about studying and nothing else, all that communication noise, false promises to myself because in the end, I knew I was going to do SOMETHING, I just didn’t have a plan nor I knew WHEN I was going to actually make that something happen either.

Doesn’t sounds like a great plan after all right?

And I feel a bit embarrased from it but that’s exactly what happened.

I can’t go back in time and change my past.

Be Like Water

Just like Bruce Lee said: “water adapts“.

Be dynamic, if something is wrong on your online business, find out what it is and fix it.

If it’s not broken, then find out how to make it better.

If it’s already better, then find out how to make it perfect!

There will ALWAYS be something YOU can improve.

This applies to everything.

Take Action

I can now, proudly say, I’m in the second group.

I’m in the “I’m doing this NOW” group.

Not tomorrow, not later, not on the weekend, not next year, not until I have a better computer, not until I have this or that service, no my friend, now as in… NOW.

This should be something you should be doing too by the way.

The only thing it can happen is to make you grow and that is something good.

People will notice and great things will start to happen.

They WILL happen to you too, if and only if… YOU make it happen.

It’s not going to happen on its own, you know?

Differences Between a Guru, a Mentor and Flying Solo

Just for the sake of writing something related to the title of this post which is Getting a Mentor, Gurus and Flying Solo.

The main differences are:

A guru is usually…

  • someone who already knows everything (according to them)
  • who teaches in very high levels (they create lower level gurus maybe?)
  • they usually call themselves “gurus” (which is kind of funny)
  • and normally not that loved in the marketing community (unless you’re one of them!)
A mentor is normally…
  • someone mortal like you or me
  • who has walked the path
  • that has invested time, money, efforts, etc
  • already has seen the light at the end of the tunnel
  • charges you an investment to show you the quick way avoiding all their mistakes
  • a great person to learn from
  • introduces yourself to the succesful marketing bandwagon
  • many more
And flying solo is…
  • what I have been doing since I got started
  • finding all the right information for yourself
  • asking for advice to whoever wants to give it to you
  • being pulled in many directions
  • having doubts about everything since advice seems confusing at times
  • having everything in order but not knowing how to actually connect the dots (my main problem)
  • and many more that you are or may be already familiar with

Getting My First Mentor

First of all, I need to tell you that you CAN succeed online without a mentor.

It can only take you longer or not, or it can also maybe never happen for you.

I know that sounds harsh but we need to keep it real and I can’t give you any false promises, sorry.

But keep reading and you’ll see how you can have high expectations.

After conquering my fears to video creation, getting mad at myself for being scared and for wanting to try everything for myself and still be spending thousands of dollars online without actually going somewhere, I finally took a choice…

And to know more about it, you’ll have to watch this video I shot for you only a few days ago, enjoy!

Getting a Mentor or Flying Solo Video

As with everything I do, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.

I am willing to create a much bigger challenge for myself now and be willing to publish it here for you to follow along, that, if you become interested of course!

Comments, suggestions, tips or just saying “Hi” (this is currently a Do-Follow blog) are all welcome!

Take care, enjoy life, talk soon!


PS. I was going to include a picture of me in the beginning but I think that Master Yoda is WAY cooler! ;-)

P.P.S. I’m probably the worst motivator ever on earth but writing these kind of posts, actually motivate ME so I hope you don’t mind!

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    • Ben Wan
    • November 30, 2011

    Hi Sergio,

    Interesting read. To the question: do you need a mentor? Probably not. But would it be wise to not have a mentor? Without a mentor it’s like having to invent or discover everything on your own. Without a mentor it’s like climbing a cliff on your own without safety net or rope.

    How long did it take Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb or the Wright brothers to invent the plane?

    How long does it take to make a light bulb nowadays? Much less.

    Yes, that’s because Edison didn’t have a working blueprint, now we do. In our business what percentage of our time are we spending just inventing or discovering things as opposed to actually working at being productive.

    I would say a mentor saves you time by helping you be successful faster. The big question is, how do you choose your mentor wisely? A lot of people claims to be guru, and coach. Most of their programs are extremely expensive. A true mentor is someone who is willing be your personal friend and may help you for free.

    I look for mentors, not self-proclaimed gurus.

    Ben Wan
    P.S. I have a post on my website on what’s a mentor for.

    1. Reply

      Hey Ben,

      Thanks for your insightul comment!

      I don’t know how many times have I been told that I don’t need a mentor before, but that’s mainly because I have studied hard since the beginning and I always try to evaluate all my choices before deciding to take someone’s advice.

      It hasn’t been easy I have to admit and to be honest, time is money.

      It was fun to discover everything on my own for a while and I strongly believe I would have succeeded (I hope!) with or without a mentor, but the time never stops and even if I’m not in a hurry to succeed, I can’t wait forever to accomplish what I’m aiming for.

      I recently joined a training program ($497) and the reasons I decided to pay for that kind of amount are very simple:

      I want to know what do I have to do, to do the same.

      Maybe not Internet Marketing related, but I needed to see what a $497 course is like, on the INSIDE.

      The same goes for the personal mentorship.

      I want to know what a personal coaching exactly is, no matter if it’s $97, $997 or even $4,997.

      I need, to know for personal experience, I can’t assume that kind of stuff.

      Having said that, I still haven’t received a coaching call yet (might start today but I’m not sure) but just from the mere training I joined, I have learned a few things here and there and honestly, they are already worth what I paid for.

      As for the mentoring, being a friend and not charging, here’s a quick story and my thoughts on that:

      The reason I chose to go with a mentor is basically what you say above, time.

      About being a personal friend and willing to do it for free, I understand this is a business first than anything and personal time is money, too.

      I recently helped a friend move his website from one web host to another, it took me practically the whole day

      (I did not count the hours but there were many)

      I did not charge one cent nor it even crossed my mind to ask for any type of compensation.

      I did it because it was a close friend of mine who needed the help.

      I am pretty sure that I know a lot more than him about technical stuff and I don’t consider myself a mentor or his mentor or anything like that.

      And this action doesn’t means that I’ll be a personal free consultant to whoever asks me.

      I don’t know how much an hour from my full attention may cost but I have plenty of credentials under my sleeve to make that quite a big number.

      My time is valuable not only for that, but because I’d much rather spend it with my loved ones, my friends or even doing actual work, instead of just goofing around on the internet trying to win someone’s attention or gratitude.

      This is a business, I have business relationships, I have partnerships, I have friends.

      We need to keep those lines very well drawn.

      That’s what I think!

      Thanks for your thoughts and I hope this comment can say a bit about what I do and why I do it.

      For some it may be harsh, for some it may be only common sense, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

      Take care and I will look for your mentoring post, you got me interested! ;-)


        • Ben Wan
        • December 1, 2011

        Hi Sergio,

        When we think coaching, mentoring, training, we always then to think: money out of my pocket. Let’s elevate the thinking a little bit. Have you ever asked yourself, how you could be paid to be mentored or trained?

        Yes, you can. Here is the tip: I train and mentor my employees, and I train to my business partners. They get the training while making the money… instead of them having to pay for their training.

        If you choose to go the business partner way, the question you have to answer to your potential business partner is: why should they choose me to work with me?


        Ben Wan

        1. Reply

          Hey Ben, so glad you made it back!

          Actually whenever I think in education (in any way) I think of “investment”, never in money out of the pocket.

          About mentoring your employees, business associates or whoever has to work with you (or me), I think we would be shooting ourselves in our feet, if we decided to NOT train them to the best of our abilities.

          I would NEVER for any reason, put a product or a service with MY name, if I wasn’t 110% sure that the quality I can provide wouldn’t be present in the final product.

          About for a business partner if he/she/they should pick me?

          Pretty simple, I get the job done.

          **** ALERT: There is a rant following here ****

          Just in these past days I have had to teach myself how to use Camtasia, ScreenFlow, MovieMaker, Handbrake, dabble with Fireworks, Keynote and the list goes on and on.

          Just for fun let’s throw some quick real life examples here:

          There has never been ONE single job (in my entire life, and please bear with me, I’m 35 already and I started at 13) where I didn’t have to learn something in order to get the job done.

          In one of my first jobs, I started fixing mini printers (totally clueless about mini printers btw) ended up as an expert laptop tech and CompTIA A+ guy.

          Started as Systems Analiyst somewhere else, ended up as SAP Consultant in the FI/CO modules (did not even know what “SAP” stood for).

          Again, started as Engineer Jr. ended up as Kronos Connect Consultant (same story man).

          One of my last jobs (which I didn’t even wanted to take) was for administering two servers (I never did that before either) ended up as a Red Hat Linux 5 Enterprise Admin and got certified as a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (whatever that means).

          They also gave me some stuff that basically says on paper that I’m pretty dangerous with MS-SQL databases and servers.

          So as you can see, it’s not about me having to ask or prove anything to anyone, if a business partner wants me in their business for what I can do for them, then great!

          If I ask someone to partner with me and they don’t think I’m the perfect fit for them, that’s great too!

          I wouldn’t like anyone to say “yes” to me without any reason whatsoever!

          To sum all this rant up, I think I get the job done.

          **** Rant Kinda Ends Here ****

          Thanks Ben for sharing your thoughts!

          Sometimes I think that my posts should be in the comment section AND my comments on the post section but again, sometimes I don’t think clearly.

          Take care man! ;-)

    2. Reply

      @Ben Wan,

      I agree with you completely. Everyone do need a mentor but not these self proclaimed mentors. Many of these who are out looking for someone to mentor are nothing but marketing their businesses. If you need a mentor you should go out there and get someone who is really interested in you and is ready to help you without thinking of the gain he will receive.

      1. Reply

        Hey Chadrack,

        Just wanted to thank you for jumping in on the conversation and share your thoughts, have a great day man! ;-)

        PS. Ben has taught me a lot more than many courses I have paid for, and he always does it without any conditions. In other words, free advice because he actually cares.

    • Prasanth V
    • December 1, 2011

    Thank you for good post.
    I do agree with you about having a mentor…But Nowadays all are claiming that they are good mentors which actually they are not..
    If we find a good mentor by chance then the mentoring course fee is so high that one cannot afford it …since we don’t have money that is why we are seeking for the good opportunity right ? and again the monthly mentoring fee is a great burden to us if we are someone who already spent a lot of money on all the shiny products and Now the funds are low to invest on a good mentors….
    BUT the success for online ventures can be fast with a mentor is definitely true.
    WE DO NEED a MENTOR for online success but if the Mentors can make the mentoring fee low then all the guys can make it avail and make the online dreams a success ….

    1. Reply

      Hi Prasanth,

      You don’t have an idea of how happy you just have made me!

      I agree 1000% with you because I was EXACTLY on your same position and I thought EXACTLY the same.

      The whole purpose for this site (Marketing With Sergio) is to make understand that quality doesn’t have to be expensive, nor mentorship either.

      I have ridiculously BIG plans for people like you and you guys just have to give me some time as I’m doing everything on my own.

      I have seen those mentorships of $2,997 and I mean come on, I have seen free courses on the internet that are WAY better than those.

      That’s why someone has to jump in and stops the madness.

      I consider myself a neutral in all aspects and I don’t take sides on this, I am me, with my own thoughts, and would never say anything that I’m not backing 100% just to make a buck out of someone’s dream.

      Thank you for commenting, I really hope you come back and then see for yourself what I’m saying to you right here.

      Have an amazing day!

    • Sandy Halliday
    • December 1, 2011

    Hey Sergio, Great post. The idea of making a video while driving (or doing something else unusual) is supposed to be a good psychological trick to get people’s attention but I am worried about the safety aspect of it. I don’t think you can keep your attention on the road when you are thinking about what to say. It’s not like talking to someone sitting in the car with you.

    I agree wholeheartedly about having a good mentor to guide and inspire you. I have always done much more with one than without. Of course it does all rely on taking action as you say.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Sandy,

      And wow, you’re right on the spot with your comment!

      That psychological ‘trick’ I learnt from Ed Dale, an Australian marketer.

      The main idea is to record your videos in different locations, different activities, different clothing, different type of advice, all of this to create this feeling of friendship with your audience.

      I would recommend it for anyone who is already making their own videos.

      As for the driving thing, I wouldn’t recommend that AT ALL!

      I am concerned about driving risks too and that was possible mainly because I live in a really small city, with really low traffic and the time I was recording it, was also not a ‘rush hour’.

      The drive is something like a 5 minute drive or even less, so that’s why I managed to do it AND can do it again without any problems whatsoever.

      About being mentored or not, here’s a quick example:

      It took me 2 years to understand how music scales actually worked for guitar, I knew how to play them, but I didn’t know how to apply them to songs, somehow there were ALWAYS some notes that sounded just horribly bad.

      I took formal classic training and in less than two months, I was soloing all over in every song I played.

      After that, I taught how to play to many people who were soloing on their own under six months, from not knowing nothing about guitars to soloing.

      I hope that explains this whole drama about being mentored or not.

      I think I even say so on the video, if you have the time, then you don’t need a mentor at all.

      I kind of “had” the time but no money.

      Now I definitely have the time (won’t NEVER quit now) and I may not have the money sometimes (already ran out of funds several times) but if more money is needed, then I’ll get it and keep investing until it works.

      (I also say that on video, I’m selling my SUV, it doesn’t matters, is just a car)

      Anyway, those are my thoughts! ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing day Sandy!

      PS. Thank you on the Technorati tip, I’m doing that today ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • December 1, 2011

    Great post Sergio and I enjoyed your video. Yes my friend, you are becoming quite the pro now.

    So congratulations with taking that step to getting a mentor. I totally agree that you cannot go this alone. I haven’t ever gotten a personal mentor myself but am part of some training communities where I’m able to learn from quite a few different people who can help me in a lot of different areas. Plus the community always has a way for everyone inside to connect and ask questions in order to help each other out. That’s the type of environment I enjoy.

    I have no doubt that you will take your mentor’s advice and run with it now. I have a feeling that this time next year you will be in a whole new place. I’m excited for you and eager to watch your journey. Hope you’ll keep us posted.

    Best to you Sergio!


    1. Reply

      Thank you Adrienne!

      I think this post has got to be the longest one I have ever written but I think I may try to write shorter ones now.

      People today want the information fast and I don’t want anyone to be skimming through my writings so I may write something quick and throw a video instead and see how that works.

      I feel fine on camera now, I can’t say I LOVE IT but I certainly feel okay now that people tell me they like the video or that they actually found some great tips and stuff, that has made my confidence go up to the sky (thanks everyone!).

      Today I had the first session with my mentor and what can I say… I’m totally EXCITED!

      The training format that you mention of being inside with classmates, is definitely the kind of trainings that I just LOVE.

      If I ever create a training model where people can gather feedback between themselves, I will certainly just DO THAT and nothing else! ;-)

      I love the feeling of belonging (just like I do right now with other bloggers) and I would be extremely happy if I ever manage to build a training community like that where people actually learn and feel happy about learning at the same time and seeing progress with other class mates.

      Thank you for stepping in, leaving me such great feedback and mostly for BELIEVING in me.

      It certainly means the world to me.

      Have a great day Adrienne! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • December 2, 2011

    Hi Sergio,

    You write longer blog posts than I do and that is saying something ;)

    One thing is for sure is that you don’t need any “tricks” to create a feeling of friendship with your audience because your passion, dedication, and over-arching honesty as an individual and as a marketer comes across in every post you write and every video you shoot.
    This blog just keeps getting better and better and I am constantly amazed at the content you provide here.

    The question of mentoring is a difficult one because the word means a lot of different things to lots of different people.
    It is kind of up there with “guru” which I really hate with a passion. If anyone calls themselves an internet marketing guru then I want to run and hide.

    We all need help from time to time – it is crazy trying to do it on our own and the bottom line is this: if we can find someone we can trust and relate to then that person may make a good mentor.

    I agree with the previous comments that many mentors charge way, way too much. Yes time is money but the very people who need good quality mentoring are often the very people who don’t have deep pockets to fund such programs.

    Yours, without doubt, is my favorite blog and I wish you every success which you deserve and which I am confident you will achieve.


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat,

      Glad to have you back on this place!

      This blog post came out this big I don’t know why, I wasn’t even planning to write much (lol) but maybe Google will like it, who knows!

      Thank you on your bit about not needing tricks to win someone’s attention.

      For me, it was just shooting one more video and that was it.

      I have some crazy footage from all over London, Brighton, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris doing all kinds of stuff like taking the camera with me while jogging, on the sigh seeing buses, at bars, eating, marketplaces, hotel rooms, on subways, below the Arc of Triumph, running down the stairs on Eiffel tower, soccer games, etc, etc.

      Honestly, doing the video while driving was just one more out of the (around 300 video bits I have made) and nothing else! ;-)

      About mentoring and the dreaded ‘G’ word (not Google! lol) I feel exactly the same buddy.

      We are so used to these people who say “I genuinely want to help you” if that was true, then why wouldn’t they do it for free right?

      I think maybe “time” would be the answer but who am I to know?

      To me a mentor, is just someone who can teach me something.

      If I follow that thought, I could say that (take a deep breath) these are a few of my mentors:

      Rich Schefren, Ed Dale, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Mike Filsaime, Alex Jeffreys, John Thornhill, Kris Mainieri, Marc Milburn, Dave Nicholson, Devon Brown, Omar Martin, Brankica Underwood, Pat Flynn, Adrienne Smith, Peter Pelliccia, Patrick Griffin, Jon Olson, Justin Ledvina, John Guanzon, Sterling Valentine, Ben Wan, Lt. Colonel Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Master Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Mr. Miyagi, Sergio Felix Sr., Carlos Hayashi and the list goes on and on.

      So potato, patato… is all the same in the end or maybe not! haha

      Oh well actually I guess this is just like one of those crazy subjects that doesn’t have an end like religion, sports, and the like.

      Have a great day Patrick and thank you for stopping by and your very kind comments! ;-)

        • Patrick Griffin
        • December 2, 2011

        Hey Sergio,
        You really should put some of your crazy European footage out there when you have a chance.
        I know it has nothing to do with marketing in the strict sense of the term but is making videos so that would be enough of an excuse for me. ;)

        1. Reply

          Yo Patrick,

          I had some plans to share those videos when I finally learnt how to properly do video editing but I guess I can leak out a few, I mean, why not right? :P

          Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Barry Ranns
    • December 2, 2011

    Hi Sergio,

    I too have been flying solo, for the simple reason I cannot afford $497 or whatever crazy sum ‘they’ pluck out of thin air, nor can I commit, at the moment to $97 a month. So I will stay solo for the time being, but the beauty of the Internet is, with due diligence you can pretty much find most of the information you want – it just takes longer, and you need more self motivation to get on and do the tasks which have to be done.

    Another problem is, there is an assumption that everyone involved in Internet Marketing wants to be a millionaire, or turn over thousands and thousands of dollars a week. Well, I don’t. I would like to be able to be in a position where bills are not worried about, some spare money in the bank at the end of each month, and the occasional meal out. That is not to say, that if I found loadsa money flying towards me I would turn it down.


    Note to self, must get a video done too :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Barry,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your first comment here!

      I really like your thought about not aiming for internet millionaire. That will make this whole internet marketing ‘thing’ a lot easier for you (and anyone else who thinks alike).

      I have seen many people who are just starting out and have all these crazy expectations like becoming millionaires in their first six months or that they want to be earning around $100,000 a month (without doing nothing) and many other ridiculous expectations.

      I mean, it IS possible to achieve amazing things on the Internet.

      If you create a ‘necessity’ for people and you offer them a unique solution for it, then by all means I really think you could get some scary numbers for real.

      However I believe that we need to focus first on getting the first $1 and then build up from there.

      If you’re into sales, then getting the first sale should be your first goal.

      Not 20 or 100 sales.

      Same goes if you’re into affiliate marketing, then get the first commission.

      Don’t aim for 50.

      It is not about becoming a night to day millionaire, is about understanding the full process and tweaking it until you are happy with your numbers.

      About mentoring, coaching or membership fees, I agree completely with you.

      I actually have never paid $97 a month for ANYTHING and I don’t plan to start anytime soon either.

      I will write a post in these upcoming days about the perception of value in money because on a recent trip I had to Europe I understood so many things. (thank you for reminding me of that)

      I have found a lot of people who get interested in Internet Marketing and they don’t want to invest even the initial fees.

      It doesn’t matter if you are not going to need a website, having your own domain name can be so useful for so many things I couldn’t even fit them in here.

      And a domain name is just less than $10 a year!

      This subject is so delicate that I’m actually going to stop here and put it into a post but you’re definitely not alone on trying to avoid costs or mentorship fees or whatever that some guy offers.

      Like I said in the post and on the video, you CAN succeed without any kind of mentorship and taking trainings or coaching is not for everyone either.

      But more on that on a few upcoming posts, hope to hear back from you soon since you already reminded me I had to write some stuff on these matters.

      Take care and have a great weekend! ;-)

      Ps. Whenever you do that video, please let me know so I can check it out, cheers!

    • Jimmy
    • December 2, 2011

    Hi Sergio,

    It’s my first time here and I like that you have classified three different modes for us to operate our learning system.

    I think we could use a little of all three at any one time. We are constantly learning from gurus, although we need to be careful of the gurus we choose. Mentors provide that close personal attention that could be so useful. Flying solo is always the most difficult but exciting mode. The challenge is just there to make it on your own.

    As long as we keep at it, we will become a guru and mentor someday as well. I like to aspire towards that in all that I am doing online.


    1. Reply

      Hey Jimmy,

      Welcome to the site!

      You bring an interesting point of view to the table by saying we need a mix of all three.

      To be short and straight to the point, I’d never limit my internet marketing education for having the wrong thoughts about who am I supposed to learn from.

      I have been an autodidact my whole life.

      And this must make me the absolute WORST student to have (for teachers) in the planet because I don’t give full credit EVER because I’m not a sheep nor a parrot.

      I don’t follow the herd and I don’t do exactly as I’m told.

      Why? Because I actually think and use my brain.

      If somebody tells me “yes this is the way, don’t do it any other” then sorry but I must check it out by myself so I can have MY own opinion.

      I can say later “hey you were right, cool stuff!” or I can say “hey you know what, I found another way too!” or (what I’m always aim for) “hey, not only there are MORE ways to do the same thing, but I even know how to do it BETTER now!”.

      See my point?

      I want to be able to have my OWN opinions about everything, not just because someone else tells me so.

      Obviously, this can be a bit of a drawback for me, because I tend to analyze everything.

      (some say I “over analyze” but I’m an Engineer, that’s how we think! We’re prepared for any scenario or consequence as we DON’T like surprises).

      So mentored or not, learning from gurus or not, learning by ourselves or being guided step by step, it is all up to us in the end.

      There are people that are meant to be guided (otherwise there wouldn’t be any employees out there).

      And there are people that are meant to be leaders (who would lead the herd if they weren’t any?).

      We just need to find our position, take the education no matter where it comes from, throw it all on the table, do our own due diligence, take the junk off the table and work out our own puzzle with the pieces we consider are worth to us.

      I have never said this on the internet before… but working for ourselves (freelance, business owner, writer, product creator, etc) it is NOT meant for everyone, won’t get into further details but that’s the truth. (I might write a post on this subject, thanks!)

      And thanks (again) for stopping by and sharing with us.

      It was fun to write all this up, hope to see you again here any time soon and have a great weekend Jimmy, all the best and good luck with your goals! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hey Sergio,

    This was an interesting read. For the most part I agree with you. The only place where I might not is when looking at the age of someone and what they might have to offer. Think about Tony Robbins, who actually started evangelizing (so to speak) in his teens. There are plenty of people like him. There’s another young man whose name I can’t recall right now that started his first company at age 14 and was a millionaire 3 years later, and wrote his first business book around age 20. I’m thinking his age has nothing to do with what he has to share about business.

    That would be my only qualifier; it’s not age, but experience. Great post.

    1. Reply

      Hey Mitch,

      Welcome to the site!

      You make a real good point here and I completely agree that knowledge doesn’t necessarily have to be measured with age or years of expertise.

      That’s why I was so specific when I described the scenario:

      1. I talked about a kid with an ebook selling on Clickbank
      2. Making money for the first time
      3. Knowing in advance that our imaginary subject has no college or university studies
      4. Absolutely no work experience in companies
      5. Attempting to empathize with the audience by talking like he is a rat race professional

      Having said that, I still have the same exact thought:

      “…if he wants to teach me about corporate world experiences then we already started on the wrong foot.”

      I guess that sometimes I can’t express myself properly so thank you for pointing that out.

      I really appreciate your comment here Mitch and hope you have a great weekend too, take care my friend! ;-)

    • Dee
    • December 13, 2011

    Hi Sergio
    There is no susbstitute for experience and you can never have too much knowledge.
    I too was an engineer for over 20 years and I still feel very proud that the first Magnum ice cream plant which was installed in Turkey has pumps and valves that I calculated and engineered.
    I think GURU is a dirty word these days, but I do think that maybe we all need a little guidance to push us in the right direction.
    Good luck with your coaching.

    1. Reply

      Hey Dee,

      First of all thank you for stopping by and leaving your first comment!

      And second, I agree completely with you.

      I have been playing guitar for years and years and I would NEVER attempt to refer to myself as a “guitar guru”.

      I believe that mentoring or coaching is a much more down to earth word and I honestly would NEVER follow someone who calls himself/herself a “Guru” (no matter what niche they represent).

      I don’t remember if I said so in the post (as I wrote this a few days ago) but the only drawback that I’m seeing to this personal mentoring thing, is that I decided to take massive action at the same time I got my mentor.

      Having said that, I won’t be able to tell whether it was one or the other thing which made the “trick” but I do have to agree that there were a few things I wasn’t doing right which have been corrected already.

      So it does helps but then again, I don’t think that mentoring is for everyone.

      Many people like to discover things by themselves (me included) but time is something I don’t have anymore.

      Have a great day and thank you for sharing your story on the Magnum plant, I think that is an awesome story!

      Thanks for the best wishes!

      PS. Are you retired from Engineering positions already?

        • Dee
        • December 13, 2011

        Hi Sergio
        I retired from engineering when my company was taken over and a non-engineering type of person tried to tell me how to do my job, amalgamated 2 departments together and wanted me to take a wage decrease.
        I had to sop working altogether last year when Eddie was seriously ill so quite a shock financially. Hence IM.
        I think engineering instills discipline and gives you an enquiring mind. I enjoyed every minute of it, but chose not to lower my standards and stick by my principles.

        1. Reply

          Sorry to hear that Dee,

          And about being bossed around by a non-Engineering or IT person is the worse that can happen to me. I’ve been through that many times before and it was very frustrating every time I had to deal with that.

          You are right that Engineering requires lots of discipline as with anything you do, you have to be prepared for all possible results or contingencies… I guess that’s why I was over analytical with all I did when I first got started with IM! lol

          I think that sticking to your principles like you said, was your best choice, I know I would NEVER compromise them in order to keep a job, much less to be bossed around by uncapable “professionals” so that speaks a lot about your beliefs.

          I’m glad to have met you, hope Eddie is better now (I’m assuming your husband) and from what I saw you commented over at Dan Sumner’s blog, I can see you’re already on the right track, so congratulations and thank you for the nice conversation! ;-)

    • Jocelyn Jones
    • December 13, 2011

    Hey Sergio, I love your blog! Funny that you have this post, I just did a post today about how working together with other people, you can achieve success. When you mention Mentors, not all mentors charge a lot of money. To me, a Mentor means “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher” Does not necessarily have to be someone famous that charges $1,000 an hour. Tony Robbins mentions, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same” I consider myself a Mentor to people and my main goal is to help others’ achieve success, maybe I am wrong to not charge $1,000 an hour for my coaching, but I have found that I have achieved more success by sharing tips and strategies with people to help them be successful and not doing it for the money.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jocelyn,

      You are absolutely right in every word you wrote!

      The problem with “mentors” is that they are closely associated with “gurus” which we already know is not a very likeable word in the Internet Marketing community.

      I also see them as teachers or simply put, persons who already either stumbled (and struggled) into success or paid someone else so they could be shown the way.

      It is funny that you mention you have had more success by helping others than chasing the money because that’s exactly what happened here on this blog!

      I stopped focusing on making money (on my last blog) and out of nowhere I even sold a few things on Amazon with the reviews I made just to overcome my fears to recording videos.

      So yes, chasing the money is actually counter productive, is about providing help and genuinely being interested in lending a helping hand for the ones that are barely understanding how this Internet Marketing thing works.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a great first comment here, take care! ;-)

    • Jocelyn Jones
    • December 14, 2011

    Hey Sergio! No, no, Thank you! Seriously, it may sound hokey, but it really is true, that if you follow the 4 principles and that applies to ANYTHING you want in life, You have a No Fail Formula to achieve Success. These 4 principles adapted from “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles are: 1. Have a Clear Goal 2. Be Others’ Focused (what can you do to help other people get what they want) 3. Have Gratitude (be grateful for the good AND the bad, focus on what you have not on what you lack) and 4. Unwavering Faith (trust in the process) Now, these principles/laws actually are from the Bible as well, but he did a great job of compiling them in the book and put into user friendly language! :)

    1. Reply

      Those principles are very WISE Jocelyn, thank you very much for sharing them here!

      I don’t read the Bible but I do pray from time to time.

      I’m going to look for that book you’re mentioning here, thanks again for coming back and leaving such a GREAT and insightful comment.

      Take care and have a great day!

    • Dee
    • December 14, 2011

    Hi Sergio
    Thank you for all your comments on my blogs, you must have spent all day reading and commenting!
    I think the advantage of a mentor is that you will stay focused and on track. Decide what you want to do and stick with it and believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.
    YOU are the key.

    1. Reply

      Yeah Dee,

      I guess I wanted to check out your 7 links from the viral challenge and I thought I would leave some comments there ;-)

      It is way more embarrasing to have to tell someone (like a mentor) you have not been doing your homework lately than not having anyone for that.

      The advantage of having someone successful already is that he can tell me what am I doing wrong that is wasting my time and what I should be doing instead.

      Nothing more, nothing less right?

      Thanks for your great comment, speak soon! ;-)

    • Linda
    • December 14, 2011

    Super proud of you Sergio!! I am getting there slowly, I just keep having obstacles that keep getting in my way….seems whenever I get up and going again, I get more work, which is not a bad thing, because I am struggling to make it. But, I do have high hopes and I know that I will get there soon – but I need to start working harder on it and getting my fat ass in gear ;-)

    I think a mentor is a good thing, it will help you learn what and where you need to go within internet marketing. I, as you know, quit near the end of my training, but I learned SO MUCH! I hope you make out well with your mentor!! It is fun learning from someone experienced.

    Loved the video, but you shouldn’t need to sell your vehicle to pay for your mentor, but I guess the apartment you are getting doesn’t have parking? I hope you have public transportation around there ;-)

    Good luck with your mentoring – from what I read previously, sounds like it is working.


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      I know you got to meet amazing people in your past training so we should always focus on the positive outcome.

      My mentor is already paid for, the SUV is still in the garage but not for long (lol)

      The apartment I’m getting does have a parking lot but I don’t think I’ll be using it anyway, since I’m going to sell my car but I think it’s all good.

      Actually I have planned a post in which I’m going to break out the “secret” between how much have I invested and how much have I earned.

      This is going to be for making the whole deal “transparent” but it is in NO WAY an attempt to start doing those “income updates” that many successful bloggers do on their sites.

      Thank you for your great comment and I already know you’re on the right path, just keep working at it, take care! ;-)

    • Cararta
    • December 27, 2011

    Should have gone to bed, but started reading til the end. I think Felix you may have my problem…there might be easy ways to “fix” things but something in me has to know how and why it got broken in the first place.
    Maybe your mentor will be successful in assiting you to divert away from “perfection”
    towards do it now, let the chips fall where they may and if something isn’t quite right go with it until you can find what it is that needs “fixing”.

    Focus and connect the Dots.

    Think I heard that somewhere.

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta,

      Thanks for reading to the end and your support!

      You’re right about the problem with perfection.

      We all see it like it’s something we should always aim for but we don’t see that this is one of the biggest reasons people never finish anything thus never make any progress.

      There are many others like ‘analysis paralysis’, ‘ever learning mode’, etc, etc.

      Being a perfectionist, more than a virtue is a FLAW for the web entrepreneur.

      We have to stop aiming for that and start getting some work done.

      Focus and connect the dots, you got it right there.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment, take care! ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hey Sergio, I never used a mentor for the simple reason I had friends in the business who helped me get to where I am today. I have helped create a few mentoring courses now as I feel I have the experience to do it.

    I will admit I could have progressed a lot faster with a mentor and feel they are important. You don’t have to become a clone of your mentor just learn a great deal from them. The path you take is your own, you just get there faster with guidance

    What do you use to hold the camera on your car dashboard Sergio?

    1. Reply

      I couldn’t agree any more with you Dan.

      If someone thinks that mimicking 100% a mentor (or anyone else) is the right way to do, I think they already failed.

      Not because you ‘need’ to disagree, but because a mentor and someone who is just getting started, are at very different stages of the game.

      It would be impossible for me to just shoot an email to my list and make the same amount of money that my mentor would, only because our lists are different.

      (even if it were the same exact wordings)

      It’s common sense.

      For anyone getting started, I think they just need to learn from whom they like, pick up the good parts and take massive action.

      I was holding it with my right hand… LOL very (un)safe.

      PS. I explain why it wasn’t risky on the comments thread.

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