Friday The 13th Face Your Fears

Remember the Friday The 13th… movies?

I used to love watching Friday The 13th when I was a kid but I also remember the fear that those movies made me feel.

A normal let’s watch a friday the 13th movie day would start something like this:

Friday The 13th: My Watching Experience

1. At first I would be undecided to watch the movie and analyze what my chances were.

  • Am I going to watch this alone?
  • Is it really dark outside already?
  • Are my parents home?

2. Then I would man up and start watching the movie.

  • First ten minutes and I’m watching it like a boss.
  • When the killings start and the panic is everywhere, I start thinking that maybe watching this movie wasn’t a smart decision after all.
  • I’m also afraid to move one inch from my spot.

3. By the hour…

  • I’m all freaked the heck out of my mind and I’m seriously thinking I’m going to die.
  • Jason is inside my house and my job is to not bump myself into him at all costs.
  • I’m 100% sure that my chances of surviving are actually, ZERO.

4. Movie Ends.

  • I’m going crazy.
  • I’m so paranoid that I even refuse to close my eyes while rinsing the shampoo on the shower.
  • When I finally get to bed, I curl up my legs inside the sheets with my magic protection blanket (lol) and I finally fall asleep.

5. The End.

What I Learnt From Watching Horror Movies

By now, you may already know that these Friday The 13th movies scared the shit out of me and this happened every single time I decided to watch one.

The funny (or stupid) thing, is that I’d still watch them again and again because in a way, I actually liked being scared at that time.

I’m not going to get my psychology’s robe out here (besides I don’t have one) but I think that fear is an actual feeling in which you can enjoy certain things.

Horror movies provided me with that sensation and that’s why I believe I kept watching them.

Face Your Fears

Now you may not get scared anymore from horror movies but what about your adult fears?

Fears like:

  • Never getting out of debt
  • Losing your job
  • Falling sick and not being able to pay the hospital bill
  • Get a bad retirement deal
  • Not be able to provide for your family

The list is practically endless and the only solution to this is to face your fears and actually do something about it.

Lifestyle Design Blogs

I have literally seen hundreds of blogs that are all about:

  • being a better person
  • being happier
  • living on your own terms
  • live from your passions
  • become a memorable person
  • get healthier
  • live longer
  • give back to earth
  • etc, etc, etc

Are You Really Doing What You Say You’re Doing?

I don’t have absolutely one problem with these kind of websites. However, as soon as I start reading the comments I find people that say things like:

  • “Enough is enough”
  • “That’s it, I’m doing something today”
  • “I have been procrastinating a lot, I’m changing that tomorrow”

And then I go to see their websites and see NOTHING about what they claimed on that site.

So my question is… What is the point?

If they did it for the backlink, then so be it. But if they genuinely said that because they meant it and did nothing about it, then that is sad.

Being eager or determined for an hour, a day, two days, a week, nothing like that is going to make a real change for you.

Reverse Engineer Your Perfect Self Until You Reach Your Actual Self

You have to EMBRACE change so it can happen for real.

Here’s a quick experiment for you so you can understand what do I mean by reverse engineering your perfect self in order to create that lifestyle on your own terms:

1. Picture yourself in the absolute best position you would ever want to be and then answer these questions (to yourself).

  • Where in the world are you living?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Who else is with you?
  • What is it exactly that you’re doing?
  • How does it smell there?
  • How does it looks?
  • What do you do for a living?

2. Now picture yourself not so perfect.

  • Maybe you’re not rich but money isn’t a problem either.
  • Perhaps you still need to lose a bit some more weight or gain it.
  • You do have a healthy diet but you may be slipping more than one day on a weekly basis.
  • You may be living on a nice house but it would be perfect if you lived in that other place.
  • You may even have a good car but you would love a newer one.

3. Now look at yourself right now.

  • Still living where you want?
  • Money is still not an issue?
  • Still love your job?
  • Any health issues?
  • Your life is still a resort?

4. Finally, really look at your daily activities (don’t cheat!).

  • Decide which ones are actually helping you get where you want to be and see if there’s any room for improvement there.
  • Decide which ones are being a complete waste of time and STOP doing them once and for all.

Your Action Steps




If you have a lot of things to complete on your to-do lists and don’t even know where to start, I recommend that you start anywhere you can but get started already.

I’m Currently Doing This…

If you want to know what the heck am I doing to back up all that I’m saying here, you can check out any of my previous posts:

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7. Cold Shower Therapy (Habit Creation & Brain Rewiring)
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8. First Niche Site Experiment (Entrepreneurial)
I have never done a niche site before but that doesn’t means I’m going to wait until I know everything about them. Fail fast, fail cheap, move on. Just do it.


There you have it.

To move forward you need to step up your game and commit to it because nobody is going to do it for you.

Take care, have a great weekend and speak soon!


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  1. Reply

    Wow Sergio

    This is a post and a half, where I struggle is actually finishing the things I start, and I mean 100% complete as I will finish and move on at anything > 85%. In marketing it’s the last 15% that generate 85% of the profits, so although I know everything something’s stopping me from doing it.

    Perhaps if and when I find out that my science career is over I will have to focus in on the last 15% as I will need it to pay the bills.

    Anyway keep on writing like this and good things will happen to you.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      So it is that last 15% what actually makes 85% the profits? Good to know (and makes perfect sense too!)

      I have found that whenever I think I may not be able to follow through something all the way to 100%, if I make it public, there are a lot less chances that I’m going to fail.

      It happened with the video review challenge, it is happening with the cold shower therapy and I hope it happens as well with the niche site experiment I’m currently building.

      So that’s a way to do it.

      I know you’ll find a way to rock that missing 15% very soon because as you just said, it’s just a matter of focusing on it.

      Thank you for contributing to the article and glad you liked it Andrew.

      Take care! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • April 15, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    This made me laugh so much:
    “When I finally get to bed, I curl up my legs inside the sheets with my magic protection blanket (lol) and I finally fall asleep.”

    When I was young I used to think that it was important to have every part of your body actually inside the sheets otherwise the bad creatures of the night could snatch you and pull you from the bed.

    It seems a little silly now but it seemed to make a lot of sense at the time.

    On a more serious note. “Do…something…now” sums up the rest of your blog in three words.

    This is an excellent post. I know you are making lots of changes in your life right now and I am doing the same.

    This is scary and exhilarating all at the same time…rather like taking a cold shower except not quite as wet.


    P.S. Talking of cold showers I think I will take one now but I have no intention of filming the process. ;)

    1. Reply

      Yeah Patrick, for some reason the rule of thumb was to ‘keep every body part inside the sheets’ to stay safe. LOL

      I know you’re currently going under some major changes as well but are you seriously going to take a cold shower in the UK? I think I would die if I did that haha

      Anyway, if you did go for it please let me know as I want to know how much did it suck!

      Take care and thank you for the kind comments about the blog man, speak later! ;-)

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