Free 7-Day Internet Marketing Plan

I have a great free offer for you today!

Since my latest post on deleting my whole list of subscribers I have focused all my efforts on one single thing only and that is being as productive as I possibly can.

Not the kind of “let’s do a huge to-do list and throw in there everything we can think of” thing.

Like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, taking a bath in the morning, blah, blah, blah.

People do this kind of thing just to feel productive while all they are doing is cheating on themselves and messing around to not get the job done.

No, I mean like really, really working.

Making progress and finally doing the things that matter.

It has been a lot of fun to create this, a little bit of stress here and there (no need to sugar coat anything) but FUN and eye opening too. Gosh I wish I did this a lot of time before but oh well, I’ve done it now which is what counts.

Free Seven Day Internet Marketing Plan

Anyway, what I have created for you here, is a free seven day marketing plan that focuses on getting you started in Internet Marketing from scratch.

It will teach you how to line up your interests (hobbies, passions, etc) and how to combine them with Internet Marketing in a way that you position yourself to earn some money as soon as you’re done with the training.

You have to understand that it is practically impossible to go really deep in any subject in such a short training although I do teach how to create your own website from scratch and leave no stone unturned in that area.

The training consists of an 11-page introduction report on what to expect to get out of the training, who am I, what I did before Internet Marketing, how I got started online and where I’m currently going to.

Sergio Felix's 7-Day Internet Marketing Plan
7-Day Internet Marketing Plan Report

Then after the report is sent to you, you’ll receive the main training which is divided into seven different modules and they go something like this:

1. Domain Names

Includes how to pick a good domain name, common mistakes to avoid and a few ninja resources are shared as well.

2. Hosting Accounts

Selecting the right type of hosting, how to save more money, reseller accounts for flipping websites, hosting clients and more.

3. WordPress Websites

Headache-free wordpress installation, my personal configuration and settings, premium theme recommendations.

7 Day Internet Marketing Plan Sneak Peek
7 Day Internet Marketing Plan Sneak Peek

4. List Building

Why you need to start building your list right away, how to speak to your audience, how to become an authority.

5. Products & Services

How to take advantage of your knowledge and passions and turn that into profits.

6. Preparing for Success

Absolute must-have accounts, marketplaces, your marketing arsenal, how to make things happen faster.

7. Targeted Traffic

Title says it all, driving targeted traffic to your site and offers.

8. Secret Update

I may (or may not) have a surprise here. ;-)

Course Format

All the content is delivered via email straight to your inbox.

Like I said above you receive an update every single day for seven days (eight counting the initial report) to a “secret page” where the content is presented in the following form:

  • Introduction video
  • Over the shoulder how-to videos
  • Short report to read for that lesson
  • Resources section
  • Freebies (optional)
7-Day Internet Marketing Plan Short Reports
7-Day Internet Marketing Plan Short Reports

This free training is just a very tiny taste of what my full massive wordpress coaching is actually like so I think anyone who joins this, is going to LOVE the content.

Video I Used for the Squeeze Page

This is the video I used for the squeeze page and this is what everyone else is seeing before actually joining the training.

[youtuber youtube=’’]
Even though the video may look very natural to you, it took me several takes because I do not talk that fluent or fast.

I wish I had more time to edit the bloopers reel but I will do that as soon as I get some free time (if that ever happens).

There are more squeeze pages to be created, including split testing with a fake video, just written text, cartoon image, etc; I plan to share the details for those squeeze pages very soon.

Why Make This for Free?

I decided to create this training and make it free mainly because I didn’t have a freebie in place and I wanted to offer a lot more than just a report.

Competition is tough and I wanted to step up my game so that was one of the main reasons to create and release something like this for free.

I know there is a lot of people that probably never heard of me before so I’m thinking that having a training like this, can shorten the “let’s get to know each other” span a lot faster.

Remember when I told you how to achieve the know, like and trust factor in record time?

Well here’s how I’m doing it.

A lot of people I have never even spoken to before, call me by my name and tell me jokes right away like we have been buddies for a long time so I think my theory of using video so people can get familiar with you really fast is definitely accurate.

I may create a sales page out of all of this in the near future (depending on the results that I get) and offer it as a paid program including some cool things like premium themes, done for you offers, direct access to me and a few other resources so we’ll see how it goes when the time is right.

This is How I’ve Been Working Behind the Scenes

Haven’t slept much lately but I’m pretty much okay with my work schedule right now.

[youtuber youtube=’′]

I have literally never have been this focused in my entire life (well maybe before actually taking my thesis exam but you get the idea).

As you can see I have been very busy but the cool thing is that doing all of this, brought back many memories of things that I had already forgotten.

Right now I feel like an OptimizePress ninja, I’m starting to do some graphics myself (check out my twitter background), videos are being done in one-takes, there’s a lot of tracking and split testing going on and I’m really excited in general from all of this.

Subscriber’s List Daily Growth

This is an image I took from my AWeber stats and it shows how many people have been joining this free training.

Daily Subscriber Growth
Daily Subscriber Growth

So from where I’m standing, these numbers are pretty good considering I haven’t even used solo ads or paid advertising of any kind.

Some of the Latest Feedback

Very nice work, Sergio, look forward to the rest of your email series. ~ J.P.

I will be promoting yours (my paid program) as I feel instinctively that it will be a quality product. ~ C.H.

You’re an inspiration to many! ~ H.L.

Off to a good start Sergio. Good work. ~ C.S.

You make great videos, Sergio! Very different and you’re fun to watch! ~ K.V.

Awesome Sergio! I don’t know how you guys do these vids… I’d be stuttering and tripping over my words thru the whole thing. ~ S.C.

Hey. I’m a believer! Sergio has it going. I’m on day 2, great course! ~ T.W.

I freakin love this guy. I’ll take 1 Sergio over 10 online experts everyday all day. Keep crushing it bro! ~ J. L.

So far almost 100 people are currently going through the training and the feedback has been nothing but amazing!

I am grateful for each and every single person that is helping me with this and participating on this training as well. I also expect to get a lot more students and I really can’t wait to see what happens in the end.

Join the Free Training Now

Anyway I don’t want to make this any longer and I’m beyond the 1,500 words mark now so if this sounds like something you may learn a thing or two from, you can click on the image down below to join now.

Click here to join the 7-Day Internet Marketing Plan


Creating this training has empowered me to create even more stuff.

Remember that we have less than one month to reach the middle of 2013 and I really want to accomplish every single one of the goals I talked about on this post dominating the world, plans for 2013.

I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m willing to push as hard as needed, I’m getting married in just five months now so time is literally flying and there are still many things that need to be taken care of.

Right now I’m not going to say exactly what I’m going to do next but I can tell you right away it’s going to be a game changer.

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you on the inside, ciao for now!


PS. I’m no longer going to do the blog hopping comment reciprocation thing. I genuinely don’t have time for that anymore so if you are OK with that and still want to leave me your feedback here, be my guest and I will gladly reply here in the thread and you still get a link back to your site. ;-)

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    • Carlie Hamilton
    • June 8, 2013

    I’m getting married this year too! My wedding is in September.

    Congrats on getting this up and going, it really is a quality course that I am sure many people are enjoying. You will have to let us know how much your list grows from it.

    1. Reply

      Hey Carlie,

      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Mine is in November and like I said in the article, time is literally flying now, can’t imagine what it is like for you.

      I have updated the post with a daily subscriber growth chart, about to hit 100 members already in just five days (the first day was started in the last couple of hours of the first day).

      Thanks for stopping by and being around, I certainly appreciate it and all the best on your upcoming wedding Carlie! ;-)

        • Carlie Hamilton
        • June 9, 2013

        Thanks Sergio,
        I’m glad I came back. Wow, that list growth is awesome, congrats. I can only imagine where it will be in a couple of days!!!


        1. Reply

          Hey Carlie, thank you and I guess we will have to wait and see!

          There are currently 96 people taking the course and today is the seventh day so I’m hoping to break the 100 subscriber’s barrier in one week.

          Since the day is still young (8:33am my time) I say this milestone can definitely be reached, I hope it happens! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hello Sergio, its nice to see something of yours

    the ebook cover is nice and crisp, and he does look like you. the format looks nice and easy to follow.
    A Step by step course is great and the looking over your shoulder will show your visitors what you are doing, in front of their eyes.

    Stopping the blog hopping thing? then can you still check out the blog posts of my blog which I link back to (your comments mean alot)

    I hope the majority of your goals have been accomplished if not things always overlap.

    Wedding not far away, i’m sure you will get everything done by then.

    Good luck in it all.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt, great to see you here man.

      I’m determined to reach all my goals for this year no matter what I have to do, that’s why I’m being more careful where I spend my time from now on.

      Thanks for stopping by and I’ll check your report as soon as I have a bit of time man, take care! ;-)

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • June 11, 2013

    Really interesting Sergio,
    I’m so sorry for coming late here, I’ve been so busy with my exams. just finished today.

    I’m really happy that you’re finally getting the work done man, that’s exactly the kind of success we all want to be experiencing. I don’t have much to say actually but, i just wanted to congratulate you on your success so far, I’m sure that more are coming.

    I’m also joining your list now for the 7 days training although, i already know most of the things but, I’m pretty i will pick something new from the guru… (u).

    How is your product going? when will be the launch? I’m looking forward to that man.

    Thanks and more strength to your elbows.

    1. Reply

      Hey Theodore, don’t be sorry man, it’s never too late for anything!

      Thank you for joining my training, you are already a very knowledgeable blogger but I still do give away many tips that are not WordPress related so I hope you can still get something out of it.

      A guru me? Haha not at all man, just passionate for computers and now marketing.

      I needed to put this training out first to create some buzz for my paid training and at more than 100 students now, I think it worked great so today will be all about working on my sales page for my paid program.and hopefully I’ll be submitting this next to Clickbank as well.

      Thanks for stopping by Theodore and for your continued support, take care man! ;-)

  2. Reply

    This is quite a commendable achievement Sergio,
    I’m very happy for this. Its obvious that hard work pays and all these is because of the good decition you took last time.

    I’ve learnt from it and will be focusing more too.

    Thanks a lot for sharing and wishing you more fabulous success.

    1. Reply

      Hey Peter,

      Thanks for the feedback man and yeah, not being highly focused is definitely a success killer, been there too many times but I’m finally starting to focus on the things that matter.

      Take care and have a great day man! ;-)

    • Bill
    • June 13, 2013

    Hi Sergio

    Just wanted to compliment you on your site and this post.

    I love the look and feel of the site! Very fresh and vibrant!

    A great post too… what a freebie you’re right it does make you stand out in the crowd.

    I’m just starting on the QSC and boy have I got a long way to go!

    Good luck with the course. It looks fantastic and I’m sure it’ll be a winner for you!


    1. Reply

      Hey Bill, thank you very much for the kind comment man!

      So you’re a Dean Holland student then? That’s awesome, my only advice would be to come up with a plan based on what Dean teaches there and follow it to the T.

      There’s nothing worse than having a great marketing plan and not taking action upon it.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your upcoming success endeavours! ;-)

    • Linda
    • June 13, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    I am not sure you should be working such long hours with such little sleep. I know how that goes if you do that too much, then you are just drained and don’t get much done ;-)

    As you know, I signed up for your course, I haven’t watched much cause I already know everything, but I really like your approach and Optimize Press just makes it so much easier. I’ll be on the lookout for that surprise ;-)

    I am happy to hear how your list has been growing and I wish you nothing but the best.

    Talk to you soon :)


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda, you’re clearly not my audience then. ;-)

      To be honest I don’t think there is much I can teach to another blogger and I’m already kind of fed up on the term too…

      I have been thinking of removing the label “blogger” altogether from everything that has my name because bloggers are strongly related to people who can’t figure out how to make money online and that is certainly not me.

      Thank you for checking out the training though as that is the channel (the list you are currently on) where I’ll be offering more stuff and not directly on the blog like I already said in the past.

        • Carlie Hamilton
        • June 14, 2013

        Sad face Sergio! About the blogging comment!!

        Actually, the course that I am working on is going to be aimed at those bloggers who can’t take their blog to the next level. There sure does seem to be a lot of them about!

        1. Reply

          LOL yeah I know, it’s just the label I have problems with and believe me, there are a LOT of people in this situation.

          I WAS going to write about this but as I said above, I want to focus on creating content through other methods (trainings, books, etc) not just writing on my blog but I still want to share this here with you Carlie.

          This comes from my mentor and it was just a rant he had on Facebook that I believe it’s so real it pisses me off a bit because I agree 100% with it:

          “Some people can never be helped. Someone asked me earlier today, “What do you teach in your coaching?”.

          I explained that I teach what I consider to be the BEST route to an ethical, scalable and consistent online income, by building an online brand in a profitable niche; consisting of a blog, your own information products, a responsive e-mail list, launching products, recruiting affiliates, building evergreen funnels, driving traffic, doing affiliate marketing, etc.

          He replied “Oh, this isn’t for me. I know how to do all of that. I’m looking for the next step.”

          I asked him how much money he was making and he replied, “Nothing, yet”.

          No offense intended here but if you REALLY ‘know how to do’ all of the above and you aren’t making a MINIMUM of $10,000 per month – you’re sadly and seriously doing something wrong.

          I guess some people are STILL looking for the ‘magic’ bit.”

          This, I see everywhere and it’s one of the main reasons I decided to delete my subscriber’s list completely and why I decided to terminate my efforts in trying to help people through blogging.

          If people PAY for advice, there may be a slightly better chance of people actually paying attention so that’s the #1 reason why I shifted everything recently.

          This topic is definitely GREAT content for more than just writing a few articles, this is amazing content for sales pages, consulting pages and even creating high ticket offers because people are still looking for something that doesn’t even exists.

          And directly from the words of a 7-figure marketer… “You stop selling when they stop buying”.

          It’s just a vicious circle, I know it because I have been there so no sad faces Carlie, is just a term after all. ;-)

            • Carlie Hamilton
            • June 14, 2013

            Great write up, Sergio! Such passion, which we all love to hear.

            I think for sure there are lots of people out there like that. I believe they will naturally stay away from us because we show that it does take effort and action to make make some money online.

            There are people who want the magic thing every where. People looking to lose weight, is another great example.

            I wouldn’t worry about those people. They will naturally stay away from you and I because we both demonstrate taking action and giving sound advice. They wont hang around because they don’t want to hear it!

            Sergio, I would love you to embrace the blog. It is what has helped you build such an awesome rapport with so many people. You have a way with your posts and your videos that easily draw people in to like and trust you. It will bring in leads for your products and will be a great hub for your brand.

            It is my belief that a blog is a cornerstone for many (most? all?) online marketers. Embrace the blog!

            Do Christians hate their religion because there are a few outspoken religious nut jobs? No!

            Maybe that is a bad example, but I honestly think you will gain a lot from helping people through blogging.

            People do value things more that they pay for. And yes, you should be creating your own products because that’s where the $$ are. But I think your blog is your platform to reach a wider audience so that you can constantly be putting more people into your funnel.

            In conclusion: Embrace the blog! Love the blog! Be one with the blog! (But it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do).

            1. Haha absolutely LOVED this reply Carlie!

              It definitely made my day (even though it is still pretty early here, I do think it will be the highlight of the day) thank you for such an awesome reply! ;-)

    • Linda
    • June 13, 2013

    Oh and I love your Twitter background – did you create those graphics yourself for your eBook – AWESOME! I LOVE IT!!


    1. Reply

      I outsourced my cartoon character but I did everything else myself, including the twitter background. ;-)

        • Linda
        • June 13, 2013


        I am sick of blogging and all that crap – as you probably have noticed, I haven’t done much with that lately, myself.

        I don’t know why you would want to remove yourself as a blogger because I think you have done a SUPER JOB! Much better than myself and you have so much to give. So, forget that idea and just keep going FORWARD!!

        You are almost there, I feel it :)

        Good job once again on your twitter background – it can be pretty simple if you have some patience with working on graphic stuff ;)

        Talk to ya later!

        1. Reply

          I love writing and I’m not going to stop doing it, I’m just sick of the label “blogger” that’s all. ;-)

  3. Reply

    Way to go Sergio!

    I’m a Front line Cheerleader…Holding my breath and
    sending you good thoughts.

    Like the new look!

    Now I can figure out How you might make an
    income…the old Blog was nice but without Direction and Determination!

    Keep on—–keeping on…that old saying “The light at the end of the Tunnel”
    is definitely on High Beam….

    1. Reply

      Thank you Cararta!

      How I actually am going to make a steady income is with the training I have in the back burner, hopefully it’ll be out in the next days, just working on the final details now.

      Thank for you for the kind comment and hope you have a great weekend! ;-)

      PS. The first site had no direction at all whatsoever, I still wonder how I managed to make some money from it. LOL

  4. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    I think you’ve got some pretty good information just in the comments of THIS post. You could almost write another blog post just from your conversation with Carlie! I hope you won’t quit writing on your blog completely.

    1. Reply

      Thanks George and no, the blog stays, I’m just changing a few things around man.

      PS. I highly recommend checking out Carlie’s site, she’s amazing!

  5. Reply

    Hi Sergio,
    I have been following everything you’ve been up to for the last year or so, and it is amazing to see how you have grown since your first blog post. This is actually my first comment on your blog, but from now on I will become a regular commentator :)

    I loved the free training, and it has some really great information and taught in a way that’s easy to understand and follow along. You have also inspired me to take massive action and finally get my own site up and running!

    Speak to you soon,

    1. Reply

      Hey Navid, thanks for the super awesome comment my man!

      I am trying really hard to deliver only the very best possible content I can and getting feedback such as your comment is definitely a good sign that I’m on the right path.

      I checked out your site and saw you have a very tidy website, have an excellent writing style and promote a lot of the things I actually LOVE such as:

      – The Genesis framework
      – Corbett Barr’s training
      – Digital Nomad Academy
      – Matt Wolfe’s training and even
      – Fizzle (I still want to take a look inside this but I can’t handle more trainings for now)

      Your About Me page simply ROCKS and you even have an interview with Pat Flynn so man, I don’t know if you barely got started with your blog but I think you definitely have been in business for a while! ;-)

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, keeping up with all my journey here and your kind words Navid.

      PS. I’m checking out your interview next!

      1. Reply

        Thank you for your kind and encouraging words Sergio!

        It’s an interesting time ahead and I have been struggling with stuff for about a year actually. I have been learning way more than taking action in the sense of putting myself out there.
        But it helped me find the “right” people online so I don’t have to waste more time, and I realized that it was time for me to simply get everything up and running, and the best way to do that is just to start.

        It doesn’t even have to be perfect the first time around, just good enough, and I have learnt to enjoy the journey and the process by following you and a few others who started out in a smilier way.

        And yes, I just got started with the blog actually, but I should have launched it a long time ago, but every time I managed to make up excuses for why it was not good enough for some reason. Glad it looks that I have been in business for a while though, appreciate it ;-)

        All the best

        1. Reply

          Hey Navid, that’s how I got started as well.

          As soon as I realized I would have to put myself out there sooner or later, I started creating all these barriers for myself so I wouldn’t get out of my comfort zone.

          That’s why the sayings “fail fast, fail often” (or even “fail forward”) are so common in the internet marketers’ circles.

          Sadly, not many actually live by them (they’d rather be comfy and not make any progress until it hurts so much that they have to start taking action because there’s no other thing left to do).

          It’s pretty impressive that you just started with your blog because it really seems like you have been doing it for a long time already so you have an awesome head start there.

          If I were you, I would take advantage of that, you already interviewed Pat Flynn so you have raised the bar by quite a bit there just don’t drop the ball now, keep going for the same level or even higher in anything you do next.

          I learned a few things from some UK marketers and they had a very popular saying which is “don’t get it perfect, get it going” so always think of that man.

          Hope to see you around here again and I’ll be definitely checking out your progress Navid, I have a gut feeling you’ll do some fantastic things very soon!

  6. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    my friend Navid Moazzez just directed me to your site and I directly subscribed!
    Reading a few of your articles was enough to know, that you’re going to provide massive value in the marketing course.

    Since I started my personal blog two days ago, your course comes in really handy :-)

    I’d love to hear, what you think about my site.

    Best regards,

    1. Reply

      Hey Jan, thanks a lot man!

      Hope the training does give you a tip or two and okay… where the heck are you two guys (you and Navid) learning from?

      You both have insanely good looking websites right from the start and you’re just getting started? That is freaking amazing!

      The blog looks very good, loved the professional geeky picture and the fact that you already are discovering how to overcome your challenges with actions and not by talking about it like most people do.

      Even though I’m a systems engineer, I do not consider myself a coder (nor I am one) but I’m fascinated by computer-ish stuff and I can figure most things out even if I have to reverse engineer stuff I don’t even understand (I can really do that).

      Having said that, I love the passion you have for coding and I also like the non-geeky approach you have about it (everyone needs to learn at least a little bit of coding).

      Finally congratulations on running your own online store and creating that first book, just like Navid I think you both guys are definitely in for something big and I see that happening very soon.

      Really glad I have connected with you (and Navid as well) take care man and hope to see you around here again.

      PS. Since I’m a big Pat Flynn’s fan myself I’m going to check that interview now. ;-)

    • Robin J Emdon
    • June 26, 2013

    Wow Sergio!

    This is great! Very inspiring and motivational stuff! Keep it going Sergio. And you’re clearly getting some great feedback too.

    I love it!


    1. Reply

      Thanks Robin, glad you’re digging the content man.

    • Julia Reed
    • July 3, 2013

    That was really nice of you to share this amazing course for free. I’m sure that not only I, but also many other users would benefit from it just like I did) Thanks and have a nice day!

    1. Reply

      Thank you Julia, glad you liked the training! ;-)

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