I just received this in the mail today and I couldn’t be any more excited.

However, I’m not going to talk about the book (I haven’t read it yet).

What I want to do instead, is talk a little bit about how Frank Kern is advertising and marketing this.

We all know that people love to pay to digest content but unfortunately almost nobody takes action on the new acquired knowledge.

That’s pretty much like a given fact these days.

E-mail Marketing

March 4th.

I received two emails telling me about the “Convert” book with a difference of only two minutes.

One was from Frank Kern himself.

The second one was from Eben Pagan.

March 5th.

The next day I receive another e-mail from Eben Pagan promoting “Convert” but he was also promoting Marie Forleo’s “B-School”.

I find that interesting because I’ve been told numerous times to only have ONE call to action per e-mail but hey, he’s Eben Pagan after all!

March 6th.

Frank sent another promotion for “Convert” and almost at midnight sent a second e-mail promoting “Webinar Jam”.

I guess he was targeting people in Europe because that’s the time when they are waking up.

March 7th.

At exactly 12:00 pm Frank sends another promotion for “Webinar Jam”.

I believe this was the one meant for us in America (the continent).

March 11th.

Then it was all silent for a few days until Jeff Walker chimed in promoting “Convert” on this day.

Frank sent another e-mail a few hours later doing another push for “Convert”.

April 1st.

I never heard about “Convert” again until I decided to bite the bullet and buy it myself, which I did on this day (April 1st).

And of course, with the proper tracking I probably won’t receive another e-mail for “Convert”, at least not one coming from Frank Kern.


I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t do a lot of web research after this because I wasn’t THAT interested.

I know Frank uses a lot of paid promotions and he has already said that Facebook Ads has the best ROI but I guess it all depends what you are promoting and who is your audience.

With that said, I found a very basic press release (on prweb.com of course) that gave just the right information away.

It’s basically five paragraphs, a very short video from Tony Robbins recommending Frank Kern (social proof), an image of the book and a call to action at the end.

Frank Kern’s “Convert” Book Unboxing Video

In case you’re already bored out of your mind reading this article, I decided to shoot this unboxing video just for you.

It’s probably the most boring unboxing video ever because let’s face it, I’m unboxing a book after all.

I believe the real reason for all of this, is that I wanted an excuse for doing a video and this book arriving in the mail was perfect, don’t you think? ;-)


Well, there you have it.

Two ways to drive really targeted traffic:

I would also like to throw in Facebook Ads but to be honest I can’t remember if I did see offers in facebook or not.

There was a ton of word of mouth about it though.

Also, I haven’t seen many internet marketers using press releases lately for their products (at least not the ones in my circles) and I almost never even care to read a press release myself but I guess you can still drive some serious traffic normally from non marketing people by using these.

Again, it depends on what the product or service is and who your target audience is.

So I gues I’ll start reading this book and see if this simple little formula that sold $50 million worth of products and services online for Frank Kern can do the same for me.

Your Turn To Shine!

Do you have the “Convert” book by Frank Kern?

What kind of traffic do you use for your paid products?

Let me know in the comments area (even if you hated the unboxing video).

You know I welcome all kind of feedback LOL

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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