Fail Rollercoaster

Yesterday was a fail rollercoaster left and right and boy was that an interesting day.

It all started pretty good, I had plans to de-clutter my workplace and leave everything set and ready for the big day.

Turns out I bought some computer hardware from Amazon like two weeks ago for the new computer rig I have been working on.

You see, my main computer died on me not too long ago so I needed something else to work with and decided to build a new computer from scratch.

The Upgrade

computer almost ready
New Computer Almost Ready To Go

Right now I have a crappy desktop computer and an old Macbook.

I really can’t use these computers for anything that requires some decent processing power.

And by ‘anything’ I mean basic stuff like video recording, video editing and all those tasks that are required in order for you to create a quality product to sell.

troubleshooting computer
Troubleshooting The Old Computer

The Bad News

Well I was told that the computer parts that were supposed to arrive today are not arriving at all (long story).

I’m hoping I can get them on March 19th but that’s just an assumption so I’m not even sure when I’m actually going to receive the hardware I was expecting today.

As a quick disclaimer, I have to point out that this is nobody’s fault since the items are being handled by friends out of any interest so this is just one of those situations that I just have to deal with it.

The Car Ride

And sure I dealt with it.

After knowing the bad news, I immediately grabbed my car keys and rushed to the local computer store.

I decided to buy any hard drive and get out of the situation myself as soon as possible and have that computer up and running once and for all.

I planned I would install the operating system, the applications I required and once I got the new solid state drive, then I would just clone the hard drive and use the temporary hard drive as an external unit.

And Then The Car Almost Dies

Here’s the kicker though… I’m on my way to the store and after a few blocks, my car starts running out of gas… a quick ironic laugh and a “thank you” directed towards the sky… I forgot I was low on gas the day before and now I was stuck in traffic with a hungry old SUV truck gasping for more gas.

It really felt like the car was going to just fail on me right in the middle of that traffic chaos, I’m not sure how but I barely made it to the gas station.

Then I’m thinking to myself “man, this is nothing… I’m going to make this day better no matter what and get it fixed” and there I go off to the store’s parking lot and I start running to the computer store as I begin to get a bit anxious on the whole negative chain reaction.

The Computer Store

As soon as I entered the store, I asked to see the hard drives in stock and I was given one that I almost dropped as soon as I realized what it was.

It was a Seagate SATA hard drive, the Barracuda type. Massive YUCK.

These have to be the shittiest hard drives ever made and I immediately asked for another brand “whatever you got but not Seagate Barracuda’s…” and the answer I got was that these are very sturdy and can take a lot of computer abuse…

A long deep breath from me and I decided to play it cool…

“Look, I really don’t like these hard drives, can you please see if you have any other brand available?”

And the computer sales guy starts off by saying how many people ask for that brand and how great they are at gaming and for karaoke machines and then I started to get a bit pissed on the whole situation.

I did not have the time (or the mood) to talk about computer backgrounds or anything of that (I can’t stand computer nerd wannabe’s either) so I just told him this time:

“I own two exact Seagate Barracuda’s which I bought for building a server with a raid array*, one of the disks died a lot sooner than expected and the second one followed 10 days afterwards.”

(I have more bad experiences with these drives than that but that’s all I said to the store clerk, I wasn’t trying to be an ass to him, I just wanted another brand and get on with it.)

He had that “what?” expression on his face and then started saying how these were the only ones that the provider was selling to them.

After that answer I knew I was not going to go anywhere so I decided to buy the horrendous hard drive.

seagate barracudas
My Seagate Barracudas – Need More Proof? (the picture above has another one)

*(a raid array is a hard drives configuration for either balancing charge loads or security matters, normally used inside servers)

Credit Card Hell

The credit card was used twice, didn’t work.

The people on this store trust me since I always buy my hardware there and they actually owe me a very expensive video card which they haven’t delivered it to me yet.

video card note
A Note Worth A USD $400 Video Card

So I thought maybe I could just take the hard drive and come back tomorrow and try again but that did not happen.

I told the lady, “okay, you know what? Let’s call the bank then” and she handed me a phone.

Half an hour later of listening to automated voices and music designed to make me crazy, I finally got to speak with a human bank executive, only to receive a number and a forwarded call to nobody land.

After something like 15 extra minutes, the lady starts giving me strange looks and then she couldn’t take it anymore.

She told me she really needed the phone and asked if what I was doing was going to take any more time.

Felt instantly embarrased and decided to hang up and then asked her “Okay I can’t solve this with the bank, they’re just not picking up the phone again, so what do we do now?”

Naive or not, I was expecting a positive answer but she told me “Well you tell me”.

I was already embarrased and I was definitely not going to suggest to take the hard drive home without paying for it and achieve maximum embarrasment level so I just replied… “I’ll come back tomorrow” and got out of the store.

failed credit card processing
Yesterday’s Failed Bank Transactions

Bank Representatives & Security Locks

By this time I am standing right on the sidewalk with a massive headache and trying to figure out what to do next before totally losing my mind (the bank was closed already so that wasn’t an option).

The reason I got from the bank representative was that the credit card had a “security lock” on and that’s why I couldn’t make the processing charge to it.

This security lock thing has happened at least three times now and I have the paranoic assumption that the people that call me every single day from the bank to sell me insurance, are getting back at me for not buying the service.

It’s not that I want to blame someone about it but man, it sure feels like I’m being picked on.

Trying To Fix It Somehow

I started driving home and I was trying to think of something that could pull me off the frustration mode I got into and the only things I could think about, were these three:

1. I called my girlfriend and then my cell phone died… Are… You… Kidding… Me?

Honestly, I just focused on getting to my house without crashing the car because the whole day was kind of designed to make everything go bad for me.

I even took an alternative route with less traffic because I really, really felt like I was having one of those God’s prank days.

2. I thought about going for a run (jogging) but as much as I wanted to do this, I was already paranoid of my huge bad day and I was definitely not going to risk myself to make it even worse.

Maybe I could be victim of armed robbery or who knows, a meteor landing on my SUV, the possibilities suddenly weren’t that remote.

3. I made it home safely (at last!) and I chose to turn off all “marketing activities” and decided to socialize inside an “anything goes” marketing conference room.

Anything Goes Conference Room

This place is filled with people I really like to socialize with.

There are no pitching fests and they genuinely care about helping the newcomers to make progress with their internet businesses and promotions.

However, logging there did not contributed for my search of inner peace either.

There were some questions that in my personal opinion lacked the right mindset and resulted in an instant turn off and another thing to add to the set of failure compilation I had been building throughout the day.

I got a few good ideas from a quick topic suggestion contest/exercise so it wasn’t that bad after all.

But still, I decided to flee from the conference room and started writing this blog post you’re currently reading right now.

Writing did help and now (a day later) I have a clearer mind… Just in case you were wondering what happened in the end, I survived.


You’ll encounter bad days and sometimes you’ll find very bad days.

For me, this was easily the crappiest day on my whole “Internet Marketing Career” because no matter how hard I tried to make it right, I kept failing miserably each and every time.

Positive thinking: I didn’t buy a hard disk that I’d have massively hated and I also got a few good ideas to write about and who knows, maybe even create a product from.

And last but not least… I’m not really into motivational videos, quotes or anything but I really needed something to lift my spirit and then I found this…

The Time Is Now

Want To Share?

Have you had any days that go from bad to worse and if you have, have you been able to stop the failing pattern and make them better?

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this.


PS. I’m still standing.

PPS. For ultimate trolling level, this whole hard disk thing started because I couldn’t buy a solid state drive anywhere in Mexico.

Well I just checked the online store I normally get my stuff from when I can’t get it on my local store and they have a whole new stock of solid state drives ready for shipping…

How’s that for irony?



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    • Sally Larrison (morda111)
    • March 6, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I think we all have days like that someitmes. Anyone that claims otherwise is only fooling themselves. When I have a day like that, I turn off the computer, hide my keys, find a good book and curl up on the sofa! Things always look better the day after. :)

    oh and figured out which email my pic was attached to LOL

    1. Reply

      Hey Sally,

      I like your idea of reading a book and shutting everything else off. Thank you!

      Nice job on the gravatar update. (Tip: You can add more e-mails to your gravatar account if you need them and they will update automatically wherever they are being used)

  1. Reply

    Wow Sergio,

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

    Everyone has days where nothing works, and everything you touch just turns to shit. Just remember that you’re now due a day where everything you touch turns to gold.

    Thanks for sharing, it takes a strong mindset to share failure, so stay positive.


    1. Reply

      Thank you Andrew,

      It really means a lot and I hope your words becomes true.

      PS. Amazing job on that CTP Login video man, I really enjoyed it and the intro was top notch!

        • Patrick Griffin
        • March 7, 2012

        Yes indeed. Andrew has raided the bar when it comes to CTP login lesson promo videos.

          • Patrick Griffin
          • March 7, 2012

          Sorry Andrew.

          When I said you ‘raided the bar’ I perhaps should have said you “raised the bar”

          No Scottish stereotyping from me.

          P. ;)

    • Cat Alexandra
    • March 6, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Well it sounds like Murphy’s Law was having a field day with you yesterday! Man!!

    Hopefully you’ve made your quota of God’s prank days for the year, eh? lol If that’s the case, the rest of the year should be some smooooooooooth sailing!

    I love that you took the time to vent it out constructively. This is what separates the winners from the chumps – and you, my friend, are indeed a WINNER!

    Cat ;)

    1. Reply

      Hey Cat,

      LOL yeah that damn Murphy Law got me good yesterday, I just hope it gets better from now on, I mean, it can’t get any worse than that right… RIGHT?

      Thank you for the #winning comment, I bet Charlie Sheen would be proud of me haha and I also appreciate it as well.

      Take care and speak soon Cat! ;-)

  2. Reply

    Wow man, what could have went wrong most certainly did didn’t it!

    We all have days like that Sergio, you have just got to be strong and think about the next day.

    To be honest when I have a bad day and nothing is working out, I give it one more shot. If that doesn’t work out it probably wasn’t meant to be.

    You just have to break out the food, have a beer, turn on the TV and relax! The next day will always be brighter man.

    You are not alone Sergio, but I do feel for you :-)

    I’m sure the next few days are going to be awesome!


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      Yeah mate, it definitely went downhill all the way.

      It’s funny that you suggested the beer since I actually drove to a mini market and I was decided to buy a few cold ones, try to relax and think about the next day but I didn’t and I went past the mini market right to my house.

      Thank you for the encouragement words mate, it always helps to know I’m not the only one with these ‘special’ days.

      Take care and speak soon. ;-)

      PS. Your new product is going to massively ROCK man, I really think so.

    • Jeevanjacobjohn
    • March 6, 2012

    Wow, that must have been a day!

    I have had days in which I get a lot of problems. But, usually I am able to get through it, after some time. I only have had 2-3 days like you had – everything went miserably wrong (and I don’t even want to talk/remember about those days – because it will just keep me worried. Life is much better now. Enjoying my days with blogging, watching movies and studying (That pretty sums up everything I do).

    I am glad that you made through the day, Sergio :D If I were you, I would have actually screamed (or something else) at everyone I saw (it happens with me…Kind of hard to control my rage, but I am getting much better at nowadays).

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Sergio.

    Hope you get your shipments fast :D

    Jeevan Jacob John

    1. Reply

      Hey Jeevan,

      Indeed it was man and I’m happy that you’re doing much better now.

      I have to admit that my normal reaction would have been of rage but I am slowly learning that if I manage to focus that kind of energy into something more productive (or positive) I get a lot of things done.

      The only thing that went wrong here is that each time I tried to make it right, I failed lol but oh well, at least I did not ended up pulling out my hair.

      Thank you for the kind wishes man and for sharing your experiences as well, I really appreciate it!

      Take care and speak soon! ;-)

    • Linda
    • March 6, 2012

    Wow, Sergio! What a bad day indeed – so glad you made it all in 1 piece!!

    So, whatever happened with your bank – hope that is all straightened out. Can you buy the hard drive online? Like Amazon? I have some other favorite places for hardware, but not sure they ship outside the US.

    I enjoyed reading this post and hopefully today has been a much better day!

    P.S – good video by the way :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Yeah it was definitely a bit too rough for my taste.

      I haven’t sorted out the bank thing yet, going to try to do that tomorrow as soon as they open.

      I bought the hard drive on Amazon and it has been delivered already in the USA but I still need a friend to go there and pick it up for me (I bought a few more things than just a hard drive btw).

      The equipment is coming this month (hopefully) I just don’t know what day.

      And to address your question, no, the US doesn’t ships anything that is computer or electronics related to Mexico due to importing/exporting regulations.

      Today was a very good day indeed!

      Apparently there’s a new offline client interested in getting their site done, we have a meeting arrangement for this next Saturday so I’ll see what happens.

      And last but not least, glad you enjoyed the video.

      I know many will just skip it and don’t even bother to see what it is but that’s expected so kudos for taking the time to check it out and commenting, thank you!

      Take care and speak soon. ;-)

      PS. Ahhh… great job on Barry’s video challenge, you’re definitely going at it Linda!

    • Nicole
    • March 6, 2012

    I love the video! It’s very inspiring and uplifting.. We should all really live foe today, not for yesterday nor tomorrow. :) Kudos!

    1. Reply

      Glad you liked it Nicole and good thoughts! ;-)

    • Chezianne
    • March 7, 2012

    Bad days are always around us…Sometimes, it depends on us how we can handle it and make it a better one…But this can serve as a lesson to everyone…

    1. Reply

      Hey Chezianne,

      Yeah it was just a day that didn’t end too well as for the lesson concerns, I don’t know what it is… never give up?

    • Jens P. Berget
    • March 7, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Wow, what a day. I hope you’re having a lot better day today :)

    I haven’t been duying components for my computer ever since I switched to mac. Now, when I need something, I buy a new Mac instead :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      Thank you man, I am having a much better day finally!

      You buy a new mac when you need something? haha well, that’s one way to do it, yes!

      I build my own computers and never use anything old so it’s the same thing but maybe with 5 or 6 times more power and at least 4 times less cost. ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • March 7, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    There is a reason you are my favorite blogger…posts like these.
    I love how you point pictures with words and how you let the readers experience every emotion you experienced.

    I think it is a good thing that you didn’t buy that hard drive. You knew you didn’t like it, you knew there was a good chance it might fail so why even risk wasting your money on it it all?

    Maybe, for once, the banks did you a favor by being so typically useless.

    OK well I must admit that I am not a huge fan of the motivational video…I started watching but gave up after just a few seconds.

    Maybe one has to be in the right frame of mind to listen to all that stuff…but your blog posts are something I can appreciate every time.

    Finally it is funny that you mention roller coasters as I have just written a blog post about a crazy roller coaster ride you would certainly never want to go on. It will be a while before I publish it but I guarantee you will shocked when you read it.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      Your favorite blogger? Wow man, those are some big words from someone like you, THANK YOU!!

      You’re right on the banks making me a favor by not letting me buy that hard disk besides I guess I’m really protected against credit card fraud haha

      The video is very slow to my taste and it was actually my second choice, I’ll publish the first choice today if I decide to publish what I had written before hell’s day. (Hint: It has to do with the first “PS.” and maybe you’ll love it or hate it, I’m not sure)

      I can’t wait to check out that roller coaster update, I love those damn things! Although my girlfriend doesn’t likes them that much but I still manage to get her to ride them with me.

      Thanks for stopping by and your amazing compliment Patrick, these are the ‘little’ things that can turn a shit day into an awesome day, I really appreciate it.

      Take care! ;-)

    • Dee
    • March 8, 2012

    Hi Sergio
    I guess we all have days like that from time to time and think ‘Will this day ever end?’
    Well, they do and we live to fight another day once the nightmare is over.
    Sales people who want you to buy what they have got and not what you want make me cross, but I usually baffle them with science and ask them questions I know they won’t be able to answer! Makes me feel good!
    I enjoyed the video, some nice quotes.

    1. Reply

      Hey Dee,

      You’re right, these kind of days do have an end (thank God) and I’m really happy it is finally over.

      I feel the same about stubborn sales people, I don’t understand why they don’t actually help people instead of forcing them to make an uninformed decision.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the video, speak soon! ;-)

    • Dev
    • March 9, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    What a great day. Each one of us has to go through those crappiest days, sometimes.

    I always think those things happens for some good reason. You knew that Hard disk isn’t good or useful. So why waste your money, I think Banks did you a favor by not allowing you to purchase that HD ;).

    I hope you are having an fantastic day, today.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dev,

      Yeah man, I’m definitely happy that I didn’t get that HD although I still have to solve the issue with the new computer.

      Thanks for the good wishes!

      PS. Your site is looking awesome with Thesis man, good job!

        • Dev
        • March 10, 2012

        Thanks for the nice words, Sergio. I appreciate your great support.

        Keep up the rocking work, dude.

        1. Reply

          Ditto sir, have a great weekend. ;-)

    • Alice
    • March 9, 2012

    Haha, what a bad day! Usually I give up much sooner and just wait for the next day. I also made the experience that some things don’t want to work out sometimes. So then I focus on doing something else for a while (even if it doesn’t help me make progress).

    1. Reply

      Hey Alice,

      So you give it a rest and do something totally unrelated then… I should have done that lol

      I’ll definitely have that in mind the next time I feel I’m riding the roller coaster, thanks for sharing your experience and your solution, definitely helps, have a great day!

      PS. Wish you the best with your “How to Change Your Life” course, looks really interesting! ;-)

        • Alice
        • March 9, 2012

        Thank you! I’m very excited about it!

        1. Reply

          My pleasure Alice, looking forward to it my good friend. ;-)

    • Chris Ellis
    • March 11, 2012

    Oh boy, I can relate fully. I just got back from a backpacking trip in the mountains where just about everything went wrong. In the moment it is so overwhelming because it seems so unfair. The great part about it, though, is that those kind of days become the best materials for hilarious stories. I’m sure that in a few days you will look back and laugh about all of the misfortunes you successfully handled. Great job on seeing the positives in the end. Thats how success stories are made!

    1. Reply

      Hey Chris,

      Ahhh backpacking, I really used to love that, it’s been a while since I haven’t done any backpacking and I really miss it.

      Anyway, it is indeed a very funny story already even though I still need to get sorted out the new computer but if everything goes as planned, I’ll be getting my new stuff on Monday next week.

      Those days are really rare for me, but when things go bad, they really go bad!

      Glad you could relate to this and I hope your trip wasn’t that clumsy lol

      Take care and speak soon! ;-)

      PS. Any cool pictures from your trip?

    • Sean
    • March 13, 2012

    Hey Sergio

    That sure is one blog packed full of information goodness you got there :)

    I am starting my own blog myself, only 3 blog posts to date. But I guess there was once a time that you only had 3 posts too, so that there gives me a real ‘I can do it’ feeling.

    You seem to be doing quite well online and if you succeed in accomplishing your 2012 goals you should be laughing.

    I’d love to be making even just enough to allow me to travel the world with my laptop while working online. I have a real desire to travel and see as much of the world as I can, but at the same time be creating an online business for my future.

    I think for right now I need to have complete faith and believe in the unseen :)

    I will be keeping an eye on this blog,


    1. Reply

      Hey Sean,

      We all had to start somewhere man.

      You are way ahead in the game as I’ve seen many people still sitting on the fence waiting until they understand everything just to get started blogging and that’s definitely not the right way to do it.

      If you’re willing to put some real hard work down, you can’t go wrong buddy.

      Good luck in your IM journey and hope to see you around soon, have a great day! ;-)

      A quick tip: Go to and create a free account with them. This will allow you to upload an image to be displayed whenever you leave comments on blogs and brand yourself even more.

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