Easy Actionable YouTube Vlogging Ideas For Marketers

Well first things first, let’s define what the heck is a vlog.

A vlog is the shortened version for “video blog.

And a video blog is nothing else than a blog that delivers the content strictly on video.

Easy peasy right?

Let’s get on with the actual content for this quick post.

Do you have Excuses or Results?

It’s not a secret that many marketers on the making are still struggling to keep themselves accountable with their online activities.

  • Some people may have problems following through an entire training course
  • Some others just can’t find the right time to do what they know they must do
  • “It’s too technical”
  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “It takes a lot of effort”

All I hear is “blah, blah, blah” and the list goes on and on but in the end… All there is to it, is you either have excuses or results.

Nothing else.

You can’t have both in case you didn’t know.

This is How You Fix it

I have found that whenever somebody uses the internet to keep themselves accountable, the chances of failing are reduced greatly.

Of course, you can STILL fail but having an accountable partner to help you out when you’re not feeling motivated has proven to work wonders.

In this fast-paced world that we currently live in, finding someone that can keep you accountable can be hard (nobody seems to have time).

So what do you do?

Use YouTube of course!

You don’t need to connect to anyone, just upload whatever your problem is and vlog away!

If you have a marketing-specific channel and don’t want to mix your challenge videos with your marketing promotions, then just get an extra gmail addres and that’ll get you a youtube channel (YouTube is owned by Google).

Vlogging Benefits

These are just a few benefits that video blogging (or vlogging) can help you out with:

  • You will feel more comfortable in front of the camera sooner or later
  • If you already do videos but they are just marketing oriented, your readers will get to know you a bit more (you’ll gain trust!)
  • You will reach a wider audience and who knows, you may convert one of your viewers into a prospect (don’t be needy though, DO NOT try to sell)
  • You’ll improve your likeability (if people can’t connect with you, they are more unlikey to buy from you)
  • You’ll brand yourself a lot more even if you’re not talking about your niche (YOU start becoming the product, huge win!)

Of course there are many more benefits but these are the ones I can think of from the top of my head.

YouTube Vlogging Ideas

Whatever you are having problems with, upload it to YouTube and see if you get any views or comments.

Remember that you’re not aiming for YouTube Rockstar here, we’re just using YouTube to keep ourselves accountable that’s all.

Here are a few vlogging ideas:

  • An exercise plan to lose weight, body fat or gain mass muscle if you’re into body building
  • Getting rid of a compulsive disorder (i.e. gaming, eating chips, playing slot machines, etc)
  • Controlling an eating/drinking disorder (drinking lots of soda, alcohol, junk food, etc)
  • Creating a new information product (one a month, one every 15 days, etc)
  • Preparing yourself to do something big (no need to climb the Everest, it can something as running or even walking a 5K race)
  • It can be something totally related (or not) to your marketing activities

Just remember to be creative and don’t make it dead boring!

You don’t need to act like a clown either (but if that’s your cup of tea, then you can definitely go for it!).

Just make sure you are being YOURSELF at all times.

The people that decide to connect with you, will genuinely like you and that’s exactly what you need…

People that will root for you and keep you accountable.

Bringing Sexy Back

I really hate people that regurgitate content on their blogs and give advice that they don’t follow themselves.

To keep myself true to my core beliefs and apart from that kind of marketers, here’s the plan but I’ll keep it brief though.

I gained a lot of weight in the latest months because I just couldn’t afford the time to exercise (excuses).

It’s not like it’s a TON of extra kilos (or pounds) but I have never been this out of shape in my life and I’m starting to feel the consequences.

So this is my attempt to get back in shape and hopefully, a bit better looking for my girlfriend which I’ll be marrying next year.

I’m going to publish the videos on YouTube but I won’t be making a big deal out of it here on the blog.

In case you’re willing to see some lousy videos from a guy trying to lose some weight, then remember to subscribe to the youtube channel, I’m pretty sure it will be fun!

Beware: Not So Sexy Video

You’ve been warned… it’s not going to be pretty I tell you.

In the last part I say “weekend” don’t mind that, I always confuse myself with “week” and “weekend” LOL

The video was shot yesterday on September 10th. ;-)


Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing many more running or losing weight kind of videos around this place.

But this is exactly how you keep yourself accountable with youtube and get started with videos (if you’ve never done it before).

I wish you the best with your own challenge and remember to keep it fun and interesting.

Don’t worry about what people may think about you, just be yourself and don’t mind the rest.

Tip: Use a renaming system so when somebody lands on one of your videos, they immediately know they are watching one video that is part of many more.

You’ll get more views and kickstart some buzz if they become interested in what you’re doing.


  • Video Challenge: Day 01
  • Losing Weight Challenge: Week 01

Well you get the idea.

So there you have it, hope you enjoyed this and if you have any comments, please let me know below, have a great day! ;-)


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    • Jon Olson
    • September 11, 2012

    Yessir! Love this post. I’m a huge fan of using video on blogs. I feel much more comfortable behind the camera then I did years ago and it’s all from just ‘doing it’.

    great suggestions as well on topics to ‘vlog’ about too…my personal blog has become a place for me to talk about personal thoughts and fitness. the video works perfectly for this!

    Great stuff sir!

    1. Reply

      Hey Jon, amazing to see you around here my man and you played a HUGE role in helping me get uncomfortable enough to record my first videos so I’ll always be thankful for that!

      I think that your personal project simply rocks and it was an inspiration to create something more about myself and nothing about marketing. I kind of need to have that “me” space now.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re back on the treadmill soon too! ;-)

    • Cararta
    • September 11, 2012

    73.6 equals 161 pounds….. You still look Tired
    Hope you do well with your “exercise” not a good idea
    to go from Nothing to a whole lot of Something!
    Neat Short video you are improving!

    Have Fun…I’ve got to get back to work….haven’t finished my

    off Computer work!

    1. Reply

      I ALWAYS look tired Cararta, no biggie there. ;-)

      And thanks for the cheering on the video lenght (lol) oddily enough, longer videos are apparently more engaging than these shorts ones now.

      Take care and good luck with your non computing work!

    • Andy Beveridge
    • September 12, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    My main problem when shooting video is I can’t seem to shut up lol. I think I will create a 4 minute video and it ends up 10 or 12 minutes long. A problem I don’t have but I know a lot of people do is actually getting in front of the camera, but really it should not stop anyone, because the public only see what you want them to see. Don’t publish it if you are unhappy.
    You have now inspired me to go for run. I may thank you or not depending on how I feel when I come back from it.

    Good to connect


    1. Reply

      Hey Andy, really honored to have you here my man and yeah I do have some issues with the videos lenght sometimes lol

      I also had the terror of being in front of a camera but it’s something I finally overcame with repetition and imposing a public challenge on myself to not be able to escape from it (it turned out pretty well too).

      LOL good luck on your run man, I’m barely on day three here and I’m still feeling like fainting in the middle of the runs.

      Take care and speak soon Andy! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • September 12, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    The YouTube video method you suggest (via a separate account if necessary) is a great idea for holding yourself accountable.

    If we don’t really make any firm plans at all then it is difficult to accomplish anything at all.

    If we make a long list of things we have to do and keep it to ourselves then we eventually get tired of looking at the long list of things we have not done and get depressed about them.

    If we make a shorter list of things we need to do – in order of priority – then we have an even better chance of doing them.
    Finally if we make the list public then we have even more chance of getting them done because we have told the world what we plan to do….and what better way of telling stuff to the world than YouTube?

    I was going to point out Jon Olson as a perfect example of putting the technique you describe into action…and as he said in his comment he has even gone as far as to set up a personal blog where he just talks about the personal goals he has set himeslf.

    Good luck with the latest video challenge.

    On a side note, it is great to see that these days there is not even a hint of nervousness about you when you record videos.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick, that’s a great suggestion man, keeping a short list of important tasks and making it public to keep yourself accountable, love it!

      Jon Olson, yourself and a few others, all played a big part in making me come out of the shell with video creation. Jon’s personal blog has already enticed me to do something similar where I can talk about anything except MARKETING!

      Thanks a lot for the best wishes, I’m still on day three and haven’t run today, it was rainy all day long and we have visitors downstairs but I won’t put that as an excuse. I’ll wait for those people to leave and then I’ll run, it doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 3:00 am

      I’ve also recorded yesterday’s run but I haven’t uploaded it yet, don’t want to scare the people from the youtube channel but I’ll upload all of them somehow.

      My videos aren’t great (they’re shaky, my pronunciation isn’t the best, etc) but nervousness? Not at all my man! But that’s thanks to all of you guys’ help and definitely something I will never forget.

      Thanks for stopping by Patrick and speak soon bro! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hey Sergio

    I just found my webcam after the house move only to find out it isn’t compatible with Windows Vista! Shows you how much I use it!

    My goal for this weekend is to buy a new one and next week to hopefully get my first video on my blog!

    I’ll refer back here for inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing my man.

    Have a great weekend and don’t work out too much!


    1. Reply

      Haha that sounds like me in the past Tim (always had a webcam around but never used it).

      The good thing is that these days you can buy really cheap HD webcams just about anywhere so I’ll be looking forward to see you in action very soon.

      I’m dead tired almost every day so it’s hard to say I’m working out “too much” lol but thanks man, I will have it into consideration and thanks again for stopping by as well.

      Take care and enjoy your weekend! ;-)

    • Leigh Barker
    • September 18, 2012

    Hi Sergio
    I’m a 30 Day Marketeer and thought I’d come on over and check out your blog, and I’m glad I did.

    It’s very cool, professional, and full of good, sound advice.

    I’d have a go at Vlogging (cool name) but I’m a fiction author and it could be a bit boring showing me turning the pages – this one slowly; this one fast! :)

    thanks for a good read.

    1. Reply

      Hey Leigh, thanks for the kind comment!

      And well, you may not need video blogging (although thanks for the laugh! haha) but if you’re into writing books I think I have a place that you could benefit a lot from: Kindle Publisher’s Unite

      That’s a very live closed-facebook group that focuses on selling books on Kindle. It’s not niche specific so you could perfectly get advice from other author experiences there.

      Thanks again for stopping by and I wish you the best on David’s training.

      If there’s anything I can help you out with, just let me know all right?

      Take care Leigh! ;-)

    • Paul Gallimore
    • September 19, 2012

    You are entirely right in what you say about the potential and the benefits of Youtube, I plan to be doing a lot with my channel in the newxt few weeks. Good idea about the naming strategy too, it’s a way of retaining some control over your output.

    1. Reply

      Hey Paul, glad you found the content useful and I hope to see your videos very soon. Let me know when they’re ready.

      Take care and thanks for stopping by man! ;-)

    • Chetz Togom
    • September 20, 2012

    Hey Sergio!

    Vlog is a great way to build trust with your readers or followers. It’s easier to know whether someone is genuine through videos than what they write. Furthermore now you can get freelance writer to write for you so I think more and more people would rather see videos of the person who is offering a service or product than just only their writing or audio.

    I prefer to see someone on video or talking head instead of presentation only video. A mix would be good also if it’s an instructional video.

    I’m actually planning to do vlog on dog training where I record my life with my dogs and training them.

    I found that although I don’t have many video views, but the ones that follow my videos are the loyal followers and would response if I need any help with my dogs.

    So videos are awesome!

    Speak soon bro!


    1. Reply

      Completely agree Chetz.

      People can see right through a person’s eyes on video and it’s way easier to tell if somebody is just messing around with whatever they are saying.

      With 3 billion daily views (and growing) YouTube is definitely HUGE.

      Pick the right keywords, create enticing headlines, do short but great videos and include a call to action and you’re all set for whatever you need from your viewers.

      If you “interact” with them in the future videos, like mentioning their name, the law of reciprocity can do wonders for you.

      Wish you the best for you as a video blogger and for your dogs for a really awesome treatment as well, thanks for stopping by Chetz! ;-)

    • Daniel Sumner
    • September 20, 2012

    I haven’t been training for a week and I feel tired. I guess it could be the changing of the season as it is getting cold here in the UK now :-( But your vid has inspired me to get back to the gym tomorrow Sergio so cheers for that man lol.

    I like the idea behind your videos to hold yourself accountable for certain things, and also using another channel all together. I must admit I had big plans for my channel at the start if this year, but things were set aside for other projects. Not enough hours for work, training, socializing, eating, having fun, blogging etc etc. Forgot about sleep! :-)

    Well done Sergio, keep cranking those videos out man :-)


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, glad you’ve got excited to get back to the gym man haha!

      For us it’s getting super hot in here (I’m actually shirtless with a direct fan and the AC on at full) because our damn summer in Mexico always makes sure we don’t forget about it.

      “Not enough hours in the day”… man that is ME all the way and it’s funny that you mention forgetting about sleeping because today was the day that I had more sleeping hours in a LONG time and it was just 5 hours and a half! (I normally sleep 4.5 to 5 hours, not a single extra minute).

      Thanks for stopping by man and keep us posted on your upcoming training! ;-)

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