This is the first post of the year!

And dominating the world (wide web) that’s exactly what I intend to do on this 2013.

Since this is also the first post of the year, I want to make it a good one and I couldn’t find a better time to talk about planning.

You’ve heard the saying before:

“Fail to plan, plan to fail” ~Attributed to many different people.

I know that holds very true from personal experience.

Last year I had a lot of goals: “do this, do that, do this other thing” but I never took the time to lay out a plan and achieve those goals.

You bet I won’t be making the same mistake twice so here’s my 2013 breakdown.


Since I got started with Internet Marketing, I’ve never focused on money, I’ve always focused on value first but it is very important to also take into consideration the numbers part since I can’t measure other thing that is not statistics.

Let’s see some monthly and yearly numbers:

Projected Numbers

And here’s a quick explanation…

I used to earn $2,250 a month when I had my last IT job, it wasn’t much but it was enough since I didn’t have any obligations.

Right now I need to have at least about $1,000 a month just to maintain my apartment, I’m not considering the marketing expenses which are quite a few already (I’ll write a dedicated post on marketing expenses soon).

And I want to have a $5,000 income a month since I’m getting married this year and I know I’m going to need one heck of a lot of money!

The lower row on that graphic is the projected (yearly) number I want to achieve on 2013.

There should be a number between $12,000 and $60,000 because I’m definitely going to make more than $12K (otherwise I’ll have to live under a bridge!) and my aim is to hit $60K and if possible go a bit further.

It’s about twice the money I used to make with a regular job.

Note: I forgot to include to get out of debt!

I don’t owe that much to the bank but I still want to become debt free again.


While many people I know measure their success in number of possessions, I don’t want to have more stuff just for the sake of having more.

I do want to have more things that will contribute to build a rock-solid business and for that I will need some special devices like:

  • a couple of iMacs
  • a Macbook Pro
  • a Canon Rebel DSLR camera
  • some softboxes for the recording studio

I have other things in mind such as getting a new car, getting more furniture for my apartment but right now these aren’t important to me.

I’m getting married on November this year, so I need to find solutions and get these things:

  • wedding dress
  • wedding rings
  • pay for the honeymoon
  • new apartment rent and services
  • and I’ll stop here since I don’t want to give any more ideas out! lol

Note: All of these things are going directly to a vision board I’m creating soon.


If I could give last year a one-word codename it would be “2012: EXPOSURE”.

For this year is going to be “2013: ACTION”.

And if I’m still alive in 2014, the codename is going to be something like “2014: MOMENTUM”.

In other words, my plans include focusing more on applying knowledge rather than learning new skills.

In general, my work goals are:

  • using all my domain names (about 15) to build my business in some way or another (build my list, drive more traffic, sell something, etc)
  • branding more myself
  • effective use of the social media platforms
  • “take no prisoners” attitude when developing a new program

Actually, I’m going to detail this in a lower section on this post in case you want the specific plans.


As for leisure time goes, I get pleasure from spending time with my loved ones and that can be:

  • going to the zoo
  • watching sports
  • playing PS3 with my friends
  • having vacations with my girlfriend
  • going fishing
  • etc

I’m scheduling some pleasure and leisure moments but not enough, I need to generate a steady income first, fun later!


I never talk about religion so I’m just going to say this:

  • I will be in Church every single Sunday no matter what


I am going to start investing in myself a lot more.

First of all, I’m taking all the negative aspects out of my life or at least as much as possible, that means:

  • no criticizing others
  • absolutely no fighting
  • accepting the things that I can’t change

These actions can really get to me and it takes me a while to go back to be in creativity and productivity mode so no more negative stuff around me, period.

I’ve also decided I’m going to do these health-related activities:

  • go jogging at least five times a week (I may actually sign up for the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon in June 2, 2013)
  • zero beer except on weekends
  • start experimenting with juicing (just detoxing myself once in a while, not as a habit though)
  • do some crazy workout like Insanity or P90X and document that on video for laughs and accountability
  • join a cross fit gym as soon as I feel I can take the beating
Sergio Felix first run in 2013
The first run of the year!

I am also going to invest more in my knowledge and this means:

Note: I don’t read stuff that doesn’t teach me something so I’m keeping my topics in these areas:

  • self-help
  • business
  • marketing
  • programming
  • designing
  • development
  • production
  • health

Partner (Fiancée)

As for my partner I actually mean my girlfriend, the woman I’m marrying this year and I plan to be a better man in the rest of the time we have before marriage (and afterwards).

That includes caring more for:

  • our special days
  • more time for ourselves
  • and some other things I can’t tell you about here (ssh… sometimes she actually comes here)

Since I’m a musician she expected lots of songs from me and got none, so I’m willing to fix that very soon.


I don’t know where I would be right now without my family, I’d probably be a street bum but summarizing, I love them with all my heart but I don’t really show it to them.

This year I’m writing down everyone’s birthdays and considering to give back as much as I possibly can, participate more in the social events and what not, they deserve that and a lot more from me.

Specific Work Plans For 2013

1. Releasing my first product right on this month, January 2013.

This training is going right to the Clickbank marketplace and since it’s my first product, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to have them approve it right away, I will make every effort to make it happen!

2. Release secondary products (follow up).

Depending on the response to that first training, I want to follow up with my customers on creating newer products that can help them overcome other areas about blogging and marketing.

3. Create first membership site.

While I don’t have much income proof to show you strictly from a home business marketing standpoint, I did make $39,000 USD with just one website and it was only possible due to my IT credentials.

You know the saying…

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

If people are willing to learn the technical nitty gritty themselves with my help, then a membership site for non-techie marketers could be a great solution.

4. Be prepared and adapt to the situation (still a membership site).

Since I don’t want to spread myself too thin, I need to be prepared to whatever happens with that first product, if I can scale it to a membership site or secondary products then great! But if I can’t do that, then I’ll leave the membership site for a beginner’s guitar training instead.

5. Releasing my first product in Spanish.

I thought about this a year ago when I killed my first blog. I was going to stop writing in English and focus on the Latin American marketplace but I joined a new IM training and started my second blog (this one).

Even though it wouldn’t take me that much time to brand myself and build a small community (I actually believe I could do this in just 30 days since I’m no longer scared of anything) I’m not sure if I would like to start blogging in Spanish yet but I would like to create a few products, put them in Clickbank and see what happens.

6. Becoming a published Kindle author.

I’ve read a ton of books on my Kindle and I simply love the format and the device.

There have been really lousy books and really great books from regular people just like you and me so I’m willing to take the risk to release a few books myself.

I already know what people need so I won’t be surveying anyone about this, I’m just going to go for it and write those books.

I’m doing this in English and Spanish.

7. Redesigning Marketing With Sergio.

I gotta be honest with you, I never customized any of my wordpress themes because I wanted to show you how easy it was to have a site that looked good, clean, that was organized with no coding required.

Many of you did understand my approach, some others didn’t and maybe some others didn’t even care about it.

You know that we tend to judge everything by its cover and I think that after a full year my point was proven so I’m re-designing the layout here.

I’m not 100% sure what I will end up doing, if using another framework or building the theme from scratch myself but it’s definitely going to change.

8. Building a stronger brand.

When you get started with IM for the first time, you are told to write a lot, comment on other blogs, go to forums, publish stuff on social media channels, get to know people, etc.

But when you actually make the difference and stand out, is that first time you appear on video because you come ALIVE to others.

All of a sudden you have a voice, you have gestures, you have a grin, a smile, all of these things that are just not possible to transmit when you avoid doing video.

So for this year I’m going to focus a lot more on these platforms, a lot more video and I’m actually going to take the time to learn how to edit video properly too.

A great looking product can sell well even if it’s crap.

A crappy looking product won’t be selling well even if it’s awesome inside.

What do you think you would get if you build a great looking product that IS awesome as well?

So to sum up this point it may be podcasting, webinars, live shows, interviews, I’m going to be EVERYWHERE.

Final Tips

1. On Habit Creation.

Between yesterday and when I woke up today, I’ve watched some very long videos from Tim Ferriss and Leo Babauta on habit creation and I can sum those three hours to you in this one sentence:

If you want to create a habit, do it as small as possible so you can follow through.

If you take a quick look at everything I just said I’m going to do for this 2013, you’ll know that is a LOT but I’m not going to do this in one day!

Just for the health related list, I already started jogging yesterday (felt great btw) and I completely cut off beer, that’s it.

I will worry about the other points at a later time so it may be wise to think about one habit per month, feel me?

Reading one book per month…

Releasing one small product per month…

And so on.

2. On Getting Things Done.

I don’t know where I got this from (possibly Jason Fladlien) but I’ve learned this yesterday, you only need these three things to get something done:

  • Ambition
  • Focus
  • Desire

And you don’t even need to be 300% focused, but you need to focus something at least, the same goes for the rest of these points.

If you have the ambition, the desire and are focused enough, then you CAN get things done.

There’s one motto I’m living by right now and it’s very simple:

If I can do something now, I won’t do it later, I’ll do it NOW, no questions asked.

Obviously be careful with that way of thinking, you want to keep yourself busy in the things that matter and not something else.

3. On Planning.

You can see I barely used time data (I said my first product is being released in January) in the activities and habits I want to do and create for this 2013.

You absolutely need to schedule your activities with a specific date or at least, with an aproximate date.

I’m not doing it here because this article would get even bigger than what it already is but there IS a start and end date set for everything and I highly recommend you do the same.


Most of the people I know already published their goals and resolutions, others have done it on twitter and facebook.

The only thing I would recommend to you (if you haven’t done it yet) is to visualize a desired outcome, identify a goal that will lead to that outcome and plan your activities in order to reach that goal.

Work in reverse, with the final outcome towards the start.

After planning out, you only need to be accountable and for that you don’t even need a partner, you can keep yourself accountable through your blog and your audience or even with YouTube in case you don’t have a blog or an audience.

People either have excuses or results (you can’t have both).

I already ran out of excuses, what about you?


PS. 2013 is going to be HUGE!

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.