Woot, I’m finally back!

I don’t know how you guys and gals have been doing lately but I hope you’ve been doing great.

The reason I’m not aware of that is because I disappeared a little bit from your blogs, twitter, facebook, my own blog and the whole Internet…

Heck, I dissappeared from everywhere since I had the “pleasure” to be put in jail last weekend!

I was released the same day but honestly I was so frustrated with that situation that I wanted my feelings to calm down before actually letting you know about it.

I’ll be brief since I don’t want to get pissed from this again.

The Birthday Celebration

It was a Saturday night just like any other weekend, I went out to pick my girlfriend then we went to a friend’s house. We had a couple of beers there to catch up since a couple of friends had just arrived from the USA and then we went on our way to a Country Club where one of my girlfriend’s best friends was having a small birthday celebration on.

So far, so good.

We had a few rounds of beer, we also had sushi for dinner and some appetizers and then we called it a day at about 2:00 am.

Off we go, I told my girlfriend we should go and have some aftermath beers at our initial friend’s house but in all honesty I was dead tired since I went to bed at 5:00 am that day so all I had in my mind was to reach my house and jump directly to bed and it was a mutual agreement, “let’s just go home already” we said.

So I was maybe at a 7 minute drive from my girlfriend’s house and we see this huge anti-alcohol police roadblock ahead.

There was no way for me to avoid them but I wasn’t concerned since I just had a few beers and I have never been pulled off from something like that before, I was ordered to pull over and so I did.

The Police Roadblock

I asked what the problem was and the officer told me I had alcoholic breath.

I told him I wasn’t expecting something else “I just got off from a party” I said (I wanted to say “Sherlock” at the end but I’m always respectful with authority so I just played along) and I said I was taking my girlfriend home, that the weekend was over for us and that we wanted to get some rest.

The officer was not comfortable with that answer and ordered me to get off my vehicle so I did and asked once again “what’s the problem? I’m just taking my girlfriend home”.

He said he had to test me with the alcohol meter first, I wasn’t thrilled since I told him I was perfectly fine but I agreed to do the test.

So I blew on the thing and due to my ingenuity (or stupidity) he told me he had to take my SUV and that I was going on detention.

I couldn’t believe it and I remained calm the whole time. I was very concerned about leaving my girlfriend just “there” at 2:00am in the morning in the middle of nowhere and as soon as she said she was going to wait for a friend of hers I was a bit more relieved and then started worrying about myself.

The Detention Center

This was not THE jail. I was taken to a place where people are put on hold before having an audience with a judge (but let me tell you it wasn’t any less terrifying).

I never felt fear (up to this point) since I was completely aware that I didn’t do anything wrong so I just followed every order I was given and greeted every officer I encountered.

As soon as I walked in to the actual cells I got into instant panic mode.

It was 2:30 am and there were dozens of people yelling, banging on the doors, threatening each other that they were going to kill themselves as soon as they got out and I honestly can tell you I was trying to go to my “happy place” and all of a sudden the only thing I was thinking of was to get out of there alive.

At the time I was walking through the hall, many dudes were yelling so many different things (this time at me) that I swear I thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it out of there in one piece.

I kept repeating to myself “this can’t be that bad, this can’t be that bad” and to my relief, I was taken to the last cell where just three persons were lying on the floor, completely passed out.

The Cell

So I was ordered to step in, I did and so I was locked out.

Nobody told me what the procedure was, what to expect, how much time to wait, nothing… I was completely lost.

The stench of dried piss, vomit, feces and only God knows what else was unbelievable. I really thought I was in a Marilyn Manson video only for real.

I refused to touch anything but unfortunately there wasn’t anything to sit down. It was just floor and a small one-meter wall made out of concrete blocks to cover the hole where a person would normally take a piss (it was just a hole).

So I kept myself standing for about two hours (in my mind I was still hoping a security guard was just going to say it was a mistake to have me there but that never happened).

I felt tired as hell and I wanted to sleep and I slowly started losing strength, I kneeled down, tried many resting positions until I finally had to sit on the floor.

6:30 am

It was finally calm, many people were taken out and the yelling and the door banging was very minimum at about 6:00 am.

A police appeared saying my name, I immediately got up and was taken to some offices.

I had to sign a lot of stuff there, I saw a medic that was supposed to perform a medical test on me but there was none.

She (the doctor) even said that the officer didn’t include my alcohol meter sheet in the report and I just kept myself quiet (you know the saying… “anything you say… blah blah blah”) but it was odd to me and I did notice.

So after thinking I was finally going outside (I felt thirsty, hungry, tired, confused, etc) I was ordered to step into an empty cell with other three dudes.

Those guys had literally fire in their eyes, I can tell you they were completely drunk and I was just as any other police officer there, I still couldn’t believe I was taken to this place but “whatever” I thought.

Time To Man Up

Some officer came for us (and again, I was thinking I was finally going free) took us to a special office and we had to remove all our belongings and put them in a bag.

My first thought was “wtf… am I going to jail or what?” but he just ordered us to follow him to the deeper cells afterwards and well… Oh… My… God…

If I was scared before I seriously was about to shit my pants… I was thrown in a 4×5 cell with 17 other people (yes I counted) and as soon as I got in everyone was just looking directly at me like “what’s up puto?”

I knew it was time to man up and so I did.

As soon as I got in, I took a corner next to a lot of rotten food and immediately sat there.

I didn’t care for my pants, shirt, not getting my hands dirty, all I could think was “I’m just going to be one of them” but I still didn’t make eye contact with anyone in something like a couple of hours.

Be Careful With What You Wish For…

On my previous post about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 6 Rules On Life Tim Bonner recommended to watch the Shawshank Redemption movie.

I watched that movie right on that same day before going to the party and I was thinking how would I manage to survive if I was in such a bad situation like being in jail.

You can check it out on this image down below:

shawshank redemption comment

Well… I’m not sure if watching the movie helped or not  (it probably did) but the guy playing the main character always kept his cool. He was raped a few times but he managed to survive and he even won in the very end (it’s definitely a must watch movie).

So I remembered a lot the movie and instead of being angry or anything I just rolled with the experience.

There Are Times That You Need To Be More Aggressive

I still don’t understand how this officer thought he was doing the city a favor by putting me in detention for a few drinks, I honestly can’t.

I have a lot of papers that prove that I was taken with abuse since I had half of the required alcohol percentage to be taken to that pre-jail system.

There was no medic exam either and a lot more regulations were violated and even though I could probably sue that officer (I have his name and his face on camera too) chances are I would end up getting in deeper trouble.

Mexican police is something you don’t mess around and being in the city I live in, where a lot of weird things just “happen” I’d rather tell you about my experience and turn this into the drive to get the heck out of here as soon as I’m financially able to.

For the next time, I already know what my rights are on this matter so I won’t be taking orders that easily.

I did get released eventually but man… this is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Hopefully I won’t have to go through this again!

The Time Will Never Be Just Right

I’m not really a quote’s kind of guy but this fits perfectly with what I’m trying to say.

“Do not wait; the time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” ~ Napoleon Hill.


Time will never be just right.

There is always something that’s going to be taking your focus away. Something that won’t let you feel you’re ready.

That “something” can be a million different things so if you’re always blaming that little something, there’s no way you can succeed.

For me… I’m very sad to say this but as soon as I “recovered” from this situation, my uncle living next door died.

I struggle every day but I’m not giving up and I hope you’re doing the same.

Have a great weekend people and watch out for those drinks if you’re driving! ;-)


PS. I’m just leaving to have a business meeting on a Friday night, you have to hustle to make things happen right?

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