Digital Nomads and Minimalism

Whew, 2011 is gone at last.

I finally made it back home from my quick getaway to Mazatlan, Mexico and have all my batteries recharged for 2012.

Like I was mentioning in the past article Quick Tip to Keep Being Productive and Creative having these away moments from the routine, can help improving our creativity and the possibility to learn and try new things easier.

Here is a recap of what I did and learnt on this latest trip.

What is a Digital Nomad

Basically what this means is that you can be location independent or in other words, work from wherever you want.

Checking my inbox on a very early day while being in the middle of my vacation in Mazatlan, I noticed an e-mail from Thrilling Heroics.

Digital Nomad Academy Scholarship

digital nomad academy logo

It cointained information on getting a scholarship at Digital Nomad Academy valued at USD $1,500 and even though I literally had nothing but my Macbook and a Flipcam with me, I decided to give it a go and find out more about the offer.

We were supposed to record a 2 to 3 minute video saying:

  • why we wanted to be in the DNA community
  • what we hoped to get out of their training and weekly calls
  • to share the vision we had for the business we wanted to build
  • what kind of large impact did we plan to achieve with the world
  • and how would we improve the community for the students or the owners

My Challenge for that Day

I basically had around four hours to:

  • shoot a video
  • edit it
  • upload it to YouTube
  • wait so it was processed
  • write a cool post about my participation
  • and finally submit my application link at the Digital Nomad Academy sales page

Recording my Application for the Digital Nomad Academy

To be perfectly honest with you, I stopped myself from rushing out the hotel room’s door and sat to think if I really wanted this for me.

I remembered how great I felt when I was traveling over Europe a few months ago so I just reached for my sunglasses and sneakers and just ran to the beach.

At first I wasn’t going there, but every location was insanely ugly so I ended up at the sea.

Once I found my spot, recording the video was very hard, not because I didn’t know what to say (in part) but because it felt like I was asking for a job.

I HATE asking for jobs and I stopped doing that many years ago so I wasn’t comfortable trying to be a “cool guy” on camera this time but I recorded the video anyway.

The Hotel’s WIFI Nightmare

Ran back to the hotel and when I finally reached my computer, I was in horror.

I didn’t think about the WIFI uploading speeds so the video took an eternity to upload and then failed when it was at 72% (yes, I was constantly watching the progress bar).

My girlfriend woke up by this time and was a bit mad I didn’t wait for her so we could go together to the beach but she was supportive and asked nicely if I had solved my situation already.

I said I didn’t, it was very early in the morning (you can see my sleepy eyes on the video) I grabbed a beer as I got very anxious and started the uploading process once again.

I went over to the DNA sales page and there were like 25 minutes left for the submission so I just wrote I was uploading the video in a hotel room and said if my application wasn’t considered, it was cool with me anyway.

digital nomad application submission

The application deadline came, I ended up submitting the video like an hour later or so and amazingly I received a message from Cody McKibben (Thrilling Heroics owner) on YouTube that he had considered my video as I gave him notice about it on time.

The Outcome of my Video

There was absolutely no way for me to do anything else to rescue my video from being so bad.

I couldn’t do any editing to it, couldn’t do any power point based presentation (I’ve never done one of those yet) because I simply had no time and what was worse, my video message was all over the place.

I wasn’t specific about anything and I think I relied heavily on my Engineering bachelor degree and my guitar playing hobby as a possibility to create niche sites around that.

Six finalists were published and I wasn’t between them. (I hate to admit this but that was kind of expected)

My girlfriend felt bad for me when she found out about it but I explained her how I was already set for other things, so if my application had made it through, it was just going to be an extra kick for me.

I think she still felt bad but I can’t blame her, I really wanted to see what was inside the “Faculty” like they call it and I believe she noticed this.

Oh before I forget, I created a few power point slides out of desperation when I didn’t know what to do (already told you there was no time)

And here is one of them, just wanted to share it with you because I thought they were looking good.

Video Application Power Point Sample

Click on it so you can see it in all its glory

My Application for the DNA Scholarship

Other Digital Nomad Applicants

I started checking out other applications and I instantly knew mine wasn’t going to cut it.

To check out which were the six finalists check out Thrilling Heroics here.

What Cause You Will Be a Champion For

This was one of the requirements to address on video and I said nothing about it (I forgot!)

When I saw a few of the other applications, a few were saying they wanted to provide jobs, establish communities, help others reach their goals, someone even said they worked for many hours and got underpaid, etc.

There is so much things I could do for my local community but this place is so dangerous I don’t want to tell you much about it.

My dad’s car got shot once not long ago while being parked and my mom and sisters got involved in a very nasty shooting between two groups of narcs that took place on a highway where nearly 20+ people died.

The main problem here is that there are no jobs, everything is under paid and young people want money NOW, not in 5 or 10 years so they go the easy route, they become young narcs.

These 20 year old kids have cars and trucks that I could only dream to buy myself, are very smart when it comes to technology and sadly, they don’t last much as their life span is very short for obvious reasons.

Do you think they could benefit if they were offered a really good marketing training course that could lead to earn a lot of money while staying on the legal side of things?

You bet they could, but some people don’t want to get any help, they just want the easiest possible way of things.

So am I willing to take the risk and try to teach some of them anything?


What I’m actually trying to do, is to achieve my steady flow of cash and move the heck away from here!

How You Want to Make an Impact in the World at Large

Again, I didn’t say anything for this. (maybe I’m the most terrible speaker?)

I could have used the bit about offering these kids from my city a way to get a decent way of living instead.

If they don’t want to go to school then fine, most of them are really computer savvy anyway and could easily make this Internet Marketing thing happen for them.

James Francis (Internet Marketer from the UK) says he regrets to attend University as he believes it was a waste of time for him.

On the other hand, Martyn Chamberlain (another very successful blogger) is planning to start his University studies in just a few days and couldn’t be more happy about it.

If you don’t believe me, go ask them, I kid you not.

But, do I really want to be involved in this?

Making this change for these super dangerous kind of people in my town who I just told you about?

Sorry but NO.

What I want is to live somewhere else in peace and if I can help anyone else achieve the same, then great, finito!

My Honest Thought about my Application

Do you understand why did I make such a lousy application now?

I know, it was my fault.

If I had to pick the videos myself, I wouldn’t have picked mine as a finalist either so I don’t blame anyone but me.

I actually thought it was going to be funny to vote myself for someone else instead of me but in the end I decided to not vote at all and keep things straight.

Digital Nomad Students on Reverse Engineering

If you really know me, you may already know in advance I wasn’t just going to cross my arms about this outcome and call it a day so I didn’t.

I put on my thinking hat and did some quick googling, found a list of DNA students and one by one I started checking their sites and signing myself to all their newsletters.

Digital Nomads Newsletters

I signed to more newsletters but this was all I could fit on the screen

I was checking out technical and business aspects like:

  • their page rank
  • if they had anything to sell or give away
  • what type of email marketing strategies were they using
  • what kind of wordpress themes were they using
  • what kind of content were they providing
  • etc

And so I funded my conclusions:

  • they rely heavily on free email marketing strategies (feedburner)
  • use premium and/or heavily customized wordpress themes with very unique (graphic) looks
  • some use video on their articles
  • some just write about their trips
  • a few don’t even use email marketing (I think these rely just on their RSS feeds)
  • and just a tiny percentage I believe they’re not doing anything*

*Not because you’re in the best school, means you’re the best student

Connecting the Dots

It was cool to see that I knew at least three business owners that are location independent like:

Amazing Location-Independent Business Owners

So I was happy to see I was already a bit involved with these location independent guys without even knowing it.

Meeting the Minimalists

Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus

There are two guys called Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus and they write at The Minimalists

I can’t tell you a lot from them as I am new to their thoughts and writings.

I’m mentioning them because I have found heavy cross references between them and the Digital Nomads.

In my own understanding (and in a nutshell) they were very successful guys and found out they weren’t really happy about their material belongings.

Started experimenting that by uncluttering their lives they also found a more meaningful life.

Can you see the relation to owning less than 100 things and traveling the world at the same time?

I think that pretty much sums the tight relationship that exists between a minimalist and a digital nomad.

My First (Forced) Uncluttering Experience

I pursued a professional musical career for a bit more than 10 years.

When things got definitely rough (couldn’t pay rent nor the music academy anymore) I started working online (on a dial connection I must say) made some money from two sites I developed and decided to fly back “home” with the money I earned and paid a visit to my parents.

After staying in home for one week, my parents were practically begging me to leave the music thing for good and start actually doing something with my life.

It was very hard to listen to this request since they supported my musical dream since I could remember.

I also thought that 10 years was more than enough to realize that maybe this (pursuing a professional music career) wasn’t really for me and after another week of deep thinking, I decided to quit music.

I never got back to Mexico City which was the place where I lived and so I lost almost all my belongings there, things like:

  • a guitar amp
  • every single music book I collected in 10 years
  • apartment furniture
  • a LOT of clothing (running shoes, boots, pants, hats, shorts, suits, shirts, everything)
  • more than 100 music CDs
  • more than 100 audio cassettes (LOL)
  • and well, all my stuff basically

I got to rescue my main electric guitar, a drum box (electronic rhythm machine) and that was about it.

For years I was crazy mad at one of my “friends” because I never managed to get my stuff back and until now, it remains a mistery on what happened to my belongings.

I decided to start studying something appealing and that wasn’t easy, so I chose Computer Systems Engineering.

Sergio Felix from Musician to Engineer

In the end, this was a liberating act as I didn’t feel trapped in music and also had the feeling I was actually going somewhere now.

I got to wake up without any stress and started sleeping like a baby at nights.

My First Experience on the Law of Attraction

On the way back home from my trip to Mazatlan, I kept thinking about how much I needed to start creating my first Internet Marketing product and have it completed as soon as possible.

Right now I have two desktop computers and one laptop (the one I’m writing this right now)

I needed another flat screen for the Mac since I want to record my videos on that computer and to my surprise as soon as I entered my working place, I found this sitting on my laptop table:

flatscreen tv

Law of attraction or not, there was this brand new tv monitor right there.

It turns out it is a TV set, HDMI capable, integrated USB, VGA (yuck), etc, etc.

I got rid of my TV more than one year ago and I don’t plan to start watching TV again, I’ll set this up as an extension for the Mac and start recording the videos for my first IM product as soon as I can.


First of all, if you made it all the way here… YOU, my friend, are a real TROOPER!

I know I could have easily split these huge post into several smaller ones but I’m trying some things out here.

You should know that this is NOT a post about asking or begging for a special seat at Digital Nomad Academy.

I just had to take this off my chest and share it with you guys.

It is my wish to connect with YOU on a more personal level.

I also don’t want you to convert to minimalism.

I’m not going to do it myself but, I am planning to get rid of everything I’m not currently using and that involves a lot of stuff.

I’m going to talk more about this minimalism subject on later posts because it doesn’t applies only to physical junk, it also applies to activities that waste our times when we’re trying to be productive.

So there are no more excuses, the year barely begun and everything is going to be aiming for the stars from now on.

Instead of telling you how many things I’m going to do, I’ll leave you with a

“hey, can you see what I’m doing right now to become a better version of myself?”

I really want to THANK YOU for showing me your appreciation, leaving your comments, watching my videos and encouraging me to keep moving forward.

Do You Want To Be A Digital Nomad?

You can check out Digital Nomad Academy then.

The scholarships have been removed but Cody created very affordable plans, see for yourself.


Last but not least, there’s a lot of lessons tangled in what I wrote here, if you learnt at least one thing from this then it already paid off to spent the whole day writing it for you (and for me too).

All the best and speak soon!



I mentioned a LOT of people on this post and used images that do NOT belong to me so I will ask each and every person mentioned here if it is OK to have their names/images here and in case it’s not, I’ll remove and edit anything that’s asked for, immediately.

I currently have zero income and a lawsuit wouldn’t be funny right now.

This was written as a very personal and humble opinion of my own and I actually admire everyone I mentioned here.

Having said that, if you were mentioned here and you actually came and read this article, then THANK YOU in advance, it would mean a lot to me.


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    • Patrick Griffin
    • January 4, 2012

    Wow Sergio you have done it again!

    Your writing just gets better and better and we clearly must be on the same wavelength because I can feel the passion in your words and I can feel the energy in every paragraph.

    I too have been in a situation where I had to walk away from possessions when I left one city for another in my younger days and the older I get the more that the attraction of a more minimalist lifestyle appeals to me.

    In fact if I could travel the world with a laptop, a camera and some other digital equipment and make enough money in the process to live I think I would be perfectly happy.

    It seems clear that your last minute entry for the Digital Nomad contest was always going to be most unlikely to be shortlisted but that is not really the point.

    What is great is that you took some action and as a result of that you learned a little more about your own goals in life and what is going to be important for you in the year ahead.

    You are incredibly organized and logical in your thought process and your ability to lay out information in an entertaining and logical way that is easy to understand by other people is one of your great strengths.

    You can rest assured that the many hours you spent in crafting this fine blog post was time well spent indeed.

    I shall be following your progress with great interest as you update this blog throughout the year.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      This whole thing about being minimalistic or living on the road (always traveling) sounded like a very crazy thing for me when I first was exposed to it.

      I thought “how would anybody be happy without all the latest gadgets?”

      Particularly “how would anyone that actually lives from technology won’t want to have an amazing house, an amazing sound system, video games everywhere, the best cellphone, etc, etc”

      And then now that I slowly started looking at my own life, it just makes sense.

      I have the shittiest cell phone you can imagine, I can barely send SMS on that thing and honestly, I still don’t want a smart phone.

      Everything I own, I have it on the same room (except for the SUV) and sometimes I feel I’m drowning in the clothing, all the boxes, the cables, the motherboards, the guitars, it’s just insane.

      That’s why I understand when you say you could be very happy with just a laptop, a digital camera and a few gadgets and just travel the world.

      You’re right when you mention I learnt more about my goals, I actually learnt a LOT from recording that video and going through all this thinking.

      Thank you for your compliment on my writings and the thought process (makes me feel smart LOL) and your amazing comment, really appreciate it, take care and hope I can maintain your interest in what I’m doing here.

  1. Reply

    Hey Sergio, thanks for that a cool 15 minutes of reading there for me. It’s nice to read about how you feel about your life and the city you live in. I have watched a lot of programs about Mexico City and the troubles it has with drugs and gangs and the lengths people will go to make money. I feel for you man I really do! And I can understand why you want to get out. Is there no chance of a working visa to the UK or US even Europe? Can you use your engineering skills to move forward while still blogging?

    As far as traveling the world with my laptop, camera and flipcam goes I could do this quite easily. My online business is sustainable and quite easy to manage as long as I have an internet connection. In fact I would be so bold to say I would improve my blogging and writing if I were inspired everyday. I think if I actually cashed in all my assets I wouldn’t need to work for a few years. However this is only a dream and I fear will never become a reality for me, as much as it pains me to say at 35, 2 kids, wife, cars, house and a whole lot of ‘material’ shit which I don’t really need I am actually happy :-D I am at a stage in my life where my family come first and with a 3 year old and a 1 year old their safety is paramount.

    I like the minimalist guys, I have been an avid reader of digital nomad blogs for a long time Adam Baker being one of the first guys I started to read about. I have a friend who I have not seen for 4 years, he now lives in Thailand and sells apartments to rich investors. He works about 3 hours per day.

    Maybe my circumstances will change in a few years when my kids are older and a little more self contained I may take them on a sabbatical to the far east, but until then I’m afraid I’m a home boy and in the UK I will reside for now.

    As far as the DNA goes, don’t worry just ask yourself ‘Do I need it?’ Check out the sales page, you have all the information there to research these guys yourself and find out exactly what they do. Create a product or two, get some buy buttons online Sergio. Whatever you do keep up the good work I’m sure you will become a big success.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      What an amazing comment my friend!

      I’m currently living in Culiacan, Sinaloa (which is like the house of the druglords in Mexico and way more dangerous than almost the entire country).

      My grandma was Spanish so by law I am entitled to have a double nationality and become Mexican/Spanish thus opening the doors to study, work or do whatever I want at least in Spain.

      I actually can use my Engineering skills (databases, kronos, servers, sap, payroll interfaces, etc) but I don’t want to create a job for myself.

      I am currently building a service based site about micro sites for small local companies.

      The drill is to educate people in that we don’t need a physical office anymore, so sending their files and information to get a site created is the way to go these days.

      If that works out, I’ll take it further but I’m focusing on baby steps right now. One thing at a time.

      I like your way of thinking (and feeling) about traveling the world and I think that it is so cool that you have choices and are happy about it.

      I honestly put my family, friends, relationships and everything else in second place to focus first on what I was doing online, it was a very BAD MOVE.

      Family and our close ones should always be Numero UNO, so I’m switching that this year and hope I can make it up to everyone.

      I recently signed up to Adam’s site, I think he’s an amazing guy.

      Like your buddy in Thailand, I thought that all this “working online while traveling the world” was just a load of BS until one friend of mine said he was going to Europe out of the blue and never came back.

      I knew about him not long ago and now it turns out he has a PhD in literature, he even became a published author now, so this IS doable and possible.

      I think the bit about being “location independent” really pulls my strings as I haven’t really seen the world, I thought something like “OK, I travel for at least a year, nothing fancy, just hopping in a few countries and then we settle in the place we liked the most”.

      I don’t think I could live “on the road” for my entire life.

      And for the best advice: “…get some buy buttons online”.

      Thank you man, I REALLY appreciate it and instead of getting more excuses to procrastinate, I will just DO THAT, put some damn buy buttons out there.

      Take care, loved your comment Dan.

  2. Reply

    Hey Sergio, I have just been looking at your city on the BBC world service news and can’t believe what I read. It looks like a scary place to live my friend.

    I do wish I had taken the opportunity to travel around the world before I had children. It’s not like I haven’t been anywhere I have been to some wonderful places around the world just not for long periods of time like a year or two.

    As for family you need to find balance, they need to understand what you need to do and you need to understand their needs. Times can get tough believe me I have been through it.

    I try not to get too wrapped up in the ‘Location Independent’ blogs as they are not really what I am about, but I do admire them massively for how they live and find they write some really cool inspirational content.

    Well I hope you get your mind set fixed up. I can see you now sitting in your home when your girlfriend comes in and see’s you sitting on the floor with nothing but a phone, laptop and the clothes you have on saying “we are going minimal” lol I’m sure there will be some words :-)

    Thanks Sergio

    1. Reply

      Man that bit about “going minimal” was hysterically funny!! Hahaha

      I know my girlfriend wouldn’t be so happy about it but no, I just want to declutter a little bit my life and work from the extra junk.

      My city is a very dangerous place to live my friend.

      I regularly hear gunshots and on the next day news, I know who was killed and at what distance of my workplace.

      Just on New Year’s Eve a few people were killed by “lost bullets”.

      And if you REALLY want to know how scary it is, not more than 1.5 kilometers from my house, there were found three heads on a car’s trunk.

      I used to WALK on that same spot to go run at some near by park so I bought a treadmill and now I almost never jog outside.

      It’s an insane place to live.

      As for my family and balance, I think I already hit rock bottom just last year.

      It’s incredible difficult to make everyone else understand that you’re literally working your ass off trying to make something happen online while all they see is that you’re sitting 24/7 in front of that computer and with zero income.

      Thanks again for your comment man, I will make sure to do that opt in form way more visible!

      PS. If you get a notice from this reply Dan is because I didn’t replied directly the first time so I apologize in advance man lol

  3. Reply

    lol Sergio I just sent you a message via Twitter asking you to remove the first 5 lines of my comment as you have the start of my next blog post lol. I know where your opt-in is lol…

    1. Reply

      LOL how the heck did that even happen? hahaha

      I was wondering what my opt in form looked like to you.

      It’s done mate, thanks for the laughs! ;-)

  4. Reply

    Hey Sergio, I am really glad you got your video application in, even though you didn’t make it to finalist, it was great to see and hear your story…and especially big thanks for going to so much effort to write about your experience and your vision here! Nearly everyone who applied for the DNA scholarship has something special to offer or that they want to achieve, so it was certainly a very hard decision… but don’t be discouraged, there will be more opportunities in the future! :)


    1. Reply

      Hey Cody,

      Wow man, such a surprise to see you around here! ;-)

      You’re right about everyone bringing such unique offerings to the DNA contest.

      I know I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes to decide the finalists, much less the winners haha

      I’d also like to believe that everything happens for a reason so maybe it was just not the best time for me.

      Nevertheless, a HUGE THANKS for allowing me to participate in the contest, it was very cool and fun and I’ll make sure I keep myself laser-focused from now on.

      All the best, take care and good luck with your new guys over there at DNA, speak soon man! ;-)

    • Linda
    • January 4, 2012

    You know what I think?! You went out there and tried to apply – that is the first step, right? Don’t beat yourself up about it, Sergio! You did great, I was right there when your video went live – you tried your best! It was a START! You are now letting everyone know that you tried and there will be other opportunities – don’t beat yourself up so hard.

    I have heard about the life in Mexico and you are a lucky one – first of all for staying there and second of all for doing what you are doing RIGHT NOW! That is awfully scary to hear about your family being attacked the way they were – why don’t you just pack up and move to one of your vacation spots and be happy!?? Bring your family with you if they can afford to go and if not, when you are making the millions – bring them there yourself!! You are on a ROLL and am so PROUD OF YOU!!

    So sorry you lost all your musical instruments – that had to be extremely hard, coming from someone who has music relations, I totally understand that loss – very hard, in deed!! It’s not something you can just brush off – would love to hear you perform for us some time though, if you ever had the chance to! It would be really cool – even it it was in Spanish – don’t worry about the English…or just email me a version, It would melt my heart no doubt ;-)


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      You’re right, I remember your message there on YouTube, thanks! ;-)

      It was definitely a start. It had been some time without me recording anything so I kind of felt a little bit in more discomfort than the usual but I managed to get it done anyway.

      The violence on this city is surreal. The main goal when I start getting some success love is to move out of town.

      Not all Mexico is this violent, there are many places that are super cheap to live, really beautiful and with amazing people.

      I had thought of moving to Canada, but after reading John Chow’s article on why he moved to California and some due diligence, I’m not that sure anymore.

      Also, after my recent stay in Spain, I had a lot of mixed feelings (I never thought I was going to like Spain) so yeah, I think the plans are pretty much open to suggestions but we need to get the money rolling in first! LOL

      What happened in Mexico City and my musical career is in the past now.

      Of course I will never forget it as it is part of who I am today. I think I’d do exactly the same if I had to go through all of it again. (such an idiot maybe? haha)

      Perform or play some music for you guys, well there is this weird thing I noticed not too long ago.

      Turns out that people like Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Ed Dale (and many others) actually play guitar.

      They may suck a little bit, but they do play! (LOL j/k, they’re good!)

      So my answer is YES, that is indeed planned but I’ll do the music “trick” when I launch something big and maybe surprise a few with it, so hold on to that thought! ;-)

      Thank you for your amazing support and encouraging words Linda, I believe opportunities are everywhere but we need to have the right mindset to be able to pick them up and take advantage of them.

      All the best and I don’t think I could melt your heart with my singing haha but I will try when the time comes, take care! ;-)

      PS. I sing AWFUL but I’ll definitely play something for you guys.

    • Ryan Biddulph
    • January 5, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    “And I’m not trying to be “Zen” or anything is just that I just had to write all this.” A hearty ;) at this, because I have used the same strategy recently, and guess what happened? True to Zen form, my opt-ins increased. Too much force and tension surrounding my blog post end call, so I scrapped them…and true to Zen form, releasing precedes acquiring.

    Super interesting recount here. I sympathize with your Wifi situation. In Bali I had a Wifi stick, using it from the middle of the jungle. No videos at all in the month, and sometimes I had access for 10 minutes a day. But my Zen-like nature increased ;)

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Reply

      Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for stopping by my brother, I really like your approach.

      You were in Bali in the middle of the jungle… dang, that’s a story I would LOVE to hear about!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights about increasing opt-ins, I think it is time to start testing conversions here (thanks for reminding me!)

      Take care and speak soon ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • January 5, 2012

    When you look at your blog stats Sergio you are going to find that people stay on your site and read your posts. Even if it does take us 15 to 20 minutes to get through. Why? Because we care about you and you draw us in. We want to hear your experience and what you went through so nice job Sergio.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the position but look at it this way. It wasn’t meant to be and you said yourself that had you gotten it you would really be busy. I say do one thing at a time but I applaud you for giving it your best.

    As for the minimalist perspective, I kind of already live like that. Yep, I own a one bedroom condo and have lived here 22 years this April. I don’t like a lot of clutter and I don’t like a lot of things. For me personally I wouldn’t want to travel all over the world and be able to work anywhere only because I want to be close to my elderly Mom and there’s no way in hell I’m leaving my dog for long periods of time. I know, I know… Maybe if I were 20 years younger I’d be telling you a different story but that’s just the way it is now. I love my life, I love my home, I love my family and I’m madly in love with my dog.

    So there you have it my friend. I have a feeling Sergio that you will accomplish anything you put your mind to. You will conquer your online journey, you will make a big name for yourself, you will make any kind of income you want and you will move wherever the heck you want. That my friend I believe with all my heart. You’ve got what it takes so get to it.

    Enjoyed the post Sergio and thanks for sharing your experience with us. You are one of a kind and we love that about you.

      • Patrick Griffin
      • January 5, 2012

      Hi Adrienne,
      People will stay somewhere for as long as it takes to read interesting and relevant content…and they will keep coming back for more.
      Sergio’s content is highly interesting and also highly relevant to me so I will keep coming back for more as will many other regular readers to this blog.

    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      You couldn’t be more right, people actually read the posts (or at least that’s what my analytics show lol) and I’m very grateful for that.

      I also agree that everything happens for a reason so I’m perfectl fine with the outcome of the DNA contest.

      It also seems like you have an amazing life already and a bit minimalist as well, love that!

      I wouldn’t like to be traveling all over the place if I had my mom in a health condition either, I know life goes on but our parents are not going to be “there” forever so that’s a wise choice and a very well respected one.

      I knew you love your dog madly LOL we used to have a chihuahua for 13 years that passed away a few months ago and it was almost as bad as having a funeral here.

      And last but not least, thank you very much for your amazing comments and kindest words Adrienne, it really means the world to me and you really know how to lift my spirit my good friend.

      Enjoy your weekend and take good care of you, speak soon! ;-)

  5. Reply

    I have a present for you.
    I just requested a new copy from Zech Smith and he sent to me.
    I had a copy printed and hanging above my computer but it fell and Hambone, my Beagle thought it was a chew toy.
    – affiliate link removed –
    It is absolutely the best One Page Essay I have read about being Successful and Surviving the journey you are now undertaking.
    How about that VickiArta (my granddaughter is my gravitar!) on Twitter..
    By the way, if you like Zech’s The Essentials, go to skip info and click on the little red credit card near the bottom of the side bar….He has a nifty little online tool for article writing…he is a professional copy writer plus I’ll get a gold star for a click! Just kidding, it is a Free site, but he does keep track of how many visitors you refer. Isn’t technology fun!

    1. Reply

      Hi Cararta,

      Thank you for sharing that report with me.

      It was a bit too basic and simplistic to me but I appreciate it anyway.

      My recommendation is that you should write your articles yourself and not rely on a system to generate an article since it can damage your reputation in the future.

      On a side note:

      I’m VERY strict regarding tolerating spam in this place and I don’t want my readers to sign up to stuff I’m not directly recommending or aware of.

      You can use the contact form whenever you want for matters that don’t apply to the articles being published here.

      Sorry for the inconvenience! ;-)

      Take care and speak soon!

  6. Reply

    Was thinking….sometimes dangerous with me!
    Since you are a musician, I think the format of that Simple Smart System video that you see after clicking the ad at Skip Info (no spam) would work for you as a marketing tool. You could use Power Point Slides, or else own hand drawn graphics…..
    Several people on Warrior commented that This is what IM Video Marketing should be.
    Go take a look. I click sometimes just to listen to the music.

    1. Reply

      Hi Cararta,

      I actually went and checked out Simple Smart System and noticed I already have seen that video before, really refreshing and different!

      You’re spot on about the music, I enjoyed listening to it too and loved the fact they didn’t attempt to be pushy on the sales.

      However, I also found this on the Warrior Forum:

      “when you buy it there is an upsell of 297 dollars to quick start you get plr rights as well video training well i did not take him up on this offer and then there was a down sell they took 100 dollars off and now it is 197 for the deal then on the 3rd time saying no thanks i get the 1 dollar trial deal for 7 days and then it is 20 dollars per month then i opted to no thanks and got taken to another optin by the looks where i have to put in my name and email again then i was taken to other sqeeze page offer for 47 dollars for 12 training moduels so declined again and finaly i got taken to the down load link and it is a mp4 training video all about leverage and some mp3 audio once i go through them i will post back on the update.”

      And a later update with this information:

      i have gone through training video and it is a leason on being a middle man for revamping websites and squeeze pages, copy writting etc.

      I don’t know if someone would be willing to pay these amounts of money to learn how to be a middle man for revamping sites and squeeze pages but I would certainly not go for it.

      Thanks for bringing this up anyway and hope this information helps you or someone else in making smart purchases for coaching and how to’s, take care! ;-)

    • Sandy Halliday
    • January 10, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I really enjoyed reading your post, even it it was long! I think your experience entering the Digital Nomad Academay counts for something even if you didn’t get in You know the saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. It counts as experience as I am sure you know.

    As for giving up on your musical career I think your talent is now showing in the way you write. It is like music for the eyes!

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Reply

      What an amazing comment, thank you Sandy!

      “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” I LOVED that bit and I agree 1000% with it.

      It was like in my beginnings I was doing insanely research on every single dollar I was about to spent:

      Will this be the absolute best way to go?
      The cheapest yet more bang for the buck solution?
      Will this training course really be up to ALL of my expectations?

      I was like that for everything until I decided I needed to fall a few times, get it wrong a few times, spend at least a LITTLE bit of money on the crappy programs and see for yourself what they look like.

      So I ventured myself, I did spend a few here and there, I did fall a few times and I know can say it for myself, I know how to tell from a real program or training from a complete BS system.

      In my own experience of course!

      Thank you for lifting up my spirit with your writing remark, looking forward to speak soon again Sandy, take care! ;-)

    • Martin
    • January 13, 2012

    Hey Sergio, Happy New Year. This is the first time I am coming through this year. As you stated, 2012 is finally here. Can’t wait to take all the opportunities that the year will bring me. I am glad you are all for spending to getting.

    This principle is very simple but surprisingly, many people find it amazingly difficult to grasp it. Come to think of it, which major corporation in this world fear spending money?

    1. Reply

      My point exactly Martin,

      Happy New Year my friend!

      In the programming world, we have a saying in regarding to coding: “garbage in, gargabe out” so if there’s no investment how can you expect any ROI in the first place?

      Wish you all the best and good luck with your new Optin Box development, have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.

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    • Jens P. Berget
    • January 13, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Too bad your video didn’t make it, but the important part is that you made it and you sent the application. I’ve heard so much about the war among the drug cartels that’s going on in Mexico, it’s terrifying. I have a friend that lives in Puerto Vallarta, not sure if something like that’s going on there, but I’ve been thinking about visiting him.

    I’m looking forward to see what type of product you end up creating.

    Talk to you soon.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      Glad to see you around here mate and thank you for your support. I think I made a good impression even if I didn’t make it far and I strongly believe I’ll be very close to the DNA guys anyway.

      The battle for the zones here is insane but not all Mexico is like that. Puerto Vallarta is a much safer place and also a very cool place to vacation, if you have the chance to come visit you won’t regret it I can assure you that!

      Thank you for stopping by and supporting me Jens, I will let everyone know about my product when it’s ready and of course my close marketing friends will have some special rights on my creations.

      Take care and have an awesome weekend mate! ;-)

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