Digital Nomad Out Of Bounds

Since I’ve been on the road (Brighton, England) I have failed to take action in so many levels, at least updating this site.

Getting to England from Mexico was NOT an easy task but apart from that, trying to focus on what to write and put it here for you, has been more tough than what I thought.

I’ve never suffered from writer’s block before, actually I don’t even consider myself a writer but trying to focus on my story while being constantly asked non relevant questions is not easy either.

My dad asks non-stop questions about where we are going next, what bus to take, what train station to stop at, where, when and what should we eat, should we go and get some money from the ATM machine, etc plus add some massive amounts of jet lag to that formula and it becomes practically chaos.

That’s exactly where I’m at right now, in chaos!

I had to ask for permission to the people from the hotel to let me stay at the restaurant right now (it is currently closed) just to write this update (can’t even take a picture because I left my cameras in the room).

I’ve also found another technical issue, my ‘american electric source connector’ is NOT the same for the connections made here in England.

I kind of knew this in advance but I guess I just didn’t care at the moment.

I bought a crappy one for £5 as soon as I got here.

Video: Getting The Right Power Source Adapter

This is a quick video I made about the power source connectors. There are a lot of mistakes, I was nervous and I didn’t even wanted to upload it but I already recorded it, so why not? LOL

The video goes unedited so I apologize for saying “stupid” so much.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Lack Of Action

Aside from these small issues, you should understand by now that lack of action with anything is the number one success killer, and sadly, this ALSO applies to Internet Marketing.

Buying a course or a service won’t do any good to you if you don’t make it happen!

I did buy a few things in the past before just from scarcity, thinking “oh my God, if I don’t buy this then I’ll lose the promo offer!” thinking I would get back to it later (for a few stuff I did get back to it but not for everything I must confess).

I have done it.

My friends have done it.

Almost everyone has done it.

People that DO take action are VERY likely to succeed and be rewarded from it.

This should be enough of an excuse for you to take action in the first time or to learn how to do it right now in case you have been procrastinating like me in the past.

It’s weird to hear of someone who took a lot of action and did not achieve what he or she wanted, maybe it’s because that’s not how it’s supposed to work, don’t you think?

I have been taking action by recording videos and trying to feel natural to the camera, I am taking action (not as much as I’d like though) but nevertheless, I’m doing it and trying hard!


So, this is my last day here in Brighton and tomorrow I’m going to London.

Before going up to my room to grab my laptop, I took a very long night walk to get some inspiration but unfortunately I did not record any video.

There wasn’t enough light for it anyway.

I really hope to hear from you very soon and I’m willing to try to update this place more often.

I hope whatever you’re doing, you are taking massive loads of action!

I will write something more detailed about Brighton, I honestly did not get to see much but something is better than nothing!

Over and out from Brighton & Hove at some closed restaurant, this was Sergio Felix, speak soon!

Take care and please comment!

PS. See that I’m working on my video speeches already? LOL

P.P.S. I named this post Digital Nomad Out Of Bounds because there are so many things that I miss from my desktop computers back at home but I won’t bore you with those details. I thought the post’s name was good enough anyway for these words, hope you don’t mind.

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    • Patrick Griffin
    • October 20, 2011

    Hey Sergio,
    One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that not only are you a writer but you are a gifted writer too.
    You have the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions with your words in a natural manner and to educate people at the same time without coming across as being bossy or lecturing.
    You write from the heart and your words are all the more believable because of it, so please trust me when I tell you that you are indeed a good writer.
    Given that English is not your first language just adds an extra wow factor to your words.
    It is also quite funny but huge parts of this blog post could have been written just for me right now.
    I know I have not taken the action I need to take in the past couple of months, and while I don’t want to go into the details here on this comment, I can tell you more about that on an other occasion if you care to listen.
    Enjoy London. Take lots of pictures and shoot video on your journey and please do try to get some of your videos uploaded to this site when you can.
    Spend a few pounds on a power converter if you need to. I will even buy it for you if you send me the bill because I want to see your videos on this site ;)
    Have a great time in Europe also. (I know you you are in Europe already, but English people like me refer to continental Europe in this way as if we are in some other continent altogether or perhaps in none at all.)
    P.S. Please don’t be too hard on your father. It is great that you can spend time with him exploring new countries. Make the most of it and enjoy this time you can both share together here.

      • Patrick Griffin
      • October 20, 2011

      Me again!
      Sorry for the extra comment but I just wanted to say that your writing this post in a closed hotel restaurant made me smile.
      While I was working full-time as a newspaper journalist in order to find a place to write when I needed to file a story from a strange town I would do exactly the same as you have done.
      I would find a hotel, buy a cup of tea or a beer, and then ask if I could sit in a quiet empty restaurant to write with no distractions.
      If there were other journalists on the same story they would often decide to write together as a group but I guess I preferred to be a bit of an outsider and work on my own. ;)

      1. Reply

        Don’t be sorry for the extra comment mate, I really loved that story!

        Too bad I couldn’t take a pic of me there all by myself LOL but I will try to always have at least one camera with me at all times for next time.

    1. Reply

      Wow Patrick,

      I am deeply touched and honored by your comments! (And you just gave me an idea for an upcoming post so thank you!)

      Taking action yes, we hear it and see it everywhere on the web, yet so many of us fail sometimes (or many times) to actually do it.

      As an example: I had to have an email capture form by now and I could give at least 20 ‘valid’ excuses for justifying myself but the ending result is the same, it is still not there but it’ll get done.

      About listening to your own scenario for not taking action, I’m all ears man, anytime!

      I will work on my videos as soon as I get to London, I don’t even have a clue on how are the videos going to turn out, just don’t expect much from them as these are the first ones I’m shooting! LOL

      About your power converter offering, thank you again Patrick!

      It is nice to see the amount of passion of a helping hand in order for us to succeed, it doesn’t matter how much money is, it’s the conviction and offering, so thank you. :)

      I already bought one from some funny looking guy (not even from Europe) so I have been taking care of the small technical issues as I can.

      From your comment then I guess I’m headed to Europe then and I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it, I still don’t know where I’ll go from there but I let you know when the time comes (talk about winging the trip LOL)

      And last but not least important my father, he’s a whole unique character LOL

      I will try to get him on a few pics so you know what I mean.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great comment as always Patrick, take care!

    • Anna Garnier
    • October 21, 2011

    Hey Sergio. I understand that this journey is putting a bit of a strain on you:( It can’t be easy having to put up with another person, especially a close relative. Traveling on your own is so much easier. I know that from experience. Try to enjoy it anyway, just take a few steps back. Don’t worry to much about your IM business. I’m sure you’ll get round to it when you’re back in Mexico. Pity you forgot your camera
    on your ‘evening stroll’. I would like to have seen Brighton by night.:-D
    Take care Sergio and enjoy London! Look forward to your next report>

    1. Reply

      Hello Anna,

      You’re right about the straining bit!

      Traveling with my father has been such a funny experience because every single thing is a huge odyssey with my dad by my side LOL

      I could write a lot about it but I’ll be respectful and will just mention the funny bits.

      Sorry that I forgot my camera, I’m really going to have one attached with me at all times from now on but I do have a few night pictures, will upload everything as soon as I get a little bit of room for that.

      Right now I’m waiting for my sister, we’re supposed to travel together to London and then she’s coming back to Brighton on Sunday.

      My dad and I haven’t decided yet if we’re going to Liverpool or Manchester on Monday or just head to Spain already, like I said, traveling with my dad is having nothing under control! LOL

      Take care and thank you for stopping by and comment Anna!

    • Joshua Dalton
    • October 23, 2011

    Hi Sergio.
    It is so great that you get to spend quality time with your father. I’m sure that most, if not all, of your travels will be something special to look back on.

    I’m loving the posts of your journey and events, almost feels like I’m there with you as I ‘m as quite familiar with the places you are visiting.

    Can’t wait to hear about Europe, wherever you end up!

    Safe journey, my friend.

    1. Reply

      Hi Joshua,

      I’m very glad that you’re liking what I’m writing here, I’m leaving to Spain tomorrow and will definitely write everything I have on England as soon as I can.

      Being a lot on the streets gives me plenty of time for ideas but not that much for actually writing them down!

      I took some pictures, recorded quick videos and there’s a few things I want to share from Brighton and others from London.

      I think I’m going to break those posts apart in order to not make huge posts on the Europe traveling.

      I’m still having many internet issues as I go but I’m trying to be online as I can as well.

      Always being positive! ;-)

      Take care and hope to see you soon on my next update!

    • Andy
    • November 6, 2011

    Ha! Great video, I always end up having to buy cables when I go to a new city. Now I’ve got an entire drawer full, I could probably start a cable shop :)

    Did you know that there must be at least 10 people in the last month who stayed at the same hotel that forgot to take their power adapter or had left the same type of cable ?
    You could have asked the concierge for one and got it for free!

    Welcome to England by the way! :-)

      • Patrick Griffin
      • November 6, 2011

      Hey Andy,

      That tip about asking the hotel concierge for a cable or adapter is a great one…you are quite right as there must be so many of them in the lost property store at hotels all over the world.

      And while it is confession time I must also admit that on my last trip abroad in July I also forgot to bring exactly the same mini USB cable as Sergio mentions in his video and had to go buy one in a local store.

      It is so annoying to have to buy exactly the same item as you already possess back home….but I guess we all do it.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andy,

      First of all thank you for stopping by and commenting here, it is such an honor for me!

      And second, you have got to be kidding me right?

      I did NOT thought of asking for a power adapter at all but as I was traveling to France after being in Spain I guess I just thought about buying the power adapter and stop worrying about these “weird” connectors.

      Thanks for the warm welcome to England, looking forward to get back next year.

      Take care and have an amazing start of week! ;-)

      PS. A BIG THANK YOU for the video comments!!

    • Adrienne
    • November 6, 2011

    Hey Sergio,

    I’ve had people tell me that I’m a writer and I’ve never looked at myself in that light because to me, I’m just writing what I think and know. You are the same, you write from the heart and to me that’s the way people connect with each other. It just shows us that you are a real person going through real experiences whether they happen to be good or bad.

    I know the frustration of getting someplace and finding out you don’t have the right connections. Thinking back to all of the things you should have brought with you but of course, you didn’t. That’s just part of it isn’t it?

    I’m so glad the people in the restaurant let you stay. That’s so nice of them and we appreciate it that’s for sure. By the way, great video, raw and truthful. See, you’re getting better and better and that’s what’s important.

    I hope that overall you are having a fun time and enjoying this trip. There will always be a few bumps in the road I’m afraid. I’ve never been on a trip where everything went smoothly. Guess that’s just my luck.

    Stay safe!


    1. Reply

      Hi Adrienne,

      Thank your for your amazing comment, made me feel very good about what I’ve done so far!

      I always try my best whenever I write something so I can express what I want to say as accurate and natural as possible.

      I have seen many places where people write in such a serious and robotized moods so I have decided I’ll write in a conversational mood because after all, that’s how I communicate with others.

      I learned the lesson about connectors too LOL and hopefully I will get more prepared for my upcoming trips.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and have a great start of week! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hi Sergio.
    That is quite a long trip that you took. The video was cool and I don’t understand why things have to be so different “electrically” in Europe.

    I had bought courses and books in the past and also did nothing with them. It wasn’t until 2003 that I really began to get serious on following through with tasks and assignments.

    1. Reply

      Hey Justin,

      Yes it was a bit long LOL and about the power source connectors, I know it IS a bit weird right?

      You took action until 2003? Oh my God, you have been into Internet Marketing for long man!

      Hopefully I’ll be able to connect with you and learn a few of your tricks, take care and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      Extra points for saying the video was cool when I was a bit terrified from shooting it! LOL

    • Linda
    • November 8, 2011


    I have heard about those convertors over in the UK and like you, I probably wouldn’t have taken anything with me – never seen them before so that was interesting to see in the video – thanks :)

    That was cool the closed restaurant let you use their space to write this blog post – anything to get away from dad for awhile, right? LOL

    You know, you are right on about how everything ties into internet marketing – it’s amazing how it actually all ties in one way or another. I wish I had the time and energy to do what I want so badly to do, but other things keep popping up that help pay the bills, so I do them first. One day it will all come together, at least I hope.

    Sounds like you had a really long and adventurous vacation – would love to be able to that myself one day.


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Glad you could see the connectors, too bad the one I was using for my Mac was already connected though.

      Honestly the ladies and folks at the restaurant were very understanding about my request to work there. I also have to say that the restaurant was next to the bar so they suggested that I could sit next to the bar but staying on the restaurant side (like I was going to steal napkins LOL)

      I told the lady that the whole point of working there was to get away from all distractions and she then immediately suggested I could pick any place I liked so I took a corner and worked from there in peace.

      I really like that you said you have to leave some stuff to address what leaves money first. That, Linda, is one of the most essential things of being an entrepreneur.

      If you can do something that is going to give you an almost instant income retribution, you shouldn’t be doing anything else but that!

      Have you ever heard the saying of ‘having a vacation from vacations’ before?

      I know it sounds weird but it turns out it is true. I have been very tired lately and the remainings of the jetlag from my trip. have me waking up at 3, 4 and 5 in the morning.

      It is not so bad because I now can go run at a very early hour of the day and prepare for an upcoming half marathon but it has me sleepy all day long! LOL

      Take care Linda, speak to you soon and thanks for all your support!

    • Sire
    • November 16, 2011

    Hey Sergio, I actually bought a multi purpose adaptor last time I went overseas jut to make sure I didn’t find myself in the same situation you did.

    Your dad sounds a lot like my wife. It’s all I can do not to roll my eyes when she persists talking to me when I’m trying to write a post. In case you don’t know rolling your eyes is like signing a death warrant ;)

    Speaking about missed opportunities, I think this occurs because people fail to realise that a lot of things that come ones way are not always repeated. This usually leads to regret but even that is short lived until the next opportunity is missed. Unfortunately some people never learn.

    As to your writing skills, considering English is not your native tongue you’re doing an exceptional job. I wish I had your talent.

    1. Reply

      Hey Sire!!

      “It’s all I can do not to roll my eyes when she (the wife) persists talking to me when I’m trying to write a post. In case you don’t know rolling your eyes is like signing a death warrant ;)” LMAO!!!

      How do you manage to keep writing when she’s talking to you? Hahahaha

      To my dad, watching me busy on the computer is an invitation to: “please TALK TO ME! I don’t care if it’s the cleaning lady getting your stuff in other places but pretty please talk to me NON STOP!”

      Fun stuff!

      I enjoyed a lot the opportunity to share so much with my dad and I certainly know that people don’t last forever so yes, I did treasure the moments! ;-)

      You said you bought your adapter before traveling? You smart man!! (I’m kind of embarrased on my traveling ‘newbiness’ now)

      Thanks a lot on your kind comments about my English “skills” I really think I should learn a lot more but I do what I can already!

      Take care Sire and thanks for coming by to this place, I really appreciate it! ;-)

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