Defining Your Price Structure For Your Offline/Online Marketing Strategy With WordPress Websites

About a week ago, I was telling you how YOU can build a 30K a month offline consulting business without having an IT degree.

We talked about:

  • general tips
  • do’s and dont’s
  • pros and cons
  • defined a three-model price structure
  • and I even asked you to let me know what you were struggling with on this area

I needed your feedback so I could answer more questions and even though we didn’t have a huge response, I think we have enough material to work out something cool anyway so I want to thank you all for that! ;-)

And last but not least, you can read the follow up post for my 30K a Month Plan, in which I show you how YOU can make $1,500 USD with WordPress consulting and I also show you a youtube video about it.

Okay that’s about it for the introduction, let’s roll our sleeves now.

Your Feedback (Problems)

I compiled a list of problems from one of the previous posts here but I’m just going to tackle the price structure problems for today.

I just want you to understand what’s the general feeling about doing something like offline consulting and here’s what I found:

  • sounds scary
  • can’t deal with strangers face to face
  • not crazy about selling services to unknown people
  • what if you don’t meet their needs
  • dealing with your client’s problems
  • time consuming
  • struggling on how to price your services (what to charge for what)
  • can’t train other people
  • people won’t hire your blog’s services

Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset

I don’t want to lecture you on things like having the right mindset because the internet is already full of that information.

The fact of the matter is that you DO need to reboot your brain in order to be able to pull this offline marketing thing off (or anything else, really).

Here are some success killers:

  • fear
  • insecurity
  • over thinking
  • excuses
  • and lack of knowledge

From this list the only thing I don’t have a problem with, is lack of knowledge.

If you become knowledgeable, everything else goes away. You can’t fear something you’re an expert at or feel insecure about something you’re so good at. I can’t say much about over thinking and making up excuses though, either you do make things happen or you don’t.

If you already have the right mindset and just need the knowledge to make some progress happen, let’s go!

Understanding Consulting Services Fees

You also need to stop thinking what the costs used to be for creating a website.

Here’s a fun scenario for you…

The cost of a website WordPress-based to you, may be just:

  • a domain
  • a hosting account
  • your fees

To a company it might involve:

  • an expert website developer with credentials, testimonials and portfolio
  • projected work hours
  • platforms and software required
  • project planning talks
  • assigning a project manager for site rollout
  • revisions/modifications management system
  • cloud based system for delivery of written (printables) and digital how-to’s
  • maintenance plan and cron (jobs) programming
  • coder availability and operations manager (further planning for growth)
  • ease of migration to other platforms
  • database replication
  • database integration with third party systems
  • security best practices
  • And on and on and on…

Actually, the list can be quite bigger than all that garbled text you’ve just read.

Do you still think that a company with these requirements for their website would feel happy and confident to work with you, if you told them you can do their website for $100.00 USD + $110 USD that includes domain and hosting for one year…

And for a whopping total of $210.00 USD ?

They would be confused as hell about it and chances are, that when you are being explained these requirements, you would say something like “oooookay, I’m definitely not the person you’re looking for”.

See what I mean?

My point with this, is that you NEED to be aware how valuable your knowledge actually is, feel confident about it and sell exactly what YOU know right now.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t Try To Be a Consulting Ninja

When I was a kid, an uncle of mine who is very successful with his businesses was giving me a lesson on being a great entrepreneur.

It was about never showing a weak point to a prospect and he started creating this imaginary scenario for me. (He used to sell filters for gas pumps as a living)

A guy comes to my office and says he’s interested in the gas pump filters I’m selling but he also wants a custom tank created for his gas powered trucks. He asks me if I can do that.

I reply “Of course I can. As soon as I close today, I’ll go to my personal library, call my engineers and put them to work on that, I’ll call you back as soon as I have something for you.

I was in shock and I promptly asked my uncle: “You have ENGINEERS working for you?” He laughed and said “Of course not!

So I asked about the library and he replied “No library either but see how easy you were sold on my potential?

Even though I was sold on that and it may have sound like a good teaching, that’s the LAST thing you want to do with offline consulting.

If you’re not 100% sure you can do a particular thing, say you don’t offer that at the moment.

Don’t get in trouble for a few bucks because dealing with a pissed off client when you’re just getting started can be quite an experience not to say it can also make your stress levels go through the roof and that’s not what we’re after here.

But don’t get scared either, if you have an exact, precise price structure in which you can base your services on and apply your own terms of services to, you’ll be just fine!

Price Structure For WordPress Consulting

WordPress consulting is just a fancy name to creating a website using WordPress and providing help, that’s it.

Let’s divide every task so we can price each activity accordingly and then we create some fancy packages which include certain individual activities, so you don’t have to explain ANY of this to your clients.

These are special add-ons:

  • Additional section $97.00 USD
  • Google Analytics $47.00 USD
  • Google Maps $67.00 USD
  • Social Media Integration $47.00 USD
  • E-mail Marketing Form Setup Installation $47.00 USD
  • Video Integration $19.00 USD (per video)
  • Minor modification $27.00 USD

These are on-request only (because it is very hard to put a price tag to something you can’t measure):

  • Photography on location
  • Text editing/correction/proofreading
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo retouching
  • Logo artwork
  • E-mail Marketing Automatic Campaign
  • E-mail Broadcasts

WordPress Consulting Packages

Note: To be able to make use of any special add-on or on-request actions, you need to have an active package.

That way I’m not getting new clients that are taking my time in exchange of just a few bucks. And I can focus on getting great clients that want to work fully with me instead.

So I created three packages.

You can use one single package or any combination of two, three or even more but remember that with too many choices, chances are your visitor is not going to pick any and leave, so stay simple.

My examples in my post about WordPress consulting were:

  • silver
  • bronze
  • gold

But you can use any combination you want for yours, here’s a good foundation list:

  • starter
  • basic
  • advanced
  • professional
  • ultimate

So now that you have decided how many packages you need and properly named them, let’s put some price tags on them:

Bronze ($497.00 USD)

  • domain name register and administration (per year)
  • basic hosting account (per year)
  • home page
  • 2 sections
  • 2 e-mail accounts
  • contact form

Silver ($799.00 USD)

  • domain name register and administration (per year)
  • standard hosting account (per year)
  • home page
  • up to 5 sections (contact form if needed)
  • 5 e-mail accounts
  • contact form
  • google analytics
  • social media integration

Gold: ($1,497.00 USD)

  • domain name register and administration (per year)
  • professional hosting account (per year)
  • home page
  • up to 7 sections
  • 10 e-mail accounts (can be extended on request)
  • contact form
  • google analytics
  • google maps
  • social media integration
  • static on-page video integration
  • content management system access (CMS)
  • one hour on-location consulting (can be recorded)
  • Special discounted prizes for further add-ons

Quick Recap

We’ve just decided on how many packages we need.

We named our packages.

We built our packages accordingly (you can add or take away as you see best)

We divided our special add-ons and on-requests.

We set prices to packages and special features as well.


I want to wrap up this article right here because it is getting way too long but there’s a LOT more to this.

I want to deliver all the information about offline WordPress consulting on small informative chunks so you don’t have to fecth the information in a huge article when you need it.

One final word and I REALLY want you to read it, don’t skim through it please.

Adrienne and Patrick both mentioned how difficult is to close a sale with somebody online.

I agree with them 100%.

Now that you know these starting points for prizes, do you think I would have a chance against you if you offered to do the same for FREE?

You could condition your client to use your affiliate links for hosting, e-mail marketing services and premium plugins and I would have absolutely NO chance at all in competing against that.

The beauty of this, is I’m not competing against that.

Just go where the fish are. That’s outside of the internet!

If it still sounds a little scary, you can start with a small business from a close friend, a relative, a neighbor, the options are endless.

But (and it’s a big one) don’t make the mistake of jumping on them and offer all of this because you’re just going to scare them away.

Stay put for more ninja tricks on closing the sale without even visiting your prospects or getting out of your house.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments area and remember, those are VERY low prices out there but those are prices that work for me here in Mexico.

You can still charge a little bit more than that or even lower yours, do as you think it’s best.


PS. I didn’t clarify much what was what on purpose because I need your feedback, so give it to me! ;-)

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    • Jens P. Berget
    • April 26, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    First. The image in your header is awesome. I can’t say that I remember seeing it before. Is it brand new, or is it just me? :)

    I really like the details in this post, and your price structure seems to be great. I haven’t done much with WordPress or websites when it comes to clients, mostly SEO and marketing strategies, and some social media strategies.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Jens,

      I made that image a while ago but I didn’t use it since StudioPress couldn’t just use that size before, I got tired and used Thesis for now.

      Glad you liked the price structure man, take care!

      PS. Sorry that I’m replying this late on this post, I did reply on the thread but not on your comment lol

    • Andy from guides
    • April 27, 2012

    Well Inbound marketing is for sure much cheaper than traditional one. As I have been working as a marketing manager for a long while I am using the same schema of creating my budget, I choose campaigns and the dates. For example soon I am going to make a giveaway campaign and its in my budget. Great post I find it very useful.

    1. Reply

      Glad you found this useful Andy ;-)

    • Linda
    • April 27, 2012

    I am not so sure those prices are “low ball” – living in one of the most wealthiest areas in the state does not mean people are going to pay those prices…or maybe I am wrong.

    I just don’t know and I guess I won’t know till I try, right?

    What kind of hosting plan are you using, maybe that will help a bit. A reseller account? I never worked with those before, so just email me, ok!

    Thanks for laying it all out here Sergio – you are a genius and don’t say you are not, cause you are in my eyes :)


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Right mindset, never forget that!

      It doesn’t matter if the state is wealthy or not, you have to have a very clear mindset on what you’re offering (solution) and how valuable it is for the person/company with their need of a website (problem).

      Money perception is something I have been wanting to talk about since I returned from Europe, maybe I’ll do that next week and I’m pretty sure it will stir things a little bit around here.

      A reseller account is crucial for this to work, you’ve got it!

      If you have a client that suddenly wants access to HIS/HER server account for any reason, they would be super pissed off if they knew they can’t have that because you’re sharing your server with theirs.

      I have a shared account and a reseller account. And I have also tried a lot of hosting providers before and even built physical servers from scratch so I do know a thing or two on hosting which I also want to talk about really soon and teach you some very cool and neat tricks with that.

      Hope that helps and thank you for the kind comment about the genius part, made me smile even though I’m far away from that!

      Have a great weekend! ;-)

      PS. I also do my own dishes, hah!

    • Adrienne
    • April 30, 2012

    Now that was an excellent post and I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who said closing a client online wasn’t easy. Thanks Patrick!

    It all makes sense and you’re right, when we have that “lack” mentality, that’s when we start doubting ourselves. I guess when I think of this I think of web design and having to do things I don’t know how to do. Like for instance you know computers and have even built some for goodness sakes.

    But I appreciate you taking us through this Sergio and in such detail too. You’ve definitely given me something to seriously think about.

    Great job and thanks again for your time with sharing these posts with us.


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      If we think we are not valuable enough, how can we expect others to think that way about us or our work then?

      Having a strong defined mentality is not recommended… it is a -MUST- for this to work.

      Glad you liked the content Adrienne and I know that you could definitely do this if you wanted. I’ll be sharing more details in the next updates in case you keep interested.

      Take care and thanks for reading, speak soon! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • May 2, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    I only have one question based on one of your earlier responses to a comment.
    I can understand you not wanting to continue blogging but I don’t know why you would take this site down entirely.
    Surely there is so much valuable information on here that it would be a huge loss to the online world if it was to just disappear?

    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      You’re right man and I’m not going to take the site down. I guess it was a fast thought that crossed my mind at the moment of responding.

      I will, however, shake things a little bit though but not as much as to lose the blog archives. Thanks for being interested man and catch up with you later! ;-)

      PS. I think I know which response you were referring to, I’ve just updated it to not confuse anyone, thank you for pointing that out for me.

        • Patrick Griffin
        • May 2, 2012

        Sergio wrote: “You’re right man and I’m not going to take the site down.”

        1. Reply

          LOL you really know me man. ;-)

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