Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge is a course designed to get you up and running with Internet Marketing in just 4 weeks.

It was developed by Dean Holland (a successful Alex Jeffreys’ student) and the course was recently launched just a few days ago.

But before jumping on anything else, first let me tell you a few things so you can understand what I’m doing on this update.

Are You On The Right Path To Success?

I realized a few weeks ago, that if I didn’t have a product of my own I was never going to be able to make any REAL substantial money online so I started working on something to offer but to my bad luck, I’ve got completely blocked on several steps while creating the content.

I was getting confused with what came before what, started having second thoughts over the most dumb things you can imagine and I just ended up being completely lost.

Now, on my latest post (a review I did on Daniel Sumner’s Product Development Control which I think it’s an AMAZING training btw) I told you I was going to be off for the weekend with no internet connection whatsoever.

I had a quick weekend trip to La Riviera Nayarita (México) with my girlfriend and her family.

We ate a lot of tasty seafood, drank many beers and I was so happy about it as I was craving for some “me time” away from the Internet for a while ago.

The fact that I spent three days with zero internet access, gave me enough time to think about everything I’ve been doing online for the past months.

And I had unanswered questions like these:

  • Am I progressing as fast as I can?
  • Am I doing everything right?
  • Am I selling products online?
  • Do I really have an online business?

After swallowing my pride, I saw there was room for improvement everywhere and that lead to product creation and a complete lifestyle revamp but keep on reading…

When Did You Start Making Money For Real?

This is the million dollar question and I’m going to answer it for you in the mouth of several partners, fellow students and close friends of mine (all very successful Internet Marketers).

patrick griffin

1. Patrick Griffin

I first met Patrick at a List Building course from Sterling Valentine.

After a year of that training, several blog posts and trying to descipher how to make money online, Patrick joined forces with Justin Ledvina (a highly successful online entrepreneur) and they published their first book together: Motivation Beyond The Quotes.

They recently published their second book Leadership Beyond The Quotes (must read books!) and they are even working on the third and fourth books!

Now, Patrick is not rich (yet) but he may have found that what he does best (writing, connecting with people, incredible sense of humour) is what’s actually making him money!

benjamin jacques2. Benjamin Jacques

I met Benjamin through the facebook group for Omar Martin’s training course: My UnFair Advantage (high-level marketing training).

He created his first product about Facebook Timeline’s (Facebook Timeline Domination) and before that, he was struggling and in debt.

Benjamin is no longer in debt and he has been producing great quality products like there’s no tomorrow. Definitely an example to follow.

His secret?

Listening to Omar Martin‘s advice: “Yo, sell something!”

Benjamin has an incredible talent for art & graphic design so he exploited that skill. Now he creates products about self help, graphics for marketers and the last update I saw from him, he was selling iPhone art covers.

The guy is clearly on the right path!

mike artime3. Mike Artime

Mike is a very young guy from Florida.

Still in school but he is clear about what he wants from the internet marketing industry.

That would be success and oh boy, he has achieved some already.

I met Mike through a members-only Skype group from Marc Milburn’s Online Wealth Blueprint course (high-level marketing training).

I don’t know if he struggled before or how much time he had been online trying to find his cup of tea but he first created a wordpress plugin and oh my God… I think he made about $1,400 – $1,600 on just ONE day (don’t quote me on this since this happened several months ago).

After that, he finally knew what it felt like to start getting some money in exchange for his efforts so he created a list building course and then he hired Dean Holland as his coach, and then he hired Dean Holland’s coach (Alex Jeffrey’s) and well the rest is history.

Mike Artime is no longer a newbie and I can tell you that in all these three scenarios (Patrick, Benjamin and Mike) the only thing that was separating them from making money online was having something to sell.

Alex Jeffreys Students

alex jeffreysAlex Jeffreys

In case you don’t know who Alex Jeffreys is, he is a very successful Internet Marketer from the UK, a success stories creator, keynote speaker and Las Vegas incredible party event’s host.

I won’t tell you his entire story since you can just google his name and I’ll bet you will find better stuff about him all over the place.

For fun, you can check out what Alex had to say about this blog right here: Achieving Blog Commenting Stardom

So when I first came online, I didn’t know much about who was making money or who wasn’t (or how) I didn’t know where to hang out, didn’t know any marketing forums, didn’t belong to any special group or anything at all.

marc milburn1. Marc Milburn

As I started doing my own due diligence, I’ve found Marc Milburn (and also after wasting a LOT of money on several other people, programs and all you can imagine).

I really didn’t even know what to think about Marc, I mean, c’mon… the guy has RED HAIR!

But I was able to sign in to his list and it was weird since he wasn’t sending pitch after pitch, he was actually sending great content so I was loving it!

That made me trust him more and then I had the opportunity to check out a training from him that was so ridiculous cheap called Fast Profits Formula and I was completely HOOKED on the quality of his trainings.

james francis2. James Francis

This is embarrassing but I can’t remember how I found James (sorry man! LOL)

The only thing I do remember is that I was in LOVE with the quality of his teachings as well.

He always had this very relaxed attitude, he shared a lot of great content and I was always puzzled in not being able to imagine how much could these guys be earning online since they looked very young to me (both Marc and James).

Then I found out James also had coaching and some high level products and as both of them (James and Marc) were from the UK, I was wondering what was happening over there that they had all these young fellas being completly awesome online.

matt wolfe3. Matt Wolfe

I found Matt through his Business & Blogs site (which I believed he changed the domain name at some point) and Matt had a very different approach for monetizing his content.

He has this membership site The WordPress Classroom (amazing training) where he charges a recurring fee.

I had the pleasure of being a free member for a while until I decided to invest to see what was really inside and man I was blown out.

Matt has already built a huge community around learning wordpress and I have seen how he has been improving more and more in everything he does online.

dean holland4. Dean Holland

I’ve met Dean mostly on videos from people like Alex Jeffreys and pictures on facebook from other marketers.

A fun thing about Dean is that he speaks FAST!

Any time I listen to him, he reminds me a LOT of Alex Jeffreys (must be that they work together a LOT or maybe he is from the same geographical zone as Alex in the UK? lol I’m clueless on this!)

Anyway, I first visited Dean’s blog a while ago and I honestly didn’t see anything that grabbed my attention but there was something unique about Dean and that was his transparency.

Whenever you listen to Dean or read what he writes, you can practically tell he is writing over the top of his chair, with an ear to ear smile almost wanting to stand up and jump.

At some time, he also had coaching available but he was doing Internet Marketing at least since 2008 (I came online on late 2010 I think) so I never saw that training door open and to be honest, I don’t remember hearing much from Dean when I got started.

Alex Jeffrey’s Success Stories

As you can see, what these four guys have in common is that they all have been mentored by Alex Jeffreys.

And if you’re interested in checking out Alex’s course, you can check out Marketing With Alex.

Note: I also know many stories in which people were mentored by Alex and they didn’t succeed.

Obviously, a program can’t make you successful just because you bought it!

You have to go through the program and sadly, not many people do that.

I have heard of people who have bought courses up to $1,997 only to log in once to the member’s area and never to come back again, I mean how crazy can this get?

Dean Holland’s Blogs

Something I did before buying my way in for Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge course, was to visit his blogs.

I believe I visited three blogs in total but right now I just found these two (you can click on the images as well):

dean holland's blog
Internet Profits Limited (Dean Holland’s New Blog)
Dean Holland's (old blog)
Dean Holland’s Old Blog

If you prefer to click on the links to check out Dean Holland’s Blogs, you can do so in the links down below:

So I first checked out the old blog, went all the way back to the first page and read every single post right to the latest one, I’ve also read every single comment and visited every single commenter’s site.

You may think that doing that was a bit over the top but I like to know who am I dealing with whenever I’m going to buy something from someone I’m not familiar with.

Anyway, what do you think I found in the comment threads?

  • Dead blogs
  • Abandoned blogs
  • Domain names for sales
  • Blogs with just a few posts from years ago (no updates)
  • Blogs with one post
  • Blogs with no posts at all

And even though that scenario is pretty normal for a training that was done two or three years ago, not everything was bad, as I also found:

  • Great looking blogs
  • Blogs with really cool content
  • Marketers that had their own products
  • Marketers that have their own coaching courses
  • And yeah, more people successful like Dean!

This means that Alex Jeffreys mentoring worked like a charm on Dean Holland and now Dean has been creating a lot of successful stories himself.

My Recommendation

Okay so now you know what my relationship with all of these guys is, you know a little bit about their background and hopefully you understand that having a blog with some posts on it, doesn’t equals to having a business online.

You need a blog so you have that as your central hub but I believe that your final destination is to create something you can sell to others.

It is my strong (but humble) opinion on what makes the difference between someone who struggles and someone who succeeds online.

I really wanted to get Dean’s course because I want to get to know him and his work a little bit better since I really like the energy he injects into what he does and a little extra advice won’t hurt me at all right?

So to recap, I want you to be very receptive about this…

If you don’t go through the entire course, you are not going to have any success.

That applies to ANY training you buy online.

Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge Video Tour


Buy Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge

If you’re ready to buy this, I believe it is still $15 something.

You can either check it out by clicking here Buy Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge or you can just click on the image down below.

dean hollands quick start challenge
Check out Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge

There’s no bonus to get this, either you get it or you don’t.

I already spent two days creating this post, that should be enough for you.


What I’m sharing with you here is the result of what I’m doing myself and recommending to others who are still struggling online.

I will always, ALWAYS recommend you do your own due diligence first as you should always be the one with the final word.

Dean Holland and everyone else mentioned on this article, are people that not only I believe are TOP NOTCH guys who have helped me in many different ways but some of them happen to be very good friends of mine as well and I do speak regularly to them.

You are entitled to have your own thoughts about this.

Peace out!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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