For anyone coming back to the site and not knowing what I have been doing lately, I am basically working on three things.

These include:

Well as you may know by now, I recently joined Dean Holland’s QSC training (aff link) and we received weekly tasks to prove we’re committed to succeed with his training.

QSC Week 1

So for Week 1 the challenge was to set up a blog and publish your first post.

This included tasks like:

  • Registering a domain name
  • Getting a hosting account
  • Updating the DNS (link the domain to the hosting account)
  • Publishing a post about Dean’s program and finally,
  • Creating an About Me page that showed the real YOU and what your expectations were with this course

This has to be done in under a week and I’m honestly surprised to see dozens of people having completed this huge task in just one or two days and they did it FLAWLESSLY.

If you’re already familiar with WordPress it may not seem like a big deal but for someone exposed to all of that for the first time, it is a big deal.

QSC Week 2

For Week 2 the challenge was about driving traffic to our blogs.

The recommendation was to do it mainly with blog hopping (commenting on blogs) and through forum signatures on the Warrior Forum.

For a newbie, I think it would be a bit daunting to go specifically to the WF (warrior forum) and start trying to jump in on conversations but there are threads specifically for people getting started so it may not be that bad and besides you can get some really good advice from the positive individuals.

Another great source of traffic is with YouTube videos but I can’t remember if it was mentioned as a traffic strategy or not by Dean (sorry I just slept two hours today).

Today’s Shock Announcement

I received an e-mail from Dean Holland just a few hours ago in which he wanted everyone to create a YouTube video.

The motivation for doing this (besides encouraging you to take action) is that Dean is rewarding one student each week with his own personal high level coaching.

I think he sells these positions strictly for $5,000 USD so if people REALLY want to prove they are committed, they all should be recording videos as I write this.

Since this task wasn’t announced, he will grant not one but two places for this week so I’m really hoping that people are willing to take action and embrace being uncomfortable! ;-)

Overcoming Fear Of Video Creation

Speaking of being uncomfortable…

Anyone that claims to know me should remember I was frightened to death of recording myself on video.

There are QSC students (short for Quick Start Challenge) that are recording videos for the first time and the official Dean Holland’s Challenge just started less than two weeks ago.

The most amazing stuff is that many of these soon-to-be marketers were proactive about making their videos!

There wasn’t any reward for this (at the time) and yet they went the extra mile so major kudos to anyone reading this that has already recorded their first video.

In case you are still on the fence about recording your first video, I would love you to check out this post: 7-Day Video Review Challenge

I explain how I overcame my initial fear of recording myself on video in only seven days.

Also, if you go to the Archives section every post that has the legend [7-day VRC] means that is part of that video challenge.

Note: The actual reviews in that video challenge were (in my opinion) a bit bad but the whole point was to overcome fear and nothing else.

The cool thing is I actually made some Amazon sales so you never know!

WordPress Tips

I have checked out many QSC blogs already (many great blogs too!) and I saw a pattern of things that have some room for improvement with very easy tweaks.

Do not feel bad, I had to learn all about it the hard way and it’s just minor things anyway. ;-)

Note: I’m not talking about design or looks, I’m talking about blog functionality so it is a bit important.

I’ll talk about it on video but here’s a breakdown in case you are in a rush and want to know what’s inside.

  • Setting your Blog’s Admin Name
  • Creating a Gravatar (add an image to your comments)
  • Setting your Blog Permalinks correctly
  • Including your Twitter handle in your social media buttons (and use your real name!)
  • Installing the Subscribe To Comments plugin
  • Setting your Blog Categories right

I recently wrote an article that deals exactly with many of these points (although not all mentioned on this video) and you can read that here WordPress Post-Installation Basic Configuration Checklist

WordPress Tips Video


Okay well there you have it!

Don’t Be Put Off By Excuses, Get Creative Instead!

I understand that many people won’t have access to all the fancy resources to video editing and recording but don’t start with excuses… get creative instead!

Many laptops have cameras included now, you can also use a cell phone with a camera (I’m pretty sure I’m the only dude on planet earth using a cell phone without a camera but that’s beyond the article’s scope).

If you don’t have any of this, you can buy one cheap webcam at your local supermarket for about $10 USD.

You need to be aware that as soon as you justify yourself for not taking a particular action, the second challenge you find will be easier to justify it and before you know it, you won’t be making any progress at all.

If you need some motivation, here’s a funny post about becoming more productive using Cold Shower Therapy.

A word of warning though… There IS a bit of nudity involved but it’s nothing you wouldn’t see at a swimming pool!

Oh and by the way, if you have any more productivity tips, please share them with me!


I may start fading a bit away from blog commenting as it takes a LOT of time to do and right now I need to focus solely on product creation.

I do check my blog periodically and I’m always around so if you have any feedback (good or bad) just let me know in the comments area.

Take care and I hope you find this update helpful, peace!


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