Day 2: USB Blue Snowball Microphone Review

This post is the second post of the 7-Day Video Review Challenge to Overcome Fear of the Camera follow up video series.

On this day I’m going to be reviewing the USB Blue Snowball Microphone.

We all know that audio and video sells and the Internet Marketers that use them in their sites, have a major advantage over people like us who are not currently using these resources (podcasts, live interviews, webinars, etc).

Doing these type of activities allows you to communicate easier and faster with the audience on our blogs while establishing stronger points (it is more natural to communicate like that after all isn’t it?)

Why I Upgraded To A Blue Snowball Microphone

So the main reason I bought my Blue Snowball Microphone was because I became very interested in doing live interviews over Skype.

I made a few tests with the internal microphone in my laptop and it was just not decent enough for it.

Besides whenever you’re doing an interview, you can have crappy video but definitely not crappy audio!

If you have a below average recorded interview where the audio is great but the video is not, you can still use the audio alone but you can’t do much if it has superb video but below average audio, makes sense?

It’s annoying and doesn’t gets the message through either.

Blue Snowball, Great Quality & Affordable

So fast forward, after extensive research I found out that the best USB microphones and most affordable ones were in the Blue Snowball line.

The Blue SnowBall Microphone is USB powered, has a three (3) switch connector in the back and it’s highly reliable for almost any type of in-house recording scenarios.

So without any further ado, let’s get it on with the awesome sauce, a.k.a. the video!

USB Blue Snowball Microphone Video Review

Minor Details On Doing This Video

The video took a while to complete.

I have never used ScreenFlow before and had to face many mind and technical challenges to get this completed!

I wanted to create some kind of a recording with a musical instrument too but then I figured out I did not have any audio files on the Macbook and doing this post practically took the whole day to create so you guys are going to have to wait for that one for another day.

I am writing a summary from all the experiences I have been going through with these videos and after I’m done with this challenge I will share them with you, so don’t miss that one, ok?

Buy the USB Blue Snowball Microphone on Amazon

Buy Blue Snowball USB Microphone (Gloss Black) (aff link)


I want to thank everyone leaving me your amazing comments on these posts.

Leaving a comment in a blog post makes the blog owner happy!

Did you know is almost the same feeling a musician gets when he receives an applause?

Without your support I would not have the guts to record any of these videos (honestly) and much less to upload them to the Internet.

So I really appreciate your time and encouraging words, you guys truly rock!

Take care everyone and hope to see you tomorrow again!

Sergio, signing off.

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Day 2: Blue Snowball Microphone Review
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Conclusion: Overcoming Fear of Video Creation Summary

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    • Patrick Griffin
    • November 15, 2011

    Hi Sergio.
    I know you are still nervous of doing these videos, not from watching the videos but only because you say so in this blog.

    This post is not perfect but it is spectacularly good none the less. It has so many elements – a written introduction, a video review, a separate audio button, still images of the product and a link for people to buy it should they want to.

    You have covered all bases.

    The pop filter you mentioned in your video is actually called a…pop filter! because it prevents people making the popping sound that can be heard when the letters “P” and “B” are pronounced.

    I think the noise comes from the fact that air is pushed out out your mouth at high speed towards the microphone when those two sounds are made.

    I am sure you don’t always do it on purpose but you always manage to add a humorous moment into your videos – today’s came when you said: “…after the whole seven day nightmare is over…”

    This may be a nightmare for you now but not for the people viewing these posts and once you have got this behind you then I think you will look back and realize that is is one of the best things you have ever done online.

    Now I really cannot wait for day three.


    P.S. If you can explore the different settings of the microphone as you use it more that would be really helpful too.

    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      A POP FILTER!! THANKS! ;-)

      Yes I’m still super nervous, in the end I was sweating super bad but I did not die!

      Amazing info on the pop filters too, I think those screens remove the hissing sound made by the “S” too, right? Might steal some pantyhose from somewhere and make my own! *evil grin*

      It really has been HARD man! A bit of humour now and then is what actually makes me get through the recordings, it is actually funny because it’s true and being uncomfortable is what makes me say stuff like that! LOL

      A big THANK YOU for your non-stop support man and I really hope I can deliver on tomorrow’s post, take care!!

  1. Reply

    Are you using the microphone while recording with your flipcam or from your apple? I was thinking of buying a nice microphone because right now I only use the one that is inside my webcam. It probably sounds really bad when I do webinars. The sound quality of your recording sounded very good when you talked into the microphone.

    I will bookmark your referral link for when I’m ready to buy it, I want to see your reviews of the troubles you had first so I know what I’m getting into. Thanks for the review, it has inspired me to do my own review of a product. Keep up the great work Sergio!

    1. Reply

      Hey Justin,

      Now that’s what I call AWESOME SUPPORT my man!

      The video was shot entirely using the Blue Snowball Microphone for Audio.

      And the internal iSight camera from a Macbook for Video.

      (there were NO flipcams used on this recording)

      I used ScreenFlow to capture both the audio & video and it was actually super easy to set up.

      Like I wrote in the article, I never used ScreenFlow before and it took me some time to figure out a few tricks but that software is pretty intuitive.

      The audio remained completely UNTOUCHED on both versions (video & mp3).

      That’s the raw microphone all on its own, not a single audio effect was applied!

      If you have any more questions feel free to ask away!

      I’ll still be using this microphone for almost the entire rest of the video review series in case you want to listen more of it!

      Thanks again for your support and leaving me this amazing comment, made a huge smile today! ;-)

  2. Reply

    I decided to buy the microphone thanks for the great review. I look forward to any future products reviews you do that relate to my business.

    1. Reply

      Hey Justin,

      I have been looking at this comment of yours for a while now and I simply couldn’t write anything before because I did not know HOW to thank you properly for your support.

      I think you have just made an AMAZING buy and as soon as you’re able to hear your voice coming through this thing you’ll know what I mean.

      I hope I can be present when you test it out live with your followers and definitely will be looking forward to listen to your own videos at your home office.

      Have a great day man, you just made mine go beyond AWESOME and I sincerely appreciate all the support you have been given me lately!!


  3. Reply

    Great review man, love seeing the review of this product. Might have to go splurge a bit and get one like Justin did. Big huge ‘atta boy’ has to go to you Sergio for crushing this review and knocking it out of the park. Congrats man!

    1. Reply

      Hey Jon!!

      It is SO GREAT to have you here man, I’m very honored and thrilled!!

      I know you take good care of the people using your systems and services and this just shows it amazingly!

      Thanks a lot and really I appreciate all the support you guys have been giving me, take care man and God bless! ;-)

      The microphone is AWESOME SAUCE, I can’t make it sound any better because my voice sucks but it really is a must-have! :P


    • Linda
    • November 19, 2011

    I have a logitech microphone – but I think what I forget is to change it within my computer’s settings and to turn up the volume? I don’t know – but this looks really cool.

    I didn’t position my microphone too close to me either due to lack of

    Hey, it’s a learning process, right?

    You are doing great, Sergio!!!


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda!

      You are one Logitech fan for sure, ain’t you? ;-)

      If you have it, USE IT! Your video fans are going to appreciate it!

      For this microphone you really need to get close to it to get that DEEP voice but you can achieve a great sound just from ambience room too (assuming you set the 3-switch to the right position for that).

      Thanks for all your comments and hope to see you around again! ;-)

  4. Reply

    I am actually looking for a new mic sergio so this has come in handy. I use a lifechat 3000 by Mircosoft. It’s ok but I think I could do better.

    I don’t use Screen flow as I’m so used to Camtasia. I have my MAC duel booting with Windows for Camtasia. I think I really need to check it out as it can be a pain in the behind changing between the two op systems.

    Thanks for sharing Sergio

    1. Reply

      Hey Daniel,

      When I was deciding which headset to buy, I was deciding between the ClearChat by Logitech and the Lifechat 3000 by Microsoft.

      I just went with the Logitech as I prefer that brand a bit better over the other but those two were my main choices.

      The microphone from the Logitech is fairly decent so I guess you can get away with the Lifechat 3000 too.

      The snowball has a lot more quality than the headsets mentioned but it is not as portable, it does weight around 2 pounds and you have to speak very near to it in order to get a nice clear and crispy sound out of it.

      About the video editors I think both are pretty awesome systems.

      I am using both because I want to be able to provide help and maybe even create e-courses around using those for the Spanish speaking community.

      So far I find ScreenFlow to be more intuitive than Camtasia though.

      I can’t really recommend one over the other as I’m using a crippled version of ScreenFlow (long story) and I’m using a full blown version of Camtasia on Windows.

      For the Mac having the dual boot, I use Boot Camp.

      I started my computing life using MS DOS (21 years ago) and when Windows 3.1 came out, I felt absolutely like an idiot.

      I couldn’t move anywhere I wanted and was slow as hell.

      Now that I have been using different operating systems (dos, windows, macos, linux) I can say I feel exactly the same now when I get out of Windows to dive into the MacOS.

      That’s the only reason I keep using Windows (XP) if I want to be fast, it’s gotta be that.

      If I want to show something fancy looking (or to not get pointed and laughed at) I use Mac.

      I believe you can use a virtualized desktop so you don’t need to reboot your system to use another app from the other OS, but as it is a virtual environment, you won’t get the same processing power of course so maybe that wouldn’t work for video editing.

      On the other hand, I wouldn’t really know this as I have a shitty 2.2 MHz Intel based Macbook (not even Pro) with 4Gb Ram LOL

      That’s the best I could afford a few years ago.

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