This post is the second post of the 7-Day Video Review Challenge to Overcome Fear of the Camera follow up video series.

On this day I’m going to be reviewing the USB Blue Snowball Microphone.

We all know that audio and video sells and the Internet Marketers that use them in their sites, have a major advantage over people like us who are not currently using these resources (podcasts, live interviews, webinars, etc).

Doing these type of activities allows you to communicate easier and faster with the audience on our blogs while establishing stronger points (it is more natural to communicate like that after all isn’t it?)

Why I Upgraded To A Blue Snowball Microphone

So the main reason I bought my Blue Snowball Microphone was because I became very interested in doing live interviews over Skype.

I made a few tests with the internal microphone in my laptop and it was just not decent enough for it.

Besides whenever you’re doing an interview, you can have crappy video but definitely not crappy audio!

If you have a below average recorded interview where the audio is great but the video is not, you can still use the audio alone but you can’t do much if it has superb video but below average audio, makes sense?

It’s annoying and doesn’t gets the message through either.

Blue Snowball, Great Quality & Affordable

So fast forward, after extensive research I found out that the best USB microphones and most affordable ones were in the Blue Snowball line.

The Blue SnowBall Microphone is USB powered, has a three (3) switch connector in the back and it’s highly reliable for almost any type of in-house recording scenarios.

So without any further ado, let’s get it on with the awesome sauce, a.k.a. the video!

USB Blue Snowball Microphone Video Review


Minor Details On Doing This Video

The video took a while to complete.

I have never used ScreenFlow before and had to face many mind and technical challenges to get this completed!

I wanted to create some kind of a recording with a musical instrument too but then I figured out I did not have any audio files on the Macbook and doing this post practically took the whole day to create so you guys are going to have to wait for that one for another day.

I am writing a summary from all the experiences I have been going through with these videos and after I’m done with this challenge I will share them with you, so don’t miss that one, ok?

Buy the USB Blue Snowball Microphone on Amazon

Buy Blue Snowball USB Microphone (Gloss Black) (aff link)


I want to thank everyone leaving me your amazing comments on these posts.

Leaving a comment in a blog post makes the blog owner happy!

Did you know is almost the same feeling a musician gets when he receives an applause?

Without your support I would not have the guts to record any of these videos (honestly) and much less to upload them to the Internet.

So I really appreciate your time and encouraging words, you guys truly rock!

Take care everyone and hope to see you tomorrow again!

Sergio, signing off.

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