Day 6: Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi 6 inches E-Ink Display

This is the sixth post of the 7-Day Video Review Challenge to Overcome Fear of the Camera follow up video series.

Today I am going to review the Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Reader.

This is the first product review that won’t let you create something per se (at least not that I know!).

It’s actually more of a resource for you to that can have many different purposes depending on what your reading habits are of course.

Importance Of Reading

We as internet marketers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and everything else that comes to mind, understand the importance of reading.

We read blogs, reports, books and are always in constant reading mode not just to learn new stuff but for leisure, for relaxing, for resting our eyes from the computer screen, etc.

Well the Amazon Kindle has been revolutionizing the reading industry and it’s no wonder why Amazon decided to jump on-board with their own creation.

Amazon Kindle Features

Things that made me almost instantly want to buy an Amazon Kindle:

  • it can read PDF files along with graphics
  • you can actually load a PDF file into it via its USB cable
  • it can play back audiobooks
  • battery lasts for 2-months (that’s insane if you ask me)
  • you can read books, newspapers, magazines, even blogs!
  • etc

Having said that, I’ve heard you can publish your book directly to Kindle and that was the very second I yelled okay I want one!

The Amazon Kindle can do even more things than what I just wrote above but those were the specific key points that made me go berzerk about not having one on my hands already.

So if you don’t mind, let’s get it on with the video I just made for you!

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Reader (Part1)

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Reader (Part2)

Buy Kindle Keyboard on Amazon

So there you have it, if you want to buy your Amazon Kindle Keyboard here are some useful direct Amazon links.


Don’t forget to tell me if you publish something so I can buy it and check your stuff out, okay?

Take care and hope to see you tomorrow, this challenge is finally coming to an end, yeaaaah booooy! LOL

Sergio, off the air!

PS. Something Always Will Go Wrong

As always, something has to happen and today was no exception!

I ended up with a VERY long video (longer than the standard 15-min limit on YouTube) and I had no idea how the heck to cut in half an had already exported an .mov file.

I thought that I could do it right inside ScreenFlow but I’m using a very old version right now and I just couldn’t figure it out.

After pulling my hair a few times and getting tired of scratching my head, I decided to go right back to my initial Screenflow project and just export the videos again in two takes.

This explanation would have been more suitable for the recap post that I’m planning to write when I end this video review challenge.

But the problem is I have so much spare time to wait for right now that I thought “…the heck with it!” and decided to explain why are you going to see two videos on this post.

So… now you know!

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Conclusion: Overcoming Fear of Video Creation Summary

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    • Linda
    • November 19, 2011

    Hey Sergio,

    I am working backwards – but how did you get your picture into that video – that is cool. Or you used Camtasia and had your webcam on? I didn’t know you could do that ;-) I made a video yesterday, if you haven’t seen it – had a heck of a time and took me 4 hours to try to edit it – ugh! I gave

    But, anyway – I bought an Airpad from – it comes with Kindle but I don’t like it – it is android based and was excited, but it is crappy in my opinion – kinda wanted the kindle fire – actually they were both the same price. Well, anyway – this doesn’t run for 2 months on a battery – holy cow!! This runs 4 hours or longer maybe if you just read books. I was going to return it, but the 15% return fee and shipping on top of it, not worth it. So, I will either keep it or resell it.

    Thanks for the review, Sergio – you are doing a great job with these reviews!!

    Oh and I had no idea about the 15 minute max time limit on youtube – ugh!! I would have a heck of a time splitting my videos.

    So, are you getting more comfortable making them? I actually enjoyed making mine yesterday – until I realized the volume sucked and couldn’t figure out how to fix it….need to figure out what to make next, but supposed to be working on a new product, so should focus on that, I

    Hope you have a great remainder of your weekend!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Glad you asked! I was using ScreenFlow for mac for this video.

      It allows you to capture your screen and also capture a live camera (it can be the internal camera on macbooks: iSight, or you can also use a regular USB camera as well).

      About the Airpad, I think it looks nice but I honestly don’t know much about it, I think that you better keep it and find a good use for it!

      The YouTube 15 minute limit is the standard for a normal account (it was 10 minutes before I believe) but if your account proves to be a good one (that adheres to their policies and does it flawlessly) you’re supposed to get some sort of an “invitation” so you can upload stuff up to almost an hour of video footage.

      About being more comfortable on my videos, yes, I feel a little bit more comfortable.

      The language barrier still kills me and whenever I’m about to hit the record button my heart starts spinning so crazy fast… what I do is just WAIT so it gets back to normal and THEN push the record button.

      The first takes ALWAYS go bad but then again, I have managed to hit record and get it all ‘down’ on the first take (I never get anything done properly, but I guess I mean getting something down that does not sucks so much!).

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment and I’m really happy that you have found these videos to be of some value, take care and have a great day!! ;-)

    • Kelly Provost
    • November 20, 2011

    Hey Sergio!

    You did a great job my friend, a very brave man to put your face on the video.

    You have given me new hope and inspiration when it comes to making the videos I need to get done for my product I have coming up for release.

    Thank you


    1. Reply

      Hey Kelly, first time here buddy… THANK YOU!!!

      I guess I just had to click the “Record” button after all… and these things happened! LOL

      I hope I can be able to watch you someday, people really come alive when you see them speak and articulate for the very first time.

      Before that, we’re just still faces and boring… really man, whenever you do your first video, I will be the first one to support you!!

      If you ever need some help with your first product, I’d love to help in any way. I’m also on my way to create something awesome and could take some beta testers for it as well.

      Thanks for coming by and taking your time to leave such a great comment! (I want more people on video!!!)

      Have a ROCKIN’ DAY Kelly!!! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • November 21, 2011

    Hi Sergio.
    So your challenge is almost over and already I know I am going to miss it.
    The Kindle seems to be a great product and to be honest I had no idea that it had so much functionality.
    I am a huge fan of reading and always have been so the way technology allows us to carry so much information in one small device is amazing.
    One thing I don’t understand is how the device can display all those pages with the magic e ink and not use any battery power. That sounds like some kind of witchcraft to me but I am sure there is a more logical explanation for how it does this.
    Well done on another amazing post.
    I will be back tomorrow for day seven.

    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      I was overwhelmed when I first started looking at all the things I could do with a Kindle myself, if I had known better I’d have got it sooner.

      About the e-ink witchcraft (LOL) the e-ink models -unlike LCD screens- offer longer battery life periods as the e-ink screen only requires power to calculate WHERE to put the e-ink on screen.

      When I was changing pages on the video, there’s a flickering between page loads, that’s the only process (I believe) taking power, but not while the page is already loaded.

      The technical details on how this is even possible are way beyond my understanding too but that’s mainly how it works for mere mortals, isn’t technology great?

      Last but not least, thanks for stopping by, I know you could possibly were on transit back to your home from the USA so I appreciate taking your time to come over and see what have I been writing about lately!

      Take care man and get some rest, THANK YOU!!

  1. Reply

    I enjoyed the entire week, great job of getting out of your comfort zone. I hope this isnt the end of you making videos now that the challenge is over.

    By the way I got my snowball and I love it was a great investment based on your review! Thanks again.

    1. Reply

      Hey Justin,

      Thank you for your comments man and I was thinking about this (keeping on creating videos or focus on something else) so much lately but it’s highly unlikely I ever stop doing videos now.

      I’m so glad you found these humble reviews of good use and you don’t have an idea on how much I appreciate the fact you took my video reviews seriously and just went at it with the advice shared here.

      You REALLY ROCK man, THANK YOU and I hope you get a lot back from your smart investment, have a great day and hope to see you around this place again!!

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