This is the sixth post of the 7-Day Video Review Challenge to Overcome Fear of the Camera follow up video series.

Today I am going to review the Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Reader.

This is the first product review that won’t let you create something per se (at least not that I know!).

It’s actually more of a resource for you to that can have many different purposes depending on what your reading habits are of course.

Importance Of Reading

We as internet marketers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and everything else that comes to mind, understand the importance of reading.

We read blogs, reports, books and are always in constant reading mode not just to learn new stuff but for leisure, for relaxing, for resting our eyes from the computer screen, etc.

Well the Amazon Kindle has been revolutionizing the reading industry and it’s no wonder why Amazon decided to jump on-board with their own creation.

Amazon Kindle Features

Things that made me almost instantly want to buy an Amazon Kindle:

  • it can read PDF files along with graphics
  • you can actually load a PDF file into it via its USB cable
  • it can play back audiobooks
  • battery lasts for 2-months (that’s insane if you ask me)
  • you can read books, newspapers, magazines, even blogs!
  • etc

Having said that, I’ve heard you can publish your book directly to Kindle and that was the very second I yelled okay I want one!

The Amazon Kindle can do even more things than what I just wrote above but those were the specific key points that made me go berzerk about not having one on my hands already.

So if you don’t mind, let’s get it on with the video I just made for you!

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Reader (Part1)


Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi Reader (Part2)


Buy Kindle Keyboard on Amazon

So there you have it, if you want to buy your Amazon Kindle Keyboard here are some useful direct Amazon links.


Don’t forget to tell me if you publish something so I can buy it and check your stuff out, okay?

Take care and hope to see you tomorrow, this challenge is finally coming to an end, yeaaaah booooy! LOL

Sergio, off the air!

PS. Something Always Will Go Wrong

As always, something has to happen and today was no exception!

I ended up with a VERY long video (longer than the standard 15-min limit on YouTube) and I had no idea how the heck to cut in half an had already exported an .mov file.

I thought that I could do it right inside ScreenFlow but I’m using a very old version right now and I just couldn’t figure it out.

After pulling my hair a few times and getting tired of scratching my head, I decided to go right back to my initial Screenflow project and just export the videos again in two takes.

This explanation would have been more suitable for the recap post that I’m planning to write when I end this video review challenge.

But the problem is I have so much spare time to wait for right now that I thought “…the heck with it!” and decided to explain why are you going to see two videos on this post.

So… now you know!

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