This post is the first post of the 7-Day Video Review Challenge to Overcome Fear of the Camera video series.

On this day I’m going to talk about the Flip UltraHD Video Camera.

I bought my Flipcam from Amazon several months ago.

Even though I did not use it that much in the beginning, I recently went on a trip to Europe where I visited England, Spain and France.

I started using the Flipcam every single day and recorded plenty of videos everywhere I went.

Why I Bought The Flipcam UltraHD

This pocket camera is so light and compact that many times I thought I had left it at the hotel but luckily for me, I hadn’t and was able to shoot video as I kept visiting more and more locations.

The model I have is the 3rd generation which is the newest one.

This one has an 8GB internal memory and allows to record up to 2 hours of video footage at a high 720p resolution.

I haven’t manage to record that much all at once so if you’re just starting out and need to record small videos from time to time, then this is a perfect fit.

The camera will automatically turn off when it’s not in use, some sort of automated battery saving mode.

I recorded a 4.part video series for you.

Note: All of these videos were shot with an Apple iSight, just the last video was shot with a FlipCam!

  • Video 01: Showcases the FlipCam in general
  • Video 02: Shows the Bower Wide Magnetic Lens
  • Video 03: Using a Video Tripod and a quick idea to record without a partner outside
  • Video 04: It’s a video shot with the FlipCam of me solving a Rubik Cube

FlipCam General Review


Bower Wide Magnetic Lens


FlipCam Video Tripod And Mic Stand


FlipCam Recording, Rubik Cube Solving,
Bower Wide Magnetic Lens Difference



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Today I learnt that I NEED to learn video editing ASAP and that whenever I have to upload videos I have to do it in advance.

I have been uploading these videos on ADSL and it has taken me the whole afternoon, it literally took me hours!

I really hope you enjoyed this as it took a HUGE amount of effort on my side but I plan to get better at this!

See you tomorrow with another review!


PS. I wasn’t able to edit any of the videos so sorry if I made you waste any of your time.

It was definitely not on purpose! ;-)

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