Day 1: USB Flipcam Video UltraHD Review

This post is the first post of the 7-Day Video Review Challenge to Overcome Fear of the Camera video series.

On this day I’m going to talk about the Flip UltraHD Video Camera.

I bought my Flipcam from Amazon several months ago.

Even though I did not use it that much in the beginning, I recently went on a trip to Europe where I visited England, Spain and France.

I started using the Flipcam every single day and recorded plenty of videos everywhere I went.

Why I Bought The Flipcam UltraHD

This pocket camera is so light and compact that many times I thought I had left it at the hotel but luckily for me, I hadn’t and was able to shoot video as I kept visiting more and more locations.

The model I have is the 3rd generation which is the newest one.

This one has an 8GB internal memory and allows to record up to 2 hours of video footage at a high 720p resolution.

I haven’t manage to record that much all at once so if you’re just starting out and need to record small videos from time to time, then this is a perfect fit.

The camera will automatically turn off when it’s not in use, some sort of automated battery saving mode.

I recorded a 4.part video series for you.

Note: All of these videos were shot with an Apple iSight, just the last video was shot with a FlipCam!

  • Video 01: Showcases the FlipCam in general
  • Video 02: Shows the Bower Wide Magnetic Lens
  • Video 03: Using a Video Tripod and a quick idea to record without a partner outside
  • Video 04: It’s a video shot with the FlipCam of me solving a Rubik Cube

FlipCam General Review

Bower Wide Magnetic Lens

FlipCam Video Tripod And Mic Stand

FlipCam Recording, Rubik Cube Solving,
Bower Wide Magnetic Lens Difference


To buy any of the items mentioned on this article (aff links) visit my Amazon Store here:


Today I learnt that I NEED to learn video editing ASAP and that whenever I have to upload videos I have to do it in advance.

I have been uploading these videos on ADSL and it has taken me the whole afternoon, it literally took me hours!

I really hope you enjoyed this as it took a HUGE amount of effort on my side but I plan to get better at this!

See you tomorrow with another review!


PS. I wasn’t able to edit any of the videos so sorry if I made you waste any of your time.

It was definitely not on purpose! ;-)

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Day 1: FlipCam Ultra HD Review
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Conclusion: Overcoming Fear of Video Creation Summary

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    • Linda
    • November 14, 2011

    GREAT JOB, Sergio!! You did awesome!!

    I should get one of those cameras cause I can’t find my webcam You gave a really good intro about it. You are a genius with that mic stand – never would have thought of that. I don’t have one, but it is very cool…so you used to sing or play guitar??

    I suggest you get yourself a copy of camtasia that will let you edit your videos and such – you can get a 30 day trial to see if you like it.

    I have a rubik cube that I have had since I was a kid – I think I got it like once…I haven’t pulled it out recently. I used to have a triangle thing that was similar, I was able to get that better than the cube.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next videos :)

    Have a great day!

    1. Reply

      Hey thank you Linda!

      The mic stand, I don’t know, I just figured it out it would work to hold the camera too! LOL

      I used to play guitar, I never sung seriously as I’m like super BAD at it! haha

      About Camtasia, I am currently checking out video editing software, thanks for your suggestion!

      Would love to watch you solve that triangle puzzle!

      Thank you for your support, it really helps me not to freak out even more when I’m doing these videos!

      Take care and hope to have you here tomorrow! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • November 14, 2011

    Hey Sergio,
    What am amazing start to your week-long overcoming fear of video series.
    I was expecting you to post one video but not 30 minutes worth of content over four separate videos.
    There is no doubt that this will help you overcome your fear of making videos and, equally, there is no doubt that it will help others do so too.

    Allowing everyone to see your real-time progress as the week progresses is not only educational but it takes a lot of courage to be so open and honest in this way.

    At the moment you are probably focusing on the fact that you are nervous but that will pass and you will soon be able to actually enjoy making these videos.Right now you probably don’t believe me but it will happen.

    I had no idea you could get a wide angle lens for the flip cam and when you showed the image produced with the wide lens and with the normal lens that was a really cool way to demonstrate how it worked.

    Also you were not put off by distractions outside like the noise from motorbike in your first video. When I shot my first videos those kind of distractions really put me off so much that I had to start again.

    I am not sure how many marketers just happen to have microphone stands at hand like you have but if they do then that was a really cool tip for making a flipcam tripod without the need to go out and buy a professional tripod.

    Finally there was a huge amount of difference in the quality of the image as recorded by the laptop and from the flipcam – the flipcam seriously outperformed the mac both in terms of image and sound quality.

    This challenge has got off to a fantastic start.

    I think this is the perfect way for you to overcome your nerves and also the perfect teaching material to show others that such fears can be tackled head on and confronted.

    I look forward to the rest of this video series.

    Well done in coming up with this idea and taking the time and effort of seeing it through.


    P.S. I think even if you slowed down the Rubik Cube demo and showed every single twist and turn I would still not be able to complete that frustrating puzzle.

    1. Reply

      Wow Patrick,

      THANK YOU for writing such an AMAZING COMMENT!!

      To be honest I did not plan how much time I was going to record for my videos, in fact, I wasn’t even planning to make several videos.

      It just turned out that I was past the 10 minute mark already and I thought oh well, whatever it takes!

      It has indeed taken a lot of guts because I’m supposed to be an expert but as I’m not, I chose reality. To show myself here, like I am, no fancy clothing, no fancy location, no fancy equipment, just me, my computer and my experiences with this equipment.

      Thank you for the wide angle lens comment, actually that was a strong point for me to buy a flipcam, I even bought them together.

      About the distractions it’s pretty hard because there’s always noise here, when it’s not dogs, it’s parrots, screeching tires, people yelling, etc., so just a motorcyle sound doesn’t matters much anymore.

      I also used to think that the Macbook internal camera was pretty decent (I still think it is) but with so many gadgets out there, it has just become a bit of a low entry level solution for video creation at least.

      I liked your Rubik Cube demo comment a lot LOL I used to be like that too then one day I said to myself I was going to learn how to put those darn things together until I finally did it!

      Last but not least, thanks a lot for your amazing support Patrick.

      You know that without your help these videos wouldn’t be up here and hopefully we can showcase these posts to others at a latter occasion.

      Hope to see you around here tomorrow, take care and enjoy your night at NY!

    • John P. Bell
    • November 14, 2011

    Way to go Sergio!
    Nice Job, don’t know of what fear of the camera you were talking about, i couldn’t detect any fear.

    I need to get one of those cameras, not sure if i would fear being in front of it or not, i just fear what crazy ideas i might come up with for it.

    Look forward to viewing the rest of your series.


    1. Reply

      Hey John, thank you very much!!

      Well these are very cheap and there are even cheaper models now so it’s only a matter of choice!

      Crazy ideas you might come up with? Oh please, get one already! LOL

      Thanks for your support, looking forward to seeing you here more often, take care! ;-)

    • Marc Milburn
    • November 15, 2011

    Hey Sergio,

    Another great job on video, man! Really impressed, and I look forward to seeing your future productions too.

    I used to use the FlipCam, but I recently moved over to the Kodak Zi8. The price is pretty similar, and it also shoots in HD. The advantages are that it holds an SD Card, but also stores on its own internal hard drive, with a flip-out USB.

    It ALSO has an external microphone input, which is really advantageous for producing videos with a higher sound quality. I was able to pick up a great lapel microphone, which plugs straight in with a 6m cable for around $30.

    Look forward to seeing more videos soon, buddy!

    1. Reply

      Hey Marc,

      First of all thank you very much for supporting me by leaving such a great first comment!

      And second, fantastic piece of advice on that Kodak model and lapel microphone.

      I was wondering how could I improve my audio and after checking a few lapel microphones on Amazon, I found they are pretty cheap and of great quality.

      Definitely doing some research on that pretty soon.

      Last but not least, thanks again for stopping by and offering your great support, I really appreciate it!!

      • Patrick Griffin
      • November 15, 2011

      Hi Marc,
      I would love to see a review on the Kodak model you describe used with a lapel mic…
      Maybe Sergio might like to add that to his list ;)

      1. Reply

        Hey Marc & Patrick,

        Just added these to the request list!

        Thanks to both of you for your suggestions!! ;-)

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  2. Reply

    Sergio these videos is awesome sauce I look forward to the rest of the rest. Keep up the good work!

    1. Reply

      Hey Justin,

      Two comments in a row, wow I must be doing something good, THANK YOU!!

      Definitely getting back to work as I finish writing this, trying to get the juices flowing ya know?

      Great post on Personal Mission Statement too, gave me a few ideas to reorganize my thoughts, thanks! ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • November 16, 2011

    Hey Sergio,

    Well, I wanted to be sure and comment on this post because I’ve been using a Flip Camcorder for the past three years. Yes, mine is an older model and will only record up to an hour at a time. Like you, I’ve never recorded that long of a video before. Just really haven’t needed to.

    A lot of people over the years have asked me what kind of camera I’m using to record my videos and they are always surprised that it’s an inexpensive Flip Camcorder. Why people believe you have to have something big, bulky and expensive to do a good job is beyond me. Whenever I do upgrade, I will stick with the Flip. I love it.

    Will look forward to what else you’ll be sharing but did want to thank you for doing this review.


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      To be honest I also thought that people were using big, bulky AND very expensive equipment to do their videos! LOL

      I was so happy when I first found out I could create HD videos with something as tiny and cheap as the Flipcams.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving me your feedback, I know Flip camcorders are great and if we ever ran out of them, there’s a great alternative mentioned in the comment thread.

      Thanks for commenting, supporting me and have a great day Adrienne!

      It was great to see you around here again! ;-)

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