Day 4: Logitech H390 ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset

This is the fourth post of the 7-Day Video Review Challenge to Overcome Fear of the Camera follow up video series.

Today I am reviewing the Logitech H390 ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset.

There’s not that much interesting stuff to say about a headset, other than it sounds great and the microphone quality is amazing.

For obvious reasons I can’t show you how great it sounds because you would have to put the headset on to test it out for yourself (see my brilliant logic?)

But what I CAN do though, is show you the quality that this great headset from Logitech has to offer.

Why I Decided To Buy The Logitech ClearChat Headset

I don’t know if you have noticed from my previous posts that I always try to get the best bang for the buck kind of deal when it comes to buy anything online.

That also applies to my internet marketing related tools!

If you go to Amazon and search for “Logitech Headset” the first two choices you’re going to find are:

  • Logitech H390 Headset (the model I’m reviewing here)
  • Logitech H530 with Premium Laser-Tuned Audio (a more expensive model and I’m actually pretty clueless about what ‘Premium Laser Tuned Audio’ is).

I decided to go with the most popular version and bought the most affordable one which is the one in the picture.

Note: I always buy the best I can find but that doesn’t necessarily means that I always get the most expensive product, if that makes any sense…

So fast forward to this, I bought it, unpacked it, plugged it in and voilá, it instantly worked!

PC & Apple Compatible

Same story with my Macbook (I work with both platforms, PC & Mac) and not a single issue there either.

I have been talking a lot about the latest trends with other internet marketers and bloggers, doing all kind of cool stuff like recording podcasts, communicating over Skype, creating screencasts, etc.

Well this headset is a major player for all these kind of activities.

The Features I Liked The Most

It is rugged, soft to your ears, it is light, the USB cable is long enough (8 feet) for many scenarios and the most important of all, it is super cheap.

It has a very useful 3-button small device right on the cable for volume controls and mute.

The microphone is adjustable and sounds super awesome during interviews.

The quality of the sound you hear from the earphones, seriously blew me away.

Just for the record I’m far from being an Audio Expert but I can tell when something sounds GOOD and when something doesn’t.

Logitech H390 ClearChat Video Review

Note: Audio is coming entirely from the Logitech H390 ClearChat headset.

If you are one of those people that are afraid from buying online, this is a great product to start with as it is currently selling under $30 bucks.

If you can’t buy from Amazon for any reasons whatsoever, just go and look it up on Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club.

I actually just remembered I bought mine from Wal-Mart when I was doing some grocery shopping!

So there you have it, don’t make up any more excuses, go and buy this great product, you can thank me later! ;-)

Buy Logitech ClearChat H390 Headset

If you want to support me, here’s a direct link to Amazon.

Buy Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 (Black) (aff link)


Hope to write another amazing review for tomorrow and remember that I’m not doing this for the money.

This is a self-imposed challenge that I’m doing so I can overcome my dreadful terrible horrid panicking fear of recording myself on camera.

If you don’t want to leave a comment that’s fine too, the world won’t stop spinning ya’ know?

So peace out,

Sergio Felix

PS. Being Committed To Keep Up No Matter What

I was sick with the flu the entire Thursday, tried to create a video anyway but for some reason I just couldn’t speak and felt terribly ill.

As I couldn’t sleep knowing that I was going to fail to publish at least one video every day, I just HAD to get out of bed and do whatever I could.

I got out of bed a bit before 2:00am.

Started shooting the video and had mistakes ALL over the place but I still left it unedited (it’s not like I can edit at will, I still have a lot to learn on that area)

The video is almost seven minutes long and as I write this ScreenFlow is still exporting it.

It is exactly Friday 2:43am right now.

There’s also something I have never tried before, which I will try to optimize it for the web.

Upload it to Youtube and finally embed the code here.

I’m letting you know all these details just so you know that I’m 100% committed to keep up with my challenge.

I ended updating everything on Friday at 3:48am… and felt AWESOME! ;-)

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Conclusion: Overcoming Fear of Video Creation Summary

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    • Patrick Griffin
    • November 18, 2011

    Hey Sergio,

    Another great educational video. To be honest I think I might have been tempted to buy the more expensive model before reading your review because I would have expected a $30 headset to be of dubious quality.

    However after reading (and also listening and watching) this review I now realize that this model would be more than adequate for my needs.

    I loved the tip on how to place the microphone because many people make the mistake of placing it far too close to their mouth which results in distorted audio and heavy breathing sounds – not good.

    Keep going strong.

    On a side note I think it is important to point out that I believe the vast majority of who I will best describe as “part-time marketers” would not have completed this post if they had been unwell for a day.

    There would have been an update the following day saying: “Sorry I could not post anything yesterday but I was ill and I could not get on camera.”

    But you, on the other hand, spent a few hours in bed to recover, got up at around 2am and sent a tweet saying you had completed the blog post at 3.50am.

    This is the difference between taking action and taking massive action and in such a competitive industry as this, then it is taking massive action which will set people apart from the crowd.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick my man!

      Greatly appreciate that you have been enjoying those spread little tips I give sometimes.

      Even though reviewing products is not really “my thing” and my experience with all of these gadgets is VERY limited, I think that if I can share a few tricks here and there, then why not right?

      Even if they are pretty basic stuff, I did not know everything when I started so someone might appreciate them from time to time.

      On the other hand, thanks again for pointing out the difference between taking action and taking massive action.

      I have been saying that what has been helping me a lot lately, was writing on big red letters “MAKE IT OK TO FAIL” on my whiteboard.

      Even though I’m NOT aiming for perfection anymore, I still believe that if you promise something, you have GOT TO DO IT NO MATTER WHAT.

      Because that’s your business card.

      I said I was going to do this challenge and in my mind has NEVER even crossed the thought of failing on my own challenge.

      It has been scary as hell but what do I have to lose? Either I have “it” or I don’t and I want to find out already.

      So a big fat THANK YOU and man I hope you have your blog going at full throttle now!

      Onward comrade!!

      Take care and have a great weekend Mr Griffin!

    • Linda
    • November 19, 2011


    Are you feeling better now? It really sucks when you get sick when you are trying to complete a challenge.

    I love logitech products. I have a headphone similar to this one, probably the newer version, as mine is 3-4 years old and bought it because of the noise reduction. I never knew how to properly wear I don’t like them, but they can come in handy when needed.

    Great review once again!

    1. Reply

      Hi Linda,

      Never been better and thanks for asking, you rock!! :)

      I’m a fan of Logitech myself and I also believe that great products should last more than just a few months of good use before a new ‘something’ comes up and makes you feel like you need the newer model to stay up to date.

      For example, I have a 3 year old Macbook and it serves my purposes just fine, it’s not perfect and I do kind of need a newer one for some tasks but I can still make a LOT of stuff on that thing.

      So if your headset is still good, my advice would be to just keep using it!! (unless you need a new set of course)

      Have a great day and thanks for the great feedback Linda!

  1. Reply

    A whole year…clicked in Facebook thought it was a new post!
    funny, my microphone I have used for all my “new” talking videos….a Logitech with a small stand, no headset, only $9.95 at Walmart

    I bought a year or so ago.
    If I don’t knock it over the sound is fine.

    Only problem I have with recording right now….I do have to move the microphone close to the monitor (PC speakers are in the monitor) if I want to record anything that is playing on the PC….

    If I really get innovative and for free there is a program online Screencast O Matic that you can use your Webcam to record yourself…even able to reduce the picture so it doesn’t cover your screen. If you want the paid think $15. a year….

    Would be a great resource to list with your WordPress Tips!

    1. Reply

      Hey Vicki, yeah this was written a while ago but it’s still completely up to date. ;-)

      Just like you said, there are other microphones way under $30 but as I also said in the review, this model was the best “bang for the buck” as intensive research was put into it before buying it.

      Logitech is a brand that I trust 100% when it comes to these kind of accessories (I also like their mouse devices) and I believe the audio on your screencasts is really good so I think you’re good with that one for now.

      I’ve never used Screencast O Matic, I started directly with Movie Maker for videos and then Camtasia for PC and ScreenFlow for Mac.

      When it comes to picking industry-standard software I don’t like wasting my time with free options (anymore) even if doing so requires me to go through hoops to get the money for it.

      Thanks for stopping by and speak soon! ;-)

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