CommentLuv Premium Anniversary Dimesale

Today is the 1st Anniversary of the CommentLuv Premium wordpress plugin.

Why should you care?

Well, simply because it’s one of the best tools out there to prevent SPAM on wordpress blogs.

And second of all…

Well I can’t just give you a second reason because there are a few strong reasons why this is a must have on every wordpress blog.

CommentLuv Modules

commentluv premium modules

See what I mean now? ;-)

GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin

My first exposure to Andy Bailey (CommentLuv Premium creator) and his wordpress plugins was when I was researching for spam prevention tools and then found GASP (short for GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin)

I just fell in love with it.

The plugin was free (I think you can still download a free -more limited- version of it) and I was really happy when I noticed that SPAM did decrease quite a LOT on my main blogs.

The combination of using Akismet + GASP was flawless for spam prevention and this is the setup I currently use on this blog.

CommentLuv Premium

When I found out about CommentLuv I wasn’t too crazy about it to be honest with you.

But that was because I still didn’t understand why it was so important.

You see… when you have just a bunch of links all pointing directly to your main domain name, your posts and pages do not receive the same percentage of link weight (or “link juice” like the SEO people love to say to appear more saavy).

The beauty of the CommentLuv module (because CommentLuv Premium is already a few different plugins in one) resides in that you can target specific pages on your sites from just leaving a comment on a blog.

Think about this, you go to a blog that has massive traffic, leave a great comment there and if they do have CommentLuv installed (there are thousands of blogs with this plugin installed already) you can just pick the specific URL from YOUR site, that will serve as the backlink instead of the common domain name we were used to in the past.

Simple as that!

Believe me when I say this…

It’s WAY DIFFERENT to have a bunch of backlinks pointing to several distinct places on your blog, that having the same amount of links all directed towards your main domain name.

After the Google Panda, Penguin and the rest that are still scheduled to come, you will NEED to get something like CommentLuv.

That is of course, if you still want to benefit from organic traffic (a.k.a. FREE traffic).

If you are more comfortable paying for traffic and aren’t too concerned about search engines, then you don’t need CommentLuv BUT you can still benefit greatly from having the GrowMap Anti-Spam module active on your blog.

TwitterLink & Keyword Name

These are another two modules that are part of the CommentLuv Premium wordpress plugin.

I don’t get too crazy with these ones, I do have the twitter link activated but not the keyword name.

Maybe I never had the time to push so many buttons, to me what’s important is that it stops the spam and it entices my visitors to leave a comment on the blog.

That’s it but I want you to know you can tweak as much as you want with this plugin or as little as I do.

It will still work WONDERS.

CommentLuv Quick Tour Video

I can’t possibly show you everything since this is a very extensive plugin.

But this video will give you a great idea of what it looks like on your blog, on the dashboard and on the configuration side of it.

Not a great video but hey, something is better than nothing! :P

CommentLuv Premium Anniversary Dimesale

I didn’t tell you before about this plugin simply because it may be out of the reach for someone that is just getting started online.

(I think it was being sold at a regular price of $97 before)

It’s amusing to see when people think about it so much for spending any amount of dollars online that can help them do something better, faster and get real results while in real life the money perception is just flawed.

I learned about this (perception of money) last year when I visited Europe and I learned about this again when I visited Las Vegas in the USA just a month ago.

In all honesty, I came back smiling in disbelief.

But enough of this mini-rant, I’ll write a very good post on that subject in the upcoming days so back to the CommentLuv Premium Dimesale…

The plugin started at a price of $20 today (I paid $40 when I got it and it was a special offer)

I have been checking out the sales page and it’s currently being sold at $21.58

By the time you get there, chances are, you’ll see it at a much higher price or maybe just a few cents more than this price (that’s how dimesales work, they go up in price with each sale)

If you can’t get it today, I believe the dimesale is going to be available for the whole week but again, the sooner you get it, the less you pay for it.

Buy CommentLuv Premium Here

You can buy CommentLuv Premium here.

And the banner down below also contains my affiliate link.

Get CommentLuv Premium Here
Click Here To Check Out CommentLuv

An affiliate link means that you would help me make a small commission if you get your license by clicking through my banner and you would also help me create a better world for new bloggers on the rise! ;-)


Can your blog survive without CommentLuv Premium? Absolutely.

You will only have to find out more clever ways to deal with spam on your site and figure out how to place specific links on other blogs to get more free traffic from the search engines but it’s completely doable.

Remember that this is just a plugin, it’s not magic.

You still have to do the work, find great blogs, leave quality comments there, connect with people, link to great content pillar pages on your blog, etc.

Anyone can “be a blogger” but being a great blogger requires work and a LOT of it.

Having CLP on your wordpress blog is just a great way to get started on the right path so take care, hope you get something out of this and happy blogging! ;-)


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    • Jens P. Berget
    • August 25, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I agree. CommentLuv Premium is awesome. I have been using it since day 1 and it’s one of the best investments I have made.

    1. Reply

      Can’t agree any more with you Jens!

      One of the most bang for the buck plugins I have, thanks for stopping by man! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Mine is still sitting in the backroom unactivated. I think someone said they would do it for me?????

    Guess I’ll have to send him an email!

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta, it’s actually pretty easy to set up.

      Like I said on the video, I just update my twitter handle and tweak just a few things here and there (not much actually) if you want me to do it for you, just send me your login details on my contact form.

      Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

  2. Reply

    Is the offer is still going on. I tried today, but the site was temporarily unavailable.

    1. Reply

      Hello Mahendra, unfortunately the plugin is already back on its regular cost, which is about $97 I think.

      Not sure why the site is down though, I personally know the plugin developer and this is really weird, perhaps he’s updating something as we speak.

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