Cold Shower Therapy

The reason I’m doing this update is because we basically tend to follow routines.

Some people have good routines and some others don’t.

The important thing is to learn how to break them when they are bad.

So being the proactive guy that I am, I made a very stupid video today with my first cold shower therapy.

I didn’t edit anything, I just trimmed the actual shower parts (they weren’t sexy anyway)

The main reason for not editing anything is because I just realized I’m a complete idiot when it comes to video editing.

Seriously, I’m not joking, I need to learn this.

That’s the only reason… so just go watch now.

Video: Embarrassing Cold Shower Therapy

Hope you liked it.

It was EMBARRASSING but hey, I can take it.

I’m spending the rest of the day learning how to do proper video editing and testing some stuff and hopefully I’ll be able to show off my new skills by tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, take care dudes and dudettes and, enjoy Semana Santa!

PS. Cold showers SUCK but I didn’t get sick, how’s that? YAY! ;-)

Sergio Felix

Husband, Dad, Kindle Author, IT Pro, SEO & WordPress Consultant, Udemy Teacher, Half Marathoner and Guitar Player. I run Marketing With Sergio and several other online business projects.

20 thoughts to “Cold Shower Therapy”

  1. Wow, Sergio. Thanks for the laugh, man. That was absolutely hilarious. You were procrastinating so hard by about 2:30 lol. I can tell you didn’t want to get in.

    Lol man I’m still over here laughing. Way to start the day off with a bang. I’m sure that really set the pace for being uncomfortable… which is a good thing. I see the purpose behind the cold shower. Thanks for this!!!

    1. Haha glad you enjoyed my suffering Sean.

      You’re right about your great RT though, the idea behind this is “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” you nailed it 100% there bro.

      I was thinking about not doing the video because who the hell records themselves on the bathroom anyway? LOL

      But then I said “why not?” And the rest is history.

      Hope to update you if it works or not (so far I have recorded about five extra videos and have a few ideas to share on the blog as well… the crazy bit? it’s barely midday!)

  2. You are nuts, Sergio! LOL

    I’ve taken cold showers when I had to like you said when no hot water or when I am burning hot – but it never helped me to be more productive. Let me know how it works out.


    1. LOL You know how I roll Linda! ;-)

      If it never helped you, then please don’t do it.

      It really sucks and I consider it a torture.

      I will let you know if it works out although I don’t think I’m going to keep recording these embarrassing videos on the shower.

      I will, however, reconsider this when I get back in shape if that ever happens again! (*crossing my fingers*)

      Take care! ;-)

  3. Hi Sergio,
    If I lived in a hot country like you do then I would certainly enjoy cold showers. In fact I am a bit odd in the sense that I do like cold showers from time to time. I have actually taken showers where the water was so cold that it actually gave me an instant headache and I felt like fainting on the spot, so I guess that is just a little bit too cold.

    The good part about a cold shower is that it does refresh you and your body feels good afterwards as it returns to a normal temperature.
    However I guess we generally don’t like torturing ourselves so where there is the option of a hot shower I normally take that one.


    1. Hey Patrick,

      Dang bro, on my recent trip to Europe I wouldn’t take a cold bath for a million dollars!

      Well… I’m not sure, but I was practically praying that I always had hot water on the hotels I stayed in, it was very cold for my taste.

      I do understand what you say though, my dad is a fan of cold water and I really don’t know how he manages to enjoy his showers like that but he actually does.

      Must be something I am missing out so hopefully I may discover what the heck that is these days. ;-)

  4. Katherine Hepburn took a cold shower every day of her life she said in an interview I saw on TV,
    learned it from her Grandfather.
    She died at the age of 96 at her home in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. (of natural causes!) 2003.
    Also went swimming in the river near her home…even in winter.
    It gets Cold in Connecticut in the winter…snow and ice!

    Not me.

    Have fun!

    1. That’s impressive Carolyn and I honestly can’t stand cold showers.

      I recently visited England and the only thing I was looking forward to every day, was taking a super HOT shower.

      So, what site are you going to change the theme on?

  5. Hi Sergio

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    The coldest morning wash I had was when staying in a bothy up in the glens where the only running water was a burn out back. Even though it was July the water was still only 5 degrees, and a few minutes later I felt much better – I think it may have also washed away some of the whiskey from the night before!

    Why not turn this thing around, and use the cold shower as a punishment for not completing the tasks you set out to complete rather than starting with pain first?


    1. Hey Andrew,

      You’ve got it right brother!

      That shower was only 5 degrees cold? Dude that’s insane! hahaha

      Can’t use cold shower therapy as punishment because I’m trying to make it an “enjoyable” thing somehow but thanks for the suggestion though.

      I’m totally down for pain.

      PS. I actually did it again today, it sucked as much as the first time though lol.

    2. Hi Sergio,
      From what I remember Psychology 101

      Positive reinforcement works even for Dogs.

      So forget the Negative.

      Focus is still the name of the game.


  6. Kudos for making the attempt and sharing it with the world. I am similarly taking the challenge and the suckage is strong… but I always feel better afterward — similar refreshment. The overhead showerhead you’ve got kicking looks especially hard, no escape. I’ve found doing it just after a workout is ever so slightly easier, I think of it as multitasking.
    I’m a tv editor by trade with a project in the works to give tips and tricks to make your online vids better (part of my cold-shower goal is to move that forward), so if you need some help get in touch.
    Good luck with the rest of the month!

    1. Hey Joanna, Glad you’ve decided to join!

      I recorded myself in the shower for about the first three days and the video on this post was the first one on those series.

      However, I think I’m going to keep the rest of the videos away but I will be randomly writing about my experience. It has been a rush so far and I feel the same like you.

      After a workout it is a bit easier indeed but jumping in, still sucks big time for me. Can’t get used to that yet.

      I think you idea for videos would be awesome and yes, I definitely need to work out on my video skills as you can see I have none.

      Thanks for commenting and congratulations on finishing your first triathlon Jo! ;-)

  7. Sergio, to almost repeat what you said after your shower:-

    I believe you can train your brain to accept anything at all….
    … except for maybe believing that that taking cold showers is good

    You gave me a good laugh – laughing with you …. not at you … and you have my respect!

    All the best to you

    1. Haha Dave,

      I actually just took one of those cold showers to get the ball rolling today and feeling ready to rock!

      Thanks for stopping by and yeah man, I always laugh at this because I genuinely suffer from those cold baths but they have been helping a lot.

      Take care and speak soon Dave! ;-)

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