Omar Martin My Unfair Advantage Bonus

I’ve been a member for Omar Martin’s My Unfair Advantage for a few years now.

And I haven’t found any other training that is so massively huge (without being overwhelming) so helpful and has such a big and active community around it.

The training was built with Optimize Press and WishList Member and is divided into 8 main sections:

  1. News
  2. Beginners
  3. Tools
  4. Training
  5. Webinars
  6. Resources
  7. Experts
  8. Support

I’m going to briefly describe them to you next.

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Bloggers Roadmap Review + Bonuses

Today you’re in for a real treat to get Bloggers Roadmap but before that, let me spare you a quick story…

Once upon a time, I was… okay screw that, let’s just go straight to the point instead.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of reasons why EVERYONE should have a wordpress site online.

It doesn’t even matter if you want to use it as a CV placeholder, a family genealogy tree or if you just want to showcase your favorite dog’s picture in it.

The possibilities that a wordpress based site gives you are practically endless but with this comes something we can’t take for granted and that is…

The learning curve.

And this is exactly where my friend Daniel Sumner comes in.

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Leadership Beyond The Quotes

Ahhh… Leadership Beyond The Quotes finally, the sequel is in my hands!

Before telling you what this is about, I want to tell you a very quick story (don’t worry, it’s brief and highly related).

I don’t know why but it seems like every single time I’m about to start creating my first product, something shady happens.

And it’s always something completely out of the blue. Totally unexpected and bad enough to drive my plans directly to hell.

I wrote about it before on a post which I called Fail Rollercoaster because it showcases not only why you should stand up to these barriers but why you MUST be able to overcome them all the time.

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Millionaire Warrior Coaching Review

The millionaire warrior coaching is a training created by Internet Marketer Michael Cheney.

An important thing to know, it’s that it will be only available from July 3rd to July 10th.

And what I’m offering to you here, is an unbiased review of the whole training course and what you can expect to get out from it.

I do have an affiliate link for this but you should know that I would NEVER promote something to you if I don’t believe on it 100%.

So before my review, first things, first:

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Real Time Web Analytics With Getclicky

If you are the proud owner of a little piece of the Internet…

Be that a website, a blog, a squeeze page (hint!) whatever it is, you should always be tracking your website analytics no matter what.

There’s no excuse for not checking your website traffic stats and let me tell you why…

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Simple as that.

I know it sounds logical but if nobody tells you about it, you might not know this so let’s dive in and let me show you how to do website tracking like I do it myself.

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Product Development Control Review + Bonus

Have you ever heard of Product Development Control?

In case you haven’t, this was just released to the public and it is a video-based training course that will teach you how to create your very own information products step by step.

The course is run by two awesome Internet Marketers from the UK which are Daniel Sumner and John Thornhill.

In case you don’t know who they are, Daniel and John are highly experienced professionals when it comes to product development and this time they gathered forces to bring you this amazing training.

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Motivation Beyond The Quotes

Being motivated and in the right state of mind can definitely take you places.

We all start our weeks really pumped and eager to do a lot of great things.

Our facebook timeline is spinning super fast with all those motivational quotes and you think you’re going to be left out if you don’t do something as well.

You may even drop a few favorite quotes yourself and hit the “like” button on a few quotes you like from others.

Nothing wrong with that, the only problem is…

Are you taking any action upon them?

If you aren’t, then the wisdom contained in those quotes are not going to do much for yourself.

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Corbett Barr’s How to Start a Blog that Matters

Corbett Barr is the author behind the newest release on blogging:

How To Start a Blog That Matters

In case you’re not familiar with Corbett’s prior works, he’s the creator behind, and (his personal blog).

If you visit any of these sites, you will find me as a regular commenter on any of the mentioned sites since I just LOVE what he does online.

He’s also part of the Digital Nomad Academy community where I talked about on a prior article here Digital Nomads And Minimalism.

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