Let The Writing Begin

One “rule” of blogging is, you do not create content that is not evergreen.

For some time I actually believed this.

Until I realized the following:

Okay, I’m documenting my life, on a blog, on the internet.

Why the heck would I think the same way I did, let’s say… 10 years from now?

It just didn’t click.

So I decided to learn the rules first, to break them later.

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Frank Kern’s “Convert” New Book

I just received this in the mail today and I couldn’t be any more excited.

However, I’m not going to talk about the book (I haven’t read it yet).

What I want to do instead, is talk a little bit about how Frank Kern is advertising and marketing this.

We all know that people love to pay to digest content but unfortunately almost nobody takes action on the new acquired knowledge.

That’s pretty much like a given fact these days.

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Internet Marketing Highs And Lows

Hello my friend.

It’s been a while I haven’t posted here…

But that’s only because I have been incredibly busy lately but I decided to put a stop to that and created a very cool video for you to watch today.

I also want to be brief because the video is a bit lenghty but I can rest assure you it’s good, not just good enough, like REAL GOOD.

So go ahead, hit that play button and let it rip!

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Professional Web Services

Yo what’s up!

I’m literally crossing out the days left to my wedding on my calendar and I have exactly 30 days left for my wedding so man, am I nervous or what?

You know I normally don’t trade my time for money…

Much less offer ridiculous low amounts to get you on board but since it’s my wedding I want to actually offer you some insane deals.

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What To Do When The Shit Hits The Fan?

Well you improvise!

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, I have written about it many times before and I want to elaborate a little bit more on the subject today.

Some marketers will tell you affiliate marketing is the easiest way to profit online and they are kind of right.

You don’t have to deal with angry customers, helpdesks, updates, refunds, anything.

Just recommend a product and if people buy it, you collect your share and that’s it, easy peasy right?

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Free 7-Day Internet Marketing Plan

I have a great free offer for you today!

Since my latest post on deleting my whole list of subscribers I have focused all my efforts on one single thing only and that is being as productive as I possibly can.

Not the kind of “let’s do a huge to-do list and throw in there everything we can think of” thing.

Like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, taking a bath in the morning, blah, blah, blah.

People do this kind of thing just to feel productive while all they are doing is cheating on themselves and messing around to not get the job done.

No, I mean like really, really working.

Making progress and finally doing the things that matter.

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Being Consistent And Never Looking Down On Yourself

A few days ago I talked with a friend of mine Joey Kissimmee from IncomePress.com

We talked for at least an hour on Skype and I got a ton of tips and advice about things I was doing wrong with my own website.

I thought I was doing kind of good but as soon as we started talking I realized there were other aspects of my marketing efforts that needed attention as well.

If you are reading this, a big massive thank you Joey, you helped me a TON man!

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High On Coffee And Heatmaps, What’s The Connection?

Hey my friend,

This is a very video-ish update because it has not one but two videos!

On the first video I’m trying to show you a really cool video service that is FREE to use and that if used wisely, can give you a lot of clout with your audience.

On the second video, I am showing you a FREE time-limited offer for creating your first heatmap.

But before we dive any further, let me tell you how I nearly killed myself yesterday.

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Why You Should Care About Branding If You Are An Internet Marketer

Hey I’m back!

I don’t know if you missed me or not since the latest post I wrote (productivity hack: the lockdown method) was published a month ago but I’m finally back and getting my creativity juices ready to flow!

There’s a lot that can happen in 30 days so instead of telling you all my adventures so far, I’ll give you the most important things that happened…

  • I got interviewed by Aweber and earned $50 for my time with them (great people!)
  • The Marketing With Sergio blog is going under some heavy changes (I’ll explain below)
  • I’m changing something regarding Affiliate Marketing on this blog…
  • I’m finally writing a short book with a “twist” to give away
  • Including a video campaign as a “freebie” for branding
  • Why you should pass the marketing funnel of death as soon as possible
  • And I also have a few extra things to write about so keep on reading!

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