How To Install The Thesis WordPress Theme For The First Time Using cPanel

On this update I’m going to teach you how to install the Thesis WordPress Theme for the first time using cPanel.

Normally people would use an FTP client to upload their themes to their servers but since I haven’t taught you how to use an FTP client yet, I decided to use cPanel instead.

That means you don’t need any other third party applications to install Thesis on your server.

But first of all, let me quickly explain what Thesis is all about.

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How To Install A Free WordPress Theme From Your Dashboard

Knowing how to install a WordPress theme is a MUST these days.

Bloggers are wising up, everyone is learning more about techie stuff and things are getting easier to do as we speak.

Literally, if you were able to install WordPress using Fantastico on your own, then installing a WordPress theme should be a LOT easier.

The problem that will arise here is how to choose your best WordPress theme?

Almost every single person I know in the Internet Marketing industry, has bought at LEAST one premium WordPress theme they didn’t like.

Particularly, their very first theme.

So if you want to avoid all the common newbie mistakes, read the article I have linked above on how to choose your best WordPress theme.

I explain everything about WordPress themes, frameworks, parent & child themes, etc; and you’ll need to understand that information first in order to be able to follow up on these videos.

If you are already familiar with these terms just keep on reading!

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How To Register Your First Domain Name With NameCheap

When you finally decide that you’re going to work online, you’re going to be pulled in many different directions when it comes to registering your first domain name.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it is very easy to not understand what all these people are recommending you to do, thus ending in a bad choice such as picking a lousy domain name, registering on the wrong company or even worse, buying stuff that you don’t even need.

The problem with picking a lousy domain name, is that it is not going to benefit you in any way and it may actually even end up hurting your business.

So before anything else, let me show you why you need to register your own domain name first.

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Using A Second Monitor With Your Main Computer

I’m seriously considering to quit blogging for good to focus on product creation.

But today I was thinking how can I teach you about WordPress, themes and customization when I don’t have a blog?

That would be a valid point but still, for a lot of my projects I’ll be using WordPress so I still would be good in that area but honestly, I think I can still keep this blog and just update it about once a week.

That number will decrease with time to maybe once every 15 days or even once a month, I’m not sure yet.

But I promise I will share the most ridiculous amazing information EVER on the internet.

Not because I’m that good but because I believe that sharing with you an actual way to make money would be far better instead of teaching you all the small details about blogging.

With that said, I recorded a quick video yesterday and I want to show you what you can do in case you have a spare monitor and a video card with two video outputs.

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Build A Computer From Scratch

I decided to write a follow up post about the new computer.

This is mainly because you guys got interested in knowing some extra things about it and I didn’t want to ruin the last post by modifying it that much.

So here’s a little mention love:

Patrick Griffin told me on twitter that he wanted to know all the gory details of the geeky stuff involved with the new computer.

Justin Ledvina wanted to know how much did it actually cost to build this computer.

Linda Bond got interested in knowing more about the video camera and the new computer’s price.

And last but not least important…

Daniel Sumner who suggested a testing experiment to see the performance of the new system by running a few programs simultaneously.

So without any futher ado, let’s jump right to it.

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