Authority Blog Profits: Behind The Scenes

Not long ago I spoke to a very good marketing friend of mine who happens to know what clicks when you are about to release an information product.

He has worked with Frank Kern before and he dropped a lot of wisdom bombs on me that day.

To make a long story short, I told him I was working on a WordPress training (Authority Blog Profits) and that it was almost complete but still lacked a few technical things here and there.

He got a bit pissed (in a good way) and told me something like this:

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Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name

Hey what’s up?

I shouldn’t even be posting updates right now (I’m in the middle of writing sales copy) but man, I’m so happy I just had to do it.

But I will make this update very short too, I promise.

It’s basically aimed at people that do not own their own domain name.

First of all, I don’t care what your excuse for not having your domain is, you need to have your own domain name as in right now.

In case you were wondering, I own and actually many more domain names with my name on it so yes, I actually follow my own advice.

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

If you have a blog (of any kind) you need to read this.

And I’m really serious about it.

When I say it’s not you, it’s me what I really mean is, it’s not about YOU, it’s about ME (your reader).

There’s a big chance you still don’t understand me so let me elaborate…

Engaging your audience, having repeated visitors, making them stay for longer periods of time on your site, subscribe to your site, etc.

All of these tasks are only achieved when somebody genuinely wants to be on your site.

Not because you are using some shady strategy to make them stay longer.

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Going All In And A Look To The Past

It’s been three weeks since I last posted on the Marketing With Sergio blog and there’s a huge reason for that…

Actually it’s several reasons but let’s focus on what matters for now and that is building an online business.

You see, a blog will always be a blog and it doesn’t necessarily means that it’s an online business, that’s exactly where I want to dive in with this post.

The mere fact you have a self-hosted wordpress blog doesn’t mean that you’re going to start making money right away with it.

I consider a blog to be just the marketing hub but you definitely need something else to make money online.

That something else is your brand and your authority.

In other words, what are you known for?

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Dean Holland’s QSC Week 2 + Blogging Tips

For anyone coming back to the site and not knowing what I have been doing lately, I am basically working on three things.

These include:

Well as you may know by now, I recently joined Dean Holland’s QSC training (aff link) and we received weekly tasks to prove we’re committed to succeed with his training.
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How To Install The Thesis WordPress Theme For The First Time Using cPanel

On this update I’m going to teach you how to install the Thesis WordPress Theme for the first time using cPanel.

Normally people would use an FTP client to upload their themes to their servers but since I haven’t taught you how to use an FTP client yet, I decided to use cPanel instead.

That means you don’t need any other third party applications to install Thesis on your server.

But first of all, let me quickly explain what Thesis is all about.

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How To Install A Free WordPress Theme From Your Dashboard

Knowing how to install a WordPress theme is a MUST these days.

Bloggers are wising up, everyone is learning more about techie stuff and things are getting easier to do as we speak.

Literally, if you were able to install WordPress using Fantastico on your own, then installing a WordPress theme should be a LOT easier.

The problem that will arise here is how to choose your best WordPress theme?

Almost every single person I know in the Internet Marketing industry, has bought at LEAST one premium WordPress theme they didn’t like.

Particularly, their very first theme.

So if you want to avoid all the common newbie mistakes, read the article I have linked above on how to choose your best WordPress theme.

I explain everything about WordPress themes, frameworks, parent & child themes, etc; and you’ll need to understand that information first in order to be able to follow up on these videos.

If you are already familiar with these terms just keep on reading!

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WordPress Post-Installation Basic Configuration Checklist

Okay so you managed to install WordPress for the first time.

Congratulations! But… you do realize you STILL need to clean up and configure its settings inside now right?

I thought I was supposed to blog away when I first installed mine but oh sorpresa… I couldn’t be more wrong!

Writing blog posts is what you do AFTER your initial configuration, not before.

I wasn’t aware of this when I first got my first WordPress blog up and running so I don’t want you to do that mistake either.

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How To Change Your WordPress Theme

On this quick post I want to show you how to change a wordpress theme.

I have included a quick video in which I highlight some basic actions such as uploading and installing a new wordpress theme.

And also how to switch or change your current wordpress themes as well.

This update is part of the Niche Site Experiment which I talked about on the past article called: First Niche Site Experiment

So without any further preparation, here’s the video on how to do it.

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