Bloggers Roadmap Review + Bonuses

Today you’re in for a real treat to get Bloggers Roadmap but before that, let me spare you a quick story…

Once upon a time, I was… okay screw that, let’s just go straight to the point instead.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of reasons why EVERYONE should have a wordpress site online.

It doesn’t even matter if you want to use it as a CV placeholder, a family genealogy tree or if you just want to showcase your favorite dog’s picture in it.

The possibilities that a wordpress based site gives you are practically endless but with this comes something we can’t take for granted and that is…

The learning curve.

And this is exactly where my friend Daniel Sumner comes in.

Real Networking Case Scenario

After several months of studying Internet Marketers both in the Spanish and English marketplaces I decided to stay with a few IM gurus (Filsaime, Kern, Reese, Dale, etc) a few Blogging gurus (Chow, Brown, Morrow, Clarke, Shoemoney, etc) a few young internet marketers (Milburn, Francis, Mainieri, Felix, etc) and well you get the idea.

The names are not important here, what I want you to understand is that I did my due diligence regarding Internet Marketers and boy did I did that!

So to speed things up, there is a great marketer named Omar Martin which happens to be one of my mentors.

His story led me to John Thornhill (one of his first mentors) then John led me to Dave Nicholson (one of the closest marketing partners to John) and I’ve finally met Daniel Sumner through Dave.

This happened way back on August 28th, 2011.

C.S.I. Work

So after all this name dropping and all this crazy tracing back, let’s do some C.S.I. work here…

Can you identify the pattern here and what do all of them have in common (besides money, success, etc)?

Okay if you still have no idea, it’s a WordPress blog.

If it wasn’t for all their online blogs, I would have never found out about any of them.

But it’s not just putting up a blog there and wait for all the sales and relationships to come in out of nowhere, nope.

You have to be able to understand how:

  • social media works
  • allow your visitors to share your articles
  • embed videos in your blog
  • backup your blog
  • at least basic search engine optimization
  • how to improve your traffic’s quality
  • etc, etc

And believe me when I tell you, this list can really go a long way if you know what I mean but fear not, let’s check out what Daniel’s course has to offer first.

Bloggers Roadmap Review

First of all you should know that I’ve known Daniel for a year so far and since then we have been learning from a few different and highly authoritative resources on the wordpress blogs topic and have been learning from each other as well.

People tend to stereotype whatever is being sold on Clickbank as a push button scam or as rehashed content and that’s the reason why I just wrote that little disclaimer above this line so having said that, let’s jump with both feet right in!

Blogger’s Roadmap is currently at launch price, meaning it costs only $5.95 USD.

It comes in the flavor of a 57-page long PDF, crammed with content, zero filler, no double space crap and no huge images.

The topics covered include:

  • choosing a profitable niche
  • registering a domain name
  • installing wordpress
  • wordpress design tips
  • theme customization overview
  • expanding functionality with plugins
  • getting quality traffic
  • understanding social media
  • building your list of subscribers
  • monetizing your blog
  • and much more!

As you can see this is precisely a Blogger’s Roadmap!

Bloggers Roadmap 10-Module Video Upsell

This option is made available only for those people who want to see over Dan’s shoulder and see exactly how he works out his WordPress magic.

The content is spread in 10 modules with several videos inside each module that cover topics like:

  • how to use FTP
  • understanding permalinks
  • making your blog theme unique
  • search engine optimization plugins
  • social media plugins
  • setting a freebie to start building your list
  • e-mail broadcasts
  • secret traffic tactics
  • building your income streams
  • this is secret but there are also some expert audio interviews inside that you may like…

The upsell will be sold as a one off $19.99 payment which I believe is quite a bargain.

Note: You should understand that this upsell is NOT a one time offer (OTO) you can get it at any time once you are inside the membership area.

Sneak Peek Video Inside Bloggers Roadmap

My Ridiculous Insane Offer to You

So far I hand picked a few great PLR books that include topics such as:

  • traffic
  • list building
  • income from PLR
  • micro niches

You can check out the current bonuses clicking on the image down below.

bloggers roadmap bonus

Update: This offer is no longer available.

I’ll add extra services throughout the week but make sure you don’t miss the launch week (deadline is October 8th) as I’m taking down everything once the launch price is over.

What’s the Catch?

You need to invest on the video option for this training to get the bonuses which I believe it would be a total of $25.94 (book + 10 module videos).

That’s it.


Almost anyone can put up a blog online but that doesn’t mean that it will be successful.

The advantage that you have with Bloggers Roadmap is that it was created from an Internet Marketer’s perspective who became highly interested in blogging.

The choice is yours my friend.

Wish you the best, cheers and speak soon! ;-)


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    • Jens P. Berget
    • October 2, 2012

    Awesome review Sergio. I wish Bloggers Roadmap was available when I started out blogging. I would have saved a lot of time, frustration and money. I felt that I had no idea what I was doing, and I had to test everything and find out for myself what worked :)

    1. Reply

      Thanks Jens and yeah I feel the same and went just exactly as you did man.

      The wordpress learning curve is steep no matter what your background is and I believe Dan did a great job with this training on pointing out the rights and wrongs when it comes to marketing from a wordpress site.

      Take care and hope your new printer is the right one for your needs. ;-)

  1. Reply

    I’m gonna fix you Sergio… told me keep it down to 3 minutes and it is already 4 minutes and some to go…..Sounds good though.
    Should I put a link to my video here so we can compare?

    Course I don’t have to get out of my P.J.s cause I just use a screen shot!

    By the way go read this post.
    It is one Dan included to use as a Tool but I changed it around a bit.

    I need a comment or two.. Plus I just made a video to install on this page… on the way to do it now!

    1. Reply

      LOL Cararta, I really need to use a timer when I’m creating my videos, in case you haven’t noticed yet, I have ANOTHER video inside the bonus page (you have to click on the banner to go there) and that video is even longer than this one.

      It’s a bit different since it’s the first actual video I create for offering a bonus and playing with Vimeo and HTML was a bit fun as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my videos, really appreciate it! ;-)

      PS. Great review on the eBook Cycle by Dan Sumner, that book completely ROCKS! ;-)

    • Daniel Sumner
    • October 2, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Thanks for the review post man , that really does mean a lot. Very comprehensive and very well presented. I had no idea, this was going to be this popular!

    Thanks again Sergio.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, well let’s see…

      I really like the quality of your products, I also love wordpress and I’m obsessed with blogging as well so if you make a product on any of these topics, you BET I’m going to review it my man!

      Thanks for giving me the chance to participate on this, I still remember when one time you said we were going to do something together and you made my day that day.

      Today I still can’t believe I’m featured inside a product like this so thanks to you for taking me into consideration for Bloggers Roadmap and hope we can keep doing more stuff together in the near future man! ;-)

      PS. I had a really hard time setting up the bonus page LMAO

    • Kevin Long
    • October 3, 2012

    Hi Sergio
    Great review my friend, you came to Dan the same way as me, john, Dave and then Dan, John was one of my first I/M mentors, his training helped me write my first ebook, and it was around September last year as
    I use Dan’s product as a giveaway on my site, got me loads of subscribers.
    Take it easy amigo, talk soon


    1. Reply

      Hey Kevin, I think many of us were exposed to this “trifecta” of great internet marketers the same way.

      John has been doing this (IM) for a while already, the funny thing is that John and Dan were friends BEFORE they got into Internet Marketing but I don’t know why Daniel started a lot of time after John, maybe he wanted to see how it went for John first? I’ll ask him exactly how it went one of these days.

      I have checked out a lot of the things Dan creates and it’s simply top notch quality. I know he is genuinely interested in being the best he can because we talk about great bloggers and their latest products all the time so it wasn’t that shocking when Dan came out with a blogging product.

      Not surprising to know that you’ve got a load of subscribers using a Dan’s report, like I said it’s just awesome stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by Kevin and hope you can stop the hacking attacks on your site, let me know how it went with the recommended plugin. ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hey Sergio

    Great review and bonus my man.

    I got my hands on a copy as soon as it went live and there’s some really useful stuff in there from beginner to expert blogger.

    1. Reply

      Hey thanks Tim, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the training. ;-)

    • Matt Morgan
    • October 31, 2012

    Hello Sergio, that is a great review which helps people to choose to buy the product.

    Social proof can certainly help people decide whether to buy a product or not, and you have done a great honest review of bloggers roadmap.

    And you adding a review on your blog makes a great change in content from an article, and also a review puts a good variety to a blog.

    Also you have provided some good extras to the roadmap which your buyers will defiantly appreciate which will make them trust you more, and want to buy more stuff from you in the future, so it is like a cycle where you earn more trust and profits

    Keep up the good work Sergio

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt, I’m always glad to give a little extra to whoever buys through my affiliate links and I think a review is the least I can do for their time and interest.

      Glad you liked it, take care and thanks for stopping by man! ;-)

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