Big Curves Ahead

This is actually the sixth article I write for TODAY’s post.

I have THAT much of information to share with you but I think this one is the most important so keep reading!

While I just realized I love the fact of writing on a blog, I think it is very important to have our goals well defined and to work towards accomplishing them.

This doesn’t mean I’m shutting down the blog, at all.

It just means that I’m going to treat it like what it is, a marketing blog and nothing else.

I have several other domain names where you will be able to follow me (if you choose to) on a more personal level and I will give the links to them right here if you decide to check them out at a later time.

Right now I don’t feel Marketing With Sergio is the right place to write about personal stuff so I’m changing a little bit the tone here to focus more on helping YOU out on the technical aspects of marketing that I do know a bit about and move on to the personal level on other blogs.

With that said, I apologize in advance for treating my site like anything but a marketing blog in the past but…

Not all is lost though.

This change is due to the ridiculous overwhelming amount of marketing blogs that I have seen out there.

As the competition is just too much, the trials are too low, the bonuses are too big, the only way I can really compete with them, is just one…

Giving you every single thing for FREE!

If you’re thinking there is going to be a catch somewhere, I plan to monetize this with affiliate marketing and consulting services through my list (it won’t cost you a penny).

Right now that’s all I can say, I really hope you have a great day and look out for the sign up form, I’m working on it right now and on the marketing campaign.

Take care!


PS. Don’t mind all the blog changes, it is not part of the problem, it is part of the solution!

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    • Jens P. Berget
    • March 14, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    That’s a very interesting move, and one that I’ve done as well. But, I still keep writing personal stuff, I just add a touch of marketing to everything I write. For instance, if I write about my experience with the pizza delivery guy, I add something of value to the story. This makes it both personal, and interesting to read, and they’ll learn a thing or two from it :)

    I’m looking forward to see all the changes you’re making.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      I really like the way you write on your blog and I think I was doing it the other way around here, being too personal and adding crisps of marketing here and there.

      Marketing on its own, can be very boring and that’s the reason why personal touches add a lot to the articles and the content.

      My writing will be the same, I’ll just leave the really personal stuff for another blog that is more suitable for that and keep this one more marketing focused.

      Thanks for being interested Jens, it means a lot!

  1. Reply

    Interesting move indeed sergio.

    I do see your point about moving your interests away from general ‘Marketing with Sergio’ to technical help.

    I do however like to see the personal side of people, so I hope you interlink your blogs together :-)

    Good luck with your plans man I’m sure they will work out great.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      Interlinking the blogs together… hmm… actually I think that is one FANTASTIC idea man, thank you!

      I will definitely do this and see how that works out. After all, I’m the same guy behind everything so it’s logically meant to be linked right?

      Thank you for the best wishes and the good trust Dan, speak soon mate! ;-)

      PS. That’s a great article you left on your link man, will comment on it later today.

    • Linda
    • March 14, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I don’t think you need to apologize for anything. This is YOUR blog and you have every right to do whatever you want with it :)

    Please let me know what your personal link is as I love hearing from you :)

    Hope you have a GREAT day!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Thank you for the great comment, support and your interest on checking out my personal writings.

      As I’m writing this, I am trying to come up with the best strategy to lay out the blogs in a way that people don’t get confused as what kind of content to expect in each domain.

      It’s not rocket science but I still haven’t figured that out.

      I’ll write a little bit more about it (maybe on the following post) since many of us have many domains and it could be of interest for someone else as well.

      Or maybe you guys can help me out, that’d be fantastic!

      Thank you for your best wishes and I hope you have an awesome day today too Linda, take care! ;-)

        • Linda
        • March 14, 2012

        I think it depends on what your domain names are and how they relate to the point you want to get across.

        And then in your About Me section (which does get read) you can write about what you plan to achieve in that area as well as your first post, possibly.

        Hit me up on an email if you want :)

        1. Reply

          Hey Linda,

          All domains have my own name and I certainly agree that the About Me page is the most read (after the blog) according to the statistics on this site.

          Thanks for your offering, I’ll write about this tomorrow. ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • March 14, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    A blog will naturally evolve in time so there is no need to apologize for anything you choose to do with your own blog.

    The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it and that it is moving in the direction you want it to go in.

    I will be following along whatever decision you make but I do like Daniel’s suggestion above.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      Thanks for your consideration and support man.

      I completely agree on Dan’s suggestion too, definitely going to do that, speak soon mate!

    • Joe Lampo
    • March 14, 2012

    Hey, Sergio, good luck with your move. Nothing for which you should apologize. I’m sure your other domains will be as good and interesting as this one has been. By the way, a few days ago I purchased the Genesis Framework and Theme via your affiliate link. I still have to upload it to my existing site. Seems like we are all busy thinking, designing, building and tweaking. I’ll be glad when that’s done so I can start writing and doing some marketing! Then on to building another site. Keep up the good work!

    1. Reply

      Hey Joe,

      Thank you for your kind words and never ending support.

      I’m a bit touched right now about the part of having other ‘good and interesting’ (personal) sites because quite honestly, I thought that most of the readers here were interested only on the make money online subject.

      In other words, it is really taking me completely off guard that you guys actually enjoyed the personal touches I added to my articles.

      The funny thing is that I thought that the personal content was not valuable to anybody, maybe I should’ve asked first!

      Anyway, hit me up if you need any help on the Genesis framework.

      I’m still far from understanding how everything works but if you have very specific things to solve, I may be able to sort them out for you or at least, die trying! lol

      Thank you a lot for supporting me by buying through my affiliate link. I wasn’t aware you did that so I just want you to know I’ll reciprocate in any way I can. (You already have my e-mail)

      Have a great day and thanks for everything Joe, speak soon! ;-)

    • Barry Wells
    • March 15, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    You don’t need to apologize mate. Your blog your rules ;)

    Like Daniel said though, I do like the personal touch with blogs as i think it allows us to get to know the person behind it, which in my opinion helps build the know, like and trust aspect that we all need.

    I can understand your view though, like I said your blog your rules. I also like what Patrick had to say about you having to be comfortable with it and the direction it is going in.

    I wish you the best of luck with everything for the future mate


    1. Reply

      Hey Barry,

      I guess you’re right mate, I still apologized since the main idea behind this place is to share everything marketing related and I kind of forgot about it.

      By the response I am getting I will check this out a little bit further but I’m definitely going to do something about it.

      Thanks for the support and awesome job on the Power Point videos Barry, I have been enjoying those a lot mate!

      Speak soon. ;-)

    • Christine Brady
    • March 15, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    As a first time visitor to your blog, I have enjoyed reading your posts and checking out what others have said :)

    I won’t even begin to mention how many changes my blog has been through – and it’s about to go through yet another!

    I think change is good – it shows you’re evolving and ready to take on a different challenge.

    One of the great things about blogs and being a blogger is that your community rallies around change. Updates, new designs, new focuses – they just show that we are becoming even better at what we do.

    Looking forward to reading more…

    1. Reply

      Hey Christine,

      Totally agree! Apparently we’re always moving stuff around or changing how things look on our blogs.

      I also used Flexibility 3 in the past (on another site) and boy I changed the looks of that site so many times that I couldn’t come up with an aproximate number even if I wanted to.

      You mention ‘evolving’ and ‘becoming better at what we do’, that’s definitely IT, thanks for pointing that out!

      It’s funny that sometimes we (or at least it happens to me) can lose track of how much are we really influencing others with our blogs.

      It’s scary and exciting at the same time that maybe there IS an audience that is willing to follow our steps so that’s basically why some of these changes need to take place around here.

      The site (this one) is being built for the mere purpose of helping others and I want it to be as transparent as I can.

      I felt I focused a little bit too much on me, instead of the readers but apparently I got that wrong.

      I’m still doing some heavy thinking about it, right now I can’t speak much because I don’t want to contradict myself in the near future.

      Thanks for stepping in and I hope you like what is about to happen here, take care and speak soon Christine! ;-)

    • Curt
    • March 18, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    I’m a new reader to your blog as well, so I haven’t read any of the “personal” blogposts that you mentioned, but I’ve got to say that personally I like it when people share interesting stuff on marketing blogs. I like to read blogs with personality.

    Sure if it’s a marketing blog I want to learn stuff about making money and that’s the reason I go there in the first place, but it’s nice when the blog has a human element to it, it helps the reader to relate. I try to incorporate this type of vibe on my fitness blog…

    1. Reply

      Hey Curt,

      Well, I’m a bit like you as well. I also enjoy reading about the person writing as well and not only straight marketing information (for that I can go to Amazon and buy me an ebook instead)

      For the personal posts I mentioned, they are spread mostly in the first articles of this blog but the context was that I think I was writing too much about myself lately as well.

      Again, it seems that people enjoyed that so I think I’m going to keep it the same.

      Thanks for stepping and hope to speak soon!

      PS. I checked out your fitness blog and I liked the fact that you actually share your own experiences. Funny that I’m making a health change just today that involves some exercise as well. Good luck with your site!

  2. Reply


    I liked the “personal” which I think will still come through because of your style of writing but I will tell you, I couldn’t figure out how you had monetized your site until about my third visit when I clicked on your Resources tab!

    My least favorite posts was the series on Mark Milburn because I felt I was losing Sergio with the easy flow……..that makes reading your posts so human, but interesting and informative at the same time. Never felt comfortable reading them and truthfully never read them completely!

    I’m sure you can work it out….I’m going to need help installing the Luv plugin so I now know where I can get help!

    Fresh air, exercise and maintaining a Meal schedule will make your work load easier.

    Playing on a computer can be addictive so I have made a schedule that includes Hambone my Beagle and Andrew and Rosebud the cats.

    I know you will succeed at this and I like being included and getting to watch the growing pains.

    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn,

      Another vote to keep the personal bit in, thank you!

      The resources tab is certainly full of affiliate links but I don’t get much revenue from that. It is there mainly as a guide and a recommendation list for anyone who likes my work, nothing else.

      I think that a very high percentage of people didn’t like it when I published I was going with a mentor. I knew this in advance and that’s why I thought a lot about every single word I picked for that article.

      Many still didn’t agree but I have to say there were many other people congratulating me for doing so (they did not left a comment) but I decided to let it rest.

      I don’t create storms on a glass of water. ;-)

      I’m always down to help as I can so you know you’re covered for Comment Luv+ if you decide to take the offer.

      Good to know you’re following a schedule, that’s something I’m implementing very soon here in order to publish in a more professional way (right now I’m a mess lol)

      And last but not least, thank you again for the support Carolyn, I have been told that I’m going to “make it” a lot of times, I think I need to start believing instead of fighting it.

      Take care and speak soon. ;-)

      PS. I ran today!

      PSS. Your niche site is looking REALLY good, I’d make some minor changes to it but they are minor fixes mostly. Great keywords too.

    • Jeevanjacobjohn
    • March 23, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I am glad that you have decided to change your purpose (I haven’t read many of your posts, but the ones I have read with the personal touch, were great – Yes, I will miss them for sure). But, your blog is about marketing and you should focus on providing valuable information (it is good to have a change).

    Thanks for letting us know,

    Jeevan Jacob John

    1. Reply

      Hey Jeevan,

      Yeah man, I had a few issues with adding too many personal touches but apparently people like the personal bits so I think I’m going to keep them.

      Thanks for being around and hope you have a great weekend! ;-)

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