Benefits Of Having A Hostgator Reseller Account For Your Online Business

First of all, let me ask you one thing…

Are you aware of all the benefits of having a hostgator reseller account for your online business can represent?

Or should I say… are you completely aware of all the headaches that having a hostgator reseller account can eliminate from your online business?

Before actually getting into the nitty gritty of this matter, I am focusing this article in Hostgator since that’s what I currently use and recommend.

I know there are plenty of other hosting companies out there and if you feel more comfortable using something else, by all means go for it but this article pertains to Hostgator only.

Hostgator Reseller Account Benefits

These are a few points that I consider to be benefits.

There may be more advantages (and even disadvantages) to having a reseller account but I wanted to share with you how I am using my own reseller account and maybe you can pick a tip or two from this.

I can do all of the following:

  • Create as many cPanel accounts as I wish.
  • Rename the admin name for any given cPanel account if I feel security is compromised.
  • Modify the bandwidth quota and space limits for any cPanel account.
  • Terminate an account whenever I want to.
  • Create new hosting packages for quicker new installations.
  • Provide complete personalized cPanel user access to any site I have hosted on my server.
  • Flip websites and provide full cPanel access credentials.
  • Offer 1-month free hosting for flipped websites until they move the site somewhere else.
  • Instead of losing money on local offline clients hosting, I can host their sites and charge any fee I want.

What I Don’t Do With My Reseller Account

Even though Hostgator encourages you to resell hosting, you should know that space and bandwidth IS limited.

However if you still want to go that route, there’s a small fee in case you want them to set up your hosting store or you can also do it yourself if you are techie enough (not easy).

I think you have to provide support for your own clients but I also believe you can escalate tickets if you have to.

Having said that, I DO NOT…

  • Resell hosting per se nor do I have a hosting store.
  • Resell domain names with Enom.
  • Offer support of any kind.

Basic Understanding For a Hostgator Reseller Account Video

In case the article wasn’t clear enough or you were too busy to read through, you can check this video out.

It’s basically the same thing but explained a bit more graphically.

That’s it!

Shared Baby Account vs. Reseller Hosting Account Costs

These are the two current plans I own:

A shared baby account for 3 years which is the maximum allowed.

shared hostgator hosting

(Click on the image to be taken directly to HostGator)

And a reseller hosting account for 2 years which is also the maximum allowed.

reseller hosting hostgator

(Click on the image to be taken directly to HostGator)

How To Get The 25% OFF Discount

For this to work for you, you need to enter MARKETINGWITHSERGIO in the coupon field like shown below.

hostgator 25 percent off discount code

Important: Be aware that the 25% OFF coupon code only works on your FIRST order for the total amount of your transaction, so choose your plan wisely.


A reseller hosting account is STILL a shared account on a server.

In other words, this has nothing to do with the more expensive type of accounts such as a VPS or a dedicated server.

As for myself, I have always owned shared baby accounts and the main reasons I wanted to have a reseller account is because you have a lot more control over your server, login credentials and you can also do a lot of cool things with your hosting account for your own projects and experiments.

I hope this can clear some doubts on the reseller hosting account and if you have any questions for me, give me a shout in the comments.

Take care and speak soon!


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    • Patrick Griffin
    • May 22, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    I recently looked at the Hostgator reseller page to check out all the options available but they don’t explain the main benefits of a reseller account anyway near as clearly as you did here.
    I have recently bought hosting with HostGator (for three years) but if I had seen this post before getting the hosting package I currently have then I can say, that without a doubt, this is the deal I would have gone for.
    Another great post in such an excellent series of posts.

    1. Reply

      Hey Pat,

      I’m totally with you man. I pretty much had to take a leap of faith when I decided to buy the reseller account since I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into and I had to learn all this by myself too.

      However if somebody had explained me all this BEFORE I actually bought my first hosting account, I would have opted for the reseller account as well without blinking.

      Something that people need to understand, is that these links to hostgator are affiliate links. Meaning that I make a small one-time commission if somebody decides to buy through them.

      I do NOT make any more money if the buyer decides to buy 6-months, one year, or two years or if the person decides to go with reseller hosting, I still make the same small one-time commission.

      I am saying this because people are now so used to think that we are just hungry for money and we’ll do whatever is needed in order to make an extra cent from them but that’s far from the truth.

      I expose things like they are here and I’m doing this for their own benefit only, I think I actually should put this text somewhere on the about me page… lol

      Anyway, thanks for chiming in Patrick, I’ll get back to you really soon for the favicon help.

      Take care! ;-)

      • Tho Huynh
      • May 25, 2012

      I agree with you. I haven’t known much about their reseller program until Sergio revealed and talked in more details. I want to have more control on my hosting too, so I’ll switch to reseller account soon.

      1. Reply

        Glad you found this useful Tho and good luck with your reseller account man! ;-)

    • Cararta
    • May 23, 2012

    Thanks Sergio,
    I think the reseller will solve a lot of problems for me! I have this problem with some of my sites
    (all hosted on a shared add on hosting account) and you are right….it spreads!
    Some of them have a problem with pictures and videos….
    maybe this whiz I know can figure it out!

    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn,

      The reseller account certainly gets rid of a lot of mess done on any given website as each site is encapsulated in its own cPanel account so it doesn’t messes the rest.

      Hope your problem can get sorted out soon, take care! ;-)

      1. Reply

        Hi Sergio,

        Took me awhile, have it in place…

        Ended up with a great buy from that “Black Friday”
        coupon you referred me to.

        by the way, that offer for SendReach is still live. Think it is number of accounts and not by date. I listened wrong..

    • Devesh
    • May 23, 2012

    Great overview about Hosting reseller account. You explained the benefits better then the Hostgator did on their reseller page ;).

    Btw. – Glad to see you finally started building email list.

    1. Reply

      Hey Dev,

      Glad you’re digging the content man and thanks for stopping by! ;-)

    • Jens P. Berget
    • May 24, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Great advice. I would definitively go for a reseller account if I would help clients with hosting.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      Glad you are able to tell the awesome value in a reseller account, thanks for reading and speak soon! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hi Sergio

    I’ve had a reseller account for several years now, and it is so easy to get new websites up and running within 24 hours of buying the domain. Being able to just adjust the bandwidth and space of accounts is also a cool growing feature.

    Lastly I’ve just got that first offline client and part of the sale was done by me just putting their domain onto my reseller account as all they had was the domain. This effectively costs me nothing but had made me look like a superstar.

    When’s all this newbie tech stuff going to become a product?


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      That’s great man, congratulations! You could even set them up with an e-mail address with their own domain name and be even more of a superstar for them.

      Just don’t do anything until you actually work out a project that works for both of you.

      As for your question of creating a product out of all this newbie tech stuff, I am getting ready for that.

      I just need a bit of professional feedback on a few points and I’ll get to it starting tomorrow. (I have an important consultation call tomorrow and I expect to get my doubts addressed there)

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in Andrew, take care and have a great start of week! ;-)

    • Stephen Hawkins
    • June 16, 2014

    Really like the great advice in this post Sergio. You reassured me that I hadn’t made a mistake when I opened a reseller account with hostagor a few months back.

    At that time I was building a lot of websites and opted for the reseller because I could offer cpanels to clients releated to an hobby niche.

    Great informative video too (as usual)

    Thanks again for the great tips you keep coming up with.

    1. Reply

      Hey Stephen, reseller accounts are super helpful and if you’re creative there are a ton of different ways in which you can take advantage of them with your clients.

      Thanks for watching and I look forward to work with you or your continued feedback on my blog very soon! ;-)

    • Brown
    • November 2, 2016

    Sergio, thanks for the helpful advise on the benefots of Reseller Account. I am new here but have purchased a Reseller Account this week. What could you advise for me to start with. I am thinking of hosting sites on my Reseller Accounts but what else can I do and not do before I start using my account?

    1. Reply

      Hey Brown, glad to help!

      And basically what you have to decide is, what do you want to do with your reseller account?

      There’s a ton of things you can do (aside from what I already mentioned on this article) but you can flip websites you create yourself and offer to host them for free for the first month and then charge a recurring fee, you can rent sites you create yourself, offer the hosting to friends of yours or even local shops that have small sites.

      You can do a TON of things with a reseller account but I guess in the end it’s all up to you and what your ideas are on how to monetize your account and on what you’ll end up using it for.

      Hope you get a ton out of it and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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