A few days ago I talked with a friend of mine Joey Kissimmee from IncomePress.com

We talked for at least an hour on Skype and I got a ton of tips and advice about things I was doing wrong with my own website.

I thought I was doing kind of good but as soon as we started talking I realized there were other aspects of my marketing efforts that needed attention as well.

If you are reading this, a big massive thank you Joey, you helped me a TON man!


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Being Consistent

One of the things that grabbed my attention after our call was that I’m not consistent with what I’m doing right here.

I publish new stuff whenever I feel like it, I don’t pay attention to the day or time of the day (I used to but not anymore) so my audience never really knows when I have something new for them.

While this good practice (sticking to a publishing day) isn’t written in stone, it definitely helps to follow it because you can teach your audience when to reach out to you or when to expect an e-mail from you.

It’s all about the user’s experience.

The “surprise factor” is welcome from time to time but I guess it’s not awesome to have it so random that you NEVER know when to expect something from someone, you know what I mean?

I think I’m going to start publishing something new on Tuesdays and probably something quick and fun on the weekend although I still haven’t decided which day.

Never Look Down On Yourself

This is basically the “I’m not worth it” syndrome from Wayne’s World.

You are actually worth everything and then some more!

I have met a few people that have talked to me like if I was in a different level and I’m not.

This is something I had to learn myself because every single successful marketer I knew about, it was a new idol for me to look up to.

Joey Kissimmee Skype

Joey Kissimmee showed me that he can talk to the “little people” as well.

What it was supposed to be ten minutes, turned out to be one full hour of his time, I know marketers that charge $497 for 30 minute sessions!

This only reminded me that we are all equal in the end, just at different stages.

The fact that X or Y is ahead in the game for me, doesn’t necessarily translates to “I’ll never be better than they are”.

I have proved this wrong several times through my entire life including my guitar teacher, my programming teacher, my skateboarding buddies, if it’s in my head to be the best, then nothing can stop me, period.

It should be the same for you.

And you don’t have to be the best either if that sounds uncomfortable to you.

I have taught others and they have gotten better than myself too, it’s just the cycle of life, embrace it!

On this call Joey proved to me that he genuinely cares about his audience and if you are willing to connect with him, all you have to do is read his blog!

I think this is an awesome lesson for all of us to learn on giving back.

Work On Yourself

Either mentally or healthy speaking, you should always be willing to put some work in yourself.

It could be becoming healthier, learning something new, creating a new habit for yourself (hopefully a good one) you get the idea.

In the video I actually say you can’t teach others how to make money online if you’re not making it yourself but I’m a bit wrong because it doesn’t applies to everything.

There’s a LOT of sport coaches that CAN actually coach top athletes and they don’t ultimately HAVE TO be able to do everything they are suggesting their athletes to do.

It is a good premise though, how can you teach something if you have never mastered it yourself first?

And makes a lot of sense.

Before I continue to go nowhere, let’s get back to working on yourself for a bit…

If you’re genuinely happy about what you do, there’s no reason to be scared or procrastinate about anything that is stopping you right now in order to succeed in your niche.

Think about it.

Sergio Felix Los Angeles Human Race

When I was in college, I remember I had to give this talk about Chemistry and man… I was shaking so bad that the teacher told me to get water and put myself together.

It was embarrassing and you would think that I would calm down after that but it only got worse.

A few days later I had to give another presentation but this time was on IRC (internet relay chats) for a computing class and it was something I was so passionate about, I literally flew through my presentation.

The Q&A’s were sick, I was going back and forth with the students and I actually did it so good that the teacher asked me if I wanted to repeat this for a bigger audience (I declined since I was somewhat in the “dark side” of things and wanted to keep myself under the radar but I couldn’t be any happier about my “special moment” and achievement there).

When you feel good and you have to teach or talk something you are very passionate about, there’s no room for being nervous because it’s just you and what you know best.

That’s your niche! (hint)

I’m going back to jogging tomorrow, cold showers and healthy meals.

This is going to put a LOT of stress on myself because I’m busy with my marketing stuff, I don’t have time to go and jog around but the thing is, if I don’t feel well inside, I can’t do anything right either.

I rest assure you will see the big difference!

Don’t Get It Perfect, Get It Going

This damn saying has been haunting me for my entire two years online working as an Internet Marketer.

While I’m far from being perfect in everything I do, I strive to make things as good as I can but in my mind they are never “good enough” so either I get rid of them or I simply won’t do anything about it.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes anyone can do online.

You have to be willing to go forward with whatever you have, if you fail, you then get up and try again in a different way.

The sooner you do that, the sooner you’ll learn the right way of doing things.

Authority Blog Profits

That’s the main reason why there’s a crazy ratio that separates highly successful marketers from people that never make one cent online.

If you aren’t aware I have been writing a sales page for a while, I’m willing to have it done before this weekend.

You can ask me anytime about my current stage with it, I’m no longer concerned about making it perfect.

Another key internet marketing player (Jon Olson) told me to just do a video and include a few bullets and go with that.

To be honest, that was too far away from my comfort zone but right now, it actually sounds like the perfect solution.

Instead of trying to convince anyone why they should check out my training, I can openly talk about it on video and you know what?

A lot of sales pages lack that factor because the person selling the training is normally NOT the creator, just a reseller!

I am DEFINITELY including a video now.


Expect an update from me every Tuesday and I still have to decide another shorter, fun update on the weekend.

If you don’t want to miss any of my updates, sign up to the blog.

When I say “never look down on yourself” I also mean get out of your comfort zone.

Don’t miss out on any single opportunity and chance that reveals to yourself, become a YES MAN (or YES WOMAN if that’s your case).

It won’t be easy but remember that doing nothing is easier than doing something.

And doing something has a LOT more rewards than doing nothing.

By working on yourself I mean read a great book, go out for a walk, have a beer if you really need it, do something that is uncomfortable, grow each and every day.

And lastly but not least important don’t be afraid to get it wrong.

Imperfection proves that you’re a real person.

If I was scared of that, I would never write in a second language, much less speak English on video.

Embrace who you are and offer that to your audience.

I am starting to believe that is the only way to online profits now… so it’s your call!

Take care and talk soon.


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.