Basic Video Marketing Production

Okay today is Friday (did I just sound like Rebecca Black? LOL I certainly hope not!)

And while I know that most of you are already shutting your computers off and are most likely going to check this update until tomorrow…

I still know I promised you that I would be publishing something new today so I’m just going to do that, keep this article very short, sweet and straight to the point.

This is about Video Marketing.

Ever heard the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words”?

Well a video is worth even more than a thousand words and also:

  • Has more weight on the search engines
  • Captures your viewer’s attention quicker
  • Gives that feeling of “knowing you” in a very short time
  • Shows your own unique voice to your audience
  • Allows you to be instantly branded as an authority (if done correctly)
  • And many more benefits but let’s just stick with these for now

Many people are doing videos these days.

Almost everyone knows how to do a basic video with Screenflow or Camtasia, add some titles, maybe even throw in some music as intro/outro and voilá, you are doing great videos already!

So I spent some time studying how the pro’s do it and do you want to know why they can charge a lot for their products?

It is just not the content… They actually say the same things everyone else says!

But they say it with… Professional Videos.

They add all these…

  • Animations
  • Sounds
  • Special FX
  • Have custom intros/outros
  • Anything they can to make them stand out!

They do have that hollywood-esque feeling but the content is exactly the same, just different speaker.

I’m not saying you should wear make-up and have a professional video recording studio (although that’d be nice!) I’m just saying that adding a few professional looking touches here and there to your videos can really set you apart from your competition.

Video Hive

If you ever want to invest a little bit on some product you create and you have a nice video editor such as Adobe After Effects (or something similar) you can browse the videohive templates and you can find some really cool video templates there for very affordable amounts.

Important: You need to have something like Adobe After Effects so you can edit the templates.

Also be aware that this is in no way a review of Video Hive or Adobe After Effects.

This is just a resource I recently found and I’m willing to explore it much further.

Having said that, this draws me to the final section of this article…

Time for YOU to Shine!

I really need your help here.

Down below there’s a set of questions for you.

Answer whatever you feel relevant and feel free to add anything I may have missed.

As I am aware that the scenario counts… (regular video, product launch, sales video, etc)

Let’s pretend you’re doing a paid training course for the sake of simplicity so you’ll need a sales video, an introduction/welcome video, the actual training videos and a graduation video.

Excited already? Let’s get started then!

1. Sales Video

  • Do you choose to show your face  in it (talking head) or use a slide presentation instead? Whatever your answer is, explain (briefly) why.

In case you decide to be IN the video…

  • Would you rather use a natural background (outdoors scenery) or would you go for green screens and FX? Again,  explain briefly why.

In case you decide NOT to be on the video…

  • Explain how would you trigger emotions on the prospect (statistics, facts, fears, passions)

2. Insider’s Introduction Video

  • Would you care to do an introduction video or just plain jump right into action? Explain briefly.

3. Modular Content

Assuming you have a big training site, meaning you have modularized content…

  • Would you create an introduction video for each module outlining what the module is about or would you just rather get to the training videos?

4. Graduation Video

Similar to the introduction video…

  • Would you create something to praise on your student efforts and maybe even give them a huge unnanounced surprise or again, just call it a wrap and wish them good luck?


I am in the process of creating something kind of big and that’s why I’m asking you these questions.

I am really going to be grateful to you if you take the time to answer and believe me, if you participate on this, it will be rewarded.

Last but not least, take care, enjoy your Friday’s night and speak soon, all the best! ;-)




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    • Sally Larrison (morda111)
    • February 17, 2012

    Hey Sergio! Great questions, but I will answer them as if I was looking to join said program, instead of owning it. I will never own a program like that and probably will never make a video LOL Anyways, here goes.

    1. I would prefer the program owner be in the video. It always helps if you know who is trying to convince you to spend your hard earned money.

    A natural background can be nice, but I think the green screen with FX would be more dramatic and compelling at least for the sales video.

    2. For the insiders, they should have a choice of watching an intro video or not. So I guess I’m saying you should make one, so the customers have the option to watch it if they wish to.

    3. With modular content, it would be very helpful for some to have an intro video for each section. Again, not all will opt to watch the intros, but the ones that do will appreciate them.

    4. Graduation. If you go with all the other videos, it would be a huge let down to not have a final one for the people that made it through all the others. Every one like to be praised and hey surprises are very nice as well.

    I know I didn’t answer your questions the way you wanted but hope this helps some. :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Sally,

      You did answer like I wanted and wow, thank you a lot for all your great feedback!

      I’m already jotting down ideas so next week I’ll run some other small quizzes and hopefully we’ll get started very soon.

      Take care and have a great weekend! ;-)

      PS. You can go to Gravatar and add more e-mails to your account, assign them pictures too. I think that’s the reason why you’re not having your picture displayed here, maybe you registered with some other e-mail perhaps?

    • Linda
    • February 17, 2012

    OK – to make it easier to answer I am copying and pasting here so I don’t have to keep scrolling up ;-)

    1. Sales Video

    Do you choose to show your face in it (talking head) or use a slide presentation instead? Whatever your answer is, explain (briefly) why.

    This to me would depend on several factors:
    a. what the sales page is about
    b. I think it should be a personal preference
    c. Your face should be shown if you have the necessary equipment, I do believe it helps, but even just audio I think would suffice. I really don’t have experience so can’t really answer this question properly :)

    In case you decide to be IN the video…

    Would you rather use a natural background (outdoors scenery) or would you go for green screens and FX? Again, explain briefly why.

    My ANSWER – I believe it should be personal preference and depends on what you are selling.

    In case you decide NOT to be on the video…

    Explain how would you trigger emotions on the prospect (statistics, facts, fears, passions)

    MY ANSWER – You could always use animated figures or images to reflect this (I think?)

    2. Insider’s Introduction Video

    Would you care to do an introduction video or just plain jump right into action? Explain briefly.

    MY ANSWER – Again this would really depend on what you are selling – A very brief explanation might work – you want people to BUY and most of them could probably care less about Your story right up front

    3. Modular Content

    Assuming you have a big training site, meaning you have modularized content…

    Would you create an introduction video for each module outlining all what the module is about or would you just rather get to the training videos?

    MY ANSWER – I would not do that in a video – I would briefly explain what the videos are about and then get on with the video training ;-)

    4. Graduation Video

    Similar to the introduction video…

    Would you create something to praise on your student efforts and maybe even give them a huge unnanounced surprise or again, just call it a wrap and wish good luck?

    MY ANSWER – Oh boy – never thought of doing something like that, but who COOL would that be – actually I think my kid would hate me, especially if I put it But, I think it would be more personal and talk about their achievements and wish them well, etc.

    Hope you don’t mind that I copied and pasted – I know makes it longer to go through, but it was easier for me to reply…feel free to email me if you want to discuss anything further.

    GREAT questions here Sergio and you really have me extremely curious :)

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      From your answers I can see that diving almost directly to content would be the right way to go.

      Serves me well as personalizing it so much, would take a lot more time to complete but that’s the reason I’m asking you guys.

      Some people like the proximity with the author and some others could care less about it lol

      Another amazing comment, thank you and I think I am certainly going to do the reward video, it seems like everyone loved that idea so far!

      Take care and have a great weekend, speak soon! ;-)

      PS. I don’t mind you copying and pasting at all, you guys are welcome to do whatever you want as long as you help me out! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • February 18, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Another super cool blog post from you as ever and I think could end up being your most important blog post yet.

    I firmly believe that the video as a means of communicating is only going to get more and more important so it is perhaps an area that internet marketers need to explore and understand.

    Even if I think I am going to love a product I get bored of the repetitive long copy sales letter.

    Personally I think the approach where there is sales copy and a video works best on a sales page these days.

    However I have given you the politicians answer by not answering the question you actually asked but answering one of my own which was far easier than yours.

    So let’s try to attempt the question you actually set.

    1. Sales Video

    All things being equal I would always want to show my face in the sales video for the simple reason that people like to know who they are doing business with.

    Put your face in the video and you are instantly a real person. Hide your face behind your slide show and people will spend a lot of time wondering why you won’t get on camera.

    You want people fully focused on your sales message and not spending a significant amount of time wondering what you look like or whether you are getting in front of the camera at some stage or speculating that if you are hiding your face from the camera what else do you have to hide.

    So here is how I would probably do it…show my face at the beginning, do the presentation using Camtasia or whatever as the main presentation and then show my face at the end.

    The logic would be this:

    Tell the people what I am going to show them (face to camera)
    Show them what I want them to see (main presentation.)
    Tell them what I have just shown them plus recap call to action. (face to camera.)

    Regarding background:

    I would probably use a green-screen with a suitable image if possible, ie if I had that option open to me but if I was going for a real background then it would have to look natural and not detract from the message.

    For example we both know that if the office background contained a whiteboard with writing on it then a significant number of the viewers would spend their time trying to read what was written on the whiteboard than the message being delivered.

    Regarding emotions.Well you need to trigger this regardless of whether you are in the video just using your voice and a slide show or pictures.

    Emotions are what sells. You want to create desire on behalf of the viewer. A strong desire to really want to have the product. The best way to do this is to think of a problem the viewer will have and tell how the product you have can solve it for them.

    I know fear as you mention sells. Fear of missing out, fear of not being able to get the product but I think over-playing on the fear side of things is one of the more sneaky elements of internet marketing.

    I hate, hate, hate, with a passion all those sales pages which say there are only 100 of so and so a product for sale at such and such a price and you see that the hundred has been crossed off and then in handwritten font it says there are just three left.

    This creates a fear of missing out on a bargain but it is a lie. Most of these sites show three products left today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

    Are we really to believe that the marketer really goes back into the html settings of his sales page and crosses off the number from 100 right down to zero every time a sale is made?

    But that is not to say that fear of losing out on a bargain cannot be used at all.

    By all means say in the video that there are only ten or 12 or 20 of the product at this special price…but if you say so then that must be the truth.

    After they are sold then the price must go up.

    Similarly you could say this special offer will last for the next 24 or 36 or 48 hours but if you say it then you have to do it.

    Think of Andy from Comment Luv sells his plugins. He does a video saying the price is going up on Monday and then on Monday he puts the price up.

    That is how I would do it. (sorry this comment is getting a bit rant-like but I hope I am still managing to answer your questions at the same time.)

    2. Insider’s Introduction Video

    Would you care to do an introduction video or just plain jump right into action? Explain briefly.

    I would do an introduction video. If you jump right in then some will be right with you but others will be confused and if they are confused at the start they will stop listening and won’t try to catch up.

    Take the time to do the introduction to set the set the scene for those who need it. You are acting as a guide so guide people gently along with you and an introduction video is a great way of doing this.

    Also get it right and people can’t wait to see what is coming up next so you are guiding people along and building up anticipation for the main event.

    Always an introduction video.

    3. Modular Content

    Assuming you have a big training site, meaning you have modularized content…

    Would you create an introduction video for each module outlining all what the module is about or would you just rather get to the training videos?

    Yes, for all the reasons above. People love to know there is a plan and they love to have an idea of what is coming up in the module.

    When I was doing my university studies (I did this at home using the online Open University at a time when I had a lot of time on my hands) each time I started a new module I would flick through the entire contents to get an idea of what was to come.

    Your students will thank you if you do the same.

    In this module you will learn about x, y and z. And make the video personal and personable. Use the introduction to point out anything they will really need to do or have done in order to complete this module.

    For example you might say something like this:

    “In this module we will be adding plugins and widgets to our WP blog. At the end of the last module we went over how to install WP on your site so if you have not already done this then ensure you do that right now before you begin this module.”

    So again I would say the introduction video to each module is a must.

    4. Graduation Video

    Would you create something to praise on your student efforts and maybe even give them a huge unnanounced surprise or again, just call it a wrap and wish good luck?

    Yes you must do this. (You already knew I was going to say this I guess!)

    People love praise and reward when it is due so praise your students for completing the course.

    Tell them how far they have progressed, tell them it is all down to their hard work and effort and then praise them again. Don’t make it sound false but just keep it open and real.

    Think of the situation of if you were a teacher in a class and you want to praise a student for passing their exams or doing a great assignment…then the video should be like this.

    The unannounced bonus…hell yes. The students will love you for it. But it must be a useful and relevant bonus otherwise it is not worth doing at all.

    “Call it a wrap and wish them good luck?” No. Please don’t do this.

    Hope that helps and sorry it is so long.


    1. Reply

      Wow Patrick,

      This is definitely one of the most useful comments I have ever received here.

      Absolutely loved your analysis for the sales video!

      About the scarcity part, I guess I was a bit misunderstood. I meant triggering emotional needs on the prospect (hobbies, passions, fears) not so much about making them scared to lose out on my offer in some way.

      Since you already went so deep on that subject I won’t have to ask this in the future, so thank you for that too, not a single second of time wasted there! ;-)

      Just to taIk a bit on the scarcity part, I am going to use it whenever I need it but in a professional way, not as a ‘strategy’ to make a quick sale.

      If I say I’m going to work with only ten people I am really going to mean it as my name and profession will be on the line and I’d never risk any of that, definitely not how I conduct myself!

      I also like your reasoning on a briefing on what they’re supposed to learn on each module and the introduction video as well.

      I thought about doing this since I have joined many training courses that guide you step by step but you don’t know what the heck are you building in the first place until you get to the end.

      Imagine if you saw a lego box with a picture of a lego mess? Nobody would attempt to buy it, it’s the same thing.

      I really liked your examples man, very helpful I must say as I feel I’m getting real instructions from a project leader here.

      On the graduation video and the unnanounced bonus I think it’s a green flag already.

      Everyone seems to be very enthusiast about the idea, the only drawback is that you guys are going to know about it in advance lol so dang… will have to think of something extra to maintain that level of curiosity with you too.

      Thanks for the big comment Patrick and you can rant all you want in here as this blog was created for you guys, I just pay for its services.

      Hope you have an amazing weekend and looking forward to speak soon again mate, all the best and thank you again for all the time invested.

      I know you’re very busy lately and I really appreciate that you take precious time for replying like this. ;-)

        • Patrick Griffin
        • February 19, 2012

        Hey Sergio,

        This comment is going to be considerably shorter than the last one. It is just a clarification in case anyone misunderstood what I said about the scarcity marketing tactic.

        The criticism I was making was about those marketers who will use any technique they can find in order to get money from potential customers.

        I wouldn’t want anybody reading this to think I was implying that you may behave in this manner.

        In fact you have demonstrated, time and time again, that your morals and ethics are beyond reproach and you are the very essence of the word ‘trustworthy.’


        1. Reply

          Hey Patrick,

          Thanks man, loved your very kind words on this and just for the record, I agree with you on all the false scarcity out there and could name a lot of examples on the same thing too.

          I wonder if these marketers are new to the industry or just keep on thinking that people are really that naive these days.

          Take care and looking forward for your next post! ;-)

    • Gary Riding
    • February 19, 2012

    Very intriguing! Here is my two-penneth: I would go for a personal sales letter with a training product, because I would like potential customers to know that they are getting fresh training from me and not PLR.
    I would definitely have an introductory video, giving an overview of the whole product, because teaching research shows that people absorb information better, if they have a clear idea of what is coming up. Equally, a summary video at the end of each model helps to consolidate the learning. A quick overview presentation for each module would reinforce this idea ; just 30 seconds slideshow would do the job.
    Lastly, I love the idea of a graduation video. Maybe this could full of congratulations, with a pointer to further resources (affiliate links) and a hint at your next product – big, fat membership program , perhaps :)

    Great post Sergio, I enjoyed thinking about this one. good luck with your project.

    1. Reply

      Hey Gary,

      Nice to see you around here man!

      Awesome, going personal to show it’s not some rehashed crap, love that idea!

      Love your overview tip too, I learned that with speed reading.

      You’re encouraged to read the whole index first, then a first paragraphs on each chapter then off you go for the whole book! (I can’t really speed read yet, I just improved a little bit my reading times)

      Gotcha on the 30 secs slideshow and the overviews for each module.

      Brilliant idea on the continuity solution. Maybe running a special student’s only discount for another training or product.

      Thank you for participating Gary, really like your ideas!

      Let’s speak soon and take this even further! ;-)

        • Gary Riding
        • February 23, 2012

        Thanks for the feedback, it was a creatively stimulating process thinking about my reply and the replies from other folk were brilliant. You are really building an excellent blog here Sergio.

    • Jens P. Berget
    • February 19, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I have been thinking about creating videos too, but I’ll probably stick to making some with my phone. I understand that it’s important to make them look good and professional, but I don’t think that I’ll ever get the time to do something like that, and I am terrible at creating videos right now. So, that’s why I am sticking with my phone, and the part that to me, the most important thing about videos online is that they’re personal. I really enjoy it when I see people I know explaining things to me. So tutorials from people that I know, that’s what I usually watch :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      I have seen some very impressive videos shot with smart phones lately so use whatever you want and feel comfortable with, as long as you’re creating some videos I’m sure we won’t care about the platform being used!

      So you prefer to learn from people you already know with no bells and no whistles. Yeah well, that actually works for me too.

      Thanks for jumping in and keep creating those videos, I really liked the one in the woods with the red cross on the tree.

      Take care and speak soon, have a great Sunday mate! ;-)

      PS. So you just moved to StudioPress? Smart guy I can see!

  1. Reply

    I think Patrick’s comment is awesome, he should publish it as an article on his blog.

    Last year I was more confident talking to a video camera than writing, so my safelist product started out as a series of 7 videos which I eventually turned into a report as I’m not sure yet if the demand is there in the safelist market for an entirely video based product.

    Anyway I like to do the split salespage where I talk to the camera and also have written salescopy underneath. I also think it should be short and to the point, nothing puts me off more than a 20 minute video where I know that super fancy NLP tactics are going to be used on me. I mean who has 20 minutes to decide, I know within the first 30 seconds if the product is going to be something I’m interested in, and if I can’t tell what the product is then I won’t be buying.

    Adding a slide introduction on the modular content is important, helps everyone know they’re watching it in the right order.

    The graduation thing works really well at a site like CTP, but on most other training I don’t know how you would be able to enforce it as you’re just congratulating the person for watching the content rather than actually taking action.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      New idea here with split sales pages, thanks!

      And I agree with you on the 20 minute long videos and NLP tactics lol I really can’t stand those although I do like to watch Frank Kern doing them.

      The graduation video is not for congratulating anyone for watching the videos inside.

      I’m very strict as a teacher and I don’t think I should pat anyone on the back for doing what they’re supposed to do and paid for, in the first place.

      The main idea behind a graduation video is to let people know what they can do after finishing the whole training assuming they’re done with it.

      How to scale it, grow it bigger, make it better, things like that but never as a reward for doing their job, which is, to take advantage of the resources and acquire the knowledge given to them.

      I am thinking on building some sort of a reward system in order to force them to take action and unlock further extra trainings (unnanounced things of course)

      But I don’t really want to let the cat out of the bag so much. This is still something I have on the drawing board but I’m thinking of doing things entirely different from the rest.

      Thanks again for participating Andrew, hope you have a very cool Sunday and speak soon! ;-)

      PS. Patrick is a monster when it comes to helping others. I will make sure we can work something out together in the very near future.

    • Adrienne
    • February 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio!

    Well, I’m into the video production but nothing fancy I’m afraid. I have a cool introduction to my training site videos but that’s about it. Keeping their attention in my tutorials videos, I didn’t think I’d go with fancy beginnings.

    So on to your questions. I guess I can just tell you what I prefer although right now I have no intention of creating any type of program. Oh yeah, I’ve been told I should though.

    1. I would prefer seeing the person in the video. I know there are some really cool PowerPoint type videos but seeing and hearing from the creator is more of what I prefer. I want to be able to connect to that person and you can’t do it if they continue to hide behind the camera.

    I think the background depends on the individual. I love pretty scenery’s so I find those enjoyable but if they have their elaborate green screen set ups, they can really come up with some cool backgrounds there too.

    2. I like introduction videos because it gives us an idea of what’s to come. Kind of walk you through what each part will entail so you can jump ahead if you want. I think they’re great.

    3. I also agree with the introduction to each module. I find it helpful because I might already know what they’ll be presenting and want to skip to another one. So knowing what’s in each one is very helpful.

    4. Okay, a good pat on the back is always good. Kind of like, I’m so proud of you for going through this entire course and I know you’re going to rock it! Okay, well you get the idea. Most people aren’t going to go through the entire course anyway I’m afraid. I guess I’m the only poor soul who ever does! :-) Good job, well done is always nice.

    So there are my answers and hope they helped. I guess I know what you’ve got up your sleeve. I’m looking forward to it too!

    Have a great week Sergio.


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      Really liked your answers and I am starting to see some trends here.

      The part I wasn’t really crazy about was the bit about ‘people not going through the entire course anyway’… maybe we should give them some cash back prizes for completing the course? haha j/k!

      I know many people just buy in order to feel like they’re making “progress” or “working” towards their objectives but still, I think people should actually go through the whole thing.

      Anyway, I know you did many videos for your own training site and I think you did a terrific job!

      Thank you for helping me out with this Adrienne, I think I’m going to do some magic tricks in order to surprise everyone somehow when I have this ready for the public! ;-)

      PS. Are you hosting your videos on your own server? I am wondering about this because of the bandwidth that they can use.

    • Sandy Halliday
    • February 23, 2012

    Funny you should write this now. I have been thinking about turning my sales letter for my detox ebook into a video sales letter as a marketing test. I might also try adding an intro video to the existing sales page.

    To answer your questions:

    1. I think I would have to show my face somewhere in the video sales page so people feel some conection. I hope it would not put them off! LOL. If I add a short intro video to my existing sales page then it would obviously be a talking head.

    In my particular case I think I would prefer to use a natural scenery background but that would not suit all videos. For example, if I were to make an intoduction video for the side bar of my personal blog which I have been thinking about, I would use a plain background. I have read that green screens are not necessary at all.

    2. I like the idea of intro videos to give you an overview of what is to come but it has to be short.
    and to the point. I don’t have the time or patience to watch long rambling ones. To eager to get into the meat of whatever it is.

    3. If you have already provided an intro overview video I don’t think an intro video for each module is really necessary. Of course people have the choice to skip it if there is one.

    4. A graduation Video is a great idea and would provide a really nice touch for those who complete the course. As to whether people do or not rather depends on the price and the length of the course I think as well as the value people feel they are getting for their money.

    So now we have an idea of what you are up to! Good luck with it Sergio.


    1. Reply

      Hey Sandy,

      Well here’s a thought for your scenario… you could make the video for the sales page and split test that against your actual sales page.

      If you do see a higher conversion with the video one, then the obvious next task to do, would be to do the insider video as well!

      I don’t know what is the psychology behind this but it always happens to me…

      We all have seen when people talk to us on sales pages right?

      If I buy the training course and the first thing I see is again, the author welcoming me to the course and giving me all the details about how are we supposed to work, reaching out to him, what we’re about to learn, etc.

      It gives me the feeling that this person really cares about me and also triggers my excitement feeling (talk about the best mood for learning!)

      So by all means, go for the video sales page and see what happens.

      Last but not least, I absolutely LOVED all your tips and answers for my project, thank you!

      I have a really strong idea on how I’m going to do this project and I owe that, to all of you.

      PS. Just replied to your e-mail and looking forward to contribute, thanks for asking Sandy and have a great day! ;-)

    • Marc
    • February 23, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Nice post, videos are a really powerful tool when marketing online. You only have to look at the traffic Youtube gets on a daily basis to understand exactly how powerful video really is.

    I never knew about the resource “videohive” that you mentioned in your post, but it really does appear to be something that I will be interested in in the near future, so for that I thank you!


    1. Reply

      Hey Marc,

      Yeah I found VideoHive recently and have to say it’s definitely going to be one of my top resources for video marketing.

      It will all be uncovered very soon right here on the blog. (how to use it, what my experiences were and how I will be using those in real live scenarios)

      I know many won’t jump into this as the software is expensive and a bit technical but if it works out as planned, I may even offer the service myself for others, so we’ll see!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading man, love that you’re doing your networking just RIGHT, have a great day buddy! ;-)

    • Jeremy Ruggles
    • February 26, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Video marketing really is the way to go if you are serious about making your online presence known. You can really connect with people on an entirely different level. I have yet to make my first video, but am going to attempt it over the next week.

    Thanks for the tips Sergio!


    1. Reply

      Hey Jeremy,

      Completely agree with you my friend. Video has a LOT of advantages over written content.

      Making your first video can be a bit overwhelming at first (for some) but once you get the first video done, the following ones become a lot easier.

      Looking forward to that first video of yours and please let me know when it’s ready as I enjoy a lot watching people overcoming their fears with videos.

      Take care and speak soon! ;-)

      Ps. This how I got started with videos, hope it helps!

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