Okay today is Friday (did I just sound like Rebecca Black? LOL I certainly hope not!)

And while I know that most of you are already shutting your computers off and are most likely going to check this update until tomorrow…

I still know I promised you that I would be publishing something new today so I’m just going to do that, keep this article very short, sweet and straight to the point.

This is about Video Marketing.

Ever heard the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words”?

Well a video is worth even more than a thousand words and also:

  • Has more weight on the search engines
  • Captures your viewer’s attention quicker
  • Gives that feeling of “knowing you” in a very short time
  • Shows your own unique voice to your audience
  • Allows you to be instantly branded as an authority (if done correctly)
  • And many more benefits but let’s just stick with these for now

Many people are doing videos these days.

Almost everyone knows how to do a basic video with Screenflow or Camtasia, add some titles, maybe even throw in some music as intro/outro and voilá, you are doing great videos already!

So I spent some time studying how the pro’s do it and do you want to know why they can charge a lot for their products?

It is just not the content… They actually say the same things everyone else says!

But they say it with… Professional Videos.

They add all these…

  • Animations
  • Sounds
  • Special FX
  • Have custom intros/outros
  • Anything they can to make them stand out!

They do have that hollywood-esque feeling but the content is exactly the same, just different speaker.

I’m not saying you should wear make-up and have a professional video recording studio (although that’d be nice!) I’m just saying that adding a few professional looking touches here and there to your videos can really set you apart from your competition.

Video Hive

If you ever want to invest a little bit on some product you create and you have a nice video editor such as Adobe After Effects (or something similar) you can browse the videohive templates and you can find some really cool video templates there for very affordable amounts.

Important: You need to have something like Adobe After Effects so you can edit the templates.

Also be aware that this is in no way a review of Video Hive or Adobe After Effects.

This is just a resource I recently found and I’m willing to explore it much further.

Having said that, this draws me to the final section of this article…

Time for YOU to Shine!

I really need your help here.

Down below there’s a set of questions for you.

Answer whatever you feel relevant and feel free to add anything I may have missed.

As I am aware that the scenario counts… (regular video, product launch, sales video, etc)

Let’s pretend you’re doing a paid training course for the sake of simplicity so you’ll need a sales video, an introduction/welcome video, the actual training videos and a graduation video.

Excited already? Let’s get started then!

1. Sales Video

  • Do you choose to show your face  in it (talking head) or use a slide presentation instead? Whatever your answer is, explain (briefly) why.

In case you decide to be IN the video…

  • Would you rather use a natural background (outdoors scenery) or would you go for green screens and FX? Again,  explain briefly why.

In case you decide NOT to be on the video…

  • Explain how would you trigger emotions on the prospect (statistics, facts, fears, passions)

2. Insider’s Introduction Video

  • Would you care to do an introduction video or just plain jump right into action? Explain briefly.

3. Modular Content

Assuming you have a big training site, meaning you have modularized content…

  • Would you create an introduction video for each module outlining what the module is about or would you just rather get to the training videos?

4. Graduation Video

Similar to the introduction video…

  • Would you create something to praise on your student efforts and maybe even give them a huge unnanounced surprise or again, just call it a wrap and wish them good luck?


I am in the process of creating something kind of big and that’s why I’m asking you these questions.

I am really going to be grateful to you if you take the time to answer and believe me, if you participate on this, it will be rewarded.

Last but not least, take care, enjoy your Friday’s night and speak soon, all the best! ;-)




Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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