Just like I said on my previous post: Being Consistent And Never Looking Down On Yourself I have decided to start publishing new content more regularly on Tuesdays.

The main reason is so you know when to visit the blog although I may also post stuff in between Tuesdays.

It was incredibly difficult for me to get this article published early so that’s why I’m publishing late at night (it’s still Tuesday though).

Anyway enough of explanations, what do I actually mean by always be creating?

Always Be Creating (ABC)

I can’t really remember where I got this from but the idea is that no matter what you do every day, you always be creating.

Sounds really basic yet many of us won’t (or can’t) follow this simple rule.

And the reason for this is that computers aren’t what they used to be back in the day.

Allow me to explain this a little better…

What Computers Were Like 23 Years Ago

Back in the day, computers were boring to regular people because all you could do on them was work and you had the most boring programs ever as well.

I remember I used to hate Windows 3.1 and I was completely happy and comfortable using a MS-DOS console, creating batch files and learning how to code in GW-BASIC (this was a geeky plug lol).

IBM PS2 286
Exact computer model in which I started coding for the first time 23 years ago (aprox)

If you wanted to play something, graphics were similar to an Atari 2600 game and sounds (if any) were MIDI and terrible, there weren’t any game controllers and most computers didn’t even have a mouse.

Having said that, whenever you wanted to actually do some work in a computer, you had absolutely no distractions!

You couldn’t have two windows opened at the same time or if you actually had two windows opened (with some versions of Windows) you couldn’t be doing something on the active window and having something else running in the secondary window.

What Computers Are Like Today

But times have changed…

You can be playing a multiplayer videogame in network mode, watching a tv program, downloading software, having a Skype conversation with someone at the other end of the world and be monitoring your real time visitor’s traffic on a 2nd monitor all at the same time!

What you can do today on a computer is absolutely NUTS.

Sergio Felix Modded Computer
One Of My Modded Computers

And that’s the same reason why it is so hard for you to actually be productive on a machine that is practically an entertainment system in all its expression.

Every pro blogger out there is suggesting all these weird ideas to avoid this like:

  • “turn off the internet (or WiFi)”
  • “stop using social media”
  • “check your e-mail once per day”
  • “use the wordpress distraction-free writing mode”

And that list goes on and on just because computers are highly distracting machines!

Note: You can learn more about the main computer I’m currently using here how to build your computer from scratch.

Are You Working Or Digesting Information?

This is a very common issue that we all have dealt with at some point in our Internet Marketing journey and I see a lot of people getting confused with these two activities:

Getting some work done vs. digesting information.

There’s a huge difference between “having to” do something and doing something because you want to do it.

Let’s talk about the videos you receive inside your inbox for a second.

These videos can include stuff like this:

  • special pre launch offers
  • videos on sales pages
  • videos inside blogs
  • facebook videos
  • funny youtube videos

It can be really easy to decide to watch them all because you may miss something special that is of your interest, right?

Videos can make your day go to waste very quick as well because as you know, time flies when you are watching an engaging video that interests you.

Even though video marketers recommend to do 2-3 minute videos, I know many marketers that are capable of doing two-hour videos (sometimes even longer than that!).

Now, can you imagine how many days will actually go to waste all because you think you need to read and watch everything that lands on your inbox?

What happens if you have been watching training videos and not offers from your inbox?

That’s good only if you are going to apply right away (create something) what you are learning from those videos.

If you are just watching training videos for the sake of learning, you would probably be a lot better creating something instead.

Creating vs Working

This is where it gets tricky guys.

You can consider a lot of your activities to be “work”.

That can be reading blogs, watching videos, learning something new but if you are doing something passively, then it is definitely not work.

On the other hand, working CAN be:

  • creating a new e-mail campaign
  • researching a new niche
  • redesigning your website and social media platforms
  • writing a new report
  • etc

So the sum of all these activities can result in our chosen buzzword for the day: always be creating!

And this leads to something I just recently discovered which have helped me quite a lot and I think it may help you too.

Developing Your “Always Be Creating” Habit

First of all, there are several studies that indicate that if you can do something consistently for 21 days, there’s a very high chance you can actually become successful at developing that habit.

Now I started running two days ago but since I wanted to prepare for this in advance, I started waking up at 5:50am one week before my runs.

After the first five days, my body already knew exactly when the alarm clock was going to go off, I didn’t even needed to go for 21 days.

Note: I still struggle to get myself out of the bed but that’s a different story.

Anyway, I want you to think about this, how much do you think you would be able to accomplish if every single day, you created something new, business wise?

And I mean daily like clockwork.

If You’re An Action Taker, Here’s Your Assignment

In case you haven’t plan your activities for this week, you can make a list for anything that needs to get done.

Let’s say you want to create a freebie for your site. So you separate the tasks for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So it’s five different things, it could probably go down as:

  • Wed: Niche/Market/Keyword Research
  • Thu: Book Chapters/Training Modules
  • Fri: Content Creation
  • Sat: Monetization, Affiliate Cloaking, List Building Links for a secondary opt-in (maybe a sub-niche)
  • Sun: Check that everything works, add graphics as needed and wrap it up!

You release this on Monday and come out as a serious action taker.

Note: This post I wrote not too long ago may actually come in handy: How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed With Your To-Do Lists

This is just an example guys, I’m not telling you to actually go and create a report, just make your own plan and follow through!

Keep Yourself Accountable

You can keep yourself accountable by using post-it notes for each day or a sheet of paper and a pen, no need to get fancy with apps and stuff.

Now make sure, at least one BIG activity gets done every single day.

By “big” I don’t mean create one full product in a day, I mean the general outcome I outlined above and whatever happens, just get it done.

Note: These posts may also come in handy for this: How To Get It Done & The Power Of Writing Your Goals Down On Paper

Crossed-Eyed Video Stunt

I can honestly tell you I don’t know how I managed to do this but please don’t try this at home! LOL

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHPpIHGyiKs’]

Song in the background was from my latest rock band (ages ago) if you ever watched any of my earlier Youtube videos you may remember some audio bits.

Note: If you’re interested in finding out what we used to sound like, you can listen a couple of full tracks I uploaded to soundcloud.


Well there you have it.

A complete plan to always be creating and pushing yourself and your business forward.

I haven’t mastered this myself (yet) but everything has been falling into place lately and that’s why I want you to do the same.

Everything gets easier when your determination is backed up by actions and not by saying what you are going to do.

Take care and talk soon!


PS. There are many more exciting things coming. ;-)

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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