Always Be Creating

Just like I said on my previous post: Being Consistent And Never Looking Down On Yourself I have decided to start publishing new content more regularly on Tuesdays.

The main reason is so you know when to visit the blog although I may also post stuff in between Tuesdays.

It was incredibly difficult for me to get this article published early so that’s why I’m publishing late at night (it’s still Tuesday though).

Anyway enough of explanations, what do I actually mean by always be creating?

Always Be Creating (ABC)

I can’t really remember where I got this from but the idea is that no matter what you do every day, you always be creating.

Sounds really basic yet many of us won’t (or can’t) follow this simple rule.

And the reason for this is that computers aren’t what they used to be back in the day.

Allow me to explain this a little better…

What Computers Were Like 23 Years Ago

Back in the day, computers were boring to regular people because all you could do on them was work and you had the most boring programs ever as well.

I remember I used to hate Windows 3.1 and I was completely happy and comfortable using a MS-DOS console, creating batch files and learning how to code in GW-BASIC (this was a geeky plug lol).

IBM PS2 286
Exact computer model in which I started coding for the first time 23 years ago (aprox)

If you wanted to play something, graphics were similar to an Atari 2600 game and sounds (if any) were MIDI and terrible, there weren’t any game controllers and most computers didn’t even have a mouse.

Having said that, whenever you wanted to actually do some work in a computer, you had absolutely no distractions!

You couldn’t have two windows opened at the same time or if you actually had two windows opened (with some versions of Windows) you couldn’t be doing something on the active window and having something else running in the secondary window.

What Computers Are Like Today

But times have changed…

You can be playing a multiplayer videogame in network mode, watching a tv program, downloading software, having a Skype conversation with someone at the other end of the world and be monitoring your real time visitor’s traffic on a 2nd monitor all at the same time!

What you can do today on a computer is absolutely NUTS.

Sergio Felix Modded Computer
One Of My Modded Computers

And that’s the same reason why it is so hard for you to actually be productive on a machine that is practically an entertainment system in all its expression.

Every pro blogger out there is suggesting all these weird ideas to avoid this like:

  • “turn off the internet (or WiFi)”
  • “stop using social media”
  • “check your e-mail once per day”
  • “use the wordpress distraction-free writing mode”

And that list goes on and on just because computers are highly distracting machines!

Note: You can learn more about the main computer I’m currently using here how to build your computer from scratch.

Are You Working Or Digesting Information?

This is a very common issue that we all have dealt with at some point in our Internet Marketing journey and I see a lot of people getting confused with these two activities:

Getting some work done vs. digesting information.

There’s a huge difference between “having to” do something and doing something because you want to do it.

Let’s talk about the videos you receive inside your inbox for a second.

These videos can include stuff like this:

  • special pre launch offers
  • videos on sales pages
  • videos inside blogs
  • facebook videos
  • funny youtube videos

It can be really easy to decide to watch them all because you may miss something special that is of your interest, right?

Videos can make your day go to waste very quick as well because as you know, time flies when you are watching an engaging video that interests you.

Even though video marketers recommend to do 2-3 minute videos, I know many marketers that are capable of doing two-hour videos (sometimes even longer than that!).

Now, can you imagine how many days will actually go to waste all because you think you need to read and watch everything that lands on your inbox?

What happens if you have been watching training videos and not offers from your inbox?

That’s good only if you are going to apply right away (create something) what you are learning from those videos.

If you are just watching training videos for the sake of learning, you would probably be a lot better creating something instead.

Creating vs Working

This is where it gets tricky guys.

You can consider a lot of your activities to be “work”.

That can be reading blogs, watching videos, learning something new but if you are doing something passively, then it is definitely not work.

On the other hand, working CAN be:

  • creating a new e-mail campaign
  • researching a new niche
  • redesigning your website and social media platforms
  • writing a new report
  • etc

So the sum of all these activities can result in our chosen buzzword for the day: always be creating!

And this leads to something I just recently discovered which have helped me quite a lot and I think it may help you too.

Developing Your “Always Be Creating” Habit

First of all, there are several studies that indicate that if you can do something consistently for 21 days, there’s a very high chance you can actually become successful at developing that habit.

Now I started running two days ago but since I wanted to prepare for this in advance, I started waking up at 5:50am one week before my runs.

After the first five days, my body already knew exactly when the alarm clock was going to go off, I didn’t even needed to go for 21 days.

Note: I still struggle to get myself out of the bed but that’s a different story.

Anyway, I want you to think about this, how much do you think you would be able to accomplish if every single day, you created something new, business wise?

And I mean daily like clockwork.

If You’re An Action Taker, Here’s Your Assignment

In case you haven’t plan your activities for this week, you can make a list for anything that needs to get done.

Let’s say you want to create a freebie for your site. So you separate the tasks for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So it’s five different things, it could probably go down as:

  • Wed: Niche/Market/Keyword Research
  • Thu: Book Chapters/Training Modules
  • Fri: Content Creation
  • Sat: Monetization, Affiliate Cloaking, List Building Links for a secondary opt-in (maybe a sub-niche)
  • Sun: Check that everything works, add graphics as needed and wrap it up!

You release this on Monday and come out as a serious action taker.

Note: This post I wrote not too long ago may actually come in handy: How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed With Your To-Do Lists

This is just an example guys, I’m not telling you to actually go and create a report, just make your own plan and follow through!

Keep Yourself Accountable

You can keep yourself accountable by using post-it notes for each day or a sheet of paper and a pen, no need to get fancy with apps and stuff.

Now make sure, at least one BIG activity gets done every single day.

By “big” I don’t mean create one full product in a day, I mean the general outcome I outlined above and whatever happens, just get it done.

Note: These posts may also come in handy for this: How To Get It Done & The Power Of Writing Your Goals Down On Paper

Crossed-Eyed Video Stunt

I can honestly tell you I don’t know how I managed to do this but please don’t try this at home! LOL

Song in the background was from my latest rock band (ages ago) if you ever watched any of my earlier Youtube videos you may remember some audio bits.

Note: If you’re interested in finding out what we used to sound like, you can listen a couple of full tracks I uploaded to soundcloud.


Well there you have it.

A complete plan to always be creating and pushing yourself and your business forward.

I haven’t mastered this myself (yet) but everything has been falling into place lately and that’s why I want you to do the same.

Everything gets easier when your determination is backed up by actions and not by saying what you are going to do.

Take care and talk soon!


PS. There are many more exciting things coming. ;-)

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    • Jens P. Berget
    • May 8, 2013

    This is awesome Sergio. I started out reading and just following what others were doing, then, after a few years, I started developing the habit of creating something every single day. What I am creating is fairly small, like a blog post. But, like you, I believe that we need to create something in order to feel progress. I am not into any niche marketing, but that’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, that is fantastic man!

      Like I said it can be something small but that is part of something big so you’re making progress and not avoiding the harder tasks.

      Oh by the way the report creation I mentioned was just an example, no need to dive into niche marketing at all, just make your own plan and follow accordingly.

      Always nice to see you stopping by Jens, take care and talk soon man ;-)

    • Dan Reed
    • May 8, 2013

    Sergio, found you on TrafficExchangeWiz, stopped by to say hello.
    Good stuff, good advice. I have been just thinking about how I get by in my day and sometimes how I get caught up in only looking at stuff (email offers in particular) to find things to jolt my creativity, but it can also be wasting time, too. It was good to get someone else’s plan of attack, to help me get my own…:)
    Thanks…and might I also add that your site and branding is great.
    Much success!

    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, welcome to the site!

      And yeah man, email can be a huge time sucker, I remember I was reading about 150-200 a day when I just got started!

      I could barely do anything else but I believed everything was important lol

      I’m glad reading this helped you a bit and thank you for the compliments on my site.

      Take care and talk soon! ;-)

      PS. Extra points for taking a few minutes to read this AND leave a comment while you were surfing on a traffic exchange!

  1. Reply

    I really don’t know how you manage to create such long blog posts that still keep my attention.

    During this post I managed to tweet out your link, read and delete a few emails, and decide that I need to go steal my flip cam back from my step daughter to complete the new download page for the free interview I created by asking Matt Baker a few questions about how he won the listnerds content.

    When that is complete I’m going to buy the whale method of traffic generation and test out the penny traffic to see if I can win the listviral contest.

    Other distractions include buying Matt Garrett’s WP Simulator to stop me breaking my blog, and perhaps moving to a new webhost as I think that be a reason why I keep getting long load times?

    Oh, and once that’s done I need to turn safelist secrets into a free to join butterfly marketing site.

    So I think I’ll be creating for a long while yet.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew, I bet that interview with Matt ROCKED man, I would love to check it out!

      WP Simulator looks like a great service to have, I didn’t bite since I already know how to setup a working environment for testing stuff out with wordpress offline (includes Apache, MySQL & PHP/Pearl).

      I ran a quick analysis on your site and even though is relatively pretty small (356KB) it took a whole minute to load up (that’s insane).

      Just to give you a reference, Tim Linden’s background is about (300KB) so there’s definitely something bad going on with your blog.

      My site is about 740KB right now and loads in only 2.23 seconds.

      Aren’t you using HostGator? Maybe a quick online chat with them can give you more clues than I can.

      I think that giving away Safelist Secrets is DEFINITELY going to help you quite a lot, particularly because you are already a master on using safelists.

      I would recommend you leave the sales page up with the buy button included because people tend to value a freely given product that is actually being sold.

      “Oh that’s for sale there and it’s even using its own domain name? This has to be good!” ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by Andrew and the awesome compliment on my long posts.

      PS. Let me know if you managed to fix your loading times.

  2. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    Great post! I have a friend who says she always does something creative in the morning. She told me that it helps get her in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. I guess I will have to try it!

    1. Reply

      Hey George, well go for it my man!

      Since the first thing I do in the morning right now is running, I don’t really consider that as something creative.

      But as I don’t take anything with me apart from my GPS watch and my iPod, I do allow my mind to roam around and that’s when the ideas start flying around and get to my apartment all excited to write them down and plan something to make them real.

      Hope that works for you, let me know how it went and thanks for stopping by! ;-)

  3. Reply

    Hello Sergio,

    Many newbie marketers keep on reading and digesting information, and don’t apply any action.

    You get marketers who spend months, even years just to take notes on strategies and not take any action to applying them which won’t get them any progress, let alone any profits.


    1) When doing some work and taking action, if you feel lazy not to do any work, have a 30 minute break and listen to some music, go for a walk, watch something for half an hour, and then come back to work when you feel like doing some work.
    Not only will you will feel more productive but you will WORK more productive this way too.

    2) Your action plan can actually take longer than expected to complete. Things can get delays, things can crop up, you might get a cold, or some other thing in life which delays things.
    Don’t panic and just get back on your high horse when you get back to work.

    3) Make a weekly list of actions to take, for the week coming and make sure you do all of these actions Monday – Sunday, then make another plan for the following week. Again this plan can take longer than expected, so things from this week can drag on to the other work, but just carry on completing the tasks.

    4) Your plans can change as you go along with the flow. Aswell as things taking longer than you plan (TIP 2), plans and work direction can change as you go along. Don’t feel let down by this, but carry on in the new direction.
    If you need help, then don’t feel shy to ask others.

    5) Speed up the progress of your projects by outsourcing your tasks to other workers, so that you can be more productive with your work by using the leverage of other peoples’ skills.

    6) Use plugins, widgets, scripts which can speed up your efforts.
    As you said Sergio computers have changed, then advanced technology online has also evolved and now you can have a script to do most tedious task and make some common tasks easier and quicker.

    For Example: Aweber can be used to build a list and send an email series to that list. (This is an obvious example but it is just to show you that you can use services to make your life easier in online marketing)

    7) Rinse and repeat the efforts which are making you the most profits. One you release the things you have done and identified that they are making you the most money and progress, then you should rinse and repeat these strategies in different projects and niches.

    Right now I am working on creating an internet marketing report which is an internet Marketing Tips Report which outlines detailed mini tips for marketers, to help them make more money, and help take their online business to the next level. Sergio when it is complete you can check it out.

    Your day schedule little task (Wednesday -Sunday) is a great way to show how organizing and taking action can be done.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt,

      I’m a living example that some stuff can take up a lot of time to come up with the idea, make it real and taking it out there.

      I never thought it would take me that long but I didn’t get a mentor until a year ago and then I didn’t want to take action on what I was being told because I still wanted to do things “my way” (clearly a big mistake).

      Your points as always are really good and about point #6, I actually wanted to do every single thing myself.

      I didn’t even want to use AWeber forms, I wanted to do all the validation myself and code everything from scratch but I clearly don’t have that kind of time anymore so I’m just going with the flow and taking shortcuts.

      Thanks for stopping by and of course I’ll be more than pleased to check out your report man! ;-)

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • May 8, 2013

    A fabulous post as always Sergio,
    I really enjoyed it man. No good things comes easy, it just has to start with practice and dedication so, the truth is that i also want to be able to be doing all you said here just like any other guy out there will also like it but, its got to be step by step as you said here.

    I’ve planned to build that habit many times and failed but, you just reminded me to get up again and start having my plans on paper.

    Let me go an plan on what i should create this week Sergio, talk to you later :).

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Reply

      Hey Theodore,

      Don’t worry too much about that man, it’s better to have tried a few times and failed than never tried at all.

      I used to have the habit of smoking and I did it for so many years thinking I wasn’t hooked. When I tried to stop I realized I couldn’t manage to quit at all!

      So I tried so many times (and failed miserably) but I never stopped trying and one day it just happened.

      It’s the same here man, it’ll happen for you as long as you keep trying!

      Talk soon and thanks for stopping by Theodore! ;-)

      PS. Extra points if you manage to create something for this Monday.

    • Patrick Griffin
    • May 9, 2013

    Hi Sergio,

    I get the distraction free workplace mantra from the gurus…the trouble is that is harder to do than to say.
    Also I don’t actually agree with it most of the time.

    If I don’t check my email for many hours or look at Skype my mind wanders to what I might be missing out on.
    I would rather check it every now and again and be sure I am not missing anything important.

    However, having said that, earlier on today I needed to do something very boring and very repetitive…I had to make a slight change to ALL of my published blog posts.

    I knew that I would happily do anything to relieve the boredom of this task so I shut down Twitter, FB, email and Skype and just got on with clicking links until the task was done.

    Now I know I have four blog posts to write for the tech site before midnight so once I have pressed “Submit Comment” here I am going straight there and I will work right through that until I am done.


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat, I’m with you man, I don’t agree with the guru-ish approach to literally turning every single thing off so you can do something productive.

      That’s definitely not how I roll and not even the best productivity techniques out there do it either.

      Pomodoro suggest to work in blocks of 25 minutes and then take a rest of 3-5 minutes and honestly I don’t see anything wrong in taking a peak from time to time as long as you ARE working and being productive.

      I’m wondering what kind of repetitive task were you doing… (if it’s repetitive, it can be automated!)

      Four blog posts? NOW we’re talking!

      And you know what? This is the FIRST TIME I actually have taken notes in advance for future posts.

      I have seven right now:

      – 3 on wordpress
      – 1 on html
      – 1 on productivity
      – 1 on mindset
      – 1 on a stepping stone

      However I am starting to sense my readers are sick of “mindset” and “productivity” kind of articles LOL so I may not even publish them.

      Maybe they don’t need them anymore? *shrugs*

      Thanks for stopping by Pat and hope you’re having fun updating your site! ;-)

    • Aaron Webster
    • May 12, 2013

    Hello Sergio,

    More good advice. Honestly most successful internet business owners will tell you in the back of their minds they are always working on creating something… whether its information for a new blog post, product, sales letter, etc…

    I have noticed that personally I’m the most productive at around 11:00 p.m. after everything has quieted down for the day. That is when I usually write sales letters and emails to send out to my list.

    1. Reply

      Hey Aaron, you mentioned a magic word there (well two actually) “most successful” and I believe that’s a huge difference.

      The unsuccessful people can still be creating new blog posts frequently (they rarely create any sales letter, much less products!) but what’s the point of that, writing just for the sake of writing? Getting more comments? Getting more social media shares?

      No wonder why 97% of the people trying to make money online fail at it. Their focus is all over the place.

      Anyway, it’s great that you have found your most productive times.

      When I lived with my parents I used to be more productive after midnight for the same reason, right now I can be productive at any time.

      I guess it’s the wonders of having your own place for working.

      Thanks for stopping by man and keep up the good work! ;-)

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