Not really in the mood for writing today.

And it’s not because I’m grumpy or anything it’s just that my hands are literally killing me.

They hurt whenever I type so I guess I finally hit that milestone in which you have used a keyboard for way too long.

Anyway… I’ll deal with that later.

This article is basically a recap of this week.

As always, I keep forgetting to mention a lot of things on video so I’m planning to use a sheet of paper for the next videos and give you the complete story instead of regretting this later just like right now.

$274 In One Day Video

I really can’t type anymore so I did this video for you instead! 


There ya go!


I don’t know where this is going to end, my hands have been hurting for several weeks already and it is just getting worse.

So I have basically three choices here, either start writing a lot less, switch the blog to a vlog and only make videos or start using something like Dragon Naturally Speaking and transcribe everything.

I will have to check this out later but in the meantime… thanks for being around.

The Las Vegas Project is still ON.


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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