Quick Tip to Keep Being Productive and Creative

being productive and creative

Hey what’s up? One thing I was concerned with when I first got started writing (blogging) was how to keep myself being creative. I recorded this quick video today just to show you how I maintain creativity right in place, hope you like it.

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Seven Link Challenge

seven link challenge

Finally, the seven link challenge is here! I was invited to participate on this seven link challenge by two different internet marketers. Dan Sumner and Linda Bond.

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How To Record Your First Video Online

How To Record Your First Video

I finally received my gifts from Santa (a.k.a. my family) tons of love and had a few moments to think about what I’ve done and what the near future may bring to my life too. There’s a LOT that is expected from me for this year and honestly I feel I couldn’t be more ready.…

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas! On this post there’s not much to say or do, it is more about sharing and wishing you all the best on this Christmas Eve and that you’re in company of your loved ones. As for me, we’re having some delicious dinner plates tonight, plenty of gifts to open and I feel so…

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2012 Goals And Perspectives

2012 Goals

Before telling you what I want to achieve on the upcoming 2012, what my goals are and where I’m headed to, we need to look back and see what happened in 2011 and put things into perspective. Did I meet my previous goals? Did I come in short? Was it a good year for me? These…

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